Mother, Brother and Sister Having Sex
Chapter 1.

Faiza was upset. She was going to swimming today but could not do so. Her pubes were showing
through her swimming suite and she had no hair removing cream to remove them. Suddenly she
thought of using her brother's razor. Amir was two years her senior, she was 15, and they shared a
common bathroom. Each had a door from their room into the bath. She went outside and made sure
that he was not home. Relax she went to the bathroom and opened his cabinet. His Gillette razor
was lying next to his shaving foam. After taking of her clothes she inspected her pubes. They were
thick and black and covered her virgin pussy like a blanket. Faiza was a beautiful girl. She had 34B
sized breasts, slender waist and round buttocks. She slowly applied the foam on her pubes. In her
religion, girls are not supposed to play with their pussies, but she was finding it hard not to touch
the small bud at the top of her pink pussy. She slightly touched it and a shiver of ecstacy ran
through her. She hadn't played with herself and did not know to do any further so she picked up the
razor and carefully began to remove her hair. She was so much absorbed in it that she did not hear
her brother come inside.
"What are you doing with my razor, you idiot?"
"Nothing." That was all she could say.
Faiza was so stunned that she could not find an answer.
Amir lost all his anger when he saw her beautiful tits and her spread semi hairless pussy.
When she realized her nudity, she quickly reached for the towel and covered her nudity.
"Don't." That was all he could say to her.
"Get out or I will tell Samia."
"What are you going to tell her that you are using my razor for cleaning your pubes?"
"Please.. I am your sister and you are not supposed to see me naked."
"Okay, but on one condition."
"What is that?"
"You will tell me all about yourself and hear from me about myself, like you being my girl friend."
"Okay. But go away know or some one might come looking for us."
"See you in the evening." And Amir went outside with a large bulge in his pants.

Chapter 2

Faiza could not concentrate all day long. Even the swimming gala could not cheer her up. Every
time she thought about what had happened would sent a shiver through her young body. Being seen
naked by someone for the first time and that person being her brother was both exiting and
repulsive. She did not know what to do. On one hand she wanted to show her body to him and also
get a chance of seeing him naked, but she was afraid that it may lead to other things which she was
not prepared to experiment before getting married.
At dinner table she saw that Amir was also tense.
Their father noticed.
"Amir. Did you and Faiza had a quarrel today?"
"No," said amir.
"Then why are you both not talking to each other?" He turned to Faiza and asked her the same
"Oh daddy I am tired after the swimming gala and nothing else."
"Ok, its Sunday tomorrow, and you both can sleep without the trouble of going to school."
They said good night and went to their room.
After nearly one hour she heard a knock at her bathroom door.
With trembling hands she opened it. Amir was standing in his sleeping suite.
"Can I come in?"
"Sure," was all that she could say.
Amir switched off her lights except those on the bedside table.
"What are you doing?" she said.
"Ever one should get the impression that we are asleep, that's what I am doing."
They sat on her bed staring at each other.
"What do you want to know?"
"Look Faiza, I am your brother and I will do nothing of the sort that you do not like. So please relax
and don't be afraid."
He saw her relaxing and for the first time saw her smile a bit.
"You look beautiful in your nightdress," she said.
"Thank you, you also look beautiful especially when you are naked.
"Please don't talk about it know," she cut him short.
"Okay. But can I ask some private questions."
She nodded.
"What is the size of your boobs?"
"34B" was her short reply.
"And the color of your nipples?"
"You saw them today so why ask?" She was getting bolder now as she saw that it was just boy's
"Well, you quickly covered yourself so I just had a glimpse."
"Light brown," she said with a small laugh.
"Are you wearing a bra know."
"No. I do not wear one when I go to bed."
"Can I feel them."
"Certainly not, that is out of question."
While talking she had a strange feeling there and she knew that she was wet. Her nipples were
aching and she thanked God that the main lights were off and Amir cannot see them through her
nearly transparent cotton qameez (shirt in English).
"Please," her brother muttered.
"Okay. I will show you one of my boob but then you have to answer my questions also and promise
me that you will not take advantage of me."
"I promise."
She slowly raised her qameez and took out her left tit.
It was amir first time seeing a tit so closely. He had previously seen his mothers when she was
nursing his baby brother. But this was something new.
"Is it beautiful?" she asked in a teasing voice.
"Yes," was all he could say in a deep voice.
"Please. Let me touch them," he pleaded.
"Okay. But just touch it."
He extended his hand and touched it. It was so soft. He touched the hard nipple. She gave a small
"Does it hurt when I touch it?"
"No. Please keep on doing it, it feels wonderful."
He took hold of her shirt and in one clean sweep he threw it off her head. There she was naked
from above with all her splendors.
"You promised you won't do anything," Faiza said, trembling with desire.
"I just want to see them both. I am sorry."
"Doesn't matter know any way, and no it all right. I want you to see them."
He brought his mouth closer to them and took the left nipple in his mouth.
She jerked and thrust her boob into his hungry mouth.
"Oh it feels so good. Please suck them as Atif (her baby brother) sucks Samia."
He started with great enthusiasm. First on the left and then on the right until he felt her body tense
and with a slight moan she relaxed. It was her first orgasm of her life and she thought that she had
peed in her shalwar (pants in English). She felt embarrassed.
Amir realized what had happened. "Did you come?"
"What is that?" she asked in a lower voice.
"It means, dummy, that you had an orgasm."
She looked down at her shalwar and amir could see a large wet patch.
"I thought I peed."
"No, you certainly had an orgasm. Did you enjoy it?"
"Yes," she said shyly.
"I want to see your pussy."
He put a hand on the shalwar-covered thighs. She said nothing. Growing bolder he lowered her
shalwar slowly until she was completely naked.
Her glistering shaved pussy, wet from her come, was in front of him.
He touched her there.
"No please," she pleaded, "I am not ready for it."
With a sigh he removed his hand. "Okay, but promise me that you will show it to me."
Alright, and with that Faiza put on her shalwar again. When she reached for her shirt he stopped
"I want you like this don't wear your shirt, you look beautiful."
Faiza was reluctant but agreed. "OK now you will answer my questions."
"Go ahead feel free to ask any thing."
"Are you circumsised?"
"Sure dummy, it is in our religion."
"What is your size?"
"What size?"
"You know it what I am talking about" she said.
He laughed. "Well I have nearly 7 inches of cock. Do you like to see it?"
"Yes," she replied shyly.
Amir lowered his pajamas and pulled out his virgin erect cock.
Faiza was stunned at the size of it. She had heard other girls talking about it but haven't seen one
before. It looked beautiful and she wanted to touch it but she wanted her brother to ask her.
"Well, do you like it."
"I don't know."
"Haven't you seen a cock before?"
"Do you think I am a whore?"
"No. I thought, OK forget about it, will you touch it?"
She slowly put her hand on his penis. It was so hot and silky. Her small hand was trembling as she
felt the length of it.
Amir was in paradise. He was also a virgin. Before today nobody has touched his cock. He was
finding it hard to control his passion. He knew that a few more strokes and he would be coming.
Faiza was inspecting her brother's cook very minutely. "These are your balls" aren't they, she
pointed to the hairy sack hanging below his cock.
"Yes they are. Look Faiza, why don't you keep on rubbing my cock."
"What will happen if I do so?"
"I will come like you did."
She started rubbing vigorously to please her brother. Amir felt his cook grew and started feeling the
sensation building. After few strokes he knew he was ready.
"Please faster, I am going to come."
Faiza intensified her efforts. Suddenly a load of hot seamen erupted from the tip of her brother's
cook and landed on her chest. She didn't know what to do but jest kept on pumping. At least Amir
sighed and his cook stopped erupting.
"Thank you," he said and kissed his sister on her cheeks.
"What am I going to do with all this mess on my chest?"
He looked down and saw that his cum was all on her chest and beautiful breasts.
He had an idea. He lowered his mouth and took her cum covered nipple in his mouth. It tasted salty
but he kept on liking them until both her tits were clean.
She was astonished and at the same time getting aroused again.
Amir looked into her eyes and read the message. "Will you like to taste my cum?" She nodded in
He took some of his come on his finger and brought it to her mouth. She eagerly opened her mouth
and took it and sucked it clean.
"You want more," he asked.
"Yes," she said. "Then why don't you taste it on my cock?"
"You mean I take your cock in my mouth, isn't it dirty to do such a thing?"
"No, nothing is dirty in love. Come take it."
She looked down at his semi erect penis and back at him.
"Come on, try it for once."
Reluctantly she opened her mouth and took the head of his cook in her mouth and instantly felt the
remaining of cum on his tip. He thrust and half of his now throbbing cook was in her mouth.
"Suck it like a lollipop." She did so and found it was fun. She could feel his cook increasing in size
in her mouth. But then she pulled back.
" Look isn't it to much for one day, it is my first experience and I want to go slow."
Amir was desperate but he wanted to please his kid sister. "OK but promise me that we shall do this
Faiza smiled. "Look, I also liked it but think about one thing and that is I am your sister."
"Nobody will know about it I promise you," Amir replied.
"It is not about anybody knowing. It is not right both in our religion and in law."
"Look I liked it and so did you so there is nothing bad about it. I want to see you naked, completely,
and make love to you."
"Hey! aren't you going to fast?" Faiza said.
"Look I saw your breasts and your pussy didn't I?"
She looked at her brother. He looked so adorable that she wanted him close to her. He was senior to
her but looked like a baby pleading for something. She opened his arms and embraced him. It
seemed as eternity.
Suddenly she felt something hot on her still naked breasts. She looked down and saw that those
were his tears. "What is the matter?" she asked him.
"I love you so much that it is hard for me thinking you will reject me."
"No dummy. I am not rejecting you. I love you. OK I promise we will do this again."
"But I want to see you completely naked today and even at your terms."
She was helpless. She separated from him and stood up. Brought her shalwar down and sat on the
carpet at a safe distance from him.
"You want to see my pussy so look at it."
"I can't see it like this. You have to open wide."
Faiza slowly opened her legs and gave her brother a first full view of her pussy. Teasingly she
lowered her hand and opened the lips of her virgin pussy.
Amir could not believe his eyes. There she was his beautiful young sister spread open and her pink
pussy glistering with her wetness.
"Do you like what you see?" she asked teasingly.
"Can I jerk off while looking at you?"
"Do any thing you like but with yourself."
Amir took his rigid cook in his hand and earnestly started pumping at his meat.
Within no time he was ready to come. Faiza knew that he was about to come from the expression
on his face. She was wet herself and tension was growing in her lions.
I am coming announced Amir and with that threw a thick load of jism into the air, which landed on
his sister's thighs. Faiza also could not stop her hands from playing with herself. The moment she
touched her clit, she started to come.
Both brother and sister lay exhausted after the powerful orgasms.
It was Faiza who stood first and wore back her clothes. She came near her brother and gave his
flaccid cook a small squeeze. It stirred. She laughed and asked him to wear back his clothes. After
both were dressed Amir gave her a kiss on her cheeks and said good night.
Both of them slept soundly knowing that more was in store with the rise of the new sun.
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