My First Sex With Sister
Hi readers I came across this site recently and I decided to post my experiences in a series. And do forgive me for the narration since this is first time there may be some faults so do forgive me. To begin with let me tell you something about my physical aspects I am 5.10″ tall with an Athlete or rather thin body with loads of Energy. Often people got deceived with my personalities and capabilities.

Now let me come to the topic this was my first experience when I was a kid I was younger and it happened with my sister. Basically we are from a rich family from a small town near Bangalore. My parents settled in Bangalore so I am. Since there were no good school at our village my grandparents decided to send my cousin to our house for her further education. As she came to our house we used to have good time playing around like any other kids. She was 18 year old when she came to our house and within few days she had her first periods and there was some function at our house. After few days all relatives left to our village.

Since we were kids we used to sleep together and we never used to feel anything unusual. During winters we used to stick closer at bed as it was cold. After few months there was a bulge in my sister’s boobs and I was wondering how it was bulging and I asked her and she said it was because she has grown up. Since during winter we used to sleep closer I used to hug her and sleep and i could feel her boobs.

Then slowly I started to touch it and she woke up and murmured that she was feeling good and asked me to continue then I was feeling something hard in my inners but I ignored it and slept while pressing her boobs next day it was usual and after evening we sat to study in the study room and I could see the blushes on her face and I asked her what she was reading then she said adults magazine, I asked her whether I could read it too she said no and warded me off. As usual I continued my studies and had dinner then went to bed.

Later my sister joined me on the bed and she asked me to bolt the door and i obeyed her and bolted it then I asked her whether I can press her boobs even today, she smiled and said today i will be doing more than that and I was wondering what it was and asked her she ordered me not to ask questions but to obey what she says and I followed it sincerely she asked me to undress her and

I was wondering why she was telling it as it was cold and she started to undress me I said that it was cold and i want my dress to be on, later she kissed me on my cheeks and said I will be more warmer today than ever before. Since i was a kid i wondered how it would be and just obeyed her as a slave. As she undressed me i became nude and by this time she was also nude completely.

She asked me to kiss her from her head to toe on each and every part of her body and I started kissing her starting on her fore head to eyes then kissed her cheeks nose and lips then I kissed her chin then I moved down kissing her shoulders and moved to her boobs it was fairly big for her size and I felt like sucking it and I started sucking it without asking her as I started to suck she pressed my head on her boobs and said I have more to suck and asked me to kiss other parts as

I moved down to her crotch there were few hairs and asked how she got hairs there and she said its natural and even I will get it when I grow older. She asked me to suck her crotch and I said no as it was her vagina and from there they urinate but she insisted and told me she had cleaned it before coming to bed. Then I started to lick it with my tongue and she started to moan and as she pressed my head deep into her crotch my tongue went deeper and her moaning increased with

This there was a salty fluid which started coming out and she asked me to drink it as it was not urine and I drank it. Then she started to kiss my mouth aggressively and started to kiss my manhood and it had become hard and since it was second time it had become hard i was a bit afraid that something is wrong. After kissing it she asked me to put it inside her crotch and i tried inserting it.

It was slipping as it was wet and it was not going inside then she split her legs and applied some coconut oil on my manhood and asked me to insert I inserted her and suddenly grabbed me by face and locked her lips with mine and kissed me like anything. she asked me to move front and back when I moved back it came out and again it was the same circus and this time she told me not to remove completely and just to play there and as I was doing it

I felt some flow in my dick and said I was about to pee and she said pee it inside and after doing it for 5 mins I peed inside her crotch. I was feeling tired and I lied on her body and both of us were breathing fast. Later when I asked her why she lip locked me, she said it was first time and she was feeling some pain and she was afraid of shouting due to pain waking others would create a scene so she lip locked and I asked her how she knew all these things for this she said the magazine she was reading was given by her classmate Sharada and in that everything was there.

For few minutes we both fell silent and giggled and slept as usual from next day onwards it was a regular thing for us when nobody was at home we used to do it again and again she stayed with us for 4 years and all these years I had good sex life the fact is I had sex at a time when i dint even know what it was. Now I’m in Delhi and she is married to a nice person leading good life I hope my story has come good if any suggestions do comment

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