Mature woman
My name is john thomas and this is my true story of my first sexual encounter
With a woman ever in my life. It happened when i was 19 years old my family
Use to live in pune. It was the summer of 1997 and my family including my mom
And dad went mumbai to attend some relative’s marriage, and as i know they
Wont be coming back in about atleast 5 or 6 days.

I was all alone in my home and horny too. I tried to get the load out of me
By watching a porno movie which i rented but nothing works it makes me more
Horny as my cock ( 8 inches) was throbbing out of my under wear. At the moment
I never had any sexual intimacy with any girl none what so ever, so i decided
To look for a prostitute as they are very easy to find in pune and quiet cheap

I was about to leave the house in my car as my cell phone ringed it was my dad
After a brief conversation he advised me to go to my uncle’s house who lived
Couple of blocks away from me and get some papers as my dad was expecting them.
I drove to my uncle’s house and rang the bell and waited till some one appear
To answer the door but no reply. They have a back door as well so i entered
The house through the backdoor. I came inside the house and saw a 40 -42 year
Old woman watching a porno movie in there living room. At first i get hesitant
But i said in my heart oh well and entered the room . She saw me entering the
Room and quickly turn the movie off. Eventually after introduction i came to
Know that my uncle’s family is also out of town for 2 days and that’s there
House maid from mumbai named as rani.

Even in her 40’s rani got a nice body firm tits round tight firm ass though
She was not that attractive from her face. As our conversation ended and i was
About to leave the house i had some courage and asked her what she was watching
First she was shy to tell but said its a porno movie and her husband died too
And since last 12 years she didn’t had sex so she rely on masturbation and porno
Movies. She saw in my eyes that i was checking her body like as if want to fuck
Her so bad which was true. She said john what u doing tonight i said nothing
So she said why don’t you come at late night around 11 o clock or so and i will
Show you something i agreed on that and left the house. The whole day i was
Thinking about her and her body and i cant wait till the clock ticks 11- i put
Some hot olive oil on my cock and massaged it as i was preparing it for a big

At exact 12 i reached my uncle’s house and i saw rani in drive way waiting for
Me she hugged me and i felt her tits against my chest and it makes me go more
Crazy. She took me to her servant quarter and offer some cold beverages . As
I was sitting in her room drinking coke she closed the door and took her kameez
Off then goes the shalwar . She was wearing a black bra and white panties .
Black bra drives me crazy on a women’s body. I often smelled my mom’s own black
Bra and the aroma of tits accompany with sweat drive me crazy. And here she
Is rani with her bra i asked her to take her bra off and she was first shy to
Do so but she took it off with a lil struggle with my hands she have small tits
But very big nipples.

I hold her tits and start sucking her nipples she gave me a moan which makes
My cock bulge out of my under wear. She took my cock out which was hard as a
Rock and smiled. She said my cock size is exact as same as her husband and it
Reminds her of him. I was sitting on her bed and then she moved forward and
Sit in between my legs and the next thing she did makes me amazed as i never
Expected something like that from a desi woman. She holds my cock in her hand
And kissed it and start licking my cock she was moving her tongue in a fast
Motion upside down on the shaft of my cock and this pleasure is making me intense
As it was my first sexual encounter a small amount of my sperm came out she
Took that in her mouth.

The next thing i know she took her panties off and brought a packet of condoms
And asked me to wear a condom i didn’t knew how to so she helped me in wearing
That condom. Rani asked me to lay down on her bed and she sat on top of me and
Slide my cock in her pussy. Rani then started jumping on my cock as i hold her
Tits and rubbing her nipples with my palms. She started kissing me and her tongue
Touched mine and i gave all force from my hips and start pushing my cock with
Strong strokes in her pussy we fucked each other for almost 20 minutes then
She said she saw a position in one of the porno’s and she want to try that i
Said lets do it. That was doggy position at first due to the darkness of the
Room i had a lil difficulty and as she was in the doggy position she helped
My cock going inside her wet pussy. You guys wont believe the sensation which
Went through my whole body i was feeling like iam fucking a “dalda’s ghee dabba
As i had no experience at the moment i suddenly start ramming rani’s pussy fast
And hard she start screaming which makes me fuck her more hard. I couldn’t control
Myself any more and shoot hot cum on her ass she smiled and kissed me and said
She understand that was my first time next time will be better.

So folks that was the first sexual encounter of mine with a older woman
And now i still say ” the wine gets

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