My Sweet and Sexy Maami
My MAAMI is a computer teacher,she is dusky,she is 35 years old as of now. She has a very nice body,her boobs are not very big but very firm and well shaped(i stole her
bra once),she has very smooth thighs,her belly is flat,she has deep navel,but her best feature is her butt. Her butt is tight and juicy the perfect heart
shaped butt,girls in my college does not have such a perfect ass.She is very free sprited,even though i am 24 but she treats me like a 10 year old kid.
I respect her a lot but my sexual feelings for her came from this incident which i am about to unfold,and many more encounters to follow .
To be clear i have never had sex with her and i also dont want to, but playing with her and fondling her is very-very sexy for me.These incidents are only about seducton and no intercourse is involved.

DISCLAIMER - The events mentioned here are true and not a work of fiction,however i am not able to recall the complete conversation so there are
ambiguity in those.And for obvious reasons i am not giving mine or my MAMI's name

The first seducton-
Summer-2003(She was 28 and i was 16)
I used to go to her house to study computers,she was very helpful and explained everyting very well,once during the session she was not wearing her
dupatta,she was teaching intensly and i was listening to her,suddenly she bent down to draw the diagram on my copy,and i saw her cavity,i felt a
slight sensation under my pants but she was not bothered about covering herself,that was the first time my penis developed a feeling for her,by looking
at her breasti was not able to concentrate on the subject and whenever she was not lookng at me i concentrated fully on her soft buldges that made me feel
very erotic.From that day my whole way of looking at her changed but she looked at me all the same.
I was very curious about our next session,i already shagged many times thinking about her boobs.I went to her house and our session started ,she was sitting
very close to me as always but my pants started getting tighter this time,i was taking deep breaths,and i was shivering a little.Then something else happened
she got stuck writing a program and she began thinking,while thinking she putted the bottom part of the pen into her mouth and started sucking it,its a normal
exercise but watching her thick lips drooling all over the pen,the bottom half of the pen covered in her saliva made me shiver even more,she took excuse and
got up to look in some other book,she got up and she went past me beside my chair to an almirah to take that book,the book was on the lower rack so she bent down
to take it,and for the first time i noticed her ass,i remember the only thing which came to my mind at that time was to bite that ass,she said that the book
is probably in the next room and went,i grabbed that pen which she was sucking and i put that in my mouth,i felt a little moisture which was her saliva and
now i was completely seduced by her and she didnt even knew about it,all i could imagine was her perfectly formed ass and me touching it and caressing it.
And hence the seduction begun.

The first contact-
april-2004(she was 29 and i was 17)
My exams got over and i went to my nani's house for the holidays,she also had one week break so she also came to her sasural.In her sasural she always wear
saree,and she wears it always below her navel and her butt looked heavenly in a saree.I was very happy to have her for my holidays,as it was very hot she
always dropped her pallu when no one but me was around because she was very open to me and treated me like a kid.Her blose projected her firm breasts,
sometimes i could see the bra straps,usually it was white but once i also saw a black strap.
It was a summer afternoon we all took luch and everyone but me fell asleep, i was searching for her as i wanted to touch her while she was asleep so
she didnt know.She was not to be found anywhere,finally after searching the whole house i went to the guest room and i feel on the bed ,i glanced at the other
corner and i saw some clothes like a pillow cover,i went to the other side and i saw her sleeping on the floor.She was sleeping with her face down and by her
tummy,her back was pointed at me. She was sleeping with one leg folded and one leg straight and due to that position her ass bulged out ,it was the most
beautiful piece of meat i have ever seen.Her saree lifted upto to her knees and it was slowly moving under the influence of the fan on the back of her knees,
it was slowly touching it and making it even more sexier.I watched her for some time like that and i was fully erect which made me little uncomfortable
,i opened my pants and freed my dick.I thought this is the best time i was going to have with her forever(which was wrong, it was the holi of 2007 when
i had my best time with her).All i wanted was to extend my mouth and take a good bite of her ass,which i couldnt do as it will wake her up,i wanted to kiss
her ass,i wanted to squeeze it so bad that it leave wrinkles on it,but i wasn't able to gather enough courage.My rod was burning hot and the air from the fan
felt very good on it.After gathering a lot of courage i finally extended my hands and gave brisk touch to the gyrations on the back of her knees.She didnt moved
a bit,which gave me a lot of courage.I was eager to see the back of her thighs so i slowly extended my hands and picked the corner of her saree from my two
fingers and slowly i started lifting it.Saree was not trapped anywhere so it lifted easily exposing her thighs,my god what a smooth thighs she had,i wanted to
hold it,lick it,rub my dick all over it.My cock was about to burst.And the very feeling of she breathing the same air which touched my cock was driving me mad.
I was breathing heavily,but i was not done.I wanted to had the first contact with my very favorite part of her body which was her booty.As it was streched
by the way of her sleeeping it looked more tighter than ever and as it buldged out it also looked bigger.I was all pumped up by the invasion of her thighs
was ready to conquer her ass.I leaned towards her buttocks and i went closer and closer,as close that her butt can feel my breath,i took out my tounge
and i licked it quickly,i didnt felt much as i only licked her cloth,i was determined to feel her ass from my tounge,second time i took out my whole tounge
and i pressed my face against her ass,i felt the toughness of the meat and as i backed i saw the impressions of my saliva on her butt,still she didnt moved a
bit ,i was pumped up,i leaned again and very softly i kissed her bottoms,i kissed repetedly on each and evey corner.Finally i thought of giving it a bite,
so without using my teeths only by my lips i bitted her on her apples.This made her move ,i backed out,she woke up and turned around and said ***** what are
doing here,my throats were dry,but somehow words came out of my mouth and i said i came to sleep because everywhere else is full.She said ok,and said the floor
was feeling very cold so she was sleeping on it.I said yes,then she said why dont you also come on the floor,grab a pillow and come on the floor its nice here.
I so wanted to but my dick was exposed and i didnt wanted to show her that,so i said no i am fine here.She said ok and went back to sleep again,after sometime
i checked on her mshe was now lying on her back,her front knees and front thighs were right infront of me,her pallu was lying on the floor(i think she did it
because she must be feeling hot)which exposed her cleavage and i saw from between the hooks of her blouse her blak bra ,her saree was tied below her navel
,about 3 inches below ,it was a perfect round navel with ample depth and all i wanted to do was to put my finger in them.

[Image: 377ba20x011.jpg]
December-2005(She was 30 i was 18)

We were at my Nani's house as usual she was wearing saree,she came to with a cut on her middle finger,she hurt herself in the kitchen with the knife,the
finger was bleeding and she was sucking the blood from it,her middle finger wrapped around by her thick lips,she looked great.She said she needed a vaccination
for tetnaus and asked me to take her,i said ok,and i took her to the doctor on my bike. The doctor said it is very simple vaccination so he asked his compounder
to attend her. The compunder said taking vaccin on the hand will be painful it will be good if she takes it on her hips. She hesitated and said she will take
it on her arms as there was no lady compounder. I was thrilled of the very idea of her exposing her butt to a stranger,i was also dying to see her perfect ass
and her fine ass clevage. I said to her that i have taken this before it really hurts 2-3 days on the arm but on the hips as there are more muscles it wont
hurt bad, I said that there is nothing to be ashamed of, he is a doctor and everyone should be open to a doctor, i said i will be there in the room,nothing
will matter,after lot of convincing she finally agreed to it.
We went inside the chamber,he asked her to lie down on the bed and loosen her saree, she did that but still her petticoat was on,the compunder filled the injection
and came close to her,he removed her saree from her hips and asked her to untie her petticoat,she began untieing but she looked uncomfortable , As soon as
she finished untieing he extended his hands and pulled down the petticoat exposing her panties,she was wearing a brown colored panty and it tightly gripped
the most erotic part of her body,panty was stuck inside her ass crack. Without wasting time he put her hands on the elastic of her panty
as he slid his hands inside her panty she shivered and her assshook. He slowly pulled down it begining to expose her upper butt and the clevage.
He pulled the panty half way down exposing her left buttock fully and right one half the panty was rolled and stuck between her both bums .He started rubbing
cotton on her bums and it was shaking and so was I. After rubbing that cotton he kept her left hand on her left buttock which made her to shiver again,and
he started the insertion. The needle poked her and the area around the needle was in depression,she felt a little pain but soon it was over and he was rubbing
cotton all over again.
Suddenly a thing happened,he called me and asked me to rub this cotton on her poke,he asked me to hold it. I was speechless and all i could remember was
that i wanted to move my finger all over her ass crack,i wanted to rip that to see whats inside . I controlled myself and held the cotton balls,he asked me to
rub on and around that place,i started rubbing and i did that very furiosly shich shook her whole body and her ass was jumping all over ,to control the
vibrations i held her left butt wuth my one hand and i kept rubbing with the other, i also squeezed her ass softly she didnt mind at all. The compounder said
it was enough and she can now dress back. I gathering a lot of courage and pretending that i was very caring and affectionate started pulling her panty back
she started giving me a hand but i was desperate to do it ,as i slid it back the panty cloth was gently caressing her ass crack . I pulled it fully and i
streched it and left it landed on her body with a *chat* sound . I even pulled her petticoat up and asked her to tie back.
The holi of 2007

March 2007(She was 32 i was 20)

I was looking forward to this holi because my MAMI was going to visit us on this holi, i woke up that day thinking about her and expecting her. Finally
there she was, she greeted me with a kiss on the cheek, i returned the favour by kissing her on the cheek but my kiss was very close to her lips,she tasted
like strawberries. She gave me a nice smile, i pointed out that there was something on her lower lip,and before she touch it with her hands i extended my hand and i
moved it all over her thick suckable lips, it was gone. She gave me broad smile and i saw her perfect white teeth which was surrounded by her lovely lips
with red lipstick on them. There was some red lipstick on my thumb also , i sucked my thumb to get that strawberry taste. She went to meet others inside.
After sometime i went into the kitchen and i found her standing with her back at me, her bottoms wee doing all the talking to me, it was like this most
exotic piece of meat attached to her body,as her age was growing her bums started growing bigger but they were as tight as before . I entered the kitchen
and i put both of my hands on her bums,asking what was she making? She said paneer something. I patted her ass and went out she didnt said anything but she was a bit serious. I thought my intentions were getting clearer to her.

She left before i could start any action, I said to myself that i am so gonna get her today. She was playing holi with everyone but now it was my turn to even
things with her. I was looking for the right place and right time, i.e when no one but me and her are around. Finally she was going to the terrace for some work ( ) i quietly followed her, i reached there and i saw her removing the clothes which were there to get dry. When she was almost finished i went closer to her
and grabbed her from behind, i said to her that now i am in the full spirit of the holi.
Firstly i rubbed my hands all over her face applying color everywhere ,i rubbed her thick lips with my thumb, in the process i also touched her teeth.
She thought i was over but i was only getting started, i said your face is already full of color, so there is no use of applying color on them,i moved my hands
on her neck and i rubbed softly, then i reached to her shoulders firstly removing the sleeve of her kurta from her shoulder and then rubbing all over it,i even
removed her bra straps ,i then penetrated into her back, i inserted my hand fully into her kurta and started rubbing , i could feel her bra. After finishing the
back side i inserted my hands into her chest,at first i rubbed the upper portion but slowly while caressing i started to move downwards, after sometime i
reached a buldge, it was her tits, i didnt stop but i kept penetrating, now i could feel her clevage , i moved my hand to the right side and i grabbed her
right tit, feeling the nipple, it was erect. I was still not finished ,i turne her to my side and i lfted her kurta exposinf her tummy, it was a little plum
since the last encounter. I started rubbing my hands all over her tummy,for a short time i fingered her navel and after fully coloring it i inserted my hands
into her payjamas, i inseted it fully and i inserted my middle finger in her ass crack and in one stroke i moved it throughout the crack. Now i inserted my
hands in the front portion of her payjamas, as i inserted i felt some hairs and i backed out .I hugged her and took both of her buttocks in both of my hands
,i squeezed them furiously and i pulled them apart from the intention of tearing them apart,and i shouted happy holi.
After my whole play she began arranging her clothes like a sex crime victim, the only difference was that she was smiling at me.
The first time on bed


Our house was full with guests on new year and there was not enough space for everyone to sleep, when came to her she said i will sleep in *****'s room.
My bed was not that big but there was enough space for two of us. The offer of sleeping beside her was made to me earlier by her but then i refused because my
cock was exposed. This time it was on. She came to my room wearing saree it was red colored saree and it was sticking to her body and making her the perfect
material for tonight. She said "there is only one blanket in your room, thats okay we will share it". I was very happy,i was pretending to study while she
prepared to sleep,suddenly i looked back,i saw her opening her blouse,without asking she replied i cant sleep wearing my bra it is tight,i have to loose them
and she removed her blouse,she turned back and started opening the hook of her bra, i said should i get out,she replied "no,just dont look here" and however
you have seen many more than just this bra and she laughed saying this.I glanced at her ,she was removing her bra with both of her hands in the air,i saw a
glimpse of her left boob and ofcorse her bare back. She put the blouse back and lied on the bed ,i kept pretending i was studying,after half an hour when there was
no movement from her i decided to go in bed with her. I took off my pygamas and i got in the bed,in the same blanket as she was,i was very frank by now ,so
without wasting time i kept my hands on her ass and slowly slided it below ,i pulled her saree above and above,till ireached her thighs i slowly touhed her thighs
it was a bit warm which gave me good feel due to the winter season. Very softly i moved my hand above and below her thighs without waking her up.My cock was
bursting inside so i decided to remove the underwear as well
Now i was with a booty goddess in my room,in the same blanket and she was not without her bra and i was not without my underwear. I slowly started rubbing my cock against her ass ,my dick was feeling the toughness and on the way the depression in between. As usual she was wearing her saree about 3 inches below the navel and her blouse back was low cut. I was desperate to make her bare body part contact with my cock, so slid a little up keeping it parallel to the waist and the hips. I took my dick into my hand and i forced it down to make the contact. I brushed a little with her waist which made a sizzling sensation to my testicals. My mouth was up to her hair ,i smelled her hair which was erotic. Some of her hairs were covering her neck and shoulders i removed them slowly and her neck and back was fully exposed. I licked her back with my tongue quickly ,it tasted good. Next time i took my full tongue out and gave her back a nice slurp. I also gently kissed her neck. Now i wanted something for my dick ,i slid a little up again locating my dick right between the place where her blouse ends and her petticoat begins. With gathering a lot of courage i bumped into her pressing my dick and testicals against her bare spot of the back..My cock was burning hot and her back was cold which gave me a very very great pleasure, i rubbed my dick against her and in the sensation i stroked her too hard which waked her up.
Someone else also had the fun


I went to her house with one of my friends...we rang the bell and she opened....i introduced her to my friend .she welcomed both of us asked us to come usual i slapped her ass and asked how was she ??? She replied that she was fine without showing any concern about the spank....but my friend looked at me curiously.
We sat down and she went into the kitchen to make tea. My friend asked me what was that?? I said what???HE said do you always greet her with a spank on her.
I said yes. He asked and she is always fine with that?? I said she is fine with many other things also. I said to him that doesnt she has a very nice butt. He was shy ..but replied 'yes she has'. I said then what is the harm if i play with it a little ...i am not having any intercourse with her...i am not filling her holes with my cock...and she is comfortable with touching and fondling and spanking...then whats the harm.
He said yes you have a good point. I said look at me ...i am going over to her and i am going to play with her sit here and notice if she feels anything uncomfortable. She was in the kitchen with her back pointing towards us...i went into the kitchen and straight away grabbed her ass and asked if she need any help.
She said no...i am fine. Still her ass was in my clutches ...i squeezed it softly and i began feeling her ass crack with my fingers...i was talking to her and rubbing her ass crack with my fingers at the same time. I kissed on her cheek and returned back from the kitchen. He said she was a little conscious when you were drooling her ass crack but overall she was comfortable. I said that a cool mami i got. I asked do you want to have some fun with her??
She entered into the room with tea...she was not carrying her dupatta....she bend down to keep the tea on the table without caring about that her boobs were exposed to my friend...he fixed his eyes right into her cleavage.... while she moved her arm her creamy bra was exposed to me and my friend...she smiled and asked us to have tea...i said cmon mami join us....she said that she was coming in 2 minutes. I said to my friend ...look at her she is not even bothered about her tits exposed to a complete stranger...she said to me how am i going to reach her ass and cant i feel her boobs

I said to him that touching her boobs will not feel that natural....her ass you can brush while walking past her but to feel the boobs you will have to extend your hand and it will be too risky...i said to him come and i will make your day...i took him to her room she was cleaning the bed sheet ...i told him to be cool and follow my lead...i entered with him and i grabbed her in my arms from behind...i said to her that you were not coming out so we came in....she said we and she looked at my friend.....she grabbed his hands and asked him to come inside and sit.....i signaled him to do it..he extended his hands and slightly brushed her ass.
He looked very nervous and excited after doing that...i said to him that this was a real chance and you only brushed time grab it and squeeze it without hesitation.....if you hesitate she will get suspicious. She walked in the room again and said...cmon guys lets sit in the drawing room...i said ok let us take you....saying that i put one of my hands on her ass and i said ****** come. He came near and i asked him lets take mami to the drawing room and i signaled .....he also put his hands on her left hand on her left butt and his right hand on the right butt...i shook it a little and said to her lets go. She smiled at me and began walking.

I signaled him to go ahead....he after gathering a lot of courage finally started gripping his fingers....i looked at her face...she seemed a little i removed my hands....but he started tightening his grip and her cute little ass was feeling the tension..and she was serious...i thought i crossed the line by inviting my friend for such an act. He was not looking at her and was constantly caressing the meat of her back...finally she took her hand out and removed his hand from the bottom...and asked us to sit...he looked at me and said come on we should ask her for a fuck....I was very mad at him and i asked him to leave immediately because she was uncomfortable....he said come on we should fill her holes up....I said that i will never do that i am happy the way things are going she is not suspicious and i have all the fun with her and fucking her will make things complicated.

When my feeling ....the very aggressive sexual feeling started for her ...i didnt even knew much about sex. But as i grew old and i started learning things about sex i used to imagine her doing all that stuff to me.
The first time i learned about oral sex, all i could imagine was her soft hands moving all over my junk , her thick lips drooling over my rod and testicals, her tongue licking my cock and slowly going to my testicals and licking the end of the penis , i imagined her opening the end of the penis and inserting her tounge into the skin and the cut slit of the penis.
The first time i learned about anal sex and when i saw her ass ...all i wanted to do was pull down her payajamas, rip off her panties , make her kneel down and her crack wide open and fuck her tiny little asshole a 100 times.

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