Mere Dost Ki Bibi Ka Maza
We are living in an apartment at Gujarat. I and all the building residents planned to enjoy holi together. Let me tell you guys about my friend Sagars & his wife Snehal. Sagar is average man of 35, shy & sober. His wife Snehal’s assets are her huge tits. I was kind of charged with the idea of playing Holi with Snehal along with the neighbors. My wife was out of station on Holi. I wore a pajama kurta. When I reached prepared for holi I saw Sagar with T shirt – Barmuda & Snehal wore an old sari.with a sleeveless low cut one like transparent Blouse. Snehal was looking so sexy in that blouse, her boobs were almost coming out of the small blouse and her fair, smooth and silky arms flashing out of the sari. As soon as I went out, other guys were already ready to splash. The ladies caught Snehal and tried to soak her with colour, the guys were just having fun watching Snehal’s boobs jiggle heavily as she was running around to escape. I put colour on Sagar but he was cool.Snehal was running and her boobs were bouncing. Finally she got caught and ladies poured a full bucket of colour on her. Her sari was soaked and sticked to her heavy tits. Her big-big boobs were looking so sexy, every one was just looking at Snehal’s huge tits. Ladies were busy in applying colour on her face, while doing this Snehal’s pallu went off her shoulder and her bare chest was now clearly visible to everyone, she was sitting down and as she bent a bit of her big cleavage was visible, Her two melons were eager to come out of the small blouse. The ladies were enjoying Snehal’s show to their husbands. All the ladies planned something and suddenly charged towards Snehal, they grabbed her and two of them started applying colour on her boobs, inserting hands in Snehal’s blouse.
All the men along with me were looking at the show my wife was displaying.
All of us already had a lot of bhang and the effect of bhang was clearly visible on each one of us. Even the other ladies were also in a different mood that day. They were already soaked in colour and were not even bothered about the presence of their husbands. Moreover it was a private area, that’s why everybody was not bothering whatever was happening there. Other ladies also were showing off their assets and were not even aware in what state they were.
But suddenly something happened which no was not at all ready for. While the ladies were applying colour on Snehal’s tits, two of the hooks which were holding the blouse on Snehal’s chest went off. And my GOD!!! She was not wearing any BRA inside; her huge bare breasts were free, hanging and jiggling in front of all the men. Snehal was also shocked looking at her huge melons displayed nude in front of me and all other men. Suddenly I and all man all cheered for her as she blushed. Later it was an open ground for everyone, we all started chasing the ladies. I grabbed Riya first, a lady with soft and big boobs. She was trying to escape but I grabbed her and applied colour on her boobs, inserting my hand in her blouse. Snehal was almost out of the blouse now. Her sari was no longer able to hide her tits. Her upper body was almost nude. She was being chased by most of the men. Snehal was running around to escape & as she was running her big naked boobs were bouncing very badly. Finally she was caught and they applied colour on her face, but actually they never missed a single chance to squeeze her tits “accidentally”. I also caught Snehal and applied colour specially on her open , vibrant big BOOBS. She did not objected at all so I rubed her pussy …
I also enjoyed a lot that day, as most of the men where busy in chasing each other’s wives. Than one day when Sagar was not at home I went their and after some efforts had entercouse with Snehal.

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