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I was married from last 6 years and i along with my family live in a nice locality and society in bangalore. V have a very big soceity and v used to organise a Lot of functions in our soceity. . She was married lady with 4 years shehild and hubby and stayin in my same building. Sheela husband was a typical marwadi guy with big stomach and loose body and was always chewing tobbaco. Sheela had a nice figure with a nice curve on her ass and boobs were like the boobs of nagma protuding outside and always askin to be pressed. She always had that wicked look when c used to see me and give me a naughty smile. But to tell u the truth i loved my wife a lot and was very attached to her so was afraid to do any move from my side.

It all started when v had a small gathering on our terrace and all the families were gathered on terrace for a function i was chattin with his hubby and came to know he had a plastic buisness and he was total drunkard and loved to eat and drink in life. When v were playin games sheela used to come near me and touch me.

I was afraid and used to c . All of sudden ther was a black out and everybody was shoutin, i went and called the watchman he said the power will come in 10 mins v lighted the candles and wer waitin for the light to come back sheela came near me and stood in front of and touched her ass to my corck. I went a little back and c moved back too now i knew c was doin it on purpose.

I too know purposely pressed my dick on her ass and was enjoying the feeling c got more bold and bought her hand back and was playin with my dick as v were standing in the corner no one was noticing it and her hubby was busy drinking. And then i moved my hand on her saree towards her boobs and was pressing them i was.

Also under the influence of alcohol so i too got carried away and was kiising them and her lips. I tell u guys marwadi females r very sexy and hot. Then to my bad luck the power came and v had to get separated. While goin down too at night in the elevator c was again pressin her ass cheeks on my corck but i wa safaraid to do ..

One fine day my frnd went to my home town to stay overnight as her cousin sister had come from newzealand and they were meeting after a long time. So i dropped him in morning at their place and came back to office to do my work. But in the afteernoon i felt like goin home and having a nice sleep.

I reached home changed to my dress in a short and tshirt had a nice drink and went to sleep, i was just dreaming about sheela and like i was feeling somethingh on my chest and thighs i felt like some thingh is movin on my thighs and legs like someone is massaging me slowly it was feeling great and i was enjoying it and was thinkin that it was a dream.

Then suddenly i felt like someone kissin and lickin my tool i got up suddenly and found myself naked and sheela beside me in my bed and c was too naked. I shouted on her and told her how the hell u got in c said extra key .

And c cuaght hold of my feet and started cryin. C said c has been married 4 years and still havent expereinced the true meaning of sex becaz her husband always come drunk and fucks her once in 15 days or 30 days and that too for 5 mins and he leaks out and go to sleep c watches a lot of dirty movies on cable and gets horny and So seeing me c got bold and was tryin to seduce me so that i can ahave sex with her. And c begged me to give her the feeling of sex and love. Looking at her condition and state of body i was also hot and horny and wud b considered a fool if i loose the oppurtunity so i caught her by the shoulders and gave her a nice kiss on her lips and forehead and took a promise from her that this will a secret affair between her and me. C said c will b my slave foe rest of the life.

I took her to the next room c asked me why i said i have sex with my in my bedroom and the bed. I wud not b able to have sex with u if v wud do it on bed so i brought her in this room. C smiled at me and said u r very shrewd and clever i smiled back then i was kissin and lickin her like a dog. And her moans of ahhh ohhhh ouuhhh were makin me hot too and i started biting her on her ears and kissin them and slowlly movin my toungue on her nose and lips and sucking her lips and her slaiva for 10 minutes c turned mad and went staright for my dick i.

Said i wud give her the best lickin and took out my toungue and stated licking her pussy. C had a nice clean shaved vagina and as my toungue was entering her pussy c was shouting vewry loudly akash aakash stoppp plsss stoppp u will kill me, c was doin this becaz c was expereincing for the first time. And while doin it c was biting my corck and licking it like a lolipop.

Now c was not able to control and c cummed on my face with a load of liquid i tasted it ands took it on my fingers and rubbeds it on her body and her tits. Ands started kissin ands bitin her boobs or suck what great boobss ands tits c had i was about to cum ands i shouted c saids plsss akash cum in my mouth i want to taste it ands i shooted it in her mouth ands c was lickin every drop of it like a small child.

C embraced me and whispereds thanks in my ears and dug her face deep in my arms. V laid ther for 1 hour and were talkin and suddenly c started to caress and shake my corck it was hard again and up xc was very happy and said akash pls go for the kill i m waiting for this day from a long time. I too with out wastin ne time made and lubricatesd her pussy with my saliva and lickin and c a was hot too and i with one shot enteresd my 7 inch in her pussy ands fell on her.

C was shoutin akash akash ohhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh my god i was also too happy so i slept on her for 5 mins and then started pressin her boobs and kissin her on her lips ands pushin my rosd in and out in her hole for arounsd 10 mins slowly c got accustomesd to the length and size and movement and now c was pullin me and askin for a faster movement and i started thrusting her like a animal and bitin ansd kissin her while i was fuckin her and c was shoutin akash akash ohhhhh aahhhhh pls dont stop plsss go in harsder harder and this was makin me hot and horny and i was pushin more harder.

I continuesd for 10 mins and i tolds her i will cum in 5 or 10 mins if c wants c can ride me and have the pleasure too of ridin a man c thanked me and siad aakash u r so unsderstansding and cooperative ur wife is luxcky women, then c got on top of me and startesd to ride me and was jumpin on me wild like there wud b not a tommorow. After around 7 mins i shouted and said i m cummin c said c had cummed 2 times till now and asked me to cum in her pussy as c is on tablets and let my love juice to b in her pussy and too make her lucky women . I shooted all my cum in her pussy ansd c took some on her hand and tasted it.

She thanked me for every thingh and was sleeping in my arms and started crying i asked her why and c said u have really made her understansd the meaning of sex ansd love and total enjoyment in sex wher both the partners enjoy it. I asked her to keep it a secret. C smiled and said c doesnt want to loose me and was not a fool to disclose about it.

I too looked up in the sky and thanked god to forgive me for cheating and thanked him also for havin me expereince a total different sex with another women.

But this expereince with Sheela have made me more mature and understandin in life. It has also opened a new door in makin for me in havin sex and makin love.

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