My Hot Aunty
Hello to all readers. I am Raju I am from Hyderabad. This is my second encounter with my aunt in sex.

That day was a function in my grandfather’s home. So I went there as my parents were busy. I had stayed there for night. My aunty also came there to attend that function. I was delighted to see my aunt there. She has such a provocation structure that no man can live without thinking of her at least once if he saw her.

That evening she went to have bath. After taking bath she came out. I was stunned as she came out with only saree. She didn’t wear any blouse or bra under the saree. As she had bath she was wet and her saree got stuck to her large and erect boobs. Then suddenly as air blew the saree moved of aside I saw her boob so clearly. I felt my eyes got blasted. I still remember it now.

Then that night I went to a movie and returned home. After having dinner I was told to sleep upstairs. It was almost 10 at night. When I went upstairs I saw my aunt there. She was fast asleep as she did a lot of work during daytime. Then I went and lied beside her. The scene of her boob was still in my eyes.

When I looked at her boobs they are moving rhythmically as she was breathing. I lied watching her boobs for 10 minutes. Then a feeling arose in me. How about touching her boobs? My hand rose but I drew back’s was afraid. What if she caught me? But after a lot of dare I first put my forefinger on her boob and pressed it.

I felt that I never touched anything softer than that. I stayed pressing her bob for some time. Then she suddenly moved and I removed my hand quickly and lied still. She was turning towards me in sleep. Then I quickly put my hand such that her boobs will lie in my hand. My expectation was exactly right.

Her boobs landed in my hand’s felt as if in heaven. The complete boob way! S pressing to my hand’s lied like that for some time. Then she again slept upright.

Then I put just my fingers on hers. She showed no reaction. Then I put my complete palm on her boobs, pressing them. They were superb. I didn’t leave her even if she turned the other sides leaned over her and was pressing her breasts all the night. I didn’t sleep all that night. I didn’t know what to do further, so I didn’t do anything.

But almost immediately I felt an ecstasy and I oozed out. It was my first time .I was terrified as I don’t know about it. Then left her as it was about to be sunrise. The next day I left to my home with this experience stored in my mind. Don’t go away, the real story lies now.

Then after some days i.e. after my final exams I was called by my aunt to come to their home. My father sent me there. After going there I remembered everything and I was frightened whether my aunt would ask me about my behavior that day. But she seemed that she doesn’t know about it. Then the next day my uncle left for another place on his profession. My cousins were out of station as they went on a tour with their friends.

That night after having dinner I went to sleep thinking about my aunty. When I was about to sleep my aunty came into my room and sat beside me asking about my family. While answering her I was watching her keenly. She was so provocative. She wore a transparent saree with low neck blouse thru which I can see almost her breasts completely. She was watching where my eyes were.

She casually took my hand into her hands and she suddenly put it on her breasts. I was shocked and pulled it off. She asked me ‘why are you afraid like I don’t know. That day u was pressing them all night’. I was stunned to hear that. She smiled and said ‘Don’t worry. I also enjoyed that day.’ Again she asked me how she was. I said that she was excellent. Then she stood up and first removed her saree. My cock was erect. Then she started removing her blouse.

I stopped her and told her that I’ll remove it. She smiled and agreed. I put my shivering hands on her blouse. When I removed the first hook I was floating in the air. Then I removed all hooks and opened her blouse I ejaculated. She saw it and said ‘it is common for new ones’. Then she removed her petticoat and also my lungi. Then she asked me to suck her breasts.

I first caught them with my hands and was pressing them so hard that they might burst. She was enjoying. Then I put my mouth on her left breast and started sucking it while my hand was pressing the right one. After some time my cock was erect again. My aunt asked me to suck her cunt also. I said no as I felt something to do like that. But as she said it would be nice I did so. Really it was very nice.

She was moaning. After some time she told me to fuck her. I stood like that as I didn’t know how to fuck. Then she took my cock into her hands, folded her legs and put it into her cunt and asked me to push. I did so and to my surprise all my cock disappeared into hers.

Then she told me to move back a bit and push again. I did so and I was flying in air as I was fucking her. I fucked her so hard that she told that even my uncle didn’t fuck her that hard. Afterwards suddenly she was screaming and slapping me as she was out.

But I didn’t feel ecstasy so I went on fucking as she shouted. Then! Suddenly I ejaculated and laid on her. And I love to sleep on her naked body. That was the day my aunt made my day memorable. We had for many time

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