Mom and Sons
It was only a month after lilly's husband and raju's father died. Raju and his dad were like best friends instead of father and son, so when lilly's husband died raju was especially grieved. A month after lilly's husband had died lilly found herself craving for sex. lilly hadn't gone a single day without sex when she was married. But now she was completely in need. What she did was the most wrong thing she could do.

when lilly's husband's brother sanjay came over to comfort her. She was a wreck. she leaned on him for comfort. They were sitting on the couch, she was crying on his shoulder. After about an hour of talking about her husband he laid her head on his lap for her to go to sleep. It was late at night and she was extremely tired. However when she felt his erection against her head she lost her nerve. The animal in her took over and before she knew it she was in the bedroom straddling him. His 8 inches gave me exactly what she was in need of. she rode him all night long. She was actually giving him head when she saw her son in the doorway. He looked at her and there eyes met right when his uncle blew his load into her throat. The salty fluid ran out of her mouth as she stared at her one and only son.

Raju stormed out of the house he was obviously pissed. she quickly forced sanjay out of the house and pretty much disassociated herself with him. About three weeks went by with no contact from Raju. She was incredibly ashamed of her actions. She didn't wasn't angry for Raju taking off.

After about a month she thought Raju had left the city and she tried to get back into her life. On a Saturday while she was doing her cleaning. She was making her bed when she heard the bedroom door slam shut. She tried to turn around but she was quickly thrown onto the bed. A hand held her face into the covers and she was unable to get a look behind her. She heard several voices. She recognized them all. One was her son Raju and the other two were his best friends Ajay, and Madhav.

It was apparent that Raju was holding her down. He leaned forward and whispered into her ear. "You fucking slut. I'll give you what you need." She couldn't speak because her head was being pushed down to hard. she felt her shari get hiked up and a hand squeeze each of her ass cheeks.

Raju let her head up and she tried to scream. "Raju, honey please. I didn't." "Shut up you bitch". You want to get fucked. You wait a month before fucking my father's brother. Now I will teach you a lesson. Lilly's pantie were quickly ripped off and she heard Raju fiddling with his belt. While he did this she was able to jump up to run. However his friends grabbed her and flung her back to the bed.

Ajay and Madhav held her down on her back while Raju pulled his erect cock out. He was bigger than his father, he had a good 9 inches. He signaled to his friends who then pulled her off the bed. She was pushed to her knees.

Raju stepped in front of her.

"Open your fucking mouth."

"Raju, please." She said this now with tears running down her cheeks.

But when her mouth opened he rammed the head of his cock between her lips. "Show me what you did for Uncle Sanjay." He continued to push inch after inch of his cock into her mouth until it was sliding down her throat. She gagged but he didn't stop. She was ordered to suck him off. Her tongue wondered his cock while she bobbed up and down on his shaft. She pulled him out of her throat and started to stock him. He was grunting slightly as her strokes increased in speed. Her tongue rolled over the head of his cock tasting the salty taste of his pre cum. Before he blew his load he threw her to her back. She kicked him in the ribs and rolled onto her belly to try to craw between him and his friends. But now Ajay held her in place. She lied on her belly with her eyes closed knowing what was coming. She then felt it. In one thrust Raju rammed the length of his shaft into her cunt. Her pussy began to tingle slightly and she felt an orgasm approaching from one single thrust.

"Hey Raju I think she likes this." Ajay said as he slapped her ass. Raju now began to thrust extremely fast and hard. With all her effort she tried to conceal her pleasure but moans began to escape from her. Lilly had gone this last month with no sex so she needed this very badly. She found her butt raised a little on its own, and She began to match Raju's thrusts. She felt his hands grab both her ass cheeks as he began to pound her harder. His cock slid deep into her wet cunt. She was cumming in seconds. She didn't hide it anymore she was screaming her head of.

"Oh god Raju, fuck mommy's cunt." The other two had let her go and Raju was now thrusting like a mad man.

"You little bitch slut, you like being raped by your son? Huh, Did you enjoy sanjay's cock? Fucking whore." The meaner he spoke the louder she screamed. She was experiencing orgasm after orgasm. When she then felt him spurting cum into her pussy. The warm fluid oozed inside her and she love it. It was deep in her. She had never been fucked with a cock as big as Raju's and she was in for more.

Raju pulled out of her and she lay on the floor panting regaining her energy when she felt another one enter me. She looked over her shoulder and could tell it was Ajay. His 8 inches slid into her wet cunt and she screamed with pleasure. He pumped her a few times before he pulled out. He picked her up and threw her onto the bed. She loved how rough everything was. He climbed onto the bed beside her and ripped her shari off her body. Her nipples were fully erect and She wasn't wearing a bra. He cupped each of her breasts than kissed each once. He than pinched each nipple and rolled her on top of him.

Lilly knew what to do. She grabbed his cock and guided it into her pussy.

Straddling him She began to furiously ride his cock. She bounced each time almost yanking his cock out of her cunt and loving every second of it. He gripped each of her breasts as she did this.

Again she felt orgasm approaching. She erupted at the same moment he did and she collapsed op top of him. Lilly rolled off of him and looked at Madhav. Madhav was still standing in his place now jerking off his 7 inches. Looking at madhav lilly said "Well Madhav aren't you going to fuck me. It's ok I won't resist." She got up and walked over to him. He was still standing still. Raju grabbed her and threw her against the wall. Lilly guess Madhav had missed his chance. Raju rammed his cock into her while they were both standing up. His thrusts picked her off the floor. She loved the feel of her own sons dick sliding inside of her. She began to cum harder than she ever had. Raju was groping her breasts as he fucked her. She didn't know what it was but fucking her own son sent her crazy. She wrapped her legs around him and her arms around his neck. "Fuck your mom cunt. Make me cum baby." She screamed and screamed. Then she felt his throbbing in her cunt and she knew the end was near.

Raju pulled out and pushed her to the floor. He then stood over her and told her to stroke him off. She did with the same hand her wedding band was on. She leaned forward and kissed his large cock then a stream of cum blew from the head and all over her body. A glob landed on her left tit and the rest hit all over her face. She licked his cock dry than laid back. When She did Madhav stood over her and finished jerking off as well. Streams of his cum covered her stomach. She sat on the floor while hot semen ran all over her tits. She was still panting when Ajay flipped her over and jammed the end of his cock into her virgin ass. let out a scream of pain. "No, please." But he pushed harder and harder until his 8 inches entered her ass. At first it felt so painful to her until he began to thrust and thrust. Immediately the sighs and screams of pleasure returned. She felt him run all the way into her ass hole.

Pleasure like she hadn't ever known ran threw her body. She reached backwards and grabbed Madhav's cock which erect once more.

She stroked him fast. Squeezing his cock from the pleasure She was experiencing in her ass. When Ajay erupted inside her ass, Madhav began to cum on her arm.

Ajay and Madhav both backed away and she fell to the floor panting. "Oh my god, I love you guys." Raju picked her up off the floor very gently. He then laid her on the bed and whispered into her ear, "I'll be back later on mom." He kissed her on her cheek and they all left her room.

She laid on the bed covered in cum and panting from the fucking she had received. She got in the shower to clean up. After all the cum was washed off her body she went to turn the water off and Raju grabbed her arm. He stepped in the shower naked and kissed her. His tongue probed her mouth. "Oh honey, I'm afraid now your going to have to fuck mommy more and more to show me this wasn't a one day thing." Lilly whispered in her son’s ear. Raju rammed his cock in her once more. She had three orgasms before he blew his load in her. Raju fucks her almost every day. She get jealous when he fucks his girlfriends in her bed but she can't say anything because she don't want her son to deny her his scrumptious cock.


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