Meri maa
I am puspa pandit, 20years old brahmin gal, very new to this site. I am going to narrate the real experience of my life. This is my own experience, how poverty compels a woman to become a whore. It can happen to any body in this society. So if you really agree with me then please don’t forget to give your valuable comments. For some unavoidable reasons i have changed the names including mine. I am from a very remote village of allahabad district. My father is dead since last 6 years when i was just 14 years old. Baba was a school teacher in a private school. I have a brother who is 2 years younger to me. I was studying in 9th standard and my brother nisith was reading in 7th. Maa had good knowledge in stitching works and she was interested to open a ladies tailoring shop. But with his little earning baba was not ready to take any more burdens. Whatever, our family was running happily. But after death of my baba the situation distorted. Still, my mother did not lose her confidence and kept our studies continued. But i did not appear the 10th exam for need of money. Later also i voluntarily dropped the idea of higher study. However, since nisith was good in his studies maa set a dream to make him an engineer. After his 10th she sent him to allahabad for studying in 11th sc. She purchased a sewing machine with baba’s little terminal funds and started stitching ladies wears to meet the expenditure of nisith. I was looking after the cooking and other jobs of house and also helping her in free time. In the home i and maa were staying. By that time i was 17 years old and quite grown up. I am not so tall, 5’3”, slim figured. But i had a nice pair of 32 size boobs. People were looking at my body with lustful eyes and some of them were even openly proposing. But i was not taking anything to my mind other than my own business. Suddenly maa fell ill. The entire burden came on me. I had to manage everything starting from cooking to managing other house works. The most heartburning matter was that we had no hospital or any clinic in our village or its nearby area. We had a govt. Hospital with one doctor and one pharmacist but for this one had to travel 25kms. Again, there is no guarantee that the doctor will be found available at the hospital. It was the most neglected hospital in our district. As a result, for any kind of treatment we had to depend upon our village ayurvedic doctor (vaidya) mr. Radheshyam pandey. Taking this opportunity he was also exploiting the innocent peoples. Actually, he was working under an ayurvedic doctor at allahabad. Slowly he gained some experience about treatment. Then he returned to village 5 years back and started a clinic in his own home. But as his only son was reading there his wife and son did not return and he was staying in village alone. He was very arrogant and egoistic in nature. He will not even look at a patient until and unless he sees the fees. Whatever, since he was readily available at any time most of the time we had to depend upon him.

Maa’s health did not improve. I was insisting to go to govt. Hospital. But with the fear of expenditure she was not getting agreed. Gradually our condition became worse. It was difficult to manage the educational expenditure of nisith. There were no other alternatives except borrowing. But who will lend us? Only hope was vaidya radheshyam. He was the only rich man of our village. But we were already indebted with his treatment. I was always ensuring him that after maa gets well i will repay his all debts. But neither maa was getting well nor was his debt cleared. So i had no moral to ask him for any more loans. Although many were coming forward to help us but their main target was me. So maa was avoiding them. Nisith was asking again and again for money to purchase books. Maa had asked me strictly not to let nisith know about this otherwise he will leave his studies. At last we started selling maa’s ornaments and other valuable materials except the sewing machine. After 4 months maa recovered from her illness. She was too weak to resume her job. But she did not care to that and started the work. It was december month. The winter was very powerful. Even, during day time it was difficult to stay in the house without wrapping a cloth. Just after 15 days of her recovery, one evening maa had gone to deliver some clothes to a family who was in another neighboring village. The weather was cloudy and showering small rain drops too due to which the temperature was very low. I was stopping her, but as nisith had asked for urgent money she did not listen to me. She did not return till 10 p.m. i was worried and many bad things were coming to my mind. After some time i heard soft knocks on the door. I opened the door and saw that maa was completely wet and shivering with cold. She told with fainted voice that she fell down in the canal. I immediately took her to the bed and took off her clothes. She was trembling badly. I covered her with blankets and other warm clothes. Still her shivering did not down till 10-15minutes. I without any delay immediately run to the vaidya. The vaidya was already slept. I knocked the door and crying there “radheshyam mama, radheshyam mama, jaldi darwaja kholiye.” After 10 minutes of my loud cry he opened the door. He was irritated and shouted at me “kaun margaya hai, kyun chilla rahee hai? Ye koi waqt hai jagaane ka?” I fell on his feet and requested to save my mother and detailed him about the situation. But he was indifferent. He said “tu khali treatment karati rahegi. Mera fees deneka naam nehi leti ho. Jaao kisi dusre ko bulao. Me phokad mei aur kuchh karnewala nehi hu.” I was scared with his reply. I clang his leg tightly and prayed for his sympathy and told “aaj meri maa ko bachalijiye, aapka fes hum jaroor de denge, hum kahan gaon chhodke jaa rahe hein. Phirbhi aap bolenge to apke ghar me bartan majoongi, jhaadu-pochha lagaaungi. Please mere saath chaliye.” My boobs were pressed with his leg. He was staring at my face and boobs. From the top, my cleavage was visible to him. With pressure of his leg 1/4th of my boobs were exposed. He then gave a wicked smile and said “tere paas to khajaana hai puspa. Tu chahegi to…..” I understood his intention, my heart filled with hatred ness towards him, but i was helpless. I said “aap jo bolenge me karne ke liye tayaar hu, please jaldi chaliye”. He asked smiling “pakka?” I nodded yes. He said, “thik hai me aa raha hu.”

He came out with his kit box and locked his home. I took his kit box from his hand and ran. When we reached at home maa was still trembling. Her condition was detoriating. Vaidyaji directed me to heat mustard oil, but it was not possible immediately as to make fire with wood it will take time. He then said to bring mustard oil and massage. Mother was not in her clothes. Hurriedly i had wrapped only blankets on her. So i massaged her feet and body inserting my hands under the blanket. I was surprised that at the age of 35 and a mother of 2 children her boobs were still firm. With my touches her nipples became hard. Vaidyaji gave a tablet to bring heatness in her body. But it did not work and slowly she became unconscious. She did not respond to any thing. Doctor was very worried. I was in heavy tension and was crying. The vaidya was shaking her and saying “paro behn, don’t sleep, try to keep your eyes open” but in vain. He murmured for some time and told me “puspa maa ki tabiyat dheere dheere bigadti ja rahi hai. Badan thanda hote ja rahi hai. Agar hum inko hos mein nehi la paayenge to bachne ki umeed kam hai.” I cried loudly and said “aap kuchh bi karke meri maa ko bacha lijiye mamaji, nehi to hum bhai bahen barbad ho jayenge.” He thought for a while and said “mere paas sirf ek hi raasta bacha hai in ke badan mein garmi lane ke liye. Lekin…….” I appealed “lekin vekin hum kuchh nehi jaan te hain, aap kuchh be karke meri maa ko bachaiye”. Then he nodded his head and said “thik hai, tu bahar ja” i wanted to stay there and see his treatment but he forced me to go out and strictly instructed not to interfere until he asks. I came out from the room but could not control myself. In the next room there was a door in the common wall. The door was made of wooden plate. From the gaps of the plate i peeped into the room and watched his treatment secretly. With the dim light of the lamp i could see everything in the room. He is black and not so tall, just 5’6” but with well physique. His age may be around 45-46 years old. He slowly pulled the blanket and seeing the bare boobs of maa got surprised. Till that time he was unaware that she had no clothes on her body. Her boobs were looking bright in the light. Maa was fairer than me. She had 36d size boobs just little sagged unlike other women of her age. He slowly touched her boobs and twisted her nipples with his fingers. Mother was unconscious but her nipples became hard with his touches. He then started pressing his melons one by one. I was curiously watching the scene and getting excited. He sucked her nipples and nibbled them. I was feeling very hot. I felt as if some body is doing with my body. My pussy was watering with such erotic scenes. I forget that it was his treatment to bring maa into sense. Then he pulled the blankets away fully from her body. Maa was slept completely nude. He then moved his hand on her pussy and inserted 1 finger, then 2 and then 3 and pumped his fingers in-out. It was a new experience of my life. I had never seen such things in my life. Then he opened the knot of his dhoti and became nude. I got socked to see his member. It was abnormally huge, 11” long and 3.5” wide. It was stood like a pole. He took mustard oil in his hand and massaged his huge member with oil. His complexion was dark and the dick was darker looking like a black piston. He widened the legs of maa and kept his dick on the hole and pressed. With the help of oil his entire 11” dick entered in her pussy. He then pumped his dick slow then fast, fast and fast. Maa’s body along with the entire bed was shaking with his huge thrusts. After some time i saw maa’s fingers of her hands and legs moving. Then, slowly she started moving her legs and hands. I was curiously watching and surprised to see that with his fuck maa’s sense had returned. I felt that she is enjoying the strokes. Slowly she raised her hands and legs and clanged the vaidya. Vaidya mamaji was pumping violently. Mother was moaning aahhhhhhh…..isshhhhhhhh… ummmmmmmmm….. Aur joor seee. Mamaji was fucking maa continuously without pause. Both were breathing heavily. The sound of the room was awesome. Mamaji was pressing her boobs and sucking her nipples like a baby. Maa was enjoying very much. After about 40mins. Of violent fucking mamaji screamed ohhhhhhhhhh…….. I am cummmiinnnnggggg……. Aaaaaahhhhhh………… parooooooooo…… he slowed down and collapsed on maa’s body.

After some time he woke up and said to maa “sorry paro behn, mere paas aur koi rasta nehi tha tum ko bachane ki. Mein majboor thaa.” But maa had no guilty feeling rather she was happy with the heavenly pleasure which she had got after a gap of 3 years. She gave an indebted smile and said “aap jo bhi kiye bahut thik kiye hain. Umr bhar ke liye me aapka abhari rahungi. Aaap mujhe ek naya jeevan diye. Varna mere bache anaath ho jaate. Waise bi aapka wo bahut lamba aur tagda hai. Bahut mazaa diya mujhe. Zindegi me pehli baar kisi ne aisa sukh diya.” Vaidya mama smiled and kissed on her lips deeply which she reciprocated with opening her lips. Then both wiped their mucks with a wet cloth. I was watching all these things. I was surprised to see the reactions of maa on vaidya’s treatment. Whatever i was feeling grateful to vaidya mama for whom maa really had got a new life. I thanked god and prayed him. Vaidya mama opened the door. I was in the other room. He called me smiling and said “ab teri maa ekdum thik hai. Jaa apni maa se mil” i entered in the room. Maa was laid on the bed wrapping a blanket. She hugged me tightly and kissed me with blissful eyes. I could feel the secret of her happiness. My eyes got filled with tears. I touched the feet of vaidya mama and expressed my gratitude. Vaidya mama smiled and said that he has given the dose to maa for the night and instructed to collect rest medicines from his house in the morning. I understood that his fees are unpaid and he will collect his fees from me in the morning. I could guess what his fees would be!!!! That night i slept near mother. Suddenly my eyes opened. The lamp was still burning. I looked at maa. Her face was calm and cool. She was looking very innocent. It was as if she was in great peace after a good fuck from a huge dick. I saw the wall clock. It was 4.00 a.m. my heart bits started increasing with the imagination of going to vaidya for medicines. I was imagining about the forth coming attack to my virgin pussy. How big it is! How it will be in my little cunt…!!! When i was imagining it in my fuck-hole my whole body was tingled with an unknown fear. I could not sleep further. It was clear that it was the d day for me and i would be losing my virginity that morning. I woke up and finished the morning house works. Then i took a bath with hot water. While bathing i looked at my 32 size firmed round breasts and little virgin fuck whole which were for the last time were bathing as virgin. After few hours they were going to be kneaded by the muscular hands and ruptured with the huge rod of vaidya. My heart filled with utter dismay. Maa was still asleep. I wore a white cotton top with black cheap cotton bra inside and a brown color skirt with a tight old panty. I applied little powder on my face and combed my hair. It was going to be 5.00a.m. i called mother and told her i am going to vaidya mama for medicine. She smiled and nodded ok. My eyes got filled with tears; i kissed on her forehead and lifted a chaddar from the bed. I wrapped that from my head to heap covering my face and came out. The road was very lonely and my body was shuddering with chilled air. The nearer i was approaching to the house of the vaidya faster my heart was beating. I reached at his house within 10minutes walking. I gave a soft knock on the door of vaida. The vaidya was already awake. He opened the door and smiled. He was all alone in his big house. He was preparing some mixture on a table. He went to that table and sat on the chair and concentrated on the mixture again. I closed the door and went near him. The room heater was kept on near him giving good hot atmosphere. He asked “ma kaisi hai?” I replied “thik hai”. He then asked with mischievous smile “mera fees layee ho?” I stood silent bending my head down. I asked “maa ke liye dawa lene ke liye aayee thi.” He said “me jaanta hu, pahle tu mera fees to de”. He looked at me. I was standing still facing down near him.

With a smile he held my left hand and pressed softly. I was shivering and my heart beats were very fast. I did not move and stood silent. He then moved his right hand on my chicks, lips and moved down to my breasts and gave soft pressure on them. When i did not react to his act he got his answer. He pulled my chaddar away and kept that on the table. I was standing facing towards him. He then took his hands on my top and opened 3 buttons and spread the top exposing my black brassier. He cupped my breast and massaged both boobs and tickled my nipples over the brassier for some time. I was getting aroused slowly. Then he reached for my wrist and pulled me to him. I was shivering involuntarily. He pulled me so that i sat on the arm of his chair. Then he began stroking my arm in an absent sort of way sending down shivers down my spine. “to tu fees dene ke liye ready hai” he said with a naughty smile and i almost died of shame. Knowing that i will initiate nothing, he took the lead and slowly pulled my top down to see my gorgeous shivering breasts. “mamaji” i whispered but made no move to reclaim my top. He emboldened by this pulled me in his lap and kissed my lips. I closed my eyes as for the first time a man’s lips closed on mine and his hands traveled down to cup and feel my firm ass cheeks. He after kissing me full mouths at leisure picked me in his arms and carried me inside to his bed. He laid me on it and pulled the curtains closed. I still not dared to open my eyes. I felt his hot breath on my face as he climbed on the bed and kissed me again. This time his hands were busy pressing my little virgin boobs over my cheap cotton brassiere. Then i felt he was opening the rest buttons of my top and then his hands going on my back and unhooking my brassiere. I offered no resistance when both the garments were removed. Vaidya mama kissed my nipples alternately sending loud cries up my throat. Then he moved down kissing my flat tummy then my navel and licking it. Mama’s hands removed the hook of my brown skirt too. Now i felt his big cold hands moving inside my skirt and slowly kneading and massaging my fair thighs. I was taking his name in a low voice and asking him to stop. Mama raised my skirt to my waist and then asked me to raise my hips. I obeyed and then i felt the bands of my cheap blue panties being pulled down by his strong hands. Since it was tight it got ripped. I was trembling with unknown fear. He pulled that down and removed it from me. He then opened the knot of his lungi and got nude. My eyes were still closed with shame. I could imagine the size of his huge member as was seen last night. My throat got dried with the upcoming invasion to my virginity. I trembled with fear. He moved his fingers on my pubic hairs. He smiled and kissed my lips again and guided my hands on his tool. My timid fingers closed around a hard pulsating object of 11 inches long and sticky at the tip. “ye dekh meraa lund hai puspa aur me abi isko teri kuwanri chut me ghusane jaa raha hu”. I opened my eyes little and shocked to see the great cock so near to me. It was standing hard and wobbling up and down as if it was very hungry to thrust my love-hole. He laid on me and squeezed my pussy lips from outside with 2 fingers. I cried out loud and pushed his head between my heaving breasts. He raised my hips and inserted a pillow beneath my buttocks and then spread my thighs. I was dying of shame, lying completely nude like this in front of a man old enough, to be my father’s age. Then he placed his penis on the entrance of my pussy and slowly thrusted it inside my pussy. Just his head was in my juicy cunt, but it was paining a lot and i was shouting on him to get away……… aaaaahhhhhhhhhh……………. Margayeeeeeeeeee……mujhe chhod dijiyeeee……. Mamajiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……….. He asked me to bear the pain for some time. But i cried and pleaded to leave me. He then got up with anger and said “thik hai chhod diya, tu jaa. Soch le, agar tu muje khus nehi karegi, na mera fees chhodunga na aur koi dawayee dunga. Aage teri marji” i was dumbfounded with his words. I became silent. Then he said “dekho puspa. Muje maaloom hai ki suru suru me dard hota hai. Lekin ek baar andar jaaneke baad tujhe bi achha lagega. Thoda sabr karegi tab na.” I told with fear “lekin bahut dard kar raha hai. Aap ka to bahut mota aur lamba hai. Meri to jaan nikal jaa rahi hai” he said “dekho maine pahle bi kuwari ladkiyo ka seal toda hai. Par lagta hai tera ye chheda thoda jyada hi tight hai. Par tu chinta mat kar, tera kuch nahi hoga. Aakhir doctor jo hu.” I remained silent and lying in same position on the bed without moving.

Telling this much he again started kneading my breasts and twisting my nipples gently. My pussy was already filled with juice. After some time he stopped and applied a cream on his dick and on my pussy hole. Then he pushed my face in the pillow and smothered my cry as his dick forced its way in my pussy, i thought as if i was getting stabbed in my stomach. I cried “mamaji bahut dard kar raha hai, aapka bahut mota hai, me mar jaaoooongi” but now there was no turning back. He did not listen to my scream. Then he reached my hymen and waited. He kept my face in the pillow till the time his dick had penetrated my pussy and broken my hymen, “thoda dheeraj rakho” he was whispering while pushing with his hips and raising mine to meet his trust. He started to shake his ass lightly. Then he rammed in my pussy with full force and in one go he broke my hymen. His all 11” cock was in my virgin tight cunt. I shouted in pain and tears rolled out of my eyes. Blood was oozing out of my pussy and he started fucking me. When he was fully in, he lay still for a moment allowing me to get eased with the monster in my tight chut and then started to move in a slow gentle rhythm. His strong hands were kneading my breasts and hips alternately. Slowly my pain subsided and i was enjoying the pleasure. Finally i was no more a virgin. I started to enjoy the way his monster was moving in my tight womanhood making it stretch like anything and now i also responded by bucking my hunches allowing him deeper access. I was urging him to fuck me very hard and he increased his speed. Then he pumped his dick very fast without caring the condition of my little pussy. The entire bed was shaking and i was not able to meet his powerful thrusts. He was fucking me like a machine. My pussy had become slippery and his thrust was giving me more and more pleasure. I forgot that just before a few minutes i was crying to leave me. I unknowingly, with pleasure had spread my legs wide to take his huge monster fully in me. He fucked me for about 45 min. I got many orgasms and i lost count of it. I was very tired. I enjoyed each second of those 45minutes and then when he was about to explode, i pleaded “mama please andar mat chhodiye, nahi to me barbaad ho jaaoongi”. I said between hitching cries and sobs of ecastacy. Mama smiled and kissed my face and said don’t worry i am a doctor and know all kind of treatment. He after a great blow collapsed on me and poured his hot liquid in my pussy. It was an amazing experience. In that chilled winter i was sweating heavily. Really what a hot exercise that was! For almost 30 seconds i was feeling as if he was powering water to a vase. My pussy was overflowed with his cum. He got down from me and his cum were flowing like water from a tap. I was totally exhausted and had no energy to wake up. He brought a wet cloth and cleaned my pussy. He pulled me up from the bed and with much difficulty i stood up. When i was taking the clothes to put on back, he hold my hands and said smiling “kya kar rahi hai meri jaan, abi to sirf adha hi hua hai.” I looked at him surprisingly and thought what a bastard he is. He is a man or a devil! Is he going to kill me! But what to do, i had already surrendered myself to him for my maa. I sat on the bed helplessly hugging the dress over my breasts. My milky white breasts were turned red with his massive muscular pressure and nipples were aching like anything.

He was shamelessly moving in the room stark naked. His member was swinging like a pendulum of a clock. It was limped but still about 8”long and plump. I was dying in shame. He gave me 1 tablet with glass of water. I took that hesitantly. After 5 minutes i felt the pain is fading away. I was energizing and feeling pleasant. He brought 2 chapattis blended with honey. I was really feeling hungry. I engulfed them immediately. After some time he came to me and holding his floppy cock said “ab tu is ko chus”. I stared him with surprise. I had never thought of that, even i had never imagined in my dream to take such a nasty thing in my mouth. I refused honestly and said “muje ulti aarahi hai, me is ko mu me nahi ghusa sakti”. But he was not in a mood to listen me. He dragged my head near to his limped dick and forced me to open my mouth. With utmost hesitation i opened my mouth and moved my lips on the head. With my touches the dick slowly erected. I was feeling strange to see how a cock erects. I was holding it in my right hand and was unable to wrap my little palm over his huge monster. I also liked the taste slowly. I opened my mouth and licked and sucked like an ice cream. The dick became harder like a thick wooden stick. He, holding my hair from back, was fucking his monster in and out in my mouth. I was getting chocked and coughing. It was a nice feeling. I was very much aroused again. He was fucking my mouth and moaning aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh…. Meriiiiiiiiiiiii…. Puspaaaaaaaaaaaa……… raniiiiiiiiiiii…. Aur zorrrrr seeee….choooooooosssssssssss…. After about 20 minutes, he exploded in my mouth and loaded all his cum. He asked to sallow it up. I felt as if i will vomit. It was salty with a foul smell. With his compulsion i swallowed it up and licked his dick cleaned. Hi kissed my sticky lips holding my boobs tight and said “tu bahut mast mal hai re. Kya chustiii hai!” I was feeling ashamed. He had already put water on stove. He advised me to take a bath with hot water. After resting for 10 minutes i went to the bath room. He also entered in the bath room before i put the latch. He was still naked and smiling shamelessly. His cock was still semi erected. I looked at him surprisingly. He then said “meri jaan ek baar bath room me nahate hue ho jaye” i felt as if he had determined to finish all my juice from my cunt. We both were totally nude. I was feeling very awkward with his presence. He mixed hot water with cold and made it normal and poured on me. He washed my private parts with soap. I was feeling ashamed. He understood my position and smiled. Then he kneeled down in my front and took his face to my pussy and started kissing my cunt. He was mad and had lost all his senses and control. Then he straightway put his mouth to my teaming hot pussy and started licking lavishly. I writhed by his sudden attack on my most private region. He quickly caught my hands and pressed my waist with his firm palms not allowing me to move. He had held me very tight i pleaded, “mamaji, please loose your grip …it’s hurting”. He said, “sorry, puspa, lekin me ruk nahi sakta hu abi”. He continued licking my cunt. I started moaning and enjoying too. I arched back and pulled his face to my crotch. I widen my legs and gave a good exposure to my pussy. He spreading my cunt lips apart started shoving his tongue in the hole. “you taste so delicious, baby”. I was getting out of control. I shook my heap up and down. I clinged his hair and moaned aloud…aaahhhhhh….. Ummmmm………

After a good oral fuck to my pussy he stood up and again poured water on my body. He took sandal soap and applied on my body. With soapy water my body got slippery. He was squeezing my boobs with his left hand and applying soap with his right hand which was really giving me a different kind of pleasure. Then he took soap to my lower portion and applied on my navel and then on my hairy pussy. I was enjoying every bit of his action. He then touched my clit and sliding apart the cunt lips entered his finger. Since his fingers and my pussy were very slippery with the soap’s foam his 2 fingers easily entered in my wet pussy. Although it was aching little but for that moment my excitement over ruled the pain. He moved his fingers in and out in my hole. I was moaning with pleasure. It was giving a fantastic experience. I was enjoying that very much. Then he handed me the soap and asked me to do with him the same. I shyly applied soap on his body. His body was quite hairy. I applied soap on his monster too. With touches it became again hard. I moved my hands up and down and made that foamy. He was enjoying my gentle strokes with my soapy hands. He then asked me to lift my one leg so that his member can reach to my pussy hole. I lifted my left leg and kept that on the wall of the bath tub. He held his penis and pushed gently. This time it entered in me very easily. I was feeling very excited. He then without wasting any time pushed hard. His dick was thrusting inside my pussy like a steel rod in an oily pipe. I was moaning aloud. Aahhh…….. Mamajiiiiiii…… bahut achhaaaa lagtaa hai………… aur tez… jor se maariye… he was very excited with my words and rammed like a wild tiger. With foamy water our fucking was giving amazing sounds…pchh…pchh…pchhh.. Thachhh… thachhh.. Thachh….. After 45 minutes of ruthless attack to my pussy he screamed and moaned …. Puuusssssppppaaaaa……. Mujhe pakdooo… jhad raha huuuuuuuu. I had held his waist tightly. His giant 11” cock was thrusting my pussy violently. After great blows he poured all his creams in me for third time. We were breathing very fast. I had hugged him tight resting my head on his chest. He kissed my lips and asked “ye kaisa rahaa” i smiled and whispered “bahut achha laga, chudai ka asli mazaa kya hai ab mahsoos kiya. Aap bahut achhe wo hai…” i had turned into a shameless gal by that time. To spell this much out i did not feel ashamed. He laughed and kissed me again. We both took bath cleaned ourselves with soap. My fuck hole was swollen and had turned red. I could not touch even the peripheral area. I put on my dress back. It was already 8.30am. I was not able to walk freely as my thighs were aching. He gave me 2 pills again; one was for pain and another for pregnancy. I took them and rested there for 15 minutes. He then handed over medicine for maa. He proposed me to be his assistant in the clinic for rs.1000/- per month. I was shocked with that pleasant surprise. We were indeed in need of money and it was a great opportunity for me. I immediately accepted his proposal. I had known very well that it was his plan to get my juicy tight pussy without restraint. When i felt relaxed i returned to home. I was feeling guilty but i was also feeling lucky for losing virginity to a huge cock and which in return changed our destiny also. I reached home at about 9.00 am. Maa was feeling quite comfort and had started her stitching work again. She asked me the reason of delay, but when she heard about my new job she became so happy, she forgot every thing and her eyes got filled with tears. From the next day i became radheshyam mama’s assistant. My apprehension was true, his real purpose behind giving me job was to get my cunt at his wish. Day by day i also enjoyed his grand fucks and loved his huge monster in me. He even did not let my ass remain virgin and fucked my every hole in many different positions. I literally became his whore. Later i came to know that my mother is also addicted to his brutal fucks and enjoying the same behind me. With the grace of vaidya mama our financial position has been improved. Maa has opened a tailoring shop with 4 lady tailors. I have resumed my study and now reading in 12th in our local college. My salary has also been increased to rs2000/- per month with many other benefits for pleasing him with such nice cunt. Nisith is now reading in 1st year engineering in a reputed institution. And……. All these are at the cost of our juicy pussssyyyyy……. So my esteemed readers, what do u say? Is not it the reality of this society that virginity of poor girl is being sold?

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