My Family - Mom Son Incest Story
I slowly and softly pushed her toward the wall. She understood what I wanted. I wasn’t moving her away from me, I just wanted her pussy to get tilted enough so my cock could enter it. So she hunched back and spread her legs. My cock sprang free from under her pussy lips, ready to penetrate her.

She closed her eyes and muttered dreamily: “Chod do mujhe.”

There was about a split second of silence. My entire life flashed right before my eyes. This was akin to death for me. Or rather, a rebirth. I was about to penetrate the woman I had idolized all my life. I had loved her, respected her, and most of all: lusted after every inch of her body. I am no Oedipus, I had wanted to do her ever since I had known what sex was! And the time had come. Time for me to be born again. As she spread her legs with her back against the wall, her eyes remained closed. I pulled her lower back toward me, and slowly made a push against her pussy. Her entire body shook as she kept her eyes closed tight! The head of cock was now inside the first pussy I had ever seen! She moaned with pleasure. With that she let herself slide down my body and the next moment my penis was enveloped in something soft and warm. I didn't need to be told what it was; I was penetrating Mom's vagina. A soft, relieving moan came out of her mouth as I buried my cock inside her pussy.

Tears of joy rolled down my cheeks. Her eyes were still closed, but she screamed: “Chod daal mujhe!!!”

And I obliged! Letting go of my emotion, I realized how sexual this moment was. I was fucking my own mom standing up. The animal in me took over, as I began to thrust my cock as further inside her passageway to heaven as I could. The sounds of “thump, thump, thump, thump” were now dominant in the bathroom, drowning the sounds of the running water.

“Ahhhhhh…” I let out a huge grunt. My abdomen was crashing real hard against her cunt.

“Madarchod! Aram se!” she screamed.
I was half shocked to hear these kinds of words from the mouth of my saintly mom and half aroused. More aroused than shocked I should say. “Mom…I love you.” I grunted.

“I love you too beta. Phar dal meri pudee.” Her face was very close to mine and she kissed me softly and said, "That's what you needed, wasn't it?"

Since I'd been suffering an erectile penis for most of the day I could truthfully groan, "Oh my God, yes."

Sweat was now rolling down the sides of both of our foreheads. I wanted to hold my cum in as long as possible. I had no concerns about her getting pregnant. She was probably menopausal, and honestly, I just didn’t care. She knew what to do with her body and was way more experienced than I was. I was sure she knew how to handle herself.

My one hand was on her shoulder to support her and the other was on her breasts. Her pussy might have been wide but standing up, she had a tight grip around my cock. It felt like someone was squeezing it with a fist.

‘Thump, thump, thump…” We kept fucking without any further discussion, but with endless arrays of her profanity laden lust sounds.

“Hai maar dala! Meri pudee….”

These yells was extremely erotic. The amazing thing was I hadn’t needed any lubrication. Yes, we were showering but water and soap alone shouldn’t have been enough. After all, I was sure she hadn’t had sex in a while. But I guess she was just so turned on, that her and mine pre-cum was enough.

“Aray maa ko chod diyaaaaaaaa…” she yelled. I kept pumping.

“Besharam, Shaytan, de mujhe apna lora! De! De!” Her legs were wound round me, and with the water buoying her up and my hands under her buttocks, I began to lift her up and down on me.

“Ahhh…” I let out a huge moan. I was about to ejaculate. And ejaculate I did! My entire body jerked as I blew my load inside her hot steaming cunt. I jerked once, then a second time, and then a third time. The spasms in my cock were almost endless. She was moving with my spasms.

“Ahhh… Ahhh…” I panted as I continued to cum inside her.

“Aa, aa ja, chod de, aa ja…” She screamed. Her body moved with my every cumming spasm. I was now completely out of breath and even though she was crossing her legs, my cum was now dripping from inside her pussy. But I was still hard and I continued my inward thrusts to make her feel good. And she was on the verge of orgasm too.

“Ouuiieeee…” she screamed.

My head was now resting on her shoulders, as my chest was pressed against her naked breasts tightly. I was supporting her from the back and thrusting my cock insider her with force. I wanted to fuck her like the little whore she was. In my wildness, I got so aggressive that I grabbed her hair and pulled on it.

“Oh let go of my hair!” she said in English as she gasped and our crotches kept bumping: thump, thump, thump.

But I didn’t stop. With every inward thrust, I pulled her hair harder.

“Ahhh.. Madarchod, chod de!” she was now responding positively to my hair pulling.

And I guess this is what put her over the top. “Chod!” she yelled.
Until now her hands were around my back, trying to get a good grip, but now she moved her left hand to her hair, pulling at her hair. She was now screaming and almost bawling with pain. But I didn’t stop. How could I stop before she came?

I was now biting at her breasts. “Ouueee besharam!” she screamed.

I continued to bite her nipples and pull at her hair. And soon she came. With one huge vibration of her body, she let out a huge moan: “Ahhhhhh…. Mein mar gayee.”

With this, her body took multiple spasms as she came all over my dick. I didn’t notice her cum, it probably mixed with mine and the water falling on her bodies but I could really feel her orgasm. She was now totally exhausted herself and just hugged me tight. We were still standing skin to skin in the bathroom. “Jai, I love you…” she whispered.

“Mom, I love you more…” I answered back.

I then slowly made her sit down in the tub and I sat with her. I had now turned the water off and we could lay in the tub. I sat back and I made her sit in front of me, with her back towards me. My dick was still up and was now rubbing her back as she threw herself at me. I held her tightly in my arms and caressed her breasts and her entire body. She was the whore who fucked three generations of our family. My father, my grand-father and now me, her own son. But I still love her and respect her as my goddess.

After resting for about half and hour silently, she said: “bed pe chalein? Abhi theek se nahi hua.”

As usual, after the lights were switched on, I slowly took out my cock and moved my hips closer to her ass cheeks. I started rubbing my cock in between Mom's big ass cheeks. Suddenly, startling me, Mom turned towards my side and hugged me tightly saying "Jai, my darling, my sweet darling."

Saying this and without giving me time to utter anything, Mom kissed me squarely on my lips. I couldn't believe my luck. I also kissed her hungrily and deeply. Mom pushed her tongue into my mouth. I sucked on my Mom's tongue like an ice cream cone. My rock hard cock pressed against her big belly. She immediately took hold of my cock in her hands and started massaging it. I was shivering with lust. My own Mom massaging my rock hard cock!!! I moved my hips in tune with Mom's caressing of my cock.

Breaking our French kiss, Mom told me "Jai, put on the light." I jumped up from the bed and put on the light. In the light, I saw my Mom lying wantonly in the bed. She rose up and started removing her clothes. Her saree fell off, revealing her melon like breasts and the lower half of body covered in her underskirt. I quickly moved to her and hugged her. Squeezing her big ass cheeks with both hands, I kissed my Mom. Squeezing her massive asscheeks made my cock twitch with lust. After some time, I untied Mom's underskirt and pulled it down. Ohh!!! The sight made me shiver with lust. In the bright light I saw my Mom's cunt bulging out beneath her flat belly. I couldn't control myself. I fell to my knees and hugging her ass, kissed Mom's devine cunt.

"Ahhh!!! Jai, my darling," she exclaimed.

I kissed and started licking my Mom's cunt. I pushed my tongue deep inside my Mom's cunt and licked her already flowing juices. Mom spread her devine thighs and held my head close to her cunt with both hands. I tongued Mom's big clitoris and sucked it into my mouth. She started pushing her cunt to my mouth and her juices started flowing freely into my mouth. After I licked for some time, Mom told me "Jai, my darling son, please get up, I need to have your cock in my cunt."

I got up. Mom immediately lies down on the bed. We stared into one another’s eyes for several moments until our heads slowly came together, our mouths locking on to one another! The second our lips meshed together a spark went off between us and we embraced and kissed as if we were old lovers apart for years!

“MMMMMMMMM!!!!” my mother moaned, wrapping her arms around my neck. She pressed her body up against mine, sealing her open mouth onto mine and thrusting her tongue into my mouth. We lay side by side, our hands running over each other, lips bound together in a hot, incestual kiss!

Our passion knew no boundaries as we ravished one another on the bed, desperately searching for a way to get closer to one another. My hands roamed down her side to her plump, round ass, grabbing it and pulling her closer to me. I kneaded her ass causing her slit to rub up against my swollen cock sending more sparks flying between us. I worked my hand around to her front and then dove it between her legs. My two fingers sliced between her swollen labia, entering her steaming, wet canal.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHGGGggg!!” Mom groaned, breaking our kiss as my fingers entered her sloppy, hot canal.

I worked two fingers in deep, marveling at how hot and horny she was, not at all like I knew her, even just days ago! She began humping against my fingers, moving them in and out of her juicy love hole and moaning continuously. After a few minuets of this foreplay, all plans I had of making this a long, exploring session went out the window. I couldn't wait to get back inside that boiling cunt and spray down her walls with more of my hot cream! It was apparent Mom was feeling the same way as her humping took on a frenzied pace.

“OH, JAI...STOP TEASING ME..... GET INSIDE!!!!” she groaned. She quickly lay back and attempted to pull me down on top of her. I wasn't about to resist and went along with her, lifting myself up so I could land in between her spread legs and come down nestled groin to groin.
I removed my two fingers and started slicing my steel hard cock between her juicy slit, driving our anticipation to almost painful levels! Mom became inpatient at this and lifted her but off the bed in an attempt to capture my dick in her weeping hole. I decided enough was enough and on her last attempt I pulled my hips back, lining my cock at just the right angle and drove my cock into her all the way to the hilt!

“OH, YESSSS!!!” Mom sighed as my dick quickly hit the bottom depth of her hot, clinging wetness and came to rest against her cervix!

It was all I could do to keep from cummimg immediately as Mom raised her ass of the bed, wrapping her legs around my waist and slapping our bellies together in a breath taking moment of ecstasy! I began grinding myself into her, holding my cock inside the clutching, squeezing heat of her cunt as I bent down and began to suck on her breasts. I was in heaven. My cock buried deep inside my own Mom's cunt, my birth place. All the fantasies which I had about my Mom rushed through my mind. At last I had fulfilled my deepest desire. I am fucking my own Mom. My rock hard cock moved in and out of my Mom's wet cunt easily. She hugged me closely and kissed me deeply. Returning Mom's kiss, I fucked my Mom deeply. Soon wet sound began coming from Mom's cunt in tune with my fucking. The obscene sound increased my lust. I fucked my Mom deep and hard.

“UUUHHHHH, YES, OOHHH, YESSSS, HONEY, GIVE IT TO MEEEE!!!!!” Mom groaned as I rapidly withdrew myself and in rapid succession impaled her six or seven times!

She began to meet each of my strokes by lifting her ass off the bed and driving her twat onto my swollen member! I was out of my mind with passion, never having felt like this! I had to posses her totally. Conquer her and make her my willing sex for all eternity! I had to have all of her for my own. How could I possibly share her with anyone? I had to have all of her! Her breasts, her pussy, her mouth, her ass, her body, her love! Had to have it all! I continued my maddening pace, driving my dick in and out of her drooling wetness.

“OHHH,YESSSS, SWEATHEART, DO ME, DO ME, DO MEEEEE!!!!!” Mom cried out, continuing to meet my thrusts with her own in an illicit rhythm!
I became a mad man as I fucked her with brutal, deep strokes! My clenched ass was bouncing up and down like a car with bad springs on a bad road! My essence, my spirit, my total consciousness flowed down to my extended, driving cock! I became the thick, heavy cylinder of rock hard muscle and blood. I could feel every sensation as my heavily veined body plowed in and out of my mother's hot, clinging cunt!

In and out, in and out, I drove myself into her again and again! Time stopped as Mom and I fucked and fucked! I became a mindless cock whose only purpose in life was to bring pleasure to my mother and her hot, sucking cunt! As I hammered myself into her with boundless energy, I was rewarded when I felt her body jerking under me as she started to climax!

“OH GOD, OHGOD, OH, GOD, OHGODOHGODOHGOD!!!!!!!!!!!”I heard her wail as her whole body began to shake and writhe!

Not slowing a beat, I continued to attack her with my cock without pause! I didn't know how much longer I was going to last, but I was determined to drive Mom into a level of bliss that she wouldn't be able to live without. Suddenly I felt her quake and jerk and her whole body stiffened as her second orgasm was upon her!

“OOOOHHHH, GOD….. MY LORD!!!!!!!! “she screamed as her as her body shook and her legs clamped around my hips in a death grip as the orgasm washed over her!

"Jai, fuck me harder" Mom whispered in my ear. I increased the speed of my thrusts. My belly banged against Mom's flat belly each time I drove my cock deep inside Mom's cunt. Mom started rising her hips each time I thrust downwards. The sound similar to a dog licking water filled the room. My cum swollen balls slapped against Mom's big ass cheeks.

"Jai, my son, fuck me faster, faster," Mom encouraged me.

My own Mom encouraging me to fuck her even harder. I happily obliged and fucked her deep, each time my cock head touching against Mom's womb, where I was conceived. My groin banged against Mom's groin.
Fully inserted, I rotated my hips making Mom groan. My cum-filled balls rubbed against Mom's big, cushiony asscheeks. Mom hugged me tight to her big bosom. I lay down on Mom's foam-bed-like body and started to fuck Mom vigorously. With each pull, my cock came out till only the head was inside Mom's cunt and then I rammed my cock back inside to the hilt. I knew Mom liked violent thrusts very much. Mom hugged me tightly and showered my face with wet kisses. She was also very horny. I returned Mom's kisses and at the same time fucked her holy cunt vigorously. I was really shivering with lust because I was living out one of my favorite fantasies of fucking my own Mom. Here, my Mom was lying on her bed and I was happily fucking her. That mental image made me more horny. My lower belly slapped on Mom's flat belly with my each thrust. The slapping sound together with the wet sound of my cock fucking Mom's tight cunt echoed in the room shed. Mom started groaning and mumbling incoherently with her rising lust. Mom also started to raise her big asscheeks in tune to my thrusts.

I had never felt such energy and endurance. I had never felt such power, such total domination, such lust! On and on I went, untiringly driving my cock into her battered, bruised cunt. Finally, after my Mom's second orgasm I felt the pool of liquid fire in my balls begin to churn heavily. I wanted to fill my mother's burning, hot, clutching depths with my flaming cum! I needed to fill her with my seed! Make her pregnant with my child! Possess her in every way possible. Possess her mind, her body, her soul! Invade her body and leave it possessed by my defiant seed. My mother could sense my impeding cum as my dick extended and my cock head lurched deep in her canal.

I started squeezing Mom's big breasts. I could feel her thumb sized nipples rock hard. Mom liked my squeezing of her big breasts very much. I squeezed hard on Mom's exposed breasts. Mom moaned with lust to my squeezes. My mouth found my Mom's big rock hard nipples and I sucked and slightly chewed on Mom's nipples. Mom moaned loudly to my sucking. All these times my hips was banging against Mom's hips. My rock hard cock fucked into Mom's holy cunt with powerful thrusts. The wet sound of a dog licking water echoed in the room. I always liked to hear the obscene sound of my cock fucking into Mom's slick cunt. Mom was readily accepting my vigorous thrusts with closed eyes and by hugging me violently towards her.

The powerful fucking I, her own son was giving her was taking Mom to heaven. It had the same effect on me also. Fucking my own Mom was like seeing heaven for me. The pleasure was immense. My cock was going in and out of my own Mom's cunt easily because Mom's cunt and my cock were by this time very wet and lubricated with Mom's cunt juice, which was now flowing freely out of Mom's cunt hole. Mom's hip raising in tune to my powerful thrust began to increase. I knew she was reaching her orgasm. I wanted to cum with my own Mom. So I synchronised my violent thrusts into my Mom's cunt to my Mom's raising of hips. I was meanwhile expertly sucking my Mom's big nipples, thereby increasing her lust to a feverish pitch.

“OHH, JAI, DO IT HONEY, DO IT!! CUM IN ME!! CUM IN MY CUNT!!! CUM HONEY, CUM IN MEEE!!!!” I heard my Mom urging me on.

“OH GOD, OHHH LORD ALL MIGHTY!!!!!” Mom wailed, as her body was once again consumed by the unholy fires of yet another mind-numbing orgasm! When Mom's body started to shiver uncontrollably with her orgasm, I was loosing control. The wet heat inside my Mom's cunt was too much for me. Cum started boiling in my balls. With a violent thrust, I buried my cock deep inside my Mom's cunt and started shooting my cum deep inside her. I felt my cock explode inside my mother's clenching, squeezing, milking cunt! Pleasure so pure and intense it hurt, bursting upon my brain filling me with agony and ecstasy the same time!

“OOHHFUCK MOM CUMMING FUCK MOMM!!!!!” I blabbered out unintelligibly as my cock spurted and spewed out it's potent load of seman into my mother. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven as I lay atop my Mom filling her to overflowing again and again! My whole body was jerking and convulsing as I deposited load after load of thick, viscid into her absorbing, sucking cunt!

My cum splashed against her womb from my cock. It pushed Mom over the edge. Hugging and squeezing me fiercely Mom started shaking violently in her climax. Her hips rose up and down. We experienced the ultimate heavenly joy of cumming together. Thrusting powerfully into my Mom's cunt last time, I buried my jerking cock inside Mom's cunt up to the hilt and splashed my cum on Mom's womb, my birth place.

Our combined orgasm was really an out-of-this-world experience. And for me since it was own Mom who was experiencing the combined orgasm with me was really a mind blowing experience. Our bodies fought and clashed together as our minds shot off into a world of hot, sharp pleasure so completely consuming, it felt like dying! We clenched tightly together, ridding our orgasms in wave after wave of unrelenting bliss! At last there was nothing left and we collapsed, exhausted. I rolled off of her and we lay there like the dead, trying to capture our breath.

After shaking for some minutes, Mom slowly calmed down and again kissed me lovingly. She whispered in my ear, "Jai, my son, its after so many years I am having this pleasure once again."

"I always wanted to do this once you started rubbing against my ass." I blushed slightly and returned Mom's kiss and said to her "My darling Mom, I am really lucky to have you, I love you more than anything. But I might make you..."

"Pregnant? Yes, you might. It makes it all the more exciting, doesn't it?" She laughed and went on, "I wonder how you'd cope if I did get pregnant and you had to help deliver the baby?" Totally naked and in each others arms we slowly fell asleep.

The next morning when I woke up in my Mom's bed, I noticed that Mom had already got up and left the room. I looked at the wall clock and saw it was 8 am. Then only I realised that it was Sunday and there is no collage for me and also for Mom who was a teacher. Immediately my mind got filled up with the cock-raising fact that we have a full day ahead for fucking. I felt that I am really lucky that the very next day of me fucking my Mom Riya turned out to be holiday that I can explore different ways of fucking my own Mom in broad day light. When I used to fantasise about my Mom before, I used to think of different perverted poses to fuck my Mom if I ever did get a chance. When all those thoughts flashed in my mind, my cock raised its head. I was lying nude in Mom's bed. We hadn't bothered to dress after we fucked and we had fallen asleep hugging each other tight.

I got up and went to the bathroom, freshened up and went to the kitchen. There I saw Mom making breakfast. She was wearing a blue long gown. Mom had her back towards me. Ohh!!! The way her bulging ass projected outwards inside the gown made me horny that moment itself. It seemed that Mom was hiding two big pumpkins inside her gown. My hands started to itch for squeezing Mom's heavy asscheeks. I went straight to Mom and hugged her from behind and kissed her behind her neck. I pressed my already erect cock to her devine, bulging, cushion-like ass cheeks. Mom immediately moaned and turned her head and kissed me.

Hugging her tight I returned her hot kiss. I sucked on her sweet lips and she started to thrust her tongue into my mouth. Sucking on my Mom's tongue made my cock throb, which Mom immediately felt in her ass. I reached my hands to Mom's huge breasts and closing my palms over them started to squeeze both breasts. She moaned into my mouth in response. I expertly squeezed my Mom's big breasts and rolled and pulled her thumb-like nipples between my fingers. Both her large nipples immediately turned rock-hard between my fingers. I pulled them into more hardness. Mom started pressing her heavy ass towards my throbbing cock which was in the meantime wedged between her asscheeks.

My expert squeezing of her big breasts was taking its effect on Mom. She started to push and pull her tongue in and out of my mouth, at the same time sucking wetly on my lips. I also did the same to her. We both were getting horny and my condition was becoming uncontrollable. I started fucking movements with my cock wedged between Mom's asscheeks. Thrusting my hard cock in between the fleshy asscheeks of my Mom made mad with lust. Releasing her breasts I quickly got to my knees and pressed my face to my Mom's asscheeks over the gown. Mad with lust, I started squeezing Mom's both asscheeks with my hands and pressed and rolled my face into her ass.

I could feel in my face that she was wearing panties under her gown and underskirt. Pressing my face into Mom's ass I lightly bit on her fleshy, soft asscheeks. In response Mom moaned more loudly and bending over the kitchen slab, Mom thrust her big ass to my face. I reached below and reached under her underskirt and put my right hand up. Squeezing and caressing Mom's elephant-like thighs, my hand reached the junction of her heavy thighs. Mom immediately spread her big thighs to give me more access and at the same time thrust her big ass more harder to my face. My hand reached Mom's devine cunt which bulged outwards inside her panties. Covering her devine cunt with my palm, I squeezed and rubbed it. The feel of Mom's devine cunt in my palm made me shiver with lust. The fact that I am squeezing my own Mom's devine cunt and rolling and pressing my face in her big asscheeks was almost unbelievable to me. The way Mom was bending over with her legs spread apart obscenely and thrusting her asscheeks in my face was to me like pouring oil into a raging fire. My cock was throbbing and twitching and leaking precum. I didn't waste any more time. I raised Mom's gown and underskirt together and bunched it in her wide hip.

Actually there was no need for bunching the gown and underskirt because it bunched itself without falling on her wide, thrust out hip. Ahh!!!! What a sight!!!! My Mom's big, heavy ass covered in a black cotton panties and because Mom was bending over the kitchen slab, her ass thrust out obscenely and sexy. I kissed Mom's asscheeks over her panties all over and then with both hands I pulled Mom's black cotton panties down. It was real tough to pull the panties down because it was rolling up itself on Mom's big, round thighs.

Finally I succeeded in pulling Mom's panties down and she immediately stepped out of it. Mom's asscheeks sprang outwards once her panties were removed. I went mad with lust with the sight. Squeezing Mom's fleshy ass with both my hands, I planted wet kisses all over her ass. Pulling open my Mom's asscheeks I saw her puckered asshole in between. I lost my control. Thrusting my wet tongue out, I licked directly on Mom's open, exposed asshole. "Ahhh!!! Jaiiiiiii!!!!!" My Mom moaned.
Since I was kneeling behind Mom, it was perfect height for me to lick and suck on Mom's asshole. I wasted no time. I wetly kissed and sucked Mom's asshole at the same time. Both my hands were squeezing Mom's asscheeks like mixing dough. And Mom's big, fleshy asscheeks felt really like dough itself. I pulled open Mom's ass further and slowly pushed my tongue inside. She responded immediately by a long moan. Finding that Mom really liked my tonguing, I pushed my tongue further into Mom's hot asshole. The fact that it is own Mom's asshole that I am tonguing, and also when I thought that the same thing was just a fantasy the day before, made me want to eat out Mom's asshole really good and eat out her I did. My face was stuffed in between Mom's asscheeks and sometimes when Mom squirmed and thrust her big ass back, I felt breathless.

But I didn't care for anything. By this time I have reached my right hand to Mom's front and had started rubbing, squeezing and fingering my Mom's devine, bushy cunt. Mom started shivering by this time. She was really liking her own son tonguing her hot asshole and at the same time expertly fingering her dripping cunt. I fingered Mom jutting, rock hard clitoris also with my right thumb. It really made her lost her control Mom started moaning loudly and began thrusting her hips back and forth onto my face. I found it difficult to keep my thrusting tongue inside Mom's asshole but I managed somehow to keep my tongue inside. By this time wet fucking sounds were heard from Mom's cunt and her fuck juices was really dripping through my fingers.

I understood that Mom was nearing her climax and I wanted her climax to be an unforgettable one. I began thrusting my tongue more forcefully and deeply into Mom's asshole and licked deep inside her asshole. My fingers were also expertly fingering her devine cunthole and clit. Mom's thrusting and moaning became like a long, continuous wail. I felt Mom was almost on the brink of a wonderful climax. I doubled the efforts of my tongue and fingers. Soon with a loud wail Mom slammed her big ass on my face and shivered violently. Mom's asshole squeezed my tongue like a vice several times. I could feel the tremors running through Mom's big body like an earthquake. There was a sudden rush of cunt juice from Mom's cunt. It ran down my hand and her big thighs.

To heighten Mom's final pleasure, I removed my still embedded tongue from Mom's asshole and lowering my face down below my Mom's obscenely spread thighs, I closed my mouth on her open, devine, bushy, leaking cunt and sucked hard on her hole, drinking Mom's gushing cuntjuice. This sudden sucking made Mom jerk as if she got an electric shock and some more vibrations passed through her body.

Finally Mom slumped forward down on to the kitchen slab. Her orgasm was so powerful that she rested for a while by closing her eyes and lying on the kitchen slab. Still her posture was making me mad. My own Mom, with her gown and underskirt bunched up on her hips, her ass thrust out obscenely and with wide spread thunder thighs. Her devine cunt was peeping at me from under her ass. My rock hard cock was throbbing violently inside my pyjamas all these time. While Mom was resting, I didn't waste my time. I had only one thought in my mind. I wanted to fuck my own Mom's big, heavy ass. I wanted to feel the same heat and squeezing of Mom's sphincter muscles which I was feeling on my tongue. I wanted to thrust my cock deep into my Mom's hot asshole. I got up and quickly removed my pyjamas. By this time Mom had opened her eyes and was looking back at me with a slightly tired look and I knew Mom was little tired from the mind blowing orgasm which I gave her. But nothing was going to stop me from fucking my Mom's hot asshole. I immediately thrust my jerking cock towards Mom's mouth. I wanted to lubricate my cock with my Mom's saliva so that I can fuck Mom's asshole easily.

Understanding my intention, she raised her head from the kitchen slab and opened her mouth. For the first time in my life my cock entered my own Mom's mouth and she started to wetly suck on my cock. Yesterday night when we fucked for the first time, I fucked Mom's big cunt only. So it was a new experience for me and my cock. It was real hot inside Mom's mouth. I slowly fucked my cock in and out of Mom's mouth. She sucked wetly on my entire cock. Boy!! It was really heavenly to make my Mom suck on my throbbing cock. Soon my entire cock was slick and wet with my own Mom's saliva. I felt if I continue my thrusts into Mom's mouth, I will soon come inside her mouth. I didn't want to come inside Mom's mouth that time.
There will be plenty of time ahead to make my Mom suck my cock and let her drink her own sons cum, I was sure. So when I saw that my cock was dripping with Mom's saliva, which was more than enough to fuck her hot asshole easily, I removed my rock hard cock from Mom's mouth. My cock came out of Mom's mouth dripping with her saliva and shining. I made Mom in her previous pose when I tongued her asshole and got behind her. When I stood behind Mom's jutting ass, my throbbing cock was in correct level to enter her hot asshole. With both my hands I spread Mom's fleshy asscheeks and looked at her winking asshole.

My cock jerked violently at the horny sight of my Mom's exposed asshole peeping at me from in between her big asscheeks. I couldn't wait anymore. I put my big wet cockhead precisely on Mom's asshole. It was an electrifying feeling to touch my own Mom's asshole with my cockhead. After rubbing my wet cockhead for some time on Mom's asshole, I pushed my cock into her asshole. Slowly my cockhead entered Mom's asshole. My cockhead stretched Mom's asshole. I pulled open Mom's big asscheeks further for easy penetration. Now my cockhead was fully inside my own Mom's hot asshole. It felt like heaven when just my cockhead was inside Mom's asshole.

I couldn't wait anymore. I pushed steadily, thrusting my entire cock inside Mom's asshole. The heat inside Mom's asshole, which I felt in my cock was incredible. I looked down and saw the horny sight of my erect cock fully embedded in my own Mom's asshole. Mom let out a long moan when she felt my slight pubic bush bang against her asscheeks. I pulled my cock out till only the tip was inside her asshole, stretching her rectum, and rammed back into her asshole to the hilt in one single push.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Yes Jai, like that, Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Mom encouraged me. I knew from that uttering that Mom was again getting horny from my assfucking.

Looking down, I started to push and pull my rock hard cock in and out of my own Mom's asshole. Since my cock was dripping wet from Mom's saliva, I found that my cock was easily going in and out of Mom's asshole. Watching my cock being swallowed by my own Mom's asshole made me crazy. I began ramming my cock in and out and Mom encouraged me during each thrust. Soon Mom's asshole really opened up for my cock and my cock was going in and out very easily. I whimpered with the exquisite pleasure of fucking my Mom's asshole.

Mom began uttering "Aahhh!!!" and "Oohhhh!!!" to my every thrust. All the time I was thrusting in and out, I was squeezing Mom's cushiony asscheeks with both hands. Soon sloshing and squishing sounds arose from Mom's asshole, which was highly erotic for my ears. Even with my rock hard cock fully inside my Mom's asshole up to the hilt, it seemed unbelievable for me that I was finally fucking my own Mom's asshole. How many times I had fantasized about fucking Mom's hot asshole, bending her over like this. Finally I was making my fantasy real. At last I was fucking my own Mom's asshole.

By the way Mom was moaning and groaning, I knew that she will climax without any touch to her cunt or clit. And I really wanted to make Mom climax again by fucking her asshole. I thrust my cock right up to the hilt inside Mom's asshole. Pulling back I thrust again. Forcefully and hard I fucked Mom's hot asshole. The squishing sound rose in intensity from Mom's asshole in tune with my thrusts. Even though I wanted to bend over Mom and squeeze both her hanging big, breasts and fuck her asshole simultaneously, I resisted that desire. Because if I bend over her I couldn't watch my cock going in and out of Mom's asshole. I wanted to watch my cock going in and out of my own Mom's asshole. I wildly fucked Mom's asshole steadily. Soon her moaning grew louder and filled the kitchen. It was music to my ears.

"Squish"…….. "Squish"…….. "Squish"……… the obscene and at the same time highly erotic sound began to be heard loudly from Mom's asshole. Each time I thrust violently, my pubic hairs banged against Mom out thrust asscheeks. I rolled, pulled apart and squeezed Mom's fleshy asscheeks. My balls, heavy with boiling cum as constantly banging against Mom's lower part of cunt slit. It increased Mom's lust more. But I was determined not to touch Mom's cunt slit or clit. I wanted to make Mom achieve her second climax in that morning by fucking her hot asshole only. By her fierce thrusts back to my thrusting cock, I was sure I will be able to make Mom climax by fucking her asshole.
The fiery heat inside Mom's ass was becoming too much for me. Also the way her sphincter muscles was squeezing my cock inside, was like a velvet vice. I was loosing control. My thrusts began increasing speed. I violently fucked my cock in and out of my Mom's asshole. I felt my cum boiling and bubbling out of my balls. By this time Mom was also thrusting back to my driving hips with the same violence. With every thrust, my hip banged against Mom's asscheeks. When I felt my climax approaching, I felt Mom also nearing her second climax of that morning.

Just for my Mom climax with me simultaneously, I took some sharp intake of breaths, and when I felt my Mom shaking and shivering in the throes of her climax, I let loose my cum also. Burying my cock up to the hilt inside Mom's asshole in one single fierce push, I pumped my boiling cum inside Moms asshole. I saw heaven when I climaxed inside Mom's asshole. My cum splashed inside Mom's asshole. The experience of climaxing inside my own Mom's asshole with Mom also climaxing at the same time was an out-of-this world experience for me.

I started regularly fucking my plump, sexy, beautiful and horny Mom Riya. Mom and I couldn't keep our hands off each other's body. We fucked in the morning, during the day time, in the evening, and of course in the night. I fucked Mom in every part of our house, i.e. in the drawing room, in the kitchen, in the bed room, etc., etc. and that too in different poses. Even while I was having food in the dining table, my left hand will be either squeezing my Mom's heavy ass or her big breasts as she stood nearby, serving dishes.

Some times in between having food, I will raise Mom's saree and underskirt and finger her holy cunt. Mom will stand nearby with her saree and underskirt raised to her wide hips and with her panties down on her ankles and with spread legs. Fingering Mom's hot cunt in between meals always made me horny like hell and my cock will be throbbing and twitching. Before I finish my meals, Mom will kneel beside me and suck my erect cock till I ejaculate in her hot mouth. Similarly when Mom used to have her meals, I will crawl under the dining table, raise Mom's saree and underskirt, pull down her panties and lick her bulging cunt, and make her climax before she finish her meal.

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