My 1st sexperience
Hi all o9l readers! I am Manisha from Pune, 24 years, Female, I have been reading a lot of stories on the site & have found some of them to be very exiting, so I decided to post 1 myself. My personal experience, which will definitely make you horny. But 1st let me tell you about my self, I am a fair complexioned girl with unbelievable mounds. I am 5.3″ with 36 28 36 and above all I was a virgin before having my 1st sex at the age of 16. It was new years eve. Of 2000. We were a group of 4 college friends staying in Girls Hostel in Mumbai, As this was our 1st year of college, we decided to have a freak out time at the Millennium. Two of them had boy friends who invited us for the party at a hotel in Western Suburbs. We all had a great time dancing & drinking, later at around 3 A.m we left the party. Since we were not allowed late night entry in the hostel, we had informed them that we will be staying in friend’s house & will return next morning, After leaving the Hotel we drove some distance to look for a safe & secluded place for parking, so that we could spend the night & wait for sunrise. The boys had 2 cars so we split into groups of 4 each, my friend Meenu, her boyfriend Gul , Rahul & I were in 1 the rest in the other, after some time of chatting we decided to have a nap, it was very dark, we had parked our cars in a by lane in Juhu Scheme, there was complete privacy, taking advantage of the situation, Gul started to kiss & caress Meenu, I could see the hand going inside her skirt and she adjusting herself to accommodate him, her facial expression said it all. I had had 2 bottles of beer & was a bit high, seeing all this I started to feel hot, I tried hard to sleep, but with no results. The sight of my friend having fun in the back seat was too much for me to keep off. My partner Rahul, who was on the front seat with me had also seen all that, i could see that his pants had a bulge, but since we were not free with each other he just went off to sleep. The sounds of mourning from the rear & the bulge next to me made me horny, i wanted so desperately for Rahul to touch me, but since he wasn’t, I had to take the 1st step. I acted as if i am sleeping and kept my head on his lap. Since I had seen the bulge I knew he was horny, slowly i started to rub my cheeks on the pants and his bulge got bigger. He got the hint that i was up to something and rested his hands on my chest,

I held his hand and guided it inside my top, he started to massage it and pinched my nipples, then he played with my boobs in a very delicate way and kept on teasing me around the nipple, I felt hotter by the minute and started to rub my other boob with my one hand & and massaged his dick from over the pants with the other, I than adjusted myself in such a way that he could unbutton my top and use both hands inside my bra, this sent shivers down my spine, that was the 1st time any 1 had ever touched me or felt me, the feeling was just great, I felt my panty getting wet, while he was playing with by boobs I unzipped him and he helped me remove his long & hard tool, I was amazed to see it since that was also the 1st time I had seen & held it in my hand, the top bulb was pink & fat, my face was so close to it that I gave a kiss & than started to use my tongue on it, this made him very hot he just held my head asked me turn around and face him and guided me to take the long & hard dick inside my mouth I had seen this in a blue film some time back but this was for real. I started sucking him slowly, at first I took it in and removed it, i also teased him the way he was teasing my boobs & nipples, taking it in a little bit, removing & licking it again like a lollipop, after some time of sucking & licking I felt his salty precum in my mouth, I stopped sucking but he held my head down and made me suck again, forcing me to take it in, normally I would not have done that, but I was high with drinks & too horny to think about it. I just

Started again and this time I took it deep inside, almost choked. He too started moving in out an a rhythmic movement, soon I could feel the more of salty precum in my mouth, rahuls hand went tighter on my head so I, gulped his dick even more deeper, rolling my tongue all over it, I could feel him getting bigger inside my mouth. He started to mourn louder, after a few minutes of sucking, he just couldn’t take it anymore & shot his load inside me, I almost had to gulp it in & was surprised as I had not expected, it was something very new to new me. After spitting what was left in my mouth I stared at him as if asking for an explanation, he just kept quiet & said sorry, he was over excited about having his 1st Blow Job. A few minutes later he signaled me to change the position I was sitting in so that he can give back what he got. I just allowed him to do what he wanted, at first he pulled up my skirt & started to move his finger around my panty, than slowly he pushed it on one side & felt my pubic area which was already wet with my juices, in between he tried to put a finger in but i was very tense & did not give him space to do that, he kept on trying and make me feel his fingers inside a little bit but the pain made me tense again, I had never been touched leave alone getting to feel a mans hand on my pussy, very soon he located my clit and started rubbing it, which was erect my now, I could not hold back any more, all the tension & fears were out, only sex was in my mind I opened my legs wide & allowed him to insert his fingers inside my now fully wet pussy, the juices had resulted in lubricating it and that helped him to go deep inside, I was about to scream but controlled my self a few minutes of finger fucking & cupping of my boobs were enough for me I had my 1st small but sweet climax, after that I relaxed my self & turned around, my back to the door & my legs towards him, he put his head on my lap & lifted my skirt, pulling my panty down, I helped him by lifting my ass, he wasted no time & moved closer, his head touching my pussy, i could feel his tongue, playing with my clit and later tried to dig inside, I could feel myself getting more and more wet, he dug his head deeper and started licking hard, it was too much for me to take, I was feeling sensations which I had never felt before, it was a my second climax in 15 minutes, which even surpassed the 1st, I didn’t want him to stop, he was licking really hard now, taking in all my wetness, I wanted to scream out in ecstasy but couldn’t as there were people behind, then I felt a series of climaxes, I had read about it but this was much better than that, feeling of contentment, he put his head up, his face covered with my secretions and a smile on his face, he sat up. We both realized that this was not enough, wanted more than this, I was getting more and more curious, thinking that if this was so good then what the actual thing will be?, we decided that we will go to a hotel and try the full thing. That story i will post later, hope u all liked my 1st sexperience & you can email me your comments to manisha rahul at xxxxxxxxx

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