My Papa My Lover
” Kuki, I will be visiting Banglore today at 8 pm. Darling, I am on my way to Sri Lanka and my plane is leaving for Sri Lanka two days after. I thought I would spend some NICE TIME with my darling daughter. I cant wait for time to pass. How is Raman? I hope he is taking care of my DARLING!” Papa was saying on the phone as I had just stepped out of the bathroom. I had a small towel round my waist, water dripping from my wet body. As I heard my Papa speak to HIS DARLING DAUGHTER, her pussy was throbbing. My hand went automatically to my pussy and touched it. With beating heart I said” Oh Papa, MY DARLING LOVER! I LOVE YOU! Raman is happily gone on his weekly tour. I am dying to see you darling. Oh its is already 5.30, Papa, I will cum to teh airport to get you! LOVE YOU, RAMESH!” I managed to say to my lover as my cunt leaked juices.

I am Kukki, married to Raman, a rich businessman who has no time for his HORNY YOUNG WIFE. In fact my PAPA IS MY LOVER, MY ONLY LOVER. I was married to Raman, a divorcee. His previous wife had divorced him on the ground of IMPOTENCE. Raman was a n impotent man. But when he learnt about my love for Papa, he married me.” Kuki, you will be my wife but you will get your share of cock from somewhere else as I cant give it to you. Socially you will be my wife. Secret lovers are your right. World must know that RAMAN IS NOT IMPOTENT. You have any lovers in the past? If you have they are welcome in your bed. I want a child to prove my potency. I dont care how many men you fuck, but give me a child. You have all other rights of a wife, Kuki, its a promise!” Raman explained on the first night of my wedding. I could not tell him my own Papa was my lover, could I?

My Papa took my cherry when I was 17. My mother died when I was 10 and Papa began hitting the bottle day and night. When Papa was drunk, he would not give a damn and would forget bolting the door of his bedroom. I took pity on my father and he was anxious to marry me off. Then one of his friends brought the proposal of marriage from Raman and Papa was too happy to accept that. His darling daughter would be married to a rich man who was 15 years older than her!

Two days before marriage, I went to Papa’s room. He was dead drunk, his eyes closed and I got teh biggest shock of my life as I saw my own Papa masturbating! Oh my God! His cock was huge, black and hairy. His big balls hung like ripe fruits. I was curious to watch a man run his fist over his shaft. Papa was just a man for young horny Kuki.” Oh Puchi! My darling, our Kuki is leaving me alone! I have always wanted to fuck our Kuki! She is just like you darling and noew her husband will take her cherry. ohhhh fuck, I can see her naked under me, ohhhhh Puchi, I am cumming….Ohhhh fuck!” His hand moved up and down on his shaft and I stood staring at my masturbating father who was fisting his cock like a mad man. Load after load of thick seed errupted from his cock. I was getting aroused by the sight of my father cumming before me. He lay down and closed his eyes.

I was curious about love making. I had not let a man fuck me as I had promised my husband to take my cherry. But now my body burned for man’s touch. I was dying to touch a man’cock and there was my own father lying uncounscious. I came close to him and with trembling fingers touched the cock. Papa did not move an inch but his cock did. I was thrilled to feel it throb. It was wet from the leaking jism and the wetness came over my fingers. Slowly, I ran my fingers on the forbidden cock till it began springing to life. My own cunt was getting wetter every moment. In his sleep Papa was braeathing heavily and soon his cock was raring to go in my hands.

Papa turned in his sleep and his hand gover and sat next to me on the bed. His hand fell on my breast. I did not move. I was wearing a thin blouse and a pajama. Father cupped my boob in his sleep. I almost came in my pajama. ” Ufffff….aaaahhhh……God..” I muttered as Papa opened his eyes and saw my with my fingers gripping his cock. “You! Beti. What are you doing here. Go to your room. You are getting married in two days. What you are doingis a sin, unforgivable sin, Beti! We must stop it”, he said in a low tone.

“I know Papa. Thats why you were saying that you have always wanted to fuck me. In your drunkenness you were talking to Mom and telLing her I resembled Mom and you wanted to fuck me! I need to fulfil my Papa’s desire! I want you as my man for tonight, Papa. I want to do with you what Mom did when she was alive…Papa pleaseeeeee…Dont make me go….I need your cock bad!”, I said and kissed him on the lips, “I just really want to be your wife and taste your cock, Papa, fuck your daughter, I beg you!”

“Kuki, I know you want a cock….LUND….But let it be your husband..not your father…it is incest…stop it”, he cried.

“Mmmm…..incest! But why is your cock rising in your daughter’s hand? You are aroused Papa because I am a ripe woman who needs your cock….YOUR LUND”, I moaned.

“Oh you really want me to….fuck you? Ohhh God…I am cock is hard for my own daughter….Damn me….come on Kuki, let me undress you…let me see you as a young woman..ripe for her father!”, he pulled me over him and I clung to him, his cock now rubbing my cunt, his hands pulling the chord of my pajams and running his eager hands on my bare ass.

“Mmmm, Papa, your cock is all hard and ready….I can feel its heat….enter it in my cunt Papa, as you entered Mom’s cunt”, I said, leaning over his body and kissing his neck. Papa brought his hand in my pussy and rubbed it and i knew my cunt juices hit his hands.

“Papa will fuck you but only once….We forget it after we finish now…I dont care if the world calls me betichod(daughter-fucker). Kuki, open for Papa, let Papa make love to his daughter, his darling daughter….let me taste my own daughter”, he said as he pushed his cock into my wet cunt.

I reached placed my hand on Papa’s LUND ….. guiding it into my virgin cunt and raised my buttocks as Papa rammed his cock home. Thick cunt lips made way for the huge cockhead. I cried in pain as the monster entered my virgin cunt” Ohhhhhhhh..Papa….it hurts……stop….Papa…your LUND is HUGE. Be slow Papa……It hurts..Pleasee!”

“I’m sorry daddy”, I said quickly, taking my hand away.

Papa kissed my lips taking my chin into his hand, lifting my face up and cupped my boobs, He gently moved his cock in my cunt and continued kissing my pouty lips. It was the most amazing kiss I had ever experienced. His lips were so soft, so warm. My pussy was melting.

Papa began to fondle my tits, rubbing them softly and tweaking my nipples. ” I know it hurts…Kuki..but my cock has opened your CHOOT. It will be easy now…feel Papa’s cock in your choot Beti!”

His kiss moved from my lips to my neck, gently biting and sucking my flesh as I lay under him, spreading my legs to my father and allowing him total access to his Beti’s CHOOT.

His breath was hot and heavy in my ear, I could hear his heart thumping, or maybe it was mine. I didn’t know or care.

“OHHHHH PAPA, FUCK ME….YOUR BIG COCK IS MINE NOW…FUCK ME…FUCKKKKKK MEEE”, I moaned loudly as he rammed his cock deep into my hungry cunt. His cock was moving faster now and my pain had been replaced with a heavenly pleasure. I never knew it was so good to be fucked. I lifted my ass up to meet his thrusts. Papa was licking my nipples and fucking me.

He fucked me for 10 minutes before exploding in my womb. His seed entered my womb as a huge orgasm hit me.”Aaaaaaa…..Beti…..I am cumming….I am cumming….fuck me….ohhhhh….behnchod I am cumming!!!”

The next morning he did not look at me in the eye. I had the feeling that Papa’s seed had been implanted in my cunt. May be he had impregnated me. I prayed he had. That would make me mother his child who would be my brother or sister too. We did not fuck till my marriage with Raman. And then the shocking announcement of my husband to give him a child and his impotency.

On my first visit to Papa, I told him everything. He was surprised but happy. We began fucking again. In nine months time I gave birth to my daughter. Raman was delighted and so was Papa and me. No one knew about teh parenthood of my daughter. Our incestuous fucking went on.

Now I stood at the airport waiting for my PAPA LOVER. He came and took me in a hug. It took 30 minutes to reach home and on the way we behaved ourselves. Once in my bedroom I stood completely naked, I could feel my pussy becoming wet. Papa undressed in no time, his cock springing to life at teh sight of his daughter’s CHOOT.

PAPA pulled me to him, immediately taking my left nipple into his mouth, sucking it like a starving baby.

His warm hands rubbed my ass as his finger teased my asshole.

I could hear him moaning in between sucks, this made me so hot. His mouth felt so good on my nipple.

Just then, he released his grip on my ass. His hand wandered down to his Beti’s CHOOT which was waiting to be touched, played with.

“Let me take your LUND in my hand…I missed it soooo much….You dont know how a horny woman dfeels without her husband’s LUND……You are my husband Papa……I want another child from your cock.” I whispered.

“You love my cock Beti?”, he asked me, looking down and running his fingers in my hair, ‘ Yes I will fuck you and father another child…suck my cock Beti! I love your lips on my cock!”

“Yes Papa, I will suck your cock, and you will love it, dont you?”, I asked as I massaged his shaft which was now beginning to throb in my hand.

“Yes Kuki, suck your Papa’s cock, suck it good”, he moaned as his hands gently pushed down on my shoulders, pushing me to my knees.

Mmmm, his cock was so fat. I loved the way it felt throbbing in my mouth. I wasted no time. I began kissing and sucking the tip while I rubbed his balls gently.

I looked up with his cock in my mouth. Papa was looking right at me, so much lust in his eyes it made my cunt drip.

“Ohhh Kuki”, he moaned, “Don’t stop Beti, I’ve been wanting you to suck my cock.”

His grip on my hair became tighter and I could feel his hips gently moving back and forth, fucking my mouth.

Papa’s cock felt so good as it massaged my throat.

“Oh Kuki……..fuck….suck me, don’t stop, Papa’s going to cum”, he moaned.

Within seconds I tasted his warm, thick cum on my tongue, dripping down my throat.

“Mmmm, swallow it. Swallow Papa’s seed”, he groaned, still using my hair to move my head up and down his cock.

After he stopped cumming I stood up. I wrapped my arms around him and opened my mouth, and kissed him with his cum still in my mouth.

He then took my hand, instructing me to lie down on the bed.

“Lie on the edge Kuki, raise your pretty ass so that Papa can taste your choot, now its my turn to please you Beti”, he whispered.

Papa stood between my legs, gently parting them so that I was spread for him.

“I want to taste your CHOOT. Papa loves your CHOOT”, he whispered, licking his lips.

And before I could answer him, his mouth was buried in my pussy!

I raised my legs and wrapped them around Papa’s neck, using my legs to push his mouth closer. I wanted him as close to my pussy as I could get him.

Deeper and deeper he thrust his tongue, the tip of his nose rubbing my clit. My cunt throbbed I arched my back and thrust my dripping CHOOT closer to his mouth.

He responded by nibbling my clit, sucking and gently biting it. Then inserting 2 fingers deep into me. His fingers are thick so this almost sent me over the edge.

I began moaning, louder and louder with every thrust of his fingers. His licking and sucking became more and more forceful as I reached between my legs, grabbing his head and pushing it further into me.

“Oh God Papa…..fuck me…fuck your daughter…your incest fucker….ohhhhh Ramesh….fuck meee!!!!!”, I screamed, “Oh oh oh oh Papaaaaaaa, I’m cummingggggggg!!!!”

Like a raging river, I exploded over his face, coating him with my sticky sweet juices.

He removed his fingers and slid them in my mouth. Mmmmm, I was on fire!

After my body stopped shaking, Papa stood up, still between my legs.

“You want this cock Kuki?”, he asked me, stroking his throbbing, massive shaft.

“Oh yesss Papa, please!! Ram that beautiful LUND into your bitiya’s hungry CHOOT. KUKI LOVES THIS LUND”, I begged.

Papa pushed his hard dick into his daughter’s waiting cunt and in one slide it was inside my cunt.

OH MY GOD!!, I thought to myself. My husband’s cock is huge!!!
My Papa is my real husband.He quickly began pumping my pussy with hard, deep, slow strokes.

His movements shook the entire bed, and my body.

My nails raked up and down his back as he kissed me wildly.

His strokes became faster and a little harder. He slid his hands up underneath my asscheeks, to pull me down on his cock.

“Fuck Kuki, my wife, my daughter, my fuck-buddy, you feel so fucking good on Papa’s cock”, he moaned in my ear. I did not say anything but went on fucking him. “Tell your Papa you love him fucking you Beti, tell him!”, he insisted.

“Yes Lover, I love your cock inside me, I want you to fuck me forever”, I moaned.

Papa had some other plans on that night. He withdrew his cock from my cunt “On your hands and knees, the way I fucked your mother…..Your mother loved to be fucked like a bitch…lets see if my daughter loves it like a bitch, bend down Kuki”, he whispered.

I got up and rolled over on my hands and knees, my ass high in the air.

His hands began rubbing my tight little ass. His finger exploring the outer rim of my asshole.

“You have a sexy fuckin asshole like your mother and I love fucking an asshole like yours!” he said.

“Ohhhhhh what is stopping you fucker…..Betichod….fuck me the way you like….your daughter is your whore….fuck my ass”, I whispered.

“Papa wants it, Papawants to take that sexy fucking asshole”, he moaned.

“Papa, it’s going to hurt”, I whispered, almost whimpering.

“No it won’t beti, Papa would never hurt you”, he assured me.

Just then, I felt something warm on my asshole.

Daddy spat to lubricate his cock. Preparing to fuck his daughter up the ass.

“I’ll be gentle Kuki, just relax”, he whispered.

And slowly he began sliding his massive cock into my virgin asshole. Inch by inch I could feel it spreading me.

“Ohhhhhh!”, I moaned, gripping the blanket on the bed beneath me.

Then, before I realized it, Papa was completely inside me. Pumping and thrusting his cock into my ass. Oh God, he felt so good. He was so in control of my body, his cock was so dominating.

His hands gripped my hips, gently digging his nails into my flesh. I could feel his balls slapping my ass cheeks. I was so hot.

I reached down and slid my fingers onto my clit, furiously rubbing it.

The walls of my asshole tightened around his cock as he fucked me.

“OH BETI!!!! OH FUCK, BETI, I’M CUMMING, OH GOD!!!!!”, he screamed as he pumped my ass.

Just then, I began to cum also. My clit vibrated on my fingers as his cum filled my asshole.

Shot after shot I could feel his warm juice coating my insides.


He gently smacked my ass, then pulled out of me.

He and I both collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily and sweating.

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