Meri Biwi Pooja ki kahani
Puja and I had been married for five years. Ours was an arranged marriage. Although I had lot many girl friends in my school and college life but I had never fallen in love with any girl. Frankly speaking I was reluctant to talk to them unless the situation needed. Well, my friend circles were among the girls. In the chatting hours they used to talk about the girls they met and talked. I just listened to them without any experience to tell. They quite often humiliated me for not taking any interest for talking or mixing with the girls. They used to crack joke, ‘we’re very much in doubt whether he has prick.’ They laughed and I used to make face to them.

In the college the girls were somehow attracted to me, I did not know the actual fact whey they were. But I used to be a good student and I had never skipped my class. Whenever they needed some notes for the classes they had skipped I gave them without any question. I was not so good looking having a slim body. I kept my hairs long and well kept. When I walked they used to bounce and I heard some girl passing a remark, ‘Tapan has a good hair style.’ I laughed inside but did not tell anything.

Some how a girl named Nisha managed to be my friend with whom I used to go to coffee house for time pass. There she said, ‘Tapan, can you tell me one thing?’

I looked at her and asked, ‘yes, tell me.’

She looked at my eyes and said, ‘well, I rather we, my friends did not understand why on earth’s name you don’t talk with the girls? Do you have any problem.’

I took some time to answer her and said, ‘well, Nisha, not talking to girls means the person in question must have some problem. Are you telling this?’

She did not expect such answer. She looked at me with pain in the eyes and said, ‘no, not actually. But in general boys or girls fell for each other at this age.’

I asked her straightway, ‘do you mean to say that you’ve fallen for me?’

Here it would be not out of question to describe her. She was a good-looking girl who used to wear all sorts of modern dress. She had sharp nose, thin lips, round face and her eyes sparkled with life. She had a good figure but by nature I never eyed her physical aspect. I knew she was heartthrob of so many boys in our college.

She fumbled with the words. She sipped her coffee and took some time to find the answer. Then she looked up and said, ‘well, okay. Let me tell you yes, I’ve a crush on you.’

I laughed out loud, surprising the others who was away from us. They looked at us with questions in their eyes. It took her quite surprised. She stammered to find the proper word. She lastly told looking at the others to ease down the scene, ‘what makes you laugh like this?’

I continued to smile and said, ‘well, Nisha I never realized that a good looking smart girl like you can fall for someone who doesn’t have any interest over the girls.’

Nisha tried once again, ‘but Tapan, you must care for the others.’

I was rigid, ‘who cares for the others. I’ve my own world. I’m just happy with that. If you fall for me it’s your deed not mine, right Nisha.’

She shook her head. Her hairs bounced with that. She told, ‘you never understand. Okay. Lets go.’

We came out of the coffee shop and she bye me. Did I notice tear, as her eyes seemed to be soaked? But fuck, I did not care anything.

From the next day she never looked at me but the girls used to look at.

I was good student but at the same time I was good in sport also. Our college was a ranked team in inter college cricket tournament. We were in the semi final birth defeating some other colleges. We went to play the semi final in other college ground and defeated the team who was supposed to be good team and no one thought of defeating them. When we started from our college in the morning the professors and the students wished us a win. The girl students put ‘chandan tilak’ on our forehead to wish us good luck. I found Nisha was standing in front of me, which meant that she would put the ‘tilak’ on my forehead. But somehow she managed to side step to let the other girl stood in front of me.

I did not mind for it rather frankly I did not notice the change. We went to play to the other ground and I became the hero of the day claiming wickets and made runs. Actually by virtue of my effort and the captain of our team we won the game. We reached the final berth. All the professors and the students hugged the captain and me for winning this vital game.

I found Nisha stood at one corner away from the other girls but looking at us not directly to me. She might have heard my effort but I damned care about it.

The opposite team was a strong contender of the cup. The sport professor made it a point that we must practice almost everyday and no one would be allowed to leave the college unless our practice was over. The girls used to cheer us with the boys. Almost all the boys in the team had someone special except me. We practiced and practiced. This became a prestige issue to our professors also as they also joined the field to cheer us.

The final day had come and fortunately it was our ground where the final game would be played. We had an added advantage, as all the spectators were our college students barring few who had come with the other college team.

The game started and we fielded first. I took couple of wickets and saved some vital runs to become almost a hero. The opponent was bowled out with not so healthy score. But the game took a nasty turn for us as we were down by five wickets without scoring much. I went to bat with the captain and it was same like the semifinal so we thought. But the day had something to say to us. The bowler was good and a real speedster. His bouncer sealed my fate of batting further as the ball rose and I missed the line. The ball struck me straight on the face influencing lighting stars in my eyes before I passed out.

When I woke up I felt that someone had hugged me with both hands. I felt the pain as I tried to open my mouth. I could not move my face. I felt my head was throbbing. I felt the softness of flesh over my chest and the suppleness of hands on my neck and head. I realized that it was a girl but who could be. I tried to open my eyes but could not as when I took my hand to my face I found that the face was entirely covered with bandage except nose.

As I stirred she also moved up brushing her boobs against my chest. I felt the softness of the flesh suddenly removed from my chest and the supple hands were gone from my body. She moved out and was replaced by the doctor.

I spent nearly one month in the hospital for the treatment. My parents, brothers and sisters with the relative visited me regularly. The professors used to come to see me with the boys and girls. I did not know the girls. They wished me good health but I did not find Nisha. I heard that our captain had fought the game with tail Enders valiantly. But they could not save the game and we lost the final by some margins. I was declared the man of the series due to my constant good play but that did not give me satisfaction as ultimately we lost the game.

Lastly I came out of the hospital and started my college life again. I could not see Nisha further. When I asked about her I was told that she had left the college and it was she who spent almost a day and night in the hospital with me unconscious and had regularly visited the hospital to know my well being.

I felt emptiness in my heart. I felt that I had lost someone who really cared for me. That day I cried for her, tears were rolling down my eyes soaking my innerwear. That day I felt the importance of a girl in one’s life. That day I looked at the dark sky through the window to find Nisha looking for me.
I came out of the college becoming a man of his own looking for new venture. From childhood I dreamt of leading my life alone without any help. I liked the luxury of life but hated it without earning it. I loved the lavishness but hated it with out having it on my own. I tried on my own to make something and soon clicked on deal with a construction agency. Actually my father helped me to get the man and I took the chance. He became inspired with my smartness and sealed the deal with shaking hand. I became a partner of the company and soon we rose over the ground to stand on our own. We soon became a reputed agency on whom the client could put their confidence and we excelled.

We clinched on two big deals and it made us rich. In the meantime I lost my parents. I saw off my sisters with their marriage but two of my brothers went away from the house making petty causes that they could not stay with this old style. That was when my parents were alive. We did not stop them rather encouraged them to take their own decisions.

I renovated the house making it a splash one. I used to stay there alone. Sometime my sisters used to come to stay with me but for a day or two. One day after coming from the office I lay down on the bed and closed my eyes. I started thinking my old days and Nisha came in the mind. I recalled the day when she was with me alone in the hospital. I still felt the softness of her boobs over my chest. I could literally felt their swollen state. I felt some urge in my loin and I could feel the rigidity of my prick over my short.

I took my hand down there and caught hold of my prick. It was stiff and throbbing. I slowly moved my hand over the length moving the skin up and down. I felt the knot in the guts and a sudden urge of release. It came spurt after spurt throwing the globes of semen over my body and the bed sheet. I gasped for the breath and as I closed down my eyes I found Nisha standing at the doorway laughing as if humiliating me by saying, ‘so you live your world?’

I smiled and looked at her to see the emptiness. I drifted to sleep only to dream Nisha. The next day I told my partner, ‘Subir I need someone to stay with me.’

Subir looked up from the papers he was looking at. He rounded his eyes and told me, ‘tell me again, what do you need?’

I leaned down over him by keeping my hand on the table and slowly said, ‘I – need-someone-to-stay-with-me, is it clear now?’

He raised his hand and said, ‘okay, okay, I heard. You need someone to stay with you. Now who is that someone? Have you seen anyone? Is the someone a man or woman? Is the someone a maid or servant? Make it clear dude, make it clear?’

I tried to shout at him but realized that he would not understand me. I waved my hand and said, ‘well forget it. What are you looking at?’

He leaned over the paper again and said, ‘just got a tender. Going through it.’

I pushed myself off the table and went out of the room to my cabin slowly. I was damn sure that Subir was looking at my back. How I could make him understand my loneliness? How he would know what Nisha was doing with my mind? I shook my head.

The secretary asked, ‘sir are you alright?’

I waved her away and went inside my cabin.

I could understand that sex was now playing a role in my mind. So far I was away from sex. It was not that I did not understand sex. I did and I took part sometime with my friends discussing about it. But that was rare. Now I felt its stimulating effect. Without any particular reason I felt my prick went stiff and throbbing. I wanted to masturbate but refrained me from it.

I started seeing the boobs of my maid who used to come to my house everyday for household cores. She was a married lady in her early 30. She was tall, chubby with full boobs and hips. I cursed myself for portraying her figure in my mind. I never did this. But what the hell was going? I could not stop myself from it. I sneaked glances when she mopped the floor or washing the utensils. I got to see her deep cleavage, her full-blown ass when she squatted for mopping.

So long she was not aware of my glances as I never saw her what she was doing. But now she became conscious about my stare. She started covering herself properly. One day it so happened that she was washing clothes. She had squatted on the floor. Her sari was drawn above her knees tucked in between her legs. I could see her legs naked from her mid thighs to her feet and it had given me the same feeling in my loin. I tried to wrench away my glance from that provocative view but again and again my eyes turned to see the scene.

I said in my mind, ‘no, it can’t be. This is not the way to lead one’s life.’ I once more thought of Nisha. How she was right when she told that she had a crush for me. I slammed my fist on my hand and looked up to see that the maid had looked up at me surprisingly. I left her there and came back to my drawing room. I sat there and lit a cigarette. I smoked and looked outside the window. But the scene was forcing me. The scene of the maid’s legs. I got up from the chair and went beside the door and looked through keeping myself behind the door well.

Since I went back to the room and she thought of getting her alone, she had almost lifted her sari well past her thighs. I could see the creamy chubby thighs before my eyes. My eyes moved from her feet past her ankles to her thighs and above. I could see the swell of her ass. Could I see her ass crease? I squinted my eyes to get a better view but the gentleman played over me and I shifted myself away from the door. I could feel my prick rock hard. I was puzzled when my mind said to get her. What the hell I was thinking?

I withdrew myself inside my bedroom and lay down on the bed. The maid came inside after finishing her washing and found me lying on the bed.
She asked, ‘sahib, are you feeling bad?’

I looked at her and shook my head. I asked her, ‘but what made you think so?’

She started to dust the room and said, ‘no, you never lay down before this time.’

I cleared my throat and said, ‘don’t you know, this is Sunday? I’m relaxing.’

She laughed and said, ‘as if I had not seen you on Sunday? Anyway, if you feel bad tell me. I can be of your help.’

I did not know how she could be my help but I kept my mouth shut.

My hide and seek game with the maid went on for quite a time. During this time I had developed one more habit that was viewing pornographic films. I got them at the night for lone viewing, gratified myself after completion and went to sleep to dream Nisha.

One more Sunday came and one more voyeurism carried on. I got the excuse all the time to look at the maid. During such play I had seen her boobs when she was arranging her bra after completion of the day’s work. I could not understand why my fetish moved around her. I questioned myself always that I could go to any place to throw money and get the satisfaction. But this was the best bet to me so I thought. I was simply got myself buried in voyeurism.

When the night loomed over our area I went to roof after the dinner for a smoke and went through all around. There was a distant house whose bedroom window was facing our house. I used to see some movement there but was not sure what was that. One day when coming home from the office I purchased a long-range binocular. While purchasing it I asked myself, ‘why I need this?’ I could not come up with an immediate answer but I purchased it.

There was some sort of excitement when I entered my house. I quickly got out my outfit, got freshen, changed into a nightdress and waited for the area to go dark. I finished of my dinner and went to the roof on the pretext of smoking. I was not sure to answer whom but I was always ready with the answer, ‘I’m going on the terrace for a smoke.’ Of course with me was the binocular.

I came on top of the rooftop. Without wasting time I went straight to the spot from where I could see the window. I was disappointed when I saw the darkness. I waited there for some time to see some action but the window remained dark. I was just moving out from the spot to lit the cigarette the window lit up. I came to attention and focused the binocular to see more clearly. I adjusted the focal length and the room became clear as water. I felt proud that I had purchased the right binocular. At first I could not see any movement. I could see the dressing table with mirror and the bed. The bed was covered with printed bed sheet.

As I saw through the binocular I tried to remember the persons who was residing in the building. So far I remembered I had seen a man about 40years old whom I generally used to see around the house. I found someone through my lens and he was a boy about 25 years. He came to the mirror, picked up a comb and combed his hairs. He was wearing a short and sleeveless baniyan. He gave one more look in the mirror and went out of focus. It was quite a time when I felt sleepy and was thinking the venture was a flop then I saw her.

She could be around 33/34 years with a good body. I had never seen her. I reasoned myself for not seeing her, as I did not mix up with the local people as I was out maximum time and on Sunday I relaxed at home. She stood in front of the mirror and leaned forward to look into the mirror. She wiped her eyes and looked around. She got lost for few moments and then reappeared just in front of the window. I drooped down behind the parapet wall of the roof in fear of getting caught. Then I placed my head at the edge of the wall and adjusted the binocular to see.

I found her looking straight at my house, perhaps at me. I once again drooped down. After few minutes I looked up once more and found the window empty. I stood up and went a few steps back. I saw through the binocular and saw her standing in front of the mirror once again.

She unhooked her pallu from her shoulder and started unwrapping her sari from her. She looked at the other side perhaps at the door to see anyone there. She removed her sari from her body and stood there in blouse and petticoat. She looked around to see her figure in the mirror and placed her hands on her plump ass cheeks.

She slapped them and I flinched here as if she had slapped me. I laughed and told myself, ‘Tapan you’re scared. It’s not your game. Go back.’

But I steadied myself and looked through the lens again. She was unhooking her blouse from the front. I felt my prick started to stir. I felt the temperature building around me. I was breathing hot. I looked around to see anybody was seeing me then I laughed once again. My building was the tallest one and who was going to see me in this hour. I saw her removed her blouse and she was standing in her black bra and petticoat. She was so sexy. Her plump ass was my point of attraction.

She took her hands behind her back to unfasten the hook of the bra when she looked at the other side and quickly brought her hands back to cover her boobs. She was telling something to someone I assumed from her lips movement. The boy whom I saw first came into the view.

He came to her and stood there. She was telling him something and then pushed him back to the direction from where he had come. But the boy was firm. He stood at her side and picked up the comb once again and started combing his hairs. She stood there with her boobs covered with her hands. I thought at first that he could be her husband but age difference ruled that out. She once again forced the boy to leave the room but he stood his ground.

I found his face and saw him laughing at her. He had taken it as a joke that his bhabhi… yes, this was right. She might be his bhabhi. But where was her husband? How to know where he was? To hell with it, I told myself and concentrated on the scene. I saw the boy put his hand on her shoulders and pulled her towards him. She was at first reluctant and showed her uncomforting. But he was constantly pulling her and she gave up. She went close to him and he forced her to look at the mirror. I saw through the mirror that the boy was laughing and a faint smile was about to break in her face and lastly she also smiled.
Both were laughing and he was shaking her holding her tight against his lean body. She rested her head against his chest. He was a little taller than her. She looked at him and told him something. He then released her and went to her back. I saw through the mirror and found her leaned forward and he was doing something at her back. I realized that he must have been unhooking her bra. Finally she straightened up and tried to slide down the shoulder strap. He stopped her by putting his hand on top of her hand.

She looked up. He smiled and said something. She removed her hand from under his hand and let them fall at her side. He slowly slide down both the straps from her shoulder. I felt the tightness of my prick against my tight short. While keeping my eyes glued to the binocular I unbuttoned the short and slide it past my waist. My prick sprang free as it came out from the short. I removed the short while eyeing them. Now it was better. I looked down at my prick and saw it undulating against the night air.

The boy picked up one of her hand and removed the strap. He did the same thing with the other. During this time the lady cupped her bra cups against her boobs. Ultimately her bra was hanging with her support. The boy took his hand and tried to remove her hands from her boobs that she did not. She was squirming pressing her butt against his crotch. But the boy was reluctant. He caught hold both her hands in his and tried to pry them away from her boobs. The woman let her hands go and the bra came off sliding down the floor. She stood there with her boobs naked. I could see her nipples erect against the dark areolas. She hide her face against her hands but the boy cupped both her boobs in his hands.

He was kneading them, twitching the nipples in between fingers, pulling them away against her areolas. He rolled the nipples which made her gasp as I found she had made an ‘O’ with her mouth. He pulled her against his body crushing her ass against his crotch. He cupped her boobs and slowly started squeezing them. She took her both hands above her head and behind her. She placed them at his neck and encircled it with her hands offering him more of her boobs.

He spun her so that she could face him. As she faced him he kneeled down by bending his knees and took one nipple in his mouth. She sighed by lifting her head high on the air. Her eyes were closed and her hands were around his neck. He sucked on her nipple while he squeezed the other one with his hand. He moved to the other nipple to suck and I could see her sucked nipple glistened with his saliva against the bright light.

I was breathing heavily as this was the first time I saw such live sexual act. I had not seen such act in any pornography. She held his face against her boobs by putting her hands behind his head. She heaved as he sucked. She took one hand away from his head and slide it along his waist, took it in front and dipped it inside his short. I could see her hand inside his short squeezing his tool. I could see clearly her hand movement.

The boy took his hand to there where the thread of her petticoat and tugged on it. I could see the thread end getting longer as it came off from the knot. Ultimately both ends became free and her petticoat slowly slide down to the floor revealing her plump ass and supple thighs to my eyes. My prick jumped with more anticipation. I was literally gasping for breath with such erotic show.

She slowly guided him towards the bed and stood at the side of the bed. The boy followed her. He was trying to go for her boobs once more but she resisted him. Instead she lifted one of her legs on top of the bed and placed it there. She was standing on the floor with one leg and moved closer to the edge of the bed. She guided him to slide past through her legs and asked him to settle his head on the bed by patting her hand there. I could see her cleanly shaven area but not the slit as her mound was puffy.

The boy rested his head on top of the bed. He was in-between her legs. He was waiting there; his face was toward her pussy. She caught hold his hairs and lowered her down on his face and started rubbing her pussy against it. Her eyes were closed; she was breathing heavily, so was I. Her nostrils were flared; her boobs were swinging heavily as she continuously grinding her pussy against his mouth. I could only see the boy’s hairs. She was pulling his hairs tightly to press his mouth more on her pussy and lo the light was gone enveloping the whole area in the darkness.

I cried out, ‘motherfucker…..’ cursed the government for wasting such a show with silly power cut. I was still looking though the binocular. The darkness became heavy in my eyes and I put down the beloved thing on top of the wall and started masturbating with my hand. I was so damn close to the point of release that in two stroke I came splattering the wall with my cum. I sighed a relief and rested there with my hands supporting my whole haggard body on top of the wall. I regained my breadth, collected the binocular and went downstairs with wobbling knees.
From that day I constantly spent time on the terrace with hope to be delighted with such show but my fate did not give me any chance. I did not have any luck. Although not for a single night I missed going up.

That Sunday I was home and was sleeping. I woke up with the sound of knock on the door. I got down from the bed and went to the front door to open and found the maid standing there. I kept the door open and came back to my room to go to sleep. I heard the maid closed the door and then after few times later I heard the dusting sound, which meant that she had started work. I tried to catch some sleep but could not. So I called her. She came inside. She was looking fresh today or I could say the way I watched her. Before this I never had looked at her intently. I told her, ‘please give me a cup of tea.’

She nodded her head and told, ‘okay saheb,’ and went out of the room. I went inside the drawing room and picked up the morning paper. She came inside with a cup of tea and put the cup on the center table. While doing so her sari pallu slipped from her shoulder giving me a nice view of her deep cleavage. Her boobs were full and cleavage was so deep that I could not wrenched my eyes from that. She adjusted her pallu and shot a glance at me and went out. I looked at her swinging ass inside her sari. She looked gorgeous today.

I finished the paper and went to toilet. When I came out she informed, ‘saheb there is no vegetable to cook. Can I go to the market to buy?’

I thought for a moment and then said, ‘okay, you do your work here. I’ll go and buy.’

I went out and she locked the door behind me. This was not the first time I was going. But today my mind was saying to me that something might happen today. I went to market, purchased whatever I needed and then came back. I knocked on the door and waited for her to open the door. After sometime I again knocked on the door when she did not open it. I heard her voice, she was telling, ‘saheb, is it you?’

I answered, ‘yes, open the door.’

She told from the other side of the door, ‘saheb, I’ve come out from the bathroom. I am sliding the key under the door. You open it from outside.’

I asked her, ‘but why can’t you open it?’

She stammered and said, ‘er, I told you saheb, I’m in the bathroom and I …I mean…’

I stopped her and said, ‘okay, okay, just slide the key.’

She said, ‘saheb, open the door after some time.’

I waited impatiently outside the door and instead of sometime I took five minutes and then opened the door and went inside. I judged that she might be using the toilet. I kept the bag in the kitchen and when I was coming out I found her. She had changed into a nightie instead of sari. I gave her some time and went inside my room. I took off my dress and put on a short and a top. She came inside and asked, ‘saheb, shall I give you a cup of tea?’

I said, ‘that will be better. Yes.’

She came back with a cup of tea and then went out. I switched on the TV and played a news channel. Winter had just started. There was chilling sensation all round. As I was seeing the TV I checked my skin. It was turning dry; I scratched the skin of my hand, which left marks on the skin. I thought better to apply oil before bath. I made it a point. The maid was busy with the cooking and I was relaxing in front of the TV. I looked at the watch. It was 11.30 in the morning. I thought it would be better to get the bath. So I called the maid. Her name was Puspa, I forgot to tell you that reader.

Puspa shouted from the kitchen, ‘in a minute saheb.’

After sometime she came and stood in front of the door. She asked, ‘why are you calling saheb?’

I told her, ‘go in the bathroom. You’ll find a body oil bottle. Bring it to me.’

She went out and came back after a while with the body oil. She put it on the center table. I changed my dress and wrapped my waist with a towel. My upper torso was naked and that was not the matter. She had seen my naked torso number of times.

I took the bottle and started applying oil in my hands. After completing I applied on my chest. I was trying to massage my back when I heard her footstep. She had come into the room to organize the things kept here and there. While she was doing so she might have found me struggling with my back. I heard her laughed. I moved my head to look at her and asked her, ‘why are you laughing?’

She hid her smile with the back of her hand and said, ‘I saw you struggling with your back.’

I said as a matter of fact, ‘so, what is funny in that?’

She said, ‘you can’t do it with your hands.’

I said as I tried, ‘then what?’

She came to me and said, ‘give it to me. Let me do your back.’

I was surprised a little. As I never heard such statement from her. Touching my body was a far cry for her. I gave the bottle to her and offered her my back. She took some oil in her hand and applied it on my back. After doing a few stroke she said, ‘no saheb, in this way I can’t do your back. Better you do one thing. Lie down on the sofa on your stomach. It’ll be easy for me to apply oil.’

I did as I was told. While trying to lie down on my stomach I arranged my towel firmly around my waist so that it would not slip. As I lay down she started massaging my back with the oil. She seemed to be expert in this as my back becoming loose. She concentrated on the waist. Slipping away her hands from the center to the side of the waist and then rubbing their way to the center.

I heard her asking me. ‘saheb your back is done. Shall I do the legs?’

I was just nervous when she said so. I quickly said, ‘no, no. I can do that.’ I was trying to get up.

She pushed one hand on my waist to indicate me to lie down. I did. She tucked a little at the hem of the towel. I looked at her. She said, ‘just loosen it a bit, so that your legs can be free.’

I heaved my stomach from the sofa and she pulled a little at the towel to free the legs from the tightness. She started at the feet, kneading both my feet well with oil. She rolled the fingers with her hands, pulling them, loosening them, then guided her way at the top to my knees. After sometime she shifted her closer to my thighs and rolled the towel a little high on my thighs. I did not wear anything under the towel and I started feeling the tinge of the excitement at my loin.

I lay down still enjoying her massage. She made my thighs relaxed with her hands kneading them thoroughly with oil. She crept up and slide her hands under the towel. I did not know what she was trying to do. It was seduction more than a massage. She roamed her hands under the towel pressing the flesh of the thighs with her hands. My prick was dangerously extended in between my thighs through the gap. I was afraid she might touch it.
She ran her palms at the inner sides of my thighs which made me gasp. She was dangerously close to the knob of my swollen prick. I could feel the wetness in the towel which meant that the precum was oozing out from the knob. I prayed to god, ‘don’t let her touch that’ and I was relieved when she took her palm away. But that was for a few second and I knew she would again take them there. She brushed my ass as she did the back part of the thighs near the area where my ass joined the thighs. Then she again took her palms to the inner side and actually touching it. I jumped a little and a vibration ran through my body.

She did not show any sign that she had touched it but continuing with the massage. I felt the temperature around my face. I let out hot breadth through my nose. The room was heavily heated. Next she massaged the inner thighs along with the prick causing me heaved my ass a little from the cushion.

I took my right hand at my crotch and gripped my prick for getting any further sexual damage from her hands. I heaved my body up from the sofa and with a shy smile in the face I told her, ‘Puspa, you did a nice job. Now you go to work and let me do the rest.’

She looked at my eyes and said, ‘you surely don’t need any further help from me?’

I said, ‘oh sure. If you spend time here you’ll be late for your room.’

She got up from the bed. Her pallu had already slipped from her chest giving me a fantastic view of her deep cleavage and the upper part of her creamy boobs. She did not care to cover her. Instead she cast a glance at my tented crotch and got up. She moved to leave the room and said, ‘okay, if you need any help call me back.’

The game was over leaving me fuming over myself. I should have taken her help. She did not protest, did she? I was such a dumb headed person. She was trying to do me favour and me…the saint! Fuck you…I cursed myself.

I spent the day without any further incident. Puspa had gone away leaving me alone to think over the happenings in the morning. I told myself, ‘Tapan, you are not smart at all whatever you think. You’re a coward.’

At the night about 11.30PM after the dinner, I went at the top of the roof to have a cigarette. I lit it taking the chilling wind around my shawl-covered body. I was puffing and moving around. I suddenly saw the window, which was dark right then became lighted. In intuition I searched for the binocular but found nothing.

I once again cursed myself for not bringing it here. I tried to see from the distance but saw some haze movement there. I ran downstairs and went to my room and opened the cupboard. I found the toy lying there. I picked it up and ran the steps to the roof. I came at top of the roof just breathless. I did not care for my heaving but fumbled with the binocular to adjust the focal length. Ultimately I got it and the clear scene of the room just appeared in my eyes through the lens. There she was in blouse and petticoat. She was near the bed.
Hmmmmm…. Someone was there on the bed. I looked at the man. From his body he seemed to be over 50. He was sleeping so I thought. His potbelly was moving up and down with his breath. He was wearing a lungi which crept up above his thighs. One of his legs was bent and splayed on the other side. She tried to wake him up by shaking him. I found her boobs jiggled under her blouse, which impressed me that she was not wearing any bra under the blouse.

The man was sleeping like dead in spite of her shaking him. She stood there looking down at him doing nothing. Her boobs were heaving heavily under her blouse. She bent down to look closely at his face. The man seemed to be her husband. She sat down beside him and moved her hand over his belly. She leaned down to kiss his nipples and stayed there for a while. The lens was so good I appreciated my choice. Through the lens I could see her jaws were moving and her lips were puckered at his nipples. I could understand that she was sucking at his nipple.

My prick stood in attention. I realized that she became hot. She was trying hard to get him out of sleep. But she was so unfortunate the man was still sleeping.

She moved her hand over his lungi at his waist and untied the knot. She lowered down the lungi. I could hear my own breath. I was anticipating the erotica from this distance. My prick jerked under my barmunda. It hurt as it strained to come out of its confinement.

The man’s prick came into view in the midst of thick black pubic hairs. She placed her hand over his prick and started playing with it. The prick was soft. She flicked it on either side but it showed no response. She leaned down again and this time she took the entire soft prick in her mouth. I let out a soft cry ‘aahhhhhaaa’ as if I felt her mouth over me. Her head was bubbling over his prick. She sucked on it hard. I looked at the man; still he showed no response of waking up. I cried out almost loud, ‘get up motherfucker. Two lives depend on you.’

Surely it was. One was she who wanted to have sex so badly and the other was me who wanted to see the scene so badly. But both of us were unfortunate. The man remained asleep. Lastly she took out his prick from her mouth. I saw it was still soft. She flicked it hard on his belly and got up. She went to the dressing table and looked for something. I became scared. I though was she going to do anything with the prick. Would she chop it up? I read about this in the newspaper. It was happened in Japan where a woman getting annoyed from sexual dissatisfaction chopped of her husband’s prick with a knife. I found her moving to the bed with something in her hand.

My lips formed an ‘O’. I focused on her hand and got relieved that it was not a knife not a chopper. She had a candle in her hand. But what she was going to do with it?

I looked intently. I found her lying down beside her man pushing him a little away. She took up her petticoat above her waist. Her legs were bent at the knees and upward. I could not see her pussy but saw her milky thighs. She took her hand holding the candle in between her legs. I could see the movement of her hand. She was moving it up and down. Now I realized that she was satisfying herself with the candle.

God from a prick to a candle. She was most unfortunate of having such a partner who slept leaving this creamy woman unsatisfied. I could see the frenzy movement of her hand in between her legs. She was heaving her ass of the bed. Her eyes were closed, lips were clenched. Suddenly she went still. Her blouse covered boobs were heaving up and down over her chest. Her hand was moved out of her legs. She lay there for some moment. I thought this was the case why she was involved with that lad.

My mind strike with the scene…what if I found my wife with someone else being unsatisfied with me. It was a distant thought, as I was not married still. But someday I had to.

I found the lady got down from the bed, straightened her petticoat and went outside the focus and the room went dark. I moved back from the area and was astonished to find that my prick was also soft by that time. I did not give much of a thought to it and went down to sleep.
The next day I went to office where I found Subir was waiting for me. As he found me he took me by holding my hand to his cabin and offered me a seat. I sat down and waited for him. He had a smile on his face. He called the office boy and ordered two-cups coffee. I thought we might have bagged the contract we were working.

I asked, ‘is it the job Subir?’

He chuckled and smiled again. I did not say any more as I knew he would break the ice when he wanted to. So I waited and the coffee came. I sipped at my cup and found he was looking at me.

I looked at his eyes and asked, ‘why are you looking at me? Have I put the knot of my tie okay?’

He let out a sound by clicking his tongue under his mouth and then patted the table. Lastly he broke the ice by saying, ‘I’ve a news for you.’

I looked at him and did not say anything.

He opened the drawer of his table and took out a postcard size paper. It was hard and to me it seemed to a photograph.

He said, ‘here it’s for you.’

I took it from his hand and saw a picture of a girl. I was puzzled as I thought what I had to do with this girl. I looked at him questioningly.

He said, ‘remember, once you told me to look for someone you want to stay with. This is the girl I found after so many tries.’

I looked at the pic again and said, ‘so?’

He said, ‘so means? We’ll go and see the girl personally.’

I told him looking at the girl once again, ‘not bad I think. But…..’

He said, ‘but what….? Tell me the date.’

I said, ‘thanks Subir for being so kind for me. But give me some time. I’ll tell you later. Shall I take the photo with me.’

Subir laughed and said, ‘why not? She is all yours. Take your time over her.’

I laughed and said, ‘you sonofabitch…’ and went out of his cabin.

I settled in my chair and put on the AC. I looked at the girl once again. I was engrossed in her in such a way seeing her eyes, nose and lips that I did not notice the cabin door was getting opened. I just came back on the earth as Subir spoke, ‘ah ha, my dear friend is just lost in her world.’

As I wanted to say something he stopped me and said, ‘don’t worry bro….I just came to inform you that I’m going out for the new contract and will have launch there.’ Then with a smile he said again, ‘and if you’re finished with her then pull of your ass and please visit the site, okay dear.’

He pulled shut the door before I could say anything. I smiled and put the photo in the drawer and got up to go out. As I went out, the girl also went out of my mind till Subir told me again.

I tried several time on top of the roof with my favourite binoculars with no special lucks. Sometime I found the lady came into view but went out again. One day I waited for 2.00am in the morning but the room remained dark. I thought what the bastards were doing, would not they sleep. But I heard it only not by them. And then again the Sunday came and I was sleeping as usual.

I woke up with the door bell ringing. I got down and opened the door and found Puspa was standing. She smiled at me and asked, ‘still sleeping sahib?’

I came back with her following me. I said, ‘what to do? Don’t you know today is Sunday?’

She told, ‘how lucky you people are. You got Sunday as a rest day and we work everyday.’

I looked back at her and said, ‘why you’re telling this to me? If you don’t feel like working you can go back to your home.’

She laughed, ‘as if you know everything from washing, dusting and cooking?’

I did not tell her anything more and came back to my room. As I was going to lay down on the bed, an idea struck my mind. What if I seduced her today? Then I laughed and said to me, ‘me seducing her? It is she who is constantly seducing me.’

As I put my head on top of the pillow and slide my hand under it my hand touched something. I took it out and found a playboy magazine which I was shuffling before retiring to bed.

Then the seducing idea struck me once again. I thought if I could show her the book then what? But the question was how to show her. I could not tell her, ‘see Puspa, this is a playboy mag and you can see many nude model in it.’

So I was looking for a way to show the book to her. It was like a war to me to show it to her. I thought I should keep it in the TV room center table where she used to dust. She could easily find the book. It seemed to be a best idea to me.

I got down from my bed and looked for her. She seemed to be busy in the kitchen. I tiptoed to the room and placed it on top of the table and came back. On the cover of the magazine a girl with boobs bare and with thong panty posed. It seemed very impressive to me. I came back to my bed and lie down once again and pretended to be asleep.

She came into the room and asked me, ‘sahib, do you need tea?’

I looked at her and said, ‘okay, give me tea.’

She was with the cup of steaming tea. She came towards me and handed me the cup and turned back to go out. From her back I could see her blouse and lo she was not wearing any bra under it at least I could not see the impression. What a luck today! But again I thought why did not she wear a bra. The question of seduction again struck my mind.

I drank the tea and got down from the bed to go to the bathroom. I finished it and brushed my teeth and came back. I found she was inside the TV room cleaning. My heart started thumping loud. What if she questioned me back that why did I put the mag. on the table? My throat went dry. I could not ask her now for one more cup of tea. I had an urge to see what she was doing inside the room but could not gather up the courage to go inside to see.

So I waited in my room when she entered the room. She cast me a glance but did not say anything. After doing some cleaning suddenly she asked, ‘need one more cup of tea sahib?’

I cleared my throat and said, ‘well it will be better.’

She smiled and said, ‘you could have asked me,’ and went out of the room.

I ran to the TV room to see the mag. I saw it but could not recall the position of the book I kept it on the table. I returned and sat down on the bed. Then I remembered that I had kept the book with the cover pic up, now it was the back of the mag. that I saw. That meant she saw it.

She came back with the tea and handed me the cup. She asked me, ‘sahib, still you’re on the bed?’

I was confused. I tried to remember what I generally used to do. I could not come up with an answer. She told me, ‘sahib, you use to see the daily news on TV, isn’t it?’

I stammered, feeling my heart thumping loud, afraid she could hear the sound. I told, ‘news?? Yes, news…but …’ Then I said to her, ‘oh, yes…I got the news in the office. So I felt there is no use of looking again.’

She looked at me, seemed to be amused with my answer, said, ‘you people are so developed that you can hear the news of today on yesterday.’

I gulped down my own foolishness and I equally admitted that Puspa was an intelligent maid. While going out she told me, ‘don’t forget to get the oil massage from me, okay?’

Now, I thought that was too smart. What was happening to me? She was going to rule me and I was thinking about seducing her.
I saw her daring act as the time rolled on. She was washing the clothes in the bathroom squatting on the floor with her sari well up above her thighs revealing a good portion of her plumpness and the suppleness. As she half squatted her ass formed a big round giving me an instant hard on. The flesh of her thighs rippled as she washed the clothes in the water.

I wrenched my eyes away from the sexciting scene against my will. I moved towards the TV room and sat down on the sofa. I switched on the TV and started watching the news. I cast my glance on the table and still found the mag. on it. I picked it up and kept it on the heaps of mags. at shelf. But I was unrest. I could not sit there still. My mind was always going towards Puspa. She was looking beautiful today. And she had not worn any bra. She had a light pink colour blouse and a maroon sari on her body. She was voluptuous.

I got up from the sofa and went to look outside. There she was still washing the clothes. The scene was more bold now as she had almost exposed her ass I did not know why. It might be the reason that she did not want to spoil her sari. The swell of the ass was too clear. She had her pallu wrapped around her waist for which her ass was more prominent.

I thought if I knelt down I could see her honey pot also and that was what I was going to do exactly. But she moved that time to see me and I was freezed there. I tried to say something to save my standing there but no word came out of my mouth.

As soon she found me she lowered down the sari to her knees and tucked it in between her knees. She behaved as if nothing had happened. She asked, ‘sahib anything you want?’

I quickly told, ‘just I am looking for the snacks.’

She said, ‘wait sahib, just few seconds more and I am done. Then I’ll give you nasta.’

I hastily told, ‘its okay. Take your time,’ and returned back to the room. Really I was saved by my luck. Had I been knelt down and she found me what would have happened. I could not think more only hearing my heart beat against my ears.

I lit a cigarette and puffed to ease off the tension built inside me. After some time she entered the room with breakfast and served me. She put the dish on the table and paused for a moment before putting it down. Was she looking for the mag?

I did not want to see her face but looked at the TV. She told, ‘here, take the breakfast sahib.’

I moved to look at her and said, ‘okay, thanks.’

I started eating and she went out and again came back with a glass of water. She knelt down to put the glass on the table and I found right in front of my face her massive cleavage. I stopped in the middle to put the snacks in my mouth and looked at the most erotic scene in front of me. Her pallu was drawn on one side exposing her one full boob to me. The blouse was so thin that I could see the brown areola and the nipple.

My throat went dry. She put down the glass on the table and straightened up. She said, ‘I’m in the kitchen. If you need anything please call on me.’

She went out of the room with her ass swinging on either side nicely. It was enough for me to get an erection. I again concentrated to finish down my breakfast. What was going on here? Who was seducing whom? God, she was so expert to give me goose bumps all over my body.

I did not know how the time went away. I was seeing the TV when I heard her saying, ‘sahib, it’s almost 1.00. Let me massage oil on you. Then you will finish the bath and have your launch.’

I did not hear the sound of her footsteps but she stood at my side. I protested and said, ‘its okay Puspa, I think I don’t need the massage.’

She smiled and said, ‘why the other day did I massage bad?’

I shook my head and told, ‘no, no, don’t take in that way. But I was thinking why I need this?’

She replied, ‘don’t you know it’s winter and the skin becomes so dry. It looks bad if it is not nourished well.’

I laughed out after hearing her expert comment. I asked, ‘from where you got the idea? Are you a doctor?’

She sat down beside me on the floor and said, ‘from childhood I saw my mother did this to us and she used to say this if we refused. Even today we massage us with oil before bath. But not with such a costly oil, we use mustard oil.’

I said, ‘I’ve moisturiser lotion also. I can use that after bath also.’

She told, ‘I know about that. But it’s better to get the oil in the body before bath. Now get into a towel and come back.’

She was giving order as if she was the boss in the house. But frankly I could not further resist her. So I got up and went to my room and changed into a towel. But before that I did not forget to wear my briefs under the towel. She was in such a mood today I could not take risking.

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