My Sister's Kid Games
This is a chat i done with some one who asked me for my real story

rahul_shadow2000: if i lie, u pay something too me
rahul_shadow2000: ur wish,
Sudha Kumar: oh boy
Sudha Kumar: i will tell u a real incidnet
Sudha Kumar: t happened when my age is 10 and my sis is 8
rahul_shadow2000: k
Sudha Kumar: we used to play naked games
rahul_shadow2000: k
Sudha Kumar: it was the first time we tried it
rahul_shadow2000: k
Sudha Kumar: we were bored and i was always curious abt naked games
rahul_shadow2000: k
Sudha Kumar: i asked her tht we play a gmae of milk maid
rahul_shadow2000: k
Sudha Kumar: she became the maid and i became the dow
Sudha Kumar: cow
rahul_shadow2000: k
Sudha Kumar: i removed my trousers and placed my self as a cow in doggy style
Sudha Kumar: express some feelings yaar
rahul_shadow2000: sure
rahul_shadow2000: but, how u feel in ur age 10
rahul_shadow2000: it’s nice,but don’t say real
Sudha Kumar: i don’t even know how it feels at tht age
Sudha Kumar: it’s 100%real
Sudha Kumar: it happened
rahul_shadow2000: see, just i said
Sudha Kumar: and i think most lonely bro sis play naked games
rahul_shadow2000: ya
rahul_shadow2000: even, i played with many girls
rahul_shadow2000: with those guys
Sudha Kumar: anyway
rahul_shadow2000: all neighbour inncoent girls
Sudha Kumar: as i removed my trousers my dick was little and hanging down
rahul_shadow2000: ok
Sudha Kumar: it was supposed to be the breasts of cow
rahul_shadow2000: ok
rahul_shadow2000: u like phone chat
Sudha Kumar: my sister touched my balls instead of my cock
rahul_shadow2000: wow
Sudha Kumar: but u know naturally she was not able to find a hole and it was also painful
rahul_shadow2000: oh
Sudha Kumar: so now she garbbed my cock which was more like cows nipple and started to squeez it
rahul_shadow2000: wow
rahul_shadow2000: we nice
rahul_shadow2000: ok
Sudha Kumar: when she was dragging my cock down my hips moved down
Rahul Shadow: oh
Sudha Kumar: she kinda liked it and was pulling my cock down
Rahul Shadow: wow
Rahul Shadow: i will back in sometime
Rahul Shadow: ok
Sudha Kumar: tht was the first time my cock got stiff and i felt a shock like sensation
Sudha Kumar: and i was kinda liking it
Sudha Kumar: after sometime she was bored and was just playing with my cock with her figure
Sudha Kumar: so i now told her tht it was her turn and asked her to remove her frock
Sudha Kumar: my sis was always active in naked games
Sudha Kumar: she removed her frock in instant
Sudha Kumar: i tohought i was going to see the same thing as mine
Sudha Kumar: but his time i found the difference
Sudha Kumar: there was no cock
Sudha Kumar: she was posing in a doggy style
Sudha Kumar: i serached with my hand b/w her thigs at somepoint
Sudha Kumar: she shivered and asked me to rub it
Sudha Kumar:i observed tht clean pussy tht i remember until now i used to figure her uterus and play with it she had an expression on her face tht i can’t forget until now
Sudha Kumar: and after tht we continued it till my age 12 and her age 10
Sudha Kumar: she enjoyed it so much tht she was the one who asked me for game whenever their is leisue
Sudha Kumar: leiusre
Sudha Kumar: only one thing changed we opted to do it on bed with in a blanket
Sudha Kumar: it happend tht she used to take more out of me than giving me
Sudha Kumar: it continued util oneday my mom suddenly removed blanket witin which we are playing the game
Sudha Kumar: after tht my mom beat a shit out of me and my sis
Sudha Kumar: after tht we stopped playing such games and my sister got more pocessive or more aware abt her body or smthing
Sudha Kumar: we never dicussed it gain in our lifes
Sudha Kumar: now i’m 20 and she is 18

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