Milking My Step Mommy
Hi guys I am Raj. I am back with another hot story. This happened when I was 18 yrs old. My parents got divorced when I was still younger. And my dad married another lady. She was 30 yrs at that time. Her name is Priya. She is a very sexy and beautiful lady with good boobs and ass. At the first sight itself I had an intense feeling of enjoying her sexy body. When she is at home she uses to wear saree which were almost transparent and a see through blouse.

She doesn’t wear a bra at home and her big melons could be seen through her blouse. She also exposes her navel. I never missed any chance of seeing her assets. I used to peek through bathroom key hole when she baths. Every day I used to masturbate thinking of her. Even though she was my step mom, she treated me as her own son.

Days passed. After an year she gave birth to a girl. She became more sexy after her delivery. She used to breast feed in front of me. And I was lucky to see her boobs. I wished I was in place of girl child sucking her boobs. My lust towards her sexy boobs increased. An year passed. I was 18 yrs and she was 32. One day I was alone with my step mom and step sister. I was just in shorts.

My sexy step mom was in a transparent white saree and blouse without a bra. My sister started to cry. My step mom took her . She sat on bed and dropped her palloo. She unbuttoned her blouse and started to feed the baby. I stared at her boobs with lust in my eyes. She saw me staring .
Mom: what are you looking son

Me: N…Nothing mom. I looked away.
Mom: Tell me raj. What is the problem
Me: Mom, Can you breast feed me also
Mom: Raj you are a grown up guy. How can I feed you
Me: Please mom, I want to taste you milk

Mom: no Raj
Me; So you don’t love me mom
Mom; Of course I do son. But…..
Me: Plz mom
Mom: Ok son, but only once. Don’t ask me again
I was happy. I decided to take this chance and fuck her

My step mom kept child in another bed. She came back and sat on the bed and told me to lie on her lap. I lied on her lap. She opened her blouse. I was so happy to see her naked boobs from close range. I took her left boobs in my mouth and started sucking. I started drinking her milk. While I was drinking milk she stroked my hair. After some time I started to massage her right boob with my hands. While sucking her left boobs, I squeezed her right one.

She asked me :What are you doing son
Me: Mom I was just feeling your soft boobs.
I continued sucking her melons. After some time all milk in her left boobs finished. I took her right one and started sucking. She closed her eyes. I started kissing her boobs. She understood my intentions.
Mom; Stop Raj, What are you doing

Me: Mom, I love you. Let me feel your body
Mom: No its wrong .Stop it
I didn’t listen to her and continued kissing and sucking her boobs while squeezing other one. Her protests slowly faded. She started to enjoy. I pushed her to bed and started kissing her mouth. Our tongues enjoyed each other. I removed her saree and blouse. She was in her petticoat. While kissing her my hand moved inside her petticoat.

She was not wearing an underwear. I fucked her shaved cunt with my fingers. Then I moved to her sexy navel and started kissing it. I put my tongue in her navel hole and started licking it. I took some honey and poured in her navel hole and licked it from it.
Me: Mom Plz suck my cock .
I removed my shorts. She took my cock and started sucking it. It was a wonderful feeling.
Ojhhhhh suckkkk it mommmm

She started sucking fasterrrrrr.
After some time I cum in her mouth. She drank all my milk.
I removed her petticoat. She lied on bed. I kissed her cunt lips. I inserted my tongue in her pussy and started to lick it.
She moaned aahhhhh yes! Suck it!

I sucked her pussy and drank her pussy juice.
She Told me: Son Please fuck me with your big rod.
I parted her legs and kept my cock at her cunt lips. I slowly inserted cock in her pussy and started to ram. She moaned: ohhhhh yes fuck me son! So nice!

I was thrilled to hear her moaning
Mom: Son faster!
I increased fucking speed.
Wow! She had a tight cunt even though she had just given birth.
I fucked her for long time. I was about to cum
Me: Mom I am about to cum. Can I cum inside you.

Mom: Yes son shoot your sperms in me. I want to have your child.
Her words made me more horny. I fucked her faster and shot my sperms in her cunt. Aaahhhhhhhhhhhh! I felon her body and hugged her. We kissed.

Mom; Thank you so much son. I have not been fucked so good before.
I fucked her 3 more times that day. After that we used fuck regularly. After some months we got a news that she was pregnant. My dad thinks that it’s his child. But only me and step mom know the truth. We continue our relation

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