Me, my wife and her boy friends
My name is deepak, i am 35 year old, married to priti 25 years since last 5 years. Ours was a love marriage. We have a son who is 3. I love my wife priti very much. This story which is real, however opened up an exciting phase of love and sex life for us and i thought i should share it with like minded men and women, who wish to shun hypocrisy and stay open in life for mutual satisfaction. Even if it means that your wife has to make love to other men.

My wife priti is about 5′ 1″, not exactly beautiful but very attractive to opposite sex. She has a hot body which she regained after work outs especially after our son were born. She has a cup size of 36 inches and a butt of 36 inches. Usually she dresses up figure hugging, tight tees and low waste jeans. This i encouraged her to wear, as i take immense pride when men ogle her when we go to malls or movies. I especially love to watch men greedily checking her out. She too loves it i knew. I usually buy her bras and panties of my choice.

Our sex life was a bit dull after our son was born. It was once she regained her shape, i started to take her seriously for sex allover again. Otherwise, i used to be pretty much in masturbation mode, usually fantasizing her younger sister and sometimes my own mother-in-law too. In order to spice up our sex life, i introduced fantasy and role play. Usually i’d make priti gulp a drink or two and then have wild and steamy sex by fantasizing men for her and women for myself. This was extremely gratifying for me personally, as i had always wanted to see her to be loved by other men, an idea she rather wanted to imagine than make it real, until one day something happened which i am going to narrate now.

Priti used to spend lot of time dressing herself up and making herself sexy for me ( and others too). When i used to draw her attention to ogling men, she used to give me a naughty look. Originally she used to feel very sacred about one man one woman thing, but then slowly she grew bolder and bolder. She used to be fond of black bras and grey t shirts and when she wore this, i used to make her wear low rise jeans to show off her mid riff and navel. Her round and firm butt made her look extremely desirable. Even young boys of 18 used to stand close almost rubbing their cocks against my wife’s beautiful butts and usually i used to make wild love to her those nights.

I made erotic stories of my wife being enjoyed by known men like my close friends and sometimes her own brother. Usually she used to get into wild orgasms when i’d tell her how her brother would make love to her. One day, my wife priti threw her sexy sleeveless salwar out and turned up in just in her black lacy bra and musky smelling panty. She grabbed my 6 incher and started sucking as if there is no tomorrow. Noticing i was about to come, she made the strokes more gentle and while licking and sucking my cock, she asked me ‘ jaan, if i ask you something will you agree?’

I said ‘ of course darling, anything, go ahead’. She then asked me ‘ jaan will you allow me to go trekking with bikes and sunil for two days? I just froze at that in excitement. I knew where she was coming from. Bikes and sunil are her schoolmates and she had even told me that sunil was her boyfriend before. Here she is asking to go out with them for two days. I said to myself wow! It is now or never and how badly had i wanted this to happen.

I said ‘ priti, you can go trekking with bikes and sunil provided’..i stopped. She said ‘ provided what jaan? Please tell me and i’ll do that’… I said ‘provided priti you carry enough condoms with you’..suddenly priti’s jaws dropped. From a discreet poser to a direct offer!!! Her expression said it all. She had tears rolling out in a moment of extreme emotion and said ‘ ohhh jaaaaaan, i am sooo glad to have an understanding husband like you. Oh my god, i love you so much. Ohhhh gaawd, thank you so much jaan’ and then she gave me the hottest blow job i ever had and licked every bit of cum, which was more a thanks giving gesture.

Later i made priti pick the kind of dresses i wanted her to wear for the ‘ occasion ‘ including her bras and panties. I even bought her sexy smelling deos. I bought one skirt for her and told her that she should wear it on the day she departs. The skirt was black, transparent and my wife’s panty could be seen easily.

On the d day, bikes and sunil arrived feigning innocence. As they came in, i called them privately and told them ‘ hey guys, don’t pretend. I know what you guys will do with my wife. All that i want you folks to do is to handle her carefully but do make the most of her. She is the sexiest woman in the world’. Both guys were in absolute shock and it was sunil who ran into the kitchen and broke the new to priti who was making chai. He lifted her and brought her to the living room and started kissing her crazily all over. His one hand was on priti’s breast and his other was on her butt.

Suddenly my wife said, … pleaseeeeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee.let me take care of something by my desk. She then whispered in the ear of sunil , ye sala meri choot me doosronka lund ghusadna chahata hai! Le dekh teri bibi kaisee chudati hai! Oohh chodo! Chodo! Jaldi se!” She soon came shuddering and gushing all over my face with a high pitched scream. Priti was then in full excitement and was uttering words like “…ooooohhhh…. Siiiiiiirrrrr … ohh ddeeaarrr… …ooooohhhhhh…. ….uuuuuuffffff…. …aaaaahhhhh… aaaahhhhhh…. Uuuiiiiii… .. Aaahhhhh.. Uuuummmmaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh …oooooooohhhhhhh…..” sunil asked her “priti kaisa laag rahaa hai tumhein…bolo naa priti meri jaan…” priti sighed and whispered “….janu it is very fine…i like it…you are quite expert in fucking… badaaa majaa aa rahaa hai mujhe.. Sunilllllll… ….ooohhhhh tum bahut achachha chodte o…..aaaahhhhhh….. Uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh ….. Oooooffffffff…. Suuuunil you are an expert….you know how to fuck ….you know how to fuck a young woman….ilike it…i like it sunil ….go on fucking me like a slut that……yyoonn hii… haan ddeeaarr yoonn hii chodo mujhe… tum baahut achchhe ho…baass yyoon hi chodai karo meri…oooohhhhhhh….. Khoob chodo mujhe…” phad dalo meri vagina ko.and the phone went dead.

While continuing priti said, “janu mera paani niklega (that she was about to cum)”. Oooooohhhhhhh hhhhhh mmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gooooooooood dddddddddddd, iiiiiii mmmmmmmmmm cuuuuuuummmming……moaning ,aaaaahhhhhhh. .. Ummmmmmmhhhhhhh. … Do what u want early pleeeeeeeeease …..ammmhhhhhhh .. Please please please … Aaaaah aaaaaah ooooooh zor say chuso, aur zor say chuso, aaj jitna zyaada meri boobs khay saktay ho khalo, yeh boobs poora muh me lay lo, poora kha jao, ummmmm aaaah aaaaaah” “ummmmm aaaaaaaah eat me ummmmmm ah ah ah ohh aaaaah aaaaaaaaaah ummmmmm, chuso mujhay zor say ummmmmmmm suddenly her legs started trembling i held her butts giving support.

Moans came her throat ,ooohhh ooohhh aaahh aaaaaaaaaauuh oooooohhh and she cummed
Bikes too joined the feast and straight away kneeled down and lifted my wife’s skirt and started kissing her cunt intensely. Priti was ‘ hey guys what the hell… Jaan look at this what are they doing to me… Ohhh so good, aaaahhhhh and in no time, priti came in sunil’s hands, while bikes had engaged her in an everlasting kiss emanating sounds ‘mmmmmm, aaaaaah, haaaaanaaa, ooofffff. It was a moment of strange emotions for me, to see my dear wife being enjoyed by young turks and somewhere, i felt i was right in freeing priti from the bondage of boring love. That she is mine still and that she is being enjoyed! No words to describe what i went through.

I told ‘ folks, forget trekking, stay at my place ( my son was away to his granny’s) and let me see how well you look after my wife and of course i am going to let you guys use my master bed room’. They were ecstatic with my suggestion and lifted priti to bed and threw her on. Both bikesh and sunil quickly removed their clothes and here they were, completely naked. Sunil had an excellent 8 incher and bikes was about seven. Now, my wife had turned into an absolute slut, as she sat on the bed smacking her lips and cupping her own breasts.

Sunil signaled to bikes, went to priti who was moaning already and slowly lifted her black skirt and started kissing her toes, calf muscles, then the white thighs, biting gently and making her go bonkers and he slowly moved his head towards my wife’s cung. Here he stopped a moment and took a deep smell of my wife’s cunt, kissed it gently and ever so slowly removed her panty and before i realized, sunil was sucking priti most intensely as she was now lying on the bed and moaning in complete pleasure of other men sexually engaging her in the presence of her dear husband. She said ‘ ohhhhh… So good sunil… Finish me offfffff, ohhhhhh, jaaaaaan look taat sunil….aahhhhhhh make me come sweetie. At this point, bikes went closer to priti and started slowly experiencing her round breasts entirely to the surface area and even stuck his tongue out to lash it on my wife’s breasts.

He then suddenly tore her tee shirt with full macho energy exposing her tender breasts in black bra. He then pushed the bra in his mouth and exposed her tits to a suck able degree. Oh my god, i am cumming to write this, bikes then slowly inserted his erect penis into my wife’s mouth greedily and entirely almost choking her. She swayed her head back and forth to give bikes the pleasure, while sunil by now was completely into sucking her cunt by holding him beautiful ass.

Sunil then did something, which scene i can’t forget my entire life. Sunil then slowly inserted his throbbing tool into my dear wife’s cunt and i could see his knob being engulfed into priti’s wet and hot cunt. The biggest moan came from priti as she said ‘ aaaahhhhhh…these guys are gonna kill me, jaaaan see what they are doing to your ohhhhh wife, can you please help this, ahhhhh, this is rape. Come on guys, i am yours this night and make the most of me in front of my spineless husband. I am all yours and you both are mine’. This encouraged them to sandwich her into two in one position and both of them without any hesitation took charge of both her holes while giving me a contemptuous look. Sunil was aggressively fucking my wife while bikes was ensuring her breasts are not left alone, by cupping and squeezing perpetually.

Priti was simply facilitating the orgy by adjusting her position and offering a great fuck to her friends at her husband’s expense. I then witnessed both guys comming one after the other bikes came first ‘priti, i want to fuck you girl and here i am not leaving you even if your husband is seeing you, ahhhh… You are fucking sexy priti and i want to ahhhhhhhh com on your face’ and then suddenly took out his cock and released it on her face. Bikes’s cum flowed in truckloads on my wife’s face, as priti simply lapped it up greedily, every drop. First time i saw priti having a slutty look and my god, i wondered if it is the same conservative girl whom i married. This encouraged sunil to fuck my wife harder, stroking his cock vigorously and greedily ‘ priti, i want to marry you, please, become my wife. Now priti moaned
“yes, bikessssssssss, fuck mmmmmeeeeee. I’m imagining my husband fucking your wife….. Bikes…….nnnnnnooowww…. Fuck meeeee…..” Bikes cried “yes, priti i’m gonna fuck you hard fill you with my cum as your husband with his cummmmmmm.”

“yesssss, yes, yes, yes, ooouuuuiiiiiii mmmmaaaaa i am dyinnnggggg uuuuggffffff mmmmmaaaaa i can’t take it pllzzzz take it outttt aaaahhhhhhooohhhhh yyyeeesssss it is feeliinggg sooo gooodddd fuck me fuck me ooohhhhhhh uuuffffff aaaahhhhh hhhhhhhh oooohhhhhh………..aahh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh oooooohhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh tell them we fuck together. Telllll themmmmmm fuck yesssss.”

Now priti crying for more fucking from sunil, “fuck me, suuuuuuuuunil. Pleaseeee, now….. Fuck me. Aaaahhhhh hhhhhhhh…. Oooohhhhhh………..aahh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh… oh god … Oh god
You are really good….just do this…. Yes….ooohhh…..suck it….fuck it…..yes… for the whole day’ oooooohhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssss yessssss…… come on ….. Mmmmmmmmmmmm ooooooooooohhhh oooooooyesssssssss… It was great…. Sunillll… come on mmmmmmmmmmm….

“sunil, pleaseeeeee put it innnnnnn fuck me hard, ooooohhhhhhh please,”“pleaseeeeee, sunil….. Fuck me more. Don’t eveeeeeer stop. Fuck, fuck …. Fuck, fuck fuck, fuck fuck, fuck fuck, fuck meeeeeeee.”Hhhhhhhhh…mmmmmmmmm…isssssssshhhh hhhhhh…oh…yeah…. Fuck, hard stroke…come on be fast…ummmm…ummmmm mmmm…fast….hard…ohmm mmmmmmmmohh…. M……ahhhhhhhhhh…suck…stroke…faassst.. Insert…more…fingers… …hmm omm ……… Come on ommmmmmmmm….ishhhhh which she did gleefully. But now priti cried. Sunil shouted let all three of us fuck you everyday, you be our wife and we will look after you well…ahhhhhh i am coming for you priti’ sunil came in what looked like eternity, as he took out his cum soaked cock and gave it to priti for a clean up.

Later both guys were stroking her on her breasts and kissing it now and then. This point of time, i entered the scene. Bikes said, ‘ deepak take your wife and clean her up and don’t forget, get her ready for the next session, we are gonna fuck her till morning. I simply obeyed his instructions and made priti wear her clothes and took her for a hot bath and get her ready for the next session.

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