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Hello my name is Rahul (name changed).. I am staying in bangalore (vijayanagar). I am 5.5 well built goes to gym every day and ve a good physic… Let me come to the story…. I was visiting to my friends house regularly near by my house and next to his house there was a marwari aunty with a beautiful figure of 26-28-26… Too small but attracting.. She was like a hindi film acctress….

When i was talking to my frnd i saw her near the gate feeding food to her baby… I saw her very closely and she was seeing me and wathing me… I gave a smile to her intend she als responded to my smile.. I was glancing her small boobs and she was in saree.. Whn she bend down 2 feed her baby i saw her beautiful small brest and i did not take off my eyes from her and i thk she als noticed it but did not resist from closing. After some time while i was leaving i wrote my number and threw to her and left and reached home, after some time i got a call from unknown number and picked the call tht is my beautiful marwari aunty. We spoke to each other for 30 min and she asked me why did u smile looking at me i told her tht you were looking beautiful in blue saree.. For that she responded thx and she told me tht i noticed you seeing my balls (brest). I was shocked by hearing tht and she did not say anything while i was seeing. Thn she told me i wil cal u back and kept the phone.. Next day again she called me and told can u come now i am alos no one is thr in home and her childrens were gone to school i told ok i went to her home.

I reached her home and parked my vehicle near the next house coz no body shld notice me coz of tht. I called her again from outside her house and she opened the door and went to kitchen. I directly went to house and sat in the sofa, later she came frm the kitchen and closed the front door of her house so no body suspected us as it was around 12 in the afternoon. Later she gave me coffee and spicy food to eat and we started chatting for 15 min and turned to sex chat… Wow she was desparetly need sex as her hubby wil be busy with his business and need to earn money without satisfying her needs of sex.
Ok thn i touched her hand her body shivered wth my touch and she closed her eyes thn slowely i did massag to her hands, face, eyes nose and ears…. She had closed her eyes and was enjoying… Thn i inserted my hand to her waist… Guys seriously it was like soft sponge….i loved it.. She gave a mone haaaaaaa… Haaaaaaa… Slowely i was massaging her waist for 10 min then put my hand to her small boobs… Wow i was in heaven my rod was stainding wth 8 1/2 inches with 90 degree… She put her hand on my rod outside the pant and massaging it.. I was in heaven then slowely removed her sari and she was in her blouse, peticoat… I was kissing each part of ther body from the above of her clothes and she was enjoying lot…. Then i removed her bouse and peticoat and she was in two pieces with matching bra and panties… (pink) i was not able to control but i waited for some more time wth doing massag…i opened her two pieces bran and panties… I rubbed her brest and sucked it very hard for 20 min… Thn slowely came down to her waited and kissed it sucked it and she was enjoying a lot when i was doing al those thing to her.. She was holding my head and pushing towards her wet pussye…. I still went down and thr i saw a beautiful pink pussey with bush of hairs… (girls & aunties i like hairy pussey very much)… I licked her pussy and she was shouting like anything.. And she gave a sound uuuuuuummmmmmm.. Haaaaaaa…mmmmmmmmmmmm……. After hearing tht sound i was still mad… I inserted my tounge deep into her pussey and she was in heaven.. Her flueds were come out like fountain and i drank every thing… It was tasty… I asked her to suck my pussy but she did not as she did not do ths anytime wth her hubby and she told i wil not and next time i wil definately do it.. So thn she was desperate to insert my rod into her and i also did not waste anytime and started applying oil to my 8 1/2 inches rod and tried to insert my rod oh god it was too tight and it was not going in easily.. I did not leave and opened her pussy lips and inserted slowely and thr was sound came frm her ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… Loudly then i slowely moved to and fro for couple of minutes and suddenly pushed my rod deep into her pussey and she shouted again……. But i did not care for it and pushed it harder and harder for 30 min with 130 strokes continuesly… Then i filled my sperms to her sweet pussy… And we rested for 15 t 20 min we went to bath together and she hugged m tightly… And told pls come whn ever i call…. So i dressed up and went out…..

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