My Mom was getting Fucked
My father was a real estate promoter. His passion was playing cards. From my childhood I saw every Sunday three of my father’s friends comes and plays cards all the afternoon. Mom used to cook lunch for them. All of us used to have lunch together. Three of my father’s friend Sujay uncle Arun uncle and Deepak uncle were in the same real estate promontory business as my dad was. They were all competitors in business but were very close friends in personal life. Things changed when my father died in a certain heart attack. My mom was a simple house wife and it was quite impossible for her to handle my fathers business. My mom wanted to sell it out. But Arun uncle and Sujay uncle helped us to continue the business. Yes…. there were some of my father’s reliable employees too. They also supported my mom to keep the business running. The incident happened when I was doing my higher secondary.
.My school suddenly declared a holiday because our school cricket team won the final match of a state cricket championship. I got back home as one of my friend dropped me back. With my pair of keys I slipped up to my room passing by all the bedrooms. My bedroom was the last bedroom. I called out to my mother, there was no response, I just slipped back to her bedroom, and to my surprise it looked as though she had undressed quickly and left. As I entered, I took few minutes to understand what lay before me, on the bed were laying my mothers nylon saree just thrown on the bed, a lovely Jockey panty, a lovely black 40D bra, her blouse, and a whiff of lovely Davidoff water perfume lingering above her clothes.

I heard another door of another bedroom bang down, I quickly ran back to my room, as I looked down to the third bedroom, my mother entered nude, totally nude, a sight I would love to describe to you, she is about 5 feet tall not very fat not very thin either, she has a good amount of flowing hair, a lovely thick chain hanging between her lovely firm breasts, each side caught between her huge nipples almost protruding like proud strawberries, lovely chocolate in color. As she came into the room Sujay uncle entered. He was only in his underwear,,,, ready and waiting .I was surprised to see a quick motion behind my mother when another figure grabbed her from behind, the sight of the second person was even more shocking it was no one else than my Arun uncle..

They both hugged each other like fond lovers, they were passionately kissing, when Arun Uncle also walked up to them and pulled down his underwear, then seeing Arun uncle’s approach my mother made room for him too and put her arms on top of each of their shoulders as both Sujay Uncle and Arun uncle were busy on each of my mothers breast pulling at her nipples which were getting bigger and bigger, Arun Uncle was busy squeezing her boobs while Sujay Uncle moved down to her cunt.

My mother was moaning, she stopped and said “guys you have just 3 hours before my son comes back from school because today is Saturday. Sujay Uncle grinned and shouted “Protima, by the time your son is back we would have fucked you at least three or four times.

My mother bent down and sat on the sofa, busily handing each of their growing cocks, as they were continuously playing with her breasts, and began sucking them, both of them had good respectable cocks, my mother had pulled their foreskin and was sucking on them like lolly pops.

This continued endlessly for almost 5minutes, my mother suddenly got up and laid down on the small diwan on the hall. She was literally facing me. I could see both of her breasts pointing In perfect opposite directions , thick pubic hair like a musk rats nest, lovely pink cunt lips which was wet and leaking. Sujay Uncle applied spit on his cock and mounted my mother, Arun Uncle was holding his cock in his hand and enjoying the sight of Sujay Uncle’s pumping into my mother, her whole body was shaking on the impact of his pumping and her lovely breasts were bouncing in every direction. When Sujay Uncle finally finished then Arun Uncle mounted, and also emptied his load on to my mother.

My mother exchanged some pleasant comment with each other kissed them. She said “let me serve your lunch now. After the lunch you guys can have another session, and moved out. I quickly moved back to my room. Few minutes after I heard mom asking them from the kitchen to take there bath one by one. But they ended up bathing together in the bathroom. They ware making dirty jokes and laughing all the time in the bathroom.
Then my mom started to shout and I understood that now they are making my mom naked. From their conversation I knew that now they are applying shop to my mom’s private body parts. They were molesting mom’s soft body parts while applying shops, because mom was moaning in pleasure. I gathered some courage and went near the bathroom. I tried to see what was happening inside through the key-hole. I was surprised to see that they were jumping inside the shower as if they were small childrens. It was very erotic to see my naked mom jumping like a 7 years old girl. In every jump mom’s big breasts are bouncing like football. I saw that Sujay uncle and Arun uncle was also jumping and their huge cock and big balls were also bouncing with them. I felt it not safe to stay here like this so I returned to my room, closed the door and tried to see what happened next. Suddenly the Bathroom door opened and my mom ran out quickly. Sujay uncle and Arun uncle ran after her to catch her. Mom entered to her bedroom and tried to close the door but Arun uncle stopped her. Inside the room they tried to play a catch and run game which every child plays in their childhood. It lasted few seconds and Sujay uncle caught my mom and made her naked removing her towel. Then another round of fucking began. It was a ‘quickie’ session. So they finished early after a hard pumping session. Then mom went to the kitchen and served their lunch. After the lunch they started to watch T.V together. Half an hour after mom told them to leave because it was my normal time for returning. They did not want to leave. At last mom got screwed by them for another round and was successful to throw them out. It was quite a sight, my pants leaking with cum seeing my mother being fucked willingly like a whore by my fathers close friends. From then on I made it a regular point to come home early, suddenly on days, and many a time have been fortunate to witness how my mother is getting screwed by Sujay Uncle and Arun Uncle.

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