My Hot & Sexy Mami
It was my beautiful and very hot Rashmi mami. She is 38 years old and for her age has an unbelievable figure. 36DD-25-38 she has a fair complexion and long black hair. I was to be in Mumbai for a wedding, and since I stayed in Mumbai, my Mami and her family were happy to accommodate me for my 3 day stay. At the wedding, after I had eaten, I went for a bath and came down in fresh clothes, as I was required to stay up all night, as the ceremony went on. Then, even my Mami came down after a bath, looking super-hot, wearing a tight pink salwar-kameez, and high heels, with her bra clearly visible from a good distance. Then her husband and two kids said that they would have to carry on home, as the kids were very tired and sleepy. Mami said that she has to stay back and will meet up in the morning. She asked me to stay back with her, and I gladly obliged. Then, the two of us, who were to stay back, just to show we were present, sat on a corner table in the dining hall, and had a few drinks. I knew that this would be my only chance in a long time to fuck her. So, I slipped a Rs.500 note to the waiter and instructed him to intoxicate the next drink with alcohol, and a lot of it. I wanted to get her drunk. He too obeyed. Then, ignorant of the alcohol she was taking, she downed more than 10 glasses of “Orange Juice”! Now she was really drunk. She then told me that she needed to rest for a while and asked me to escort her to a toilet first. I got up and put her arm around my shoulder and we limped to the toilets. Then, she said that she needs help to undo her dress. I told her that this would not be right. She then walked to the door and locked it. And, looking at me, she smiled at me and said,”Undress me, PLEASE.” I just could not control myself. I knew, and she knew, we both wanted it. I walked up to her, and pcked her up, and placed her on the large sink granite, and kissed her luscious red lips. I loved the taste of her hot, juicy lips. Her tongue and my tongue played with each other for a long time. All along, she kept telling me that she wanted me very badly since a long time. I loved it. Then, I went to her neck, started kissing and licking it, as she ran her hands through my hair, moaning loudly,” Ohh Varun Yeahh babyy !! I continued, then to her boobs. I turned her around and undid the zip of her top. I remove it, and also her kameez. She had pink panties and a pink bra on, that looked all so sexy on her. She was a total bomb. Then, I removed her bra, taking her lovley brreasts in my hand, her tits soo erect, I sucked continuously as she moaned’ “oooooommpphh!! ooommmpphhh!!” in pleasure loudly. That really turned me on. Then I picked her up by her ass, putting her on the granite again, I raised her legs and removed her soaked panties. She had a gorgeous pink shaven pussy. Inserting two fingers in, I flicked my tongue in and out, and ate her tasty pussy for a long time. She gasped and moaned each time my tongue licked her pussy. She was going crazy as I ate her, moaning and screaming in joy, pain and pleasure. Her hands ran through my hair as I constantly lapped her juices. She kept pushing my head in and in, as I obliged, going deeper, when she finally felt a wave of pleasure go through her body, as she reached an orgasm, and came with her hot juices on my face, as I lapped them up. They were like heated sugar-syrup ! Then I too got naked and stood in front of her, with my 9′ cock, hot and hard, throbbing for her. She was totally amazed at my size, saying,” Oh My Godddd !! That is so huge Varun, your Mama is nothing compared to you !” I was very happy to hear that. Saying that, she got on her knees in front of me and took my hot hard cock into the grip of her cold hands. Oooohh !!1 That felt just amazing !! She started to suck my balls, licking and sucking them, she lapped ‘em up like a true pro ! Then she licked my cock, from base to tip, on the backside, sending shrills down my spine. After that, she stroked my shaft fast and hard, beginning to suck my cock. She started with the cockhead, as she sucked it so well. I was on cloud 9 !! Then she deep-throated my cock, constantly sucking, and pushing her head up and down, furiously. I loved it ! Then I held her hair, and made her look up at me, as she sucked me off. Then,I held her head and rammed her face, making her gag on my cock. Then, she stood up and bent over. I knew she was in the need for a very good humping !! I was so ready to fuck that ass !! I was so ready to ram her ass to death ! man, she looked soooo sexy, curving her ass out, waiting to be fucked ! I immediately took some saliva on my fingers and shoved them in her tight ass-hole. She yelped in pain and pleasure. Then, I said,”You wanna be fucked in your ass hole, Mami ?!”. She said,” Yes !! Yes !! Please Varun, ram me !” Oh Man !! Those words made me go crazy. Then I took my cock and shoved it into her asshole in one go, Then, I began to push, in and out, a little slowly in the beginning, as she coped with it. Then she urged me to fuck harder. I gladly obliged. I began to furiously ram my Mami’s ass, with my cock banging the end of her ass-hole, again and again. I was going crazy ! Her ass was sooo tight !! She was constantly shouting, biting her lips (I could see that in the mirror). She was yelling, “ohhh varun babyyy, yess, yesss, come onnnn, ohhh fuckkkk!!! Fuck me, fuck me!!”. I couldn’t believe my Mami was saying all that! Then, I began to moan, about to climax, in a few moments. I immediately withdrew. She understood and quickly got onto her knees, in front of me. She sucked my cock a little more, and with my largest ejaculation ever, I let my thick, warm cum all over her face an tits. She took it all !! Damn!! Whatta slut my dear Mami was! She got up, ashed herself up, and put on her clothes, I too did the same and escorted her back to a room. There, we got naked, had some more sex, as I fucked her pussy too !! We slept in each others arms till dawn, and things went back to normal ! now, whenever I go to mumbai , I always fuck my Mami, she just doesn’t get enough of me ! and likewise here too !

nice :)

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