Mom Dad Ki Bed Fight
Mrinal was 18 years old girl studying in college and doing her first year in Psychology. She was thin, skinny girl with prominent breasts that showed well over the thin frame of her body. She always dressed in a very revealing way, always. Her height was about 5'3" and she had a small face with pouting lips and a straight nose. She was about normal till she watched a scene in their house that turned her into something different and changed her way of thinking towards sex.
It was a Friday night and all were sleeping. At about 0100 in the night she heard some moaning and shuffled voices from their parent's bedroom and was curious to know the reason. She got up hurriedly, worried about what was happening to her parents and to see if something was wrong. As she went to the door of the bedroom to knock to her surprise she found it open and not locked. She heard some moaning from inside and was about to enter the door when she saw that the bed lamp was on and in the light of the lamp she saw her father and her mother kissing each other with their hands roaming around others body.
Her father pulled his wife down on the bed and kissed her hard on the mouth, while letting his free hand roam over her voluptuous body!!! Almost immediately she began tugging at his shorts until she had exposed his now very erect cock to her hungry gaze!!! "God you get me so hot," she panted as she dropped her head into his lap and took his smooth cock into her mouth and started to suck it hard. By now Mrinal was breathing heavily as she watched her mother sucking off her father like a bitch in heat. Mrinal watched as her mother swallowed the entire cock dad had and was struggling to get his balls in her mouth. Ohhh what a lusty woman her mother was! Mrinal could not go back to her room but stood there well hidden behind the door. Her heart was pounding heavily and she felt waves of heat flush through her body. Dad was removing her mother's gown and soon she was naked.
Her mother was about 45 but still looked attractive. Her breasts were great, 38D little sagging with the age. Her as was also round and plump. As her father removed the gown of her mother, Mrinal sighed. She had seen her mother naked for the first time and that too sucking her father's cock! Ohhh god what was happening to her? She felt her pussy flood with some sticky fluid and her hands went to rub it. She rubbed her pussy as she watched her parents engage in the sexual act.
Her mother was now sucking her father's cock and was moving her mouth over the entire length of the 8 inch cock. Her father was moaning and urging his wife to suck it harder. Ohhh what a sight! Mrinal started to rub her own pussy with vigor and then inserted her long finger into her slit. It felt better. Her fingers were wet with the juice and slid in easily. She watched further. few minutes later, just as Dana had predicted, her father let out a big moan and flooded her mothers mouth with big globs of come. She thought her mother would spit it out but to her astonishment she swallowed it all and some of it dribbled out of her mouth and onto her chin. Her parents locked themselves in a long pasionate kiss while her father furiously fingered his wife's big fat cunt, bringing her to a stunning orgasm. Then again they were f-cking. Her mother rode her fathers cock and f-cked him saying all the nasty things she never heard before. She said he was a horny old man and would f-ck anything that walks on two legs! Her father too said that she was a whore and could take anything in her pussy that looked like a cock! When the show ended Mrinal had come twice and her pussy was flooding with juice. For the first time she felt so much importance of sex.
Next day in college she told everything to her best friend Neelam. Neelam was very broadminded girl and flirted with many of the boys but she was good at heart. Neelam told her that it was normal and that she should now get some cock in her pussy. Mrinal got annoyed at her statement but Neelam said that she would show her soon. She told her to come to her house on Sunday. Neelam was staying with her father and her mother had dies when she was 15. Mrinal wondered what was in Neelam's mind.
So on Sunday she went to Neelam's house and Neelam welcomed her. She introduced her to Mr. Rana, her father. They talked for some time and then when the two girls were alone, Neelam put some CD in the player and pushed the play button. It was a xxx movie that showed women sucking men and many other sexual acts. As the scenes began to unfold in front of them they both got excited and were breathing heavily. Neelam looked at Mrinal in a strange way. Neelam placed her hand on Mrinal's thigh and rubbed it. Mrinal felt electric current pas through her body and her heart started to beat faster. Ohhhhhh! How can the touch of another woman give her this feeling? She thought. But this was related to sex and hence beautiful. Another thought…… "Hey Mrinal lets get comfortable here." Neelam said.
" But your dad can walk in anytime."
"Ohhhh don't worry! We are very open. He knows that I watch these movies and he knows that now we are watching it together. Ohhh! He loves to see me watching these movies while I play with my cunt. He loves to watch! And while he watches me, he rubs his cock up and down in his fist. Isn't it exciting? So don't worry. Lets get comfortable. Do anything you want. feel free while we enjoy the movie together."
And Neelam started to rub her pussy over her skirt looking at the TV screen. Mrinal too felt her own pussy getting wet and slowly and shyly she put her hand inside her salwar. She found her pussy, caressed it over the thin cotton panties and finally she inserted one finger in her own pussy from the sides of the panties. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh! Moaning was heard. Both the girls were now moaning looking at the screen and rubbing their pussies. Neelam stood up and shed her clothes standing naked before her friend. She spread her legs and rubbed her pussy right in front of Mrinal. Mrinal found it exciting to watch her friends pussy and she in turn got rid of her own clothing. The two girls now sat opposite to each other, forgetting about the xxx movie and watching each other masturbating. Mrinal really loved this. This made her much more excited. Watching other's and be watched by others! Ohh yes! That's it. She realized that this turned her on more than ever. Even the xxx movie did not have that effect on her but watching did.
As they were masturbating in front of each other they heard Mr. Rana walk in. Mrinal grabbed her clothes and tried to hide her body. Neelam looked at her father and rubbed her pussy faster.
"Ohhh Daddy! My friend here made me so hot! Ohh god! Watch me fingering my pussy. Yes! Come on dad show me how hard your cock is. Ohhh I want to see it."
Mr. Rana immediately took his cock out of the pants opening the zipper hurriedly. Neelam saw her father's cock and immediately crawled to him with her mouth open. As soon as she was near his cock she took it in her mouth and started to suck it. Mrinal watched in total astonishment as her friend sucked on her fathers cock like a slut. Mrinal was really excited to watch this and remembered her father and mother. She visualized the scene she had seen in her house as her mother was sucking on her fathers cock. She had felt it wonderful to watch and just watching them had made her orgasm twice! Now also she felt that she should watch! Just watch the father and daughter getting it on.
Mrinal sat there watching and had put down the clothes she had collected to cover her body. She wanted to be naked and watch the sexual act too. Neelam was sucking her dad's cock avidly and her dad was pushing his as to and fro to f-ck his daughters mouth. He watched Mrinal sitting naked and watching them and said, " Hey Mrinal! Watch your friend suck her dads cock. You like it don't you? Ohhhhhh rub that pussy of yours while you watch baby! It gives us tremendous pleasure to watch you frigging your pussy. Watch her Neelam while you suck my Lund. Ohhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Sucxk it! Ohhhhh! Come on Mrinal show me your pussy spread those pussy lips for us. Ohh yes like that! Ohh sluts! Whores! Suck."
Mrinal was involuntarily spreading her pussy with two fingers and showing them the inner part of the treasure. Her pussy was open and they could see the red opening of her vagina. It was covered with long vaginal hair and she had to separate them to open up her pussy. Mr. Rana looked at the pussy of Mrinal and asked her to finger f-ck it for them.
" Come on Mrinal finger f-ck your pussy! Shove those slender fingers in that red pussy! Ohhhhh Neelam! Just watch that."
Neelam looked at her friend's pussy and forgot to suck her fathers cock. She sat there on the floor and told her father to rub his cock.
" Come on dad! Rub that cock of yours! I too shall finger f-ck my pussy and we all will watch each other masturbating. Ohhh God! What a fun! Its so nice to watch. Yes dad rub that cock for us while we finger f-ck our pussies."
Neelam spread her thighs and started to rub her own pussy watching her friend doing the same. Her pussy was covered with curly hair and her clit looked prominent. Mr. Rana's cock was rock hard and was wet with his daughters saliva. He took his rod in his fist and started to rub it up and down. WOW! The dirty old man was masturbating right in front of his daughter and her friend!
The room was filled with smell of sex and each one was busy rubbing their sex and watching others doing it. Suddenly Mr. Rana moaned loudly and started to cum. His cock erupted globs of semen that landed on his daughters breasts. The sticky globs trickled down the boobs onto her stomach and her pussy. The sight of his coming made the two girls come too. Both of them shoved two fingers in their pussy and pushing their as came violently.! The room was filled with moaning of the two girls and Mr. Rana. Ohhh what a sight! Don't forget to send your feedback

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