My Uncle & Aunty
Dear readers I came across to see the site many months back. After seeing all the stories and experiences of the visitors I decide to write my experience that happened back. Let me start my story. My name is Manu, I am 24, 5 9″ tall and fair complexion. I have joined a college and my native place is t 45 kms from collage & I stayed in the college hostel. During my week ends I will be in my native place. My grandmother’s house is near by where my 3 uncles and aunties were staying as a joint family.

My elder aunty name is Ragin (35) the second Leela (30) and Sima (28) third. They are living in separate houses near my grandmother’s house. Ragin aunty was well educated & from a medium family in a nearby village, but my elder uncle has not passed his 5th STD, he is black in color & aunty is very whitish. One Friday evening I started to my native place & reached there by 8pm at that time my house was locked & I went to my grandmother’s house. My grandmother asked me to stay in her house till my dad & mom return. I went to my house and changed the cloths & returned to my grandmother’s house. I went to bed by 9.30pm and was seeing a movie in the TV. At 10pm I hear some body is locking the main gate & when I looked through the window it is Ragin aunty along with uncle. They are living with grandmother in the first floor. The remaining 2 uncles are in the next houses. By 11pm I hear some shouting & crying noise came from the upstairs. I got up and went to the upstairs & looked their room. The doors are locked inside & I still hear the weeping and crying sound from inside. I looked for a key hole or window open but all are completely locked. Inside my uncle is forcing my aunty for fuck I guess so. I waited outside the hall & no one came out. After few minutes there is no sound inside & somebody is opening the room. I quickly run into my room and pretended to be asleep. Aunty then comes to my room and sees that I am fully asleep. She switches off the night lamp & began to cry in low voice.

I wake up and asked her what happened she said nothing .Then she went to the bathroom in my room and after a while she returned to her room. In the morning aunty is making her regular duties & there is no sign of last night, but her face was dull. On next Saturday aunty & I were alone in the house and she told me that some work is there in her room and asked me whether I can help her. I said ok. I went with her to their room and she told me to arrange the cupboard. She was simply watching my work lying in the bed. After an hour I called her to see my arrangements. Then I asked her any more work to be done? She said nothing and I left to the main hall. There she was still sitting dull. I asked her what happened to you aunty? Are you OK? She said nothing & was fine. In the night uncle has gone for his business tour & so aunty & their son’s prepared to sleep with me in my room. We went to the bed room by 9p.m and her son’s went to sleep in short time. We talked about many things and in the middle of the talk, I asked her what happened last night & told her that I heard some crying noise inside her room. She kept mum for a while & began to cry in that moment & I went near her to console. She told me about her bitter sex life with uncle from her wedding night. As she entered the bedroom with milk at her wedding night uncle got her with a force pushed her to the bed, torn her blouse and made her to lie on the bed with her bra & petticoat. Then he came over her and pushed her petticoat to her belly and inserted his cock with a force into her fresh pussy, she immediately felt a hot iron rod is going inside by tearing her pussy and she screamed & resisted at his act.

But he slapped over her face to keep quite and fucked her, within 2minutes he finished his fucking by pouring his love juice in his fresh wife’s pussy. He then pushed her apart and saw the blood in the bedspread and said that she is a virgin as told by his friends. Even after that he fucked her regularly with force only. He won’t bother about aunties sex desire, he satisfy his needs only. From that day onwards she begins to hate sex with him. But uncle forced her to have sex with him and so she has 2 boys in 2 years time. Then she told me how much affection she is on me & that are because of my nice & kind behavior with elders & youngsters. By this time I was very close to her & her saree was in the middle of her boobs. I began to move my hands towards her hips.

I told her ” Aunt I love you, I love you not only physically I am in love you as an ordinary person. She suddenly looked up and said” Manu do you love me? I thought you only want my body. I feel it is not correct. I don’t want to spoil you at this young age my dear nephew aunty said to me. She removed her saree slowly and I impatiently pushed her to the bed and moved her petticoat up till her panties were exposed. I put my hand to the band of her panties and pulled it down. She “Hurry I can’t wait any longer “She groaned and spread her legs invitingly for me. I moved between my aunt’s thighs till my cock hung directly over her sweet cunt. I removed my pant and stud up with and my dick has become very hard and coming out of my underwear. She then asked me to remove my underwear and she touched my balls gently and my dick and started playing with that with her mouth for some time. That was really a great scene to see women around 30 who looks good in bra and panty. She then removed her bra and asked me suck the nipples softly.

Aunty put her hands to my ass and pushed me against her and she also raised her hips. I started trying to aim my cock to her cunt hole she stopped me saying let me do this. She took my enormous cock in both hand and positioned it exactly to her cunt hole and said” Push now “I slammed immediately.” Manu” She screamed while I was having the heavenly feeling of having penetrated the tight pussy in a single thrust. Aunt’s eyes bulged as I rammed fully into her and could feel the expansion of her pussy muscles. Slowly I reached the walls of her womb and started stretching them as I pushed further.

Then she placed her hand on my hip and began moving my tool. I also didn’t want to waste the chance and started pulling her close to me. I kissed her for 10 minutes, and then aunty took my tool started playing with it, she told me that your tool is short when compared to uncle but it is very thick in size . Suddenly she took me tool into her mouth, moving in and out slowly and gradually increased her speed. I got aroused and she did it for 10 minutes. I told her that I am about to cum, she told to cum it in her mouth. I loaded the full load of cum in her mouth and she drank it. With right hand I started rubbing her boobs and then began to suck them, since it my first time, I felt very interesting. Slowly I moved my mouth over her belly, then to her private parts.

Finally I reached her pussy, started eating the pussy, aunty got even more aroused, asked me to fuck her at once, but I wanted to do after some time. I inserted first two fingers into her pussy, moving it front and back, like wise I inserted three more fingers, did the finger fuck for 5 minutes. Now she was in desperate position to have my tool inside her. Slowly I placed her in the centre of bed, brought my tool near her pussy and inserted it slowly into the hole. First I moved it slowly, and then increased the speed, aunty was making sounds and I was afraid whether the people of next house may come to check, what’s happening. I continued fucking her for about 20 minutes, aunty first filled her hole with her juice and later I filled her hole with my sperm. We rested on the bed for 15 minutes, with my tool still in her hole. She kissed my forehead, thanked me that she today only reached her orgasm after her marriage (after10years). I pulled my aunty to me and said “I can’t believe what has happened just now” Another remarkable experience with aunty: One day she invited me to her father’s village. From my college it is only 25kms. I went with her to their village house & everybody welcomed me. In the evening we went to a picture. In the theater, she sat in next to me. As the film started I moved my hand in to her blouse & started pressing her boobs. She too got tempted and begun to squeeze me cock, it went on till interval.

After that she told others that she had headache and going to home along with me. As we entered the house she hugged me and unbuttoned my pants and took my cock in her hand & began to move up & down. I got aroused and removed her saree, blouse & petticoat. She was only in her bra & panty. I have seen ladies with bra & panty in the movies, now the real one is before me. I pressed her boobs & pussy with my hand over her bra & panty.

I took off her bra and started kissing those to a lovely globes out of the bra and almost her areola was peeping out of the cover and it was brownish her nipples were getting hard and were erect I pinched them from above the bra I slowly move my hand to words have back and opened the hook and has the cover got loose those boobs pooped I took her right nipple in my mouth and a start sucking it hard and messaging a left one she started moaning “oh please suck it and lick it ,drink my tasty milk i’ll feed u my thirsty young kid ” with this I got much excited and started sucking her more vigorously than I started exploring her body and started going down words and kissed her navel area she moved her tummy up words and that was really exciting I pulled down her white colored panty and smell was coming out of the panty at put my lips on her pussy and kissed it she held me by my hair and pushed me to words her cunt I held the elastic of her panty with my teeth and pulled it out in pulling it she helped me and raised her back so that I can peal it off easily.

In minutes her panty was off and she was laying all naked front of me. I started kissing and licking her cunt as she was getting wet and her love juice was flowing out of I started eating it was a really very nice it was salty, the smell of her pussy was it in my nose and I was really a going mad at it so was the she getting excited I ask her to take off my clothes and the she responded to it very quickly and started unbutton the shirt within seconds I was only in my underwear with my erect penis making a huge tent with my underwear she slowly took of my underwear away and as my dick got free it struck a right on, cheek and was rubbing against her nose she kissed at my glance and then I said her to suck it and she obeyed my command and took my glance in her mouth and it was oohhh ahhh mmm aaahhh really heavenly pleasure pressed my dick in her mouth now half of it was in her mouth and she was sucking my balls and were hitting her chin . Then I took of my cock from her mouth as now I was in the mood to have the real thing and do not want to waste my precious semen’s I want to put all of them inside her. I took her in my arms and laid her in the bed she was my queen of the night lying naked in my bed waiting for my huge Lund to her pussy was sweating I jumped on her and started pressing her boobs violently as if I was smashing them she was moaning with pain and said please summit press them slowly its paining, I was getting mad with my desires burning in my head I was going out of control and was kissing all over her body.

I went down to her belly which was trembling with excitement I kissed her navel and going through the jungle of curled thick pubic hairs my lips reached the destination her love hole was flooding with her juice I started sucking its he was going mad as her body was shivering, twisting and my room was full of her love song of mmhhhh Please ahhh ohh my god suck it I’m all yours eat my pussy my young stud , please fuck me mmmm I am dying aaaahhhh fuck me hard please I cant bear now aahhhnaaa. I was getting mad and my penis was rock hard and burning with all the fire of the world and was ready to tear Ragaa’s pussy I sat between her thighs and started rubbing my dick on her pussy lips, with this she burnt more violently and shouted at me “Kanaaa! I love you mmmmmmaa aaaaaahhh I am not your aunt I am your wife, your slave, make me woman it was enough I was also not able to hold more so I put the burning glance on her pussy and pushed it as the cunt was very wet and well lubricated with her juices and my saliva my glance was in her with the very first stroke then I gave a real hard stroke and with it almost 6” was inside and she cried it’s. It hurts please remove it please , I put my lips on her lips and started kissing her with it she got the required time and after 3 min.

She was in the mood started stroking her pussy now my dick was getting in and out with a rhythm and a sweet love sound started coming from the union of dick and pussy of ppuuuchch ooocccchhh pppccchhhh gradually my speed was going up and I started working like a bull I was fucking her like a bull and she was fully cooperating with me she was matching stroke for stroke suddenly she cried ”I am mmmmm cummming ‘” I increased my pace an suddenly we both busted our loads together in her pussy. Her pussy was flooding with the mixture of juices we kissed each other and hugged her tightly she got up and kissed my cock and we went in the bath room I followed her and we took bath together dried each other had our clothes and said good night with a long loving kissss.

We continued our relationship and we have one daughter after this relation. After some years due to uncle’s business she has to move to another city & our relation got stopped now

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