Mom on son
i am Rohan living in Orissa. I was 18 when it happened .my mom was 36 bright 38 -30-36 of size. She was always careless about her dressing all the time she would expose her cleavage and which makes every men horny. She always wore Saree with low cut blouse. I was fascinated by her from the age of 16 and i used to masturbate remembering her nearly every day since my 16th age. It occurred in a cold night i had a temperature of 102 degree .i was shivering due to fever ,at 10pm time mom came to my room to give biscuit and coffee. My dad is working in Delhi so i and my mom were only at home. Mom put her hand on my forehead to feel the fever she was shocked she took of the blanket and made me sit on the bed to take coffee. But my shiver did not reduce even after drinking coffee so she lid me on the bed and she also laid near me and pulled the blanket over both of us. Mom lay facing me and laid facing her .she put her right hand on me and hugged me tightly to reduce my shiver. She was wearing only blouse without bra she used to sleep only in blouse and petticoat .i could smell the sweat smell from her cleavage which made my cock spring up.

I was wearing only lung without underwear so my hard cock (my cock is 7″ long and 4″ in circumference wit a mushroom head) toughed her left hand which was between us. I kept my face in between her huge bobs. After some time i called mommy. She asked what raj. I asked whether she has milk in her bobs now. She was stunned by my question. But as a friendly mom she would answer to any of my doubts. She said that it had passed 13 years since she had stopped breast feeding me it may gone dry. I told her that i have an urge to suck her bobs and drink her milk for a long time. She said that “you are grown up and you should not even see my bobs naked” i begged that only one time i would try, and ask no more. With great hesitation she agreed. She lifted her blouse and gave me her right nipple in my mouth .i began to suck slowly she lifted the bob to make it easy for me .now i kept my hand and lifted the bob slowly i began to squeeze the bob to bring milk but the milk did not flow she was breathing heavily and her eyes were closed .i asked may i try the next one she answered in a slight moan hammy. I unbuttoned her blouse and made it wide open she began to moan so i squeezed both her bobs and suck one nipple she was moaning louder. So i started to screw the one nipple and suck the other (i have read sex books and known how a woman gets orgasm) so did this to initiate to have sex with my mom. After some sucking and rolling her nipples she adjusted her lie on her back now the blanket rolled of from us so her milky white bobs were visible to me like two full moons on my moms chest .i adjusted my self and balanced on my boy and continued my sucking. Mom asked me whether milk is flowing i said no but it is very tasty. By our rolling my lungi rolled up and my hard cock is directly in my moms hand .i continued sucking on her both bobs .i pushed both bobs together and sucked both nipples at a time she was very exited and caught hold of my hard cock and began to play pushing the foreskin open and close.

This gave me courage and i rolled up her petticoat and kept my hand on her stomach and circled her naval she moaned raj my son my love my darling. I love my hand and pinched her clit she jumped and lifted her hip .then i rubbed her pussy lips gently i continue my sucking and rolling .i had studied the triangular formula to open a girls sex gate from sex books(sucking one nipple + rolling the other nipple+ rubbing the clit ) i practiced it first time with my mom. She is moaning loudly and rolled her head hear and there. Her legs were wide open. I started kissing her from forehead nose mouth neck breast stomach naval and down she was arching her bach about 1 feet high then i kissed her thigh knee down to the toe. I sucked all her leg fingers then returned back kissing the other knee thigh and kissed deeply on her pussy she spread her thigh in v shape and my face is locked between it i slid my tongue deep into her pussy .she shouted you mother fucker don’t tease me i am dying put your pretty cock in my hot pussy and tear your mother into two pieces. I climbed on top between her spread legs she took hold of my cock and positioned it right in the pussy lips .she pushed her hip downward so my cock entered into my moms pussy .due to first time i could not do faster mom shouted that why are you riding like a steam engine you lie down basted she pushed me backwards she climbed on my top without taking the cock out. She rode me like riding a horse in kodaikanal or ooty her bobs were jumping according to the same rhythm. I caught her jumping bobs and began to squeeze it hardly .after 30 minutes we both came at the same time both our juices mixed and flow over my cock .my mom lied on my top in that position her nipples were on my mouth i began to suck and got ready for the second round mom felt my cock getting hard in her pussy .she said that you are gud fucker. She said that your dad has gone to delhi five years back and sending only money most of time and come less to home.she broke out in tears and began to weep loudly hitting her head on my chest. I consoled her that now i am the man of the house and i shall fulfill her sex urge whenever she needed. This is continuing till now. Now i am 22

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