Mom help me
My name is ajay and i am 17 with all the assets that are required for a man. I am 6’2 and has some normal body built. I am studying in school. Having a 7 inch long stick with amazing thickness. While studying in school i was introduced to the world of sex. This is more exciting at these days, fucking some ladies. I cannot control sex at times. My mothers name is mohana. She is 38 years of age who is assumed to be a sex goddess. She is short with 5’4 who wears sari always. She always wears transparent low necked jacket where i could see her bra laces clearly. While going in buses i can see men just rubbing their dicks against my mom’s buttocks. She has a round good fleshy ass that is sexy for that age. She is wheatish in colour and resembles south actress ramyakrishna. Her eyes are black with some white hairs and have some good lips. Her chest is broad and her boobs are quite big to her size where it is falling. I don’t know how to tell her boob size see ramyakrishna. My dad is a business man.

Since i am a sex starved i would like to masturbate daily and had some frequent sex with call girls. One day while going to a call girls place my dad’s friend saw me and complained to my dad. I know that i could get some rough punishments. On that day evening we had a talk and my dad advised me not to do things like that since this is an age for development. My mom was really frightening about my future.

After days passed i could not control my feelings. So i decide to have sex with my home maid kavi who is of age 35. Unfortunately my mom saw that and i don’t know what to do. Later my dad came and gave some huge beatings. I couldn’t bare it and shouted that i would do it and questioned my parents that whom you are to ask me that? I said that i will continue this and i will die if you stop me.

My parents had a talk. In their bed room they are talking seriously to take decision. My mom said that arranging for a marriage at this age is a stupid since our relatives are in a good and respective condition. They could not bare this sine my education will spoil. My dad asked mom” whether can we allow him to go to item girls. So stupid he cold get spoiled my mom replied. All of a sudden my dad came to a decision and asked mom “mohana can you spare some nights with our son”. “what me…i..i..i how can me raja” mom vanished. “i have no choice mohana” dad said. My mom finally said ok for that.

Next day as usual i went to the school. After dropping me dad said me that not to go to bad ways son. We provided you some good way dad said. I don’t know what he is saying. Don’t go sex with somebody son. Then where can i go dad i can’t control it. Don’t worry son you can have it with your mom. What me how can i dad i replied. We really caring for you son you have to obey it. I said ok and i am in real good feeling since i am going to fuck mom.

Evening i came to home. I saw a change in my home. I took my supper at 8 pm. I saw a silence on my mom. Later i went to sleep. My dad called me and asked to change dress. I changed my dress where my dad helped me. I wore a dhoti and shirt. Later i came to that this looks like my first night. What a scene dad helping his son to fuck mom. I am very happy about it. I went to my home where i can see the room filled with fragrance. Then mom came inside the room with wearing a silk sari. She looks like a first night girl with makeup’s. I stood up and said” mom”.

She gave me a cup of milk and said that i will be your wife until you change son. But mom how can i do it. No this is my order from my husband mom replied. “ok mom” i said. I asked her to sit on bed. Imagine 17 on 38. She looks very shy. I then kissed her forehead and said “i need permission to fuck you mom”. I am all yours do it son. I removed all her jewels and kissed her lips. She didn’t make a move. Then i removed my shirt and removed her pallu. I can see the mountains hanging and hidden inside the jacket. I can see the clear view of her pointed nipples. I went and forcefully kissed her lips. After one minute she responded and we both played with our tongues.

I unhooked her blouse and played with her bare back and tasted the sweat that is flowing on her back. I was rubbing her ass while kissing. I removed her sari and my dhoti. I was with my underwear. From behind i kissed her lips and removed her bra. What a scene it is. We are in the front of the mirror where i can look both of us. My dick has risen to a full length and it is ready for action. What a scene of her boobs, where i went to her ear and whispered that you are a sex goddess.

With out any hesitation i asked her to raise her hands up. I just kissed her armpits and went on for her boobs with caressing the other with my right hand. She just holding my head and i can see her excitation. I pinched her nipples and sucked both of them. I went down and removed her petticoat. I can see the pubic area and pulled her to the bed. I went near her legs where she just stopped me and asked me to remove my underwear.

I removed it and the semi solid stick came outside. She just caressed it every where and kissed it. I said mom to go on for it. After a second she just swallowed my dick inside her mouth. She is sucking me like a hell ahhh holy shit. I cannot control it and i gave her a mouth fuck. Even i forgot that she is my mom due to sex hunger. I now went on to her pussy where sucked her clitoris and gave her some extreme pleasure with new techniques. She moaned and pulled my hair. After making some hole in her pussy i went towards her and asked her permission. She was in a condition where nothing went to her ear. I just inserted my dick inside her pussy and fucked her gently in a normal position.

I moved to and fro gently with caressing her boobs. After fucking i again went downwards for licking to get her orgasm. I secondly fucked her with missionary position where i kicked her with deep hardcore fucking. I fucked her in a doggy style but this time in her ass. Ass fucking is sweet. I just rode her like a horse after some time she asked me to give another orgasm where i was succeeded in that.

Next is my time i asked to conclude the sex party with my blowjob. She moved my shaft and said that “my wife will be lucky and said that she don’t want to waste a drop”. She sucked my penis and i was ready to explode my gum to my mom. I just released my gum where she drank every drop. I fell on to bed with hugging her. We fucked that night for nearly 8 times and i gave her 6 orgasms and i had 4. Later after days dad too join us to have threesome and my friends also shared my mom.

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