Mom asked to fuck neighbour
Hey i am raj from chennai .i am doing post graduation in physics. This is my story which happened during my under graduation when we shift our house to new house . Their only i saw her. Her name is shweetha . She is married and having two children .her house is next to my house .at the first sight itself i got temptation by her. She have really a superb figure 36 30 34 .she wore a low hip saree which shows full shape of her navel that made my thought to got sex with her .every night i dreamed to sex with her. She became very close to my mother . After her husband and her children went out for their job and school, she came to our house and helped my mother for her works. During shweetha’s visit i also helped my mother for kitchen works . During that time i started chat with her . Whenever she bends i got a sight to see her boobs through her v-neck blouse .when she walks i looked at her ass that moved up and down with lot of flesh on it i am so crazy to see that .one day on seeing her boobs i caught by her , due to first to sex i afraid a lot but she gave me a smile.

Next day she wear a big v-neck blouse which expose half the valley of her boobs. Her boobs are tried to tear out from the blouse .she bends for a moment i surprised i got almost the full view of her boobs she didn’t wear bra this is the first time i had the full view of a lady’s boobs which is so big ,with out the bra itself it stood stiffly with the big round brownish nipples pointing straightly i got an erection at once i get in to the bathroom and had a masturbation . From that onwards i got courage and became close to move with her. I started to make a plan , one day straight away i dashed on her boobs and said sorry but once again she gave me a naughty smile. That incident made me mad about her .after that onwards we dashed frequently one day she told my mother that their is a problem in her bedroom lock .i asked what is the problem .she replied that the door is not closing properly .my mother asked me to go and repair the problem. I went her house and repair the lock.

During that she played a melodies song in the stereo. After finishing the job i said i am leaving .she said ok and fell in to the bed suddenly. I asked what happen .she told that she got headache .i thought this is a chance to move with her. I take out the balm and get close to her. She said she will manage her . I said no problem and sat on the bed and placed her head on my lap. She moaned plainly .i started to massage the balm on her forehead by to and fro motion with my fingers. After 15 minutes moan got reducing . That time i started to massage her cheeks and chin. She asked what you are doing in a pleasing manner. I replied her that i am reducing your pain . In the meanwhile i started to touch her lips she didn’t resist oppositely she started to swallow my fingers in to her mouth . She started to taste my finger vigorously. I pulled her head from my lap and started to kiss her neck from behind . I take out my finger and parted my lips in to her lips .

She replied with a small bite . That shows she is hanging for sex so long . I got deep in to her mouth and both of us tongues starts playing . Due to first to mate i moved slowly first but she is so vigorous. I moved my fingers to her tits over the blouse oh how soft it is i got mad and started to fondle her boobs slowly she aroused fully and give me a deep kiss ,her boobs become hardened i started to squeeze her boobs fast she excited and told me to go ahead “for this only i am waiting for two years . My husband didn’t touch my boobs even one time for last two years . Come on men go ahead ” she whispered in my hears. I squeezed her tits faster than before and pulled out her sari by another hand and tear her blouse she didn’t wear bra now she was half naked oh what a beautiful shape she has. I started to suck her tit by rounding my tongue around her nipples and squeezed the other tit with my hand .the room is filled with full of her moaning. I bite her nipple with teeth she cried ” oh bastard do it fast “.

I thought that some one is watching us i afraid and turn around and surprised that my mom is standing at the door both of us stood at once .my mom looks so angry she gave a slap on shweetha’s cheek .my mom said you bloody bitch u want my son to fuck u and she pulled shwetha’s saree and undressed her fully. Shweetha felt ashamed and covered her pussy with both of her hands .her milky white thighs are trembling my mom told why are u bitch covering show your pussy to me and my mom pulled out her hands .shweetha closed her face with both of her hands. I got excited to see a fully naked lady. Her pussy was fully shaved that shows me that day only she shaved and waiting for my dick .my dick got full erection . On seeing a bulge in my pant my mom smiled sexily and asked me to taste shweetha’s pussy. I surprised to get such kind of words from my mom. A mother itself ask her to fuck a lady in front of her . My mom once again said raj fuck her . I made shweetha to sit on the edge of the bed and widened her legs. At first i kissed in her pussy lips she moaned ohoooooo mmmmmmmmmmmmm then i put my one finger inside her pussy and rounded the pussy wall. That time my mom started to kiss shweetha and pushed her to bed. Now she lie on the bed by her behind. My mom squeeze shweetha’s boobs and sucked it hard . Shwetha got hot now she said oh raj please fuck me i am ready for the ride. I put out my tongue in to her pussy she is so taste i started to pump her pussy with my tongue she is so hot her body is moving after 20 minutes she got the orgasm.

She arched like a bow her juice was coming her juice was so taste i tasted it fully then my eyes stared at my moms back she is still sucking shweetha’s tits. I sat on the shweetha’s thighs with my dick facing my moms ass i put my hands on my moms tits from behind it is so hot i started to fondle her tits. She moaned ohoooo mmmmmmm ahaaaaaaaaaaa i undressed my mom fully oh what a fleshy big ass she has . My mom turn around she has well shaped tits also i sucked her tits hardly shweetha got up and undressed me my mom told her to suck my dick . Three of us changed the positioned i sat on the edge of the bed my mom sat on my lap by crossing her thighs behind me , shweetha kneeled down and took out my dick in her hands at first she kissed my penis and slowly started the hand movement . I sucked my moms boobs she hold tightly that made me to increase the speed ,my dick got full erection by shweetha’s hand movement then she take my manhood in her mouth it’s hard for her to hold my manhood in her mouth she sucked by small bits that hurts me but in that all also i feel lot of pressure.

My mom started to caress my ass . Oh what a massage i am fully tempted. I sucked my moms tits very hard with lots of bites she cried to stop but i didn’t listen to her. After for some time i thought i am coming i pulled out my dick from shweetha’s mouth and asked my mom to get down to doggy position i asked shweetha to bring some olive oil shweetha put some oil on my dick and some on my moms asshole at first i caressed my mom ass it became harder i entered my dick in to the asshole it is tight my mom cried with pain shweetha take my moms boobs in her mouth she sucked it very hard i entered in to asshole by gentle pushes, my hands are holding my moms belly ,my mom moaned ohhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaa mmmmmmmmmmmmmm please my son do it slowly, i didn’t listen to it i want to take my mom to heaven so i fastned my jerks she cried heavily ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhaaa i entered fully my mom breathed heavily i thought that i coming i increased my pace faster and faster i pull out my dick and ejaculated fully on shweetha’s boobs my moms lick out every thing . She is tired so fell in the bed .

Once again shweetha took out my dick in her mouth she made my dick dry, bite out my balls i got erection she pushed me in to the bed she sat on me ,widened her legs, she inserted my dick in to her pussy she is so tight since she didn’t had sex for two years . Oh what a experience she started by slow jerks i got full erection my hands caressed her ass she also became hot she move down fully that my dick entered fully i pulled out her made her lie on the bed by her back she widened her legs i inserted dick into her love hole she moaned come on raj do it fast i started hit to her vaginal wall with normal speed she cried u son of bitch for what u are waiting for do it fast go ahead man . I increased my speed in the mean while she had two orgasm .with full effort i hit her virginal wall . Ah raj tear my pussy go fast i want pleasure fast hurry up . After some time i came i filled her pussy with full of my semen. Both of us got tired and fall on the bed .

After half an hour three of us got up and have a bath in shower also we had sex .after bath we had some wine then i tasted and fucked my moms pussy and shweetha’s asshole . Then me my mom returned to our house and had sex all over the night since my father and brother out of station.

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