My Sister Cum Aunt
Hi to all this is a story about my sex actions with my aunt (mother’s sister) my name is Jony age 19 I lived with my parents in Kerala. It happened 2 years back and till now. I am so lucky to be. I completed my 12th xams and had a lot of holidays. So my mom guided me to go to her sister house in Bangalore. with in a week me and my mom went to b’lore and she left me there and she told to my aunt that Jon will stay here for two months . And my aunt was happy to hear that. When the next day my mom returned back to tell about my aunt age 39 wit good body shapes. She had a daughter her name is Teenu studying 9th and my uncle is a chief engg in a mnc. So most of the times he will be in the major cities India. after a week my uncle told us that he had a project in usa for 3 years so I’ll be coming once in an year my uncle told to me that take care of your aunt and sister .and also said that u continue your higher studies in Bangalore , so that it will be safer for the family .

And I said that u gets permission from my parents and I will do as u wish. and soon I got permission from parents .and I shifted my things to my aunt home after 10 days of period my uncle went to usa .so I was the responsible person for the home due to the summer holidays we three were in the home for whole day. Everything starts from here till now I didn’t have any sex feeling on my aunt and sister. One day we planned to go to outing .so I drive the bike my sister sits back to me followed by aunt. after some distance of travelling a current passed in my body that my young sisters small boobs were hitting my back this lead me too hot .and after some time I started to enjoy over it on the same night I masturbated twice by thing of her . Our flat consists of two rooms in which my aunt and sister share one .from the next day onwards my intention got changed and I am in full aimed to have sex wit aunt and sister.

When mom was in kitchen, I called my sister to play games with me .she asked what game I said chess. She agreed and we started to play. When she is moving the coin she bends down so that I saw her small boobs. By seeing that my cock got erected. Since I was wearing tight shorts it came out like a tent. And she had an eye over it. And then she asked me why your shorts got erected .by tat time my aunt heard what she asked to me. My aunt called her to the kitchen and said to her that u should not talk about that further. She was confused on it. After sometime went to the bathroom for bath. At that time she cam near to me and asked about that. I said u r a small girl. You ask to your mom she will explain you. After my aunt came out of bathroom she again went near to her and asked about the erection she explained to her daughter that it is common to all men. when they got sex intention and excitement in sex , the size of the penis will be increased to three times .by hearing that she got exited on the same night after her mom got slept she came to my room . And she wakes me up and I surprised to her in my bed and I asked her what? She asked me I wan to see the erection. I was happy to hear that and I told her to lock the door and switched on the light. I told her to sit near by me. and then I told that it will get erect when I am in sex mood she asked how can I make to get sex mood .I replied u have to show your boobs to me as my replay she readily opened her tops, to my surprise it was a small boobs of lemon sized and I asked her shall I touch that, she agreed and she allow me. I started to press the boobs. now my cock begin to stand erect ,now I said that by this way the erection is started , she replied I wan to touch it I removed my clothes and held nude in front of my sister .she start to play wit my cock. She played wit my rod for more than half and I said will this enough for u? she said I liked this moment very much shall I do this for another half hour now she started to hold my rod tightly .after some time my hot gel came out of my cock. She was shocked to see the liquid and asked what is this brother .I replied it is means milk as women’s have in the breast.

She asked shall I taste it. she licked the cum on top of my cock she sais it was tasty and said I want more and daily , I was happy to hear those after that I said that I’ll teach u the entire feeling of sex when your mom was out. And then she gave a kiss in my penis and went to sleep after two days my aunt went to Kerala. So myself and sister in home for the next one week. After aunt went to kerela, it was a fun for us. I called her a told to sit in front of me. I said hereafter we should not wear any dress till your mom comes. And the game begins. Without any delay she took my cock in her mouth and started to suck heavily, I enjoyed her feeling. after some minutes I cumed on her mouth she drank all those after that I said I’ve to piss .wait for a minute . She said don go the room u piss in my mouth, I wan to drink, feeling thirsty she drank all my urine. And after that I started sucking her lemons for ten minutes. and then I told her that I will show u the heaven now I made her to spread her legs and to open the pussy with her two hand now I slowly put one finger in it she said its feeling nice and then I put two fingers in it she was shouted in pain and said do it faster don stop pleeeees, after some duration her juice start flowing from her cunt and I drank all those and that nite started to fuck her wit my rod. This routine work carried for 6 days. In that six days we used to bath sleep together. While sleeping together my rod will be in her pussy.

After one week of enjoyment aunt came back, on that night she and her mom share the same room. After her mom got slept she came to my room at that time aunt got noticed and she followed her and stood in the corner of the door which is invisible for us. as usual we started our Kama sutra my aunt noted all our action for 3 hours on the next day morning my aunt called me when she is bathing and ordered to wash her back . And I did. after that she asked me do u want to have sex wit me as u were having with your sister I was surprised to hear that and then from that day we three fucked through the day . We have done all the action in the sex after 6 months of period of time we came to know that aunt is pregnant. And then she got abortion and from that onwards we used to use to condoms till now I am enjoying the same

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