My FIL Story
I am Sweta Singh, aged 24 from Purnea, wife of Anupam Singh an I-Tax officer. My hubby was framed and suspended on flimsy ground. We lost our entire savings including my jewelry and household goods while contesting the case in court of law and we lost in lower court. We shifted to live with my widower father in law who was 54 with still an athletic hairy body and two lustful eyes. I used to get his lustful hints in every way. In every occasion, he used to draw me to him like a ‘father’ and give me ‘fatherly’ fondling at my lower back.

I am short, 5’1”, very fair, curly hairs up to shoulder, wide mouth, very bulky, big boobs, pert nipples, and all that my father in law was interested is my huge protruding fleshy ass. Then one day my son got a notice from school for pending school fees with a warning to be rusticated in the absence of fees. My hubby was in Patna perusing the case in High court. I went to my Father in law to ask for fees. He gave me the same after getting a promise from me to please him in the evening. I had no option but to accede. I took the money and deposited in the school counter. I came back and took 40 winks.

It should be around 4:00 in the evening and I usually lie facing my pillow and with my back side completely open. I was wearing a sari and blouse with no panty or bra. I woke up with the awkward feeling of a hairy hand moving around my thighs. I also realized that my sari has gone up to my thighs. I must admit though I felt like shouting but at that very moment, I realized that it could only be my father in law and it was exciting.

Now, if I would scream, things would go bad to worse since my father in law has the key to every thing that this family holds, the money, the power, the reputation. If he were exposed to such scandalous thing, he would go to any extent to cover that up. Moreover, we would be thrown out of the house with no place to go. The bastard knew this fact.

I am from a middle class family and my husband cannot afford to fight this person. Therefore, I remained silent and did not move but tried to ensure that I am asleep. Slowly he was picking up my sari up to my waist, with my ass wide exposed, and my father in law now using his two hands to molest my ass with full force. I thought that something has to be done. Therefore, I made a sound as if I am waking up. He stopped, but only for a moment. It will be a lie to say that I was not enjoying since his were two strong hands with the knowledge of how to caress but at the same time I was so scared and feeling humiliated.

It went on for another 5 mins and then real problem began. I was getting wet and automatically my flesh became more and more relax which was moments ago stiffened. I could feel that the bastard was smiling with satisfaction. He understood that I was enjoying his touch. He was then slipping his fingers in between my ass and going deep inside reaching the edge of my pussy. I could only keep my eyes close in satisfaction. It went on for another 10 minutes. Perhaps he climaxed and then left.

Next morning, I tried to act as if nothing has happened but could not look into my father in law’s eyes. I feared that he would read my mind. In the breakfast table, when every one left and I was doing the table, he asked me to come to his room. He gave me his infamous lustful look and scanned my whole sweaty body.

He then gave me Rs. 20,000 to my surprise and asked me to keep it as a festival gift. I tried to argue but he waved aside everything and insisted that I go to shopping. I really needed the money for me. It was a win-win situation for me; so I kept the whole money. It is to be mentioned that my father in law is a millionaire and he is in real estate business.

I thought that the bribery, off course I will call it bribery; will lead to consequence molestations at the nights. However, he was too unpredictable and unique. He showed no sign of interest for the next couple of weeks. Even if he gazes with his lustful looks, he does that in the presence of others.

Well, it happened on a sunny hot day and I was going to take bath but found that my shower not working. I was looking for a vacant bathroom and met my father in law on the stairways. He asked me where was I going and I told him. He said, “Sweta, you use my bath room.” By that time, I started considering that night as a lost event and did not take any guard. I happily agreed to his proposal and get to his room.

I entered his bathroom with my dress. I took off my clothes and began taking bath. The water was cold so I checked the storage water heater(geyser). The geyser was not working. I tried to open the flap suddenly I noticed something shining near the geyser. I checked it closely, I was astonished to find it to be a hidden camera. It means My FIL was taking my nude pictures.

I got real angry. I wanted to give him a good dressing down but there was problem that he might ask us to leave the house which we not in a position to do. So I changed my idea. I thought It would be raunchy to enjoy it. Let him enjoy my body so that we can stay more with him. I very sexily stood before the camera and exposed my cunt. I spread it wide for better view. I inserted my middle finger in my hole. I began fingering my pussy hole while squeezing my boobs with other hand for his view and enjoyment.

I also got very hot imagining how will he be reacting to my antics. His cock would be erect like Eiffel Tower. Juices were pouring out from my pussy and making my thighs wet. My thigh was glistening in glory. I was enjoying my exposing tendency. My body was jerking frantically. After five minutes I reached orgasm and came heavily. Then I heard knock on the door. It was my father in law. He said, “Sweta, please open the door. There is an urgent phone for you. Do you want it or should I say you are busy?” I replied, “Wait I am opening it.”

The moment I opened the door he pushed heavily and barged into the bathroom. I was standing naked before him. Without saying anything he hugged me. I also was in heat so I clutched on to him. He got encouraged with my action and began sucking my boobs. His erect tool was saluting from his dhoti. He pulled it off and handed over his cock to me. I gently squeezed it and it jerked at my touch. I kept on stroking it for fun.

In the heat of moment he pushed me down and I got on my knees and began sucking his cock. It was bigger and thicker than my hubby’s cock. I was going to get the taste of new cock. I hated him for this but I was enjoying his amorous act. I got up to slap him but could not as he held my hand and pushed me forward to bend from my waist.

He wanted to fuck me from behind. He was setting his dick at the tip of my pussy from behind and slowly pushing it inside. With the slow push, his huge thick dick was already inside my juicy pussy and he was giving me regular and balanced stroke. It was so wonderful and so much better than that of Anupam’s that I could hardly keep myself composed.

At the same time, he was squeezing my boobs with his hands reaching them under my arms. He opened the shower and water was pouring all over me. This was awesome. He increased the speed of the stroke. Due to the sound of running water, Anupam could not hear the thumping sounds. I was also moaning and was pushing back my ass towards him. It went on for another 10 minutes that he was fucking me doggy style, me being his bitch. I was never treated like this before but I loved it.

Then he came. I could feel inside the flood of sperm spreading all inside my pussy walls. It was very sexy and loving. I do not know what came of me but I slapped him across the face. Then I began crying feeling insulted although I liked the fucking in the bathroom. I was feeling guilty of not only cheating my husband but also enjoying it. He asked, “Let’s go to the bedroom. It is too crowded here.” I said, “As you please dad.”

Holding my hand he walked me to the bedroom nude, started kissing me deep in the mouth, standing in front of the mirror. Within minutes, I was so excited that I forgot about my insult. I remained clinging to him, did not want him to stop. He kissed my ears, cheeks, neck and of course, the deep mouth kisses, making me completely breathless. “You are pretty,” my FIL whispered in my ear. “I know I am not”, I replied

Let me show you how pretty you are” with that, he turned me to face the mirror, touching my eyes, “Beautiful brown eyes”

“Lovely sharp nose” touching the nose.

“A long neck” moving his hands on my neck, further moving them down to my waist, cupped my breasts, “Juicy breasts” he said as he pressed them. After a while, his hands moved to my stomach and finger entered the naval. A shiver went up my spine as he caressed my naval, never such a feeling. He moved to my side and brought his lips to my right breast, taking the nipple in his lips, sucking it before almost completely taking the breast in his mouth.

When he moved to the other, I do not know but he sucked them for a long time before his hand moved to the front belly button. He sat down on his knees to kiss and suck my belly button. He got up and held me from behind. His already erect cock was pushing in my ass fold.

Standing in front of the mirror, he kissed my neck, his hands moved to my front, opening my pussy lips and finger rubbed my clitoris. I have a large clitoris, which he showed me in the mirror later, may be one cm. long, because he could hold it in his fingertips and rub it between them before moving his index finger in my pussy, inserting it in the wet cunt, started stroking.

I was already on the seventh cloud. Very excited but he was very patient, moved his lips to my naval, his tongue exploring it while his finger kept stroking my pussy. His lips then moved to my clitoris, pursing it and trying to suck it while his finger kept stroking my cunt.

I had another shiver up my spine; my legs seemed to be giving way as he continued lapping my clitoris. I was having an orgasm, almost squatted on the floor, unable to stand any more. He moved his head in my lap, almost pulled me down holding my breasts, started sucking them again.

It was a position that a mother feeds her baby but of course, it was more aggressive. He bit the breasts several times but the pain was not there. He took my hand and showed his cock before pushing me down to his crotch. I saw his rod, must be nine inches, my palm could barely hold less than half of it.

His lips moved to my clitoris again, giving tingling sensation again and I thought it was obligatory to take his cock in my mouth. I sucked him with the same vigor as he was sucking my clitoris. My mother in law would have been very lucky woman getting laid daily like this.

I kept on sucking his cock bobbing my head. He was also pushing to complete the blow job. Must be fifteen minutes before he moved up to enter, lifted my legs, high in the air, holding my legs from behind the knees, opened them wide, and entered.

It was painful, not that I am a virgin but because his cock was thick and big. Within seconds he was in, full length, taking long strokes, almost killing me. I said many times to be gentle but he continued with more fervor, fucking me hard.

Another shiver ups my spine and I cried out loud, “it’s lovely, it’s beautiful, and you are making me crazy, Dad” I meant every word of it. After a while, his hands left my legs and reached the breasts, cupping them and crushing them hard with every stroke. He moaned, “I am cuming.”

His mouth-covered mine, kissing deep. It was many minutes before he came, pulled his cock out and his cum sprayed on my belly, almost fell over me, crushing me with his weight and whispered, “It was great. Did you enjoy, bahu (daughter in law)”, “It was lovely,” I said catching my breath. I also came along with him. However, my belly was all messy with his cum.

Later we went into bathroom, I was tired and sat on the edge of the bathtub, looking at his eyes and he into mine. He cleaned me. Both took bath together cleaning each other paying more attention on boobs, pussy and cock. He brought a towel wiped me dry. We left the bathroom and changed.

We kept lying besides each other, his hands roaming over my breasts, the caress felt nice after so much of pressing and biting. After about forty minutes, he took my hand to his cock which was semi erect. I held it in my first, moving my first over it, feeling it grows with each stroke.

“Yours is very big and strong,” I said, he asked, “What?” I replied, “Your organ” he persisted, “And what is this organ called”“Cock” I said feeling very shy. “No in Hindi” he asked. “I do not know” though I knew it is called lund. “Say it”. I remained quiet my father in law was very naughty.

“Say it,” he said again pinching my nipples hard. “Aah! ok it’s Lund” I cried out loud. “It is called lund when it is seven inches long more than that is called Laura. It brought your husband in this world.” he said laughingly.

I laughed at his comment as he moved his left hand towards my pussy, inserted his index finger in, ‘Your Pussy is very juicy.” he said moving his finger in and out. “What is it called in Hindi” his time I asked teasingly.“Young like yours is Choot and older ones are called Boor” he said in a typical Bihari accent, laughing out loud.

Later he moved me over, face up, my head resting over his feet, pulled me over with back of my knees resting over his shoulders, his cock touching my right cheek and my pussy close to his mouth. His tongue moved over my already excited clitoris while his two fingers entered my pussy, stroked me for couple of minutes before moving his tongue in my pussy hole.

“Oh my God. What are you doing? Making me mad. Oh Oh” I cried out loud as his mouth covered my pussy fully, sucking his semen out of it. He did that thrice, every time I cried out and every time I orgasm. He sucked every drop out of my pussy.

I was uncontrollable, could do nothing else, bent his cock towards my mouth turning my head, and started sucking him. He pushed my mouth over his cock and kept stroking my anus with his finger. After a few strokes, it felt nice. I took his cock in deep when his finger went in full length and vice- versa. This continued for many minutes. I knew my pussy was dripping. I understood he wanted to fuck my ass.

This game went on for about fifteen minutes before he turned me over, lifted my ass up and shoved his cock in from behind after applying Vaseline on his cock. For once, I thought he will tear my back hole apart but soon my anus adjusted to the thickness of his cock. He was pushing his cock with full energy. After 5 minutes, he came with a loud moan but did not withdraw his cock.

With every push on my anus, he came more and again fell over me. Both of us were breathing hard fully exhausted and I was very hungry. I do not remember how many times I came and for how much time he was fucking me. It seemed never ending before he pulled out, spraying his cum over my anus and again fell on me.

Then I heard Anupam’s voice. He had reached home and was looking for me. My FIL ran out of my room and I ran into my bathroom. We continued our sexual relation afterwards and daily I was getting double dose of cocks. FIL in the afternoon and hubby in the night. In the absence of my son and hubby, we used to remain nude and I carried out entire household chores nude to the satisfaction of my FIL.

Since I was content, I satisfied my hubby also. We contested the case with enthusiasm. Eventually we won the case in High Court and my hubby was reinstated in job with full salary arrears. I had to thank my FIL for his help and my pussy for inviting him. That is the story

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