Masti In Bus
Hi, my name is Raj. I am a 24 year old Hindu in Delhi. I am an ardent fan of this site since I started to read the erotic stories 5 year ago that is since 16.So I thought of sharing an experience of mine also with the readers which I was quite interesting.

Let me describe you myself, I am a normal guy with a decent built. Not a rock solid man but my penis makes the difference. I have fucked 3gals in my life. I really enjoy the sex time. This happened about a day ago when I was coming back from the office. After seeing the buses in Delhi you can judge yourself how tough is it to travel with a total packed bus. So on that day it was same I went to the bus stand to catch my return bus to home which was loaded like ants. But I still got on it as I was getting late for Home. I was not able to even stand properly in the BUS, but after a lot of pushing around I manage to stand next to the front seat. It was just a 45min long distance and also a Monday. After 2 stop a cute little girl of about 24 years fair complexion walked in wearing a salwar suit. She stood on the right side beside me and asked whether I am okay if she stands near me since it was tough for her as there was no other option for her. I am a very decent guy… Since she was so hot I couldn’t control myself and my urge. I got extremely close to her as if I am laid on her. It was getting Ext hot inside that even one can not even breathe properly. I made my plans and got very friendly with this girl and came to know that she is going to the same place near my home. Let me tell u guys that I had lot of fun in these crowded buses. I never waste any opportunity which comes my way. I have seen many guys with the same intention on bus, a lot…

When bus started moving slowly and steadily in the evening time due to traffic in Delhi, I got close to her. There was not a small gap between me and her or even the air couldn’t pass. By then the conductor had also come in and then I bought ticket for myself and she did the same too. It was difficult for her to give the money from the purse as my elbow was pressing her right boob. She resisted a bit, but I told myself to stop which I did she paid after the same. Now I thought of the real opportunity which is coming to my way…

She was giving me slight smile too which only I can see. I think I got my message right away from her naughty smile. Soon the lights were off and it was pretty dark inside. I could feel her body heat flowing into me as were standing side by side and so close. Soon I started to put my right leg on her right leg for few minutes. And on her hair started to blow like whistle slowly so that only she can know what I am up to. Many times she giggled pinching my hands in the seat rod. Then I started to stop my leg work and started to press my hard Penis on to her ass. You won’t imagine how I was standing. It was tough but I did want to take the full opportunity of the oral sex. After few meters of the bus traveled I started to press my dick so hard that she saw me and gave me a very little and easy smile which gave me the green signal.

Now my hands were on the top rod and my penis was in full urge. She started liking it which I came to know after 30seconds. Let me tell you one more thing there was black guy standing back to her who was also stroking the penis behind her. When she saw back, the guy went in a second. This made me very happy as I am the only guy who will do the ass fucking…

Now due to the roads near my office the bus was jerking and same happened with me too. My penis was saluting as if I am in Army and the gun salutes. My penis, for not even once came back to its normal position. Then from the back somebody took my name. There I saw one of my colleagues, who interacted with me. I played a very good game, as he was just Hi type of a friend; I asked him for his contact no. which he gave to me. Then came my time, I gave my no. in a way that the gal can listen to it very easily. He was standing on the left side, but I continued my work of ass fucking!!! She was enjoying every moment of it. I love the way she took it calmly.

She was watching me in a way that as if she wants my penis in her mouth. It was as if I am in heaven I was pressing my Lund so hard which I never did to anyone in Bus. I had some nice fucking situation with other gals also, but she was outstanding. After watching me at my face she started to see down on my penis which was rock solid at that time. She never showed any hesitance which I liked a lot. I was keeping my hands on her bumps too. I was never letting her go beside me. I kept on doing something or other against her ass. I loved the ass of a gal or an aunt. It keeps me going.

In all these circumstances you cant do anything but can have only ass fuck session which I did marvelously. After 30min or so one of the gals from the front seat went down. So she sat on the front seat which was bad for me. I was still taking to my buddy and pressing my Lund too. When she sat she saw my face and again she looked down on it. Then I started to fuck her shoulder with my huge penis of 7inch. I just hoped it never ends. But everything has an ending. After a while of pressing my cock against her shoulder and pressing my thighs against her thigh simultaneously, my stand came. I said goodbye to my friend and walked off. I am still now hoping that the gal will call me at my number.

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