My Uncle Peter
Recently I went on a vacation to Canada. It was nothing special.... I had simply gone to visit a few relatives. But it turned into a trip I will never forget.

The last house I went to visit was Peter and Melanie's. They were a little dissapointed that they were the last on my visiting list, but a few 'My favorite aunt and uncle' comments took care of that. We talked for near days on end. They were a very talkative couple, and I could see that they were madly in love. They often kissed each other quite passionately and I could see a glimmer in their eyes when they separated. They always laughed when I got embarassed at their kissing, and they made jokes about it. I laughed too. It was a good visit.

Then came an instance when Auntie Mel had to run in to work. She was frantic, as she had agreed to chaperone a 3rd grade swim trip, but now she would have to miss. I told her to calm down, that I would chaperone the kids in her place. She showered me with thank-yous and rushed out. Then I realized that I had forgotten to ask what school The kids went to. Peter had his day off today. When I asked if he knew whwt school Mel was talking about, he said "no problem man, I'll drive you there"

We arrived at the school and I thanked Peter for the ride. he said " no no, Im coming with you." I blinked and asked why. He said " It gets madly boring around that place by myself, I need to hang out with someone." He got out of the Car and followed me inside. pulling out a pair of swimtrunks from the trunk of his car. "do you keep that there? Just in case?" I asked, He laughed but didnt say anything.

We had a great time swimming in the pool. There was diving contests, who could make the bigger splash contests, and after a few hours several of the kids tried gang up on and wrestle Peter. It was great fun untill a kid got hit in the eye with a snorkel, and I had to take him to get patched up. When I got back from that, the fun and games were over, and everyone was heading back to the changerooms.

I walked up to the teacher and asked if everyone came back. He checked his list and told me that 3 kids were still out there, so I set out to find them. The first kid hadnt realized that everyone was gone, and was still using his snorkel. He went back, no argument. I looked everywhere for the other two kids before the teacher came running up to me, saying that they had both left early.

I grumbled the whole way back to the changeroom. I had been having so much fun..... But It was over now, so I had might as well get changed. walking through the changerooms, I tried to avert my eyes from all the naked Men around Me. There were the well-muscled guys that were pleasant to look at, but there were also the fat guys. I grabbed my stuff and headed for the private changing booth. I guessed it was for guys who were too shy to strip off in front of so many naked men. A 13 year old tried to whip my leg with his towel and I jumped back, just playing, and pretended to hide from him in the change booth. I walked in backwards and closed the door. heaving a huge fake sigh, and trying not to laugh. I heard an "A-hem" behind me and I turned.

There was Uncle Peter. Butt Naked.

I blushed furiously and gaped. I blushed because I thought he wanted his privacy. I gaped at his dick. Holy Fuck!!! That Fucking pole was a foot long at least! and it wasnt even erect! oh god......why did I think of that? this was My uncle!

Peter saw me blush and made a dismissive gesture. " ahh dont worry about it. This booth is big enough to share." He thought I was embarassed at invading his privacy..... I was still staring at that dick! Melanie must have a fun time with that thing....... No! Stop thinking like that!

I took off my shorts, visually considering my uncle. He was well muscled, a fact hidden by his baggy clothes, and a Tan over nearly all of his body that was interrupted by an underwear-shaped pale area around his crotch. He was a hairy guy. A great mass of pubic hair that continued to thin as it worked down his legs to the back. I noticed that he was giving me the same considering glances, if more covertly.

when He put that monster of his away into his pants, I said him "youre probably in here to hide that thing from any pride-issues out there". He paused and seemed very interested in his shirt for awhile. "Thats not it." he said finally, "Im kind of....A bisexual, so It sucks when I get an erection in a public changeroom".

I froze, staring at his face. It must have taken a lot of nerve to admit such a thing to anyone in this day and age, and it was oddly gratifying to have him choose to tell me. "why did you tell me that?" I asked. He raised an eyebrow at me and asked "do you have a problem with your uncle being half-gay?". " Oh not at all!" I reassured him, "I was just wondering why you told me! If It was me I would be worried that you would laugh or get creeped out"

He looked at me awhile and said "I should have guessed that you would be so understanding of my problem. It seems you have the same one!" He pulled on his shirt and gave my cock a little stroke as he left. I jumped to realize that I was still naked, and that I had a hard on.

I dressed in a state of deep dread. What would Peter think of me now? I had gaped at his giant weiner like a horny schoolgirl, and then gotten an erection! If there was any hope for him thinking I was jealous, It was gone with the erection. I pulled on My tee-shirt and steeled myself to meet him. I was going to clarify a few things and explain myself.

On the second-last day of my visit I still hadnt done anything. I tried to forget our encounter in the following time, and he didnt bring it up either.

Auntie Melanie got a phone call after dinner. she rushed away saying that there was an emergency at work, and she would be gone for a few hours. Peter watched her drive away, and finally said. "Thank god shes gone! now we can have a while of guy-only time!". I frowned, wondering what he meant by guy-only time. He went over to the fridge and took out six beers. He tossed one to me and took one for himself, then put the others on the coffee table. then he sat back in the sloth-iest sitting posture he could manage before starting to flip through the channels.

I started to become very interested in the bottle cap in my hand. I was steeling myself for what I knew must come. Now that Mel was gone, I would have a perfect opportunity to do some clarifying that I had been trying to do. " Hey, Peter......." I began.

Peter sat bolt upright and cheered. "Now thats good T.V!" he said approvingly, then he laughed. I looked at the T.V and gasped. Porn! A Man and Woman were there, She was deep throating his cock with abandon, and He was moaning and groaning and was beet red in the face.

Peter kept on cheering on the couple untill the man blew his load into her mouth with a scream for how much he loved her. Peter picked up the remote again and said "Thats no good, I said it was guy only time!" He changed the channel once more and found a gay porn movie. One extremely horny guy was fucking the other man's asshole from the front while kissing the man's neck and chest muscles, paying scecial attention to the man's hard nipples.

I had a raging hardon by now, and judging by the huge bulge in Peter's sweats, he did too. I reached into my pants and tried to shift my dick into a less noticable position, praying that Peter would not notice me doing so. I hoped in vain. Peter saw me touching my thick cock and said "Youve got the right Idea man!". Sounding amused, he reached into his own pants and started jerking himself. He used his other had and kicked his sweats completely off. he looked again at me and said " here, lemme help you". He unzipped my pants and pulled them off the best he could with only one hand.

I cared not for the porno. I cared not that My Uncle was masturbating me. I wanted Peter......................I wanted that cock.............. I wanted to taste eat it............I wanted it in me............NO! This was My uncle! I had to get out of here!

I took Peter's hand off of my cock and picked up my pants. " Im going to bed" I said with a shaky voice. Peter didnt say anything. He just looked hurt. I left the room and headed upstairs to the guestroom. I was so fucking horny right then. My cock was throbbing in the open air and it was an effort not to cum all over the stairs

I nearly jumped out of my clothes and threw myself onto the bed. My cock was slippery with Pre-cum and It was screaming for some releif. I jerked myself into a frenzy. I had to cum, I needed to cum, I forgot all feeling save that mounting pleasure. I forgot all motion except that rhythmic up-and-down. I barely noticed Peter's amused voive saying "I knew you liked it". I barely noticed it when my hand left my cock and was replaced by another. I barely noticed the tongue burying itself in my mouth.....The Kiss I returned so ferociously......

Feeling returned to me and I knew that it was Peter. He was naked and kissing my neck. He was rubbing his massive package up and down my ass-crack. I asked him what he was doing and he replied " Its called sex.....and I'd like to have some with you right now.". I protested that he was my uncle, that Melanie wouldnt like it, that I wasnt gay or Bi like he was. He just laughed and told me to enjoy it. so I did.

Peter stopped kissing me and went down to my cock. His lips touched the head and he was kissing it. He was changing from deep throating to licking up and down the shaft to sucking my nuts. I put my hands on his head and directed him to my asshole, just to see what it would feel like. His wet tounge began to slide in and out of my asshole. He treated that as he would have a pussy, and I loved every minute of it.

He could tell when I was about to cum and he would always hold back untill I backed away from that point. It got to such joy that I honestly thought that cumming would ruin it. He kept alternating from deep throating to licking to nuts to asshole, untill I was moaning for him to let me come. I wasnt serious though, but I thought that would add to the sexy for him. gladly he picked up on that and he carried on for what felt like an hour.

Peter'lower face was sticky with ignored pre-cum, and he stopped sucking me. He took my cock and directed me to his asshole. I gladly obliged. using my pre-cum as a lube, I plunged my prick into Peter's asshole. He groaned and I continued to drive it in and out hilt-deep. I placed my hands on his hips and he started thrusting at nothing, to increase the feeling. I was mad with lust for him. He groaned and told me to cum. He told me he wanted my cum, he wanted it all, and the next time we did this he wanted to have more. " N-next time?" I stammered. That did it for me. I started to cum.

Peter moaned loudly as I shot stream after stream deep into his asshole. I bucked my hips and shouted. He tightened his ass cheeks, milking every last drop from me. I stayed inside of him untill I was done, and I felt him relax too. He had just finished depositing the last of his cum onto the bed. I heard a sticky noise as he fell onto the bed. We stayed there for awhile. Both immensely satisfied and both not concerned at all about us being related. We relaxed and I closed My eyes, relaxed and content.

to be continued.................

Very Sexy

Thanks :)

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