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Our neighborhood was a poor one. Dad tried to protect his family, me and mom as much as he can. He was a 45 year old man, handsome and he used to play in the soccer team of the town. Mom was a bombshell, 5 years younger than dad, with long blond hair, big blue eyes and a slender figure. Although we were poor, mom always tried to watch her diet and do exercises to stay fit.

I was the only child for them. they decided not to have any more children because we were poor. Dad worked in a factory and mom also worked in a small shop selling flowers.

Although mom was a beauty queen, she fell in love with dad and married him, knowing he isn't super rich. She didn't care about money. She knew that dad loved her so much and that he was a hard worker. They had me seventeen years ago. Dad was the only man in mom's life.

The economic situation in the country became worse and our neighborhood also got affected. Day after day, we witnessed the arrival of new gangsters and thugs, mostly black.

Dad would look from the window and curse at them saying they are ruining the nieghborhood. One flaw of dad was that he was racist. He always said he didn't like niggers.

One day, dad was taking mom in the morning to the flower shop before going to work. A gang of black young men in their early twenties were fooling around in the middle of the road, listening to rap music and smoking. They were blocking the road.

Dad honked the horn, two of them looked at him and one of them gave him the finger. Dad's blood began to boil. How could a nigger offend him like that?
He always kept a gun with him in the car so he took it to mom's distress. she held his arm begging him to stay in the car. He went out of the car and shouted at the thugs pointing the gun at them.

The five men backed away raising their hands while their leader looked dad in the eye and told him that he will pay for this. and then they left not before their leader looked intently into the car at mom.

Dad came back to the car cursing at them saying they should all be shot and killed. Niggers don't deserve to live. Mom cried a little from the shock but then she felt better. Arriving at the flower shop, mom got out of the car while dad went to his job. What they didn't know is that the leader of the gang, the 22-year old Mohammad, had followed them and saw where mom entered...

The following day was rainy and cold. Mom arrived at the flower shop and entered. The weather was so bad no customers came during the day.

At around noon, a big muscular black man came through the door. He was around 190 cm wearing a sleeveless short, showing his boulder-size biceps and smoking a cigarette. He looked like he hasn't shaved in a few days.

Mom looked at him for a few seconds and then relalized it was Mohammad, the man dad threatened the day before.

She felt her breath caught in her chest.

"I need some flowers ma'am" said Mohammad gazing mom in the eyes and then looking at her breasts and then at her skirt between her legs.

Mom felt really scared but she saw that he was blocking the door and no one would hear her from all the thunder and rain outside.

Gathering her courage, she went to the flower aisling while barely muttering and asking him what kind of flowers does he want.

"Surprise me" said the thug as he threw his cigarette on the ground and followed mom.

Mohammad stood behind mom and grabbed her breasts from behind. Mom, startled, let the vase fall and break on the floor.

"Leave me alone, you dirty bastard" cried mom as the black muscleman began squeezing her D-sized cups.

Licking her earlobe, he said "I wanted to do that since I saw you yesterday with your wimpy husband"

Mom was struggling to make him let go of her breasts but the thug was a mean macho man. Turning her around, Mohammad slapped mom hard on the face.

Mom was numb from the surprise as Mohammad ripped her shirt and bra with his muscular hands...

"Damn... those are some delicious jugs you have there" and Mohammad began sucking mom's left breast and mauling her right one.

As mom began to come back from the shock she felt Mohammad nailing her to the wall and holding her hands above her head as he had his way with her breasts.

The slurping sounds of the nigger's mouth were heard as he defile mom's breasts. his lust was so big he couldn't stop himself from biting her nipples and breast flesh.

Mom howled in pain as the big black man assaulted her. Putting his dirty hand under her skirt he grabbed her panties and tore them apart and raised the skirt to her hips.

Without delaying, he inserted his middle finger right into mom's pussy. Mom felt the air knocked out of her as the finger penetrated her cunt.

Sighing loudly, mom couldn't fight. Mohammad laughed as he fucked her with his finger.

"You are a tight whore. Your wimpy husband only knows how to threaten with the gun but he doesn't know how to satisfy a woman?"

Throwing her on the ground, Mohammd grabbed her legs like scissors and positioned himself behind her. Keeping his shirt he took off his shorts revealing he wasn't wearing any underwear. he wanted to save time today because he knew he was fgonna nail my mom.

Mom looked in horror at the veiny piece of meat erect between Mohammad's beefy legs. All her senses told her to flee and escape the pain she was gonna get but her tormentor was far too strong.

As the head of his black cock touched mom's cunt lips, she only said one wrod: "Please" before a sharp pain coursed through her body.

The 10-inch beer can-thick veiny monster was inside mom's cunt.

"Uhhhhhhhhhh.... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh... Pleeeaaaaaaaaase... AHHHHHHHHH.... YOU'RE TEARING ME APART... TAKE IT OUT... PLEAASSEE"

Mom's pleads fell on deaf ears as the black thug began savagely fucking her. Dad had never done thhis to her. He was always very gentle in love making but he hasn't slept with her in more than two months. He would always come back tired from work.

Mom never felt something so big in her cunt. Dad was handsome and had a good body but he wasn't very good in bed mainly because his dick was only average in size. But this thug, he knew how to fuck a woman and he was giving mom the fucking she deserves.

There on the ground, like a whore, mom was getting pounded from the side by a black thug, his big cock lodged deep inside her cunt, while he held her leg ( ) up in the air.

With the other hand he held her fac eot insert his dirty tongue in her mouth and french kiss her as his cock pistoned inside her.

He rbig breasts still hurt from the bititng but she could only concentrate on the pain in her pussy.

Mohammad's smelly breath and his gruffy face were all over mom's face as his tongue invaded and ate her mouth.

The fucking was so violent that mom wa sshaking all over the floor as the black hunk fucked her.

a few minutes later, mom's pussy dilated to accommodtae her loevr's cock. And she began to moan uncontrollably.

As he kept fucking her hard and fats like a street slut, Mohammad said:
"You like that, whore? you like feeling a rel man inside you?"

Saying that, he grabbe dhe rby her hair and made her get on all fours as he slammed into he rcunt from behind mounting her like a bull mounts a cow.

At that moment, if anyone passed in front of the shop, he would see mom on all fours getitng fucked by a huge muscular man from behind.

Mom began shaking her head and biting her lips everytime Mohammad's black cock hit her cervix.

His muscular body was covered with sweat as he slapped mom's ass and played with her boobs while she received the breeding like a mare moaning in ecstasy.

Thirty minute slater, Mohammad's body muscles tensed as he bellowed like a beast and ejected a huge amount of sperm inside mom's cunt. Then he fell on her kissing her neck.

Leaving her on the ground, her clothes shredded, cum running from her cunt, red bruises on her breasts, and sweat coveirng her heaving body, Mohammad through a card on mom and told her:
"Give me a call".

A few hours later, dad passed by mom's shop to pick her up.

"You changed your clothes?"
"Yeah, I accidentally went out in the rain. they were drenched"

Mom tried to avoid dad's gaze all the way, listening to him making jokes about the dumb niggers. all the while, she had a card with a certain telephone number in her purse...
I could see the look of regret in mom's eyes that night as she looked at my handsome dad. We were joking together and she watched us.

Mom was thinking in her head remembering what happened today.
"I should throw this card and forget it ever happened... How can I like what that nigger thug has done to me? My breasts and my pussy still hurt..."

Then dad sat next to her and hugged her and kissed her with love. She could feel the tenderness and love in dad's touch while she remembered the lust and violence in Mohammad's way of fucking her.

Mohammad treated her like a slut. He used her to satisfy his lust not caring about her feelings. Why couldn't she throw away the card with his number on it?

Mom hugged dad and told him she loved him. She really did. I loved how my mom and dad looked together. They were aperfect couple and I never expected my mom to cheat on my strong handsome dad with someone like Mohammad.

The next day morning, mom stayed at home saying she wasn't feeling well. Dad made sure she had everyhting she needed before he kissed her goodbye and went to work.

On his way to work, dad saw Mohammad and the gang. Once they saw him, they began laughing and leering at him which made him really nervous. Dad cursed at the niggers and sped off angry not knowing why they did that.

If dad donly knew that Mohammad was about to take mom in his bed...

Mohammad heard his phone ringing. Mom was on the other line, giving Mohammad the details to our house.

A few minutes later, Mohammad was inside the house that dad bought with his hard-earned money.

Mohammad was a domineerign man. Taking his cock out from his jeans, he ordered my shivering mom to get on her knees. Mom obeyed like a slut. Looking him in the eyes, she tried to tell him that he should go easy on her today.

While she was talking, the black stud got fed up with listening to mom. Grabbing her hair, he stuffed his smelly black huge cock in mom's mouth making her gag and choke on it.

"When a slut talks too much, she needs a big cock in her mouth"

Then Mohammad took oof his shirt flexing his rippled muslces as mom sucked his cock while kneeling in front of him.

As mom watched Mohammad's abs and big voulder-sized pecs and biceps she moaned while the black cock stayed in her mouth.

"You like what you see whore. I saw your wimpy husband today on his way to work. It's a shame you are stuck with a boy like him while you should be with a man like me"

Mom was a deprived woman. Dad was an excellent father and husband except in the bedroom. And mom discovered after yesterday's rape that she fell in love with this black gangster.

As she bobbed on the big cock, mom held and caressedMohammad's hairy nuts with her left hand, dad's wedding ring glistening on her finger.

Taking his cock out of her mouth, the black thug ordered mom to take him to her marital bed.

Laying on the bed like a king with his amazing muscular body, Mohammad took dad's place.

Mom wached in awe the nigger's wide chest and big muscles and unconsciously compared him with dad's body. There was no comparison. Dad looked like a boy in front of Mohammad.

Mom didn't need convincing as she took off her clothes and straddled the muscular thighs of the nigger. Lowering herself on the giant cock, mom sighed in ecstasy.

"Uhhhhhh... I need it.... It's so good"

"Wow slut, you sure are hungry for some real man"

Mom began riding this man's cock as she moaned and licked her lips

"Doesn't you rhusband satisfy you, whore?"

"I have never been satisfied in my life. I love you!!!"

"Don't give me that fuckin love talk. I am here to fuck you not love you slut."

Turning on her, the black muscleman began humping mom's cunt while she held his neck and her legs were high on his shoulders.

"Uhhh..Ahhh...So big... yes please more...Ummm... Your cock is so big...."

The black thug continued fucking mom's cunt on dad's bed while she howled in ecstasy. Mom became the typical white mother who found the black muscular bull and dad became the poor cuckold husband who wnet to work for his wife tio fuck another man in his bed.

Mohammad liked to humilaite mom. He liked to fuck her roughly. His punding made the bed squeal and hit the wall. I'm sure the neighbors would hear mom getting pounded by this black giant.

If only you could see mom under that black man, her cunt stuffed with a huge black cock, the cum-filled balls slapping her tight ass.

Mom and the 22-year old black thug were like a wife and husband on their honeymoon. Mohammad's cock dilated mom's cunt like dad would only dream of doing. His stamina put dad to shame.

Mohammad fucked mom that day three times. Each time Mohammad would climax he would bellow like a beast and flood mom's womb with his rich thick sperm.

After he left, mom took a shower and changed the sheets. The next day, dad came home like a freak telling mom that the flower shop burned to the ground. He didn't know that Moahmamd and his gang did it so mom would stay home.

Everyday after that, dad left for work while mom waited for her real husband to come. She wasn't feeling guilty anymore because dad wasn't a real man in bed. he was a good caretaker but not a stud.

If anyone would have been home, he would hear mom howl everyday as the stud penetrated her with his big black cock.

Mohammad even fucked mom in the ass for the first time in the bathroom. mom became infatuated with him. She would shower with him kneeling in front of his muscular ebony body, caressing his huge cock and balls and washing them in devotion.

My poor naive dad never knew anything when mom came to him two months later telling him she is pregnant.

Seven months later, dad's world crumbled when mom delivered my brother. He was Mohammad's son. The whole town knew about it and dad became the laughing stock. He became a drunk after that and mom delivered three more black babies for Mohammad.

Dad's life was destroyed because he tried to confront the stornger nigger stud.

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