Mallu Son Desire Mom's Ass
We originally from Ernakulum, currently I am living in dubai with my dad and my mum, Suma in a comfortable 3 bedroom apartment. My dad was 49, married to Suma my wife of twenty four years, who was 44. My 19 year sister Shilpa is normally away at an engineering college hostel in madras, she is currently in dubai for Christmas vacation. I had just finished varsity and had started working at a software company.

We were a typical mallu family traditional, yet westernised family in many ways. Both of my mum and sister dressed in a combination of Indian and Western styles - more Western nowadays at home, and out shopping or relaxing, but traditional at social functions, where appropriate.

Perhaps it’s something biological that harkens back to my ancestors from Kerala when a girl with some meat on her bones was not only healthier, wealthier, but much more desirable. I’m extremely attracted to curvy voluptuous full figure women, even if that means they don’t have firm stomachs and may have extra weight on them. After all, I’m not exactly in the best of shape. I really do believe that the ideal body type for me is one that is curvy, round and full voluptuous. Certainly I am not attracted to heavy women or obese women, but I think nice hips, thighs and an overall curvy frame that is proportional is great. The sexiest parts of a woman are soft breasts and thick thighs and slightly rounded or fat ass, the “dimple” of the lower back that you’ll never see on a skinny woman, and confidence that she’s beautiful the way she is.

One hot day after shopping, I was following my mum up the stairs with the groceries, i got an instant hard-on, and my cock got stiff and throbbed in my jeans. It was as if my cute mum looked at me in the eyes and had squeezed my cock.

I kept my eyes on the swing of my beautiful mother's curvy hips, digging the sweetly circular motion of the shapely fat arse cheeks and the way they seemed to coil and uncoil with the climbing rhythm of her legs in her saree. My mum had a fine, swinging rhythm there, i thought; it was all cunning little jiggles and appealing, lithe motions, dipping into the hidden valley of her arse cheeks, rounding out at the tops of her thighs. her arse cheeks had stretched on saree, and the way they had wobbled and rippled as she had walked about

I felt my face flush, as i suddenly thought of going up to my mother and feeling the flesh of my mom's fat ass cheeks through the thin fabric of the saree she was wearing and cupping each buttock firmly, one each hand. or doing something really dirty to her like lifting her saree sticking a finger up her milky tight fat arse, just to feel how tight her arse is.

My mother Suma at 5'8" was still very much a good-looking woman, with a voluptuous full figure. She had been quite a stunner in her youth and she had looked after herself to tmy day. Her body had grown larger - she was now a size 14, but the proportions were still in balance. My mother Suma had quite large, 40D boobs which still gave way to a curvy waistline, but her buttocks and arse had grown after giving birth, she thought a bit too much, although in reality they were very much in proportion to the rest of her now, and a splendid sight for any ass man who loved a fuller buxom figure.

I had to admit she looked like a real slut even in her saree; My mum’s saree so tight that two flaps of her ass were easily visible and another thing that made me even more hornier was that her panty line was also visible. The outline of a ripe pussy snugged by tight lace panties made my cock stiff and I started to imagine what type and colour panties she must be wearing and whether it was those big cotton panties, or sexy laces panties or her tiny g-strings I loved smelling my mum dirty wet panties. I wanted to see much more of those classy legs, and maybe get a peek between the smoothly rounded thighs and fat arse.

I wondered if my sweet mother was having any affairs, at least i was sure that plenty of horny men sniffing around after that tight fat arse of her, and I envied those who were fucking my own mother like a cheap whore. I wondered if she was an ass virgin. Never surely my dad or some lucky guy must have had that tight ass. I Imagined myself filling her tight asshole with my warm sticky cum and watching my cum drip from my own mother’s brown puckered asshole.

Sad that the climb was finished, i lifted my eyes innocently and smiled as my mum entered the flat. That was something else, i thought - then her fine, hugh breasts lifted against a thin blouse and showed the points of her nipples and her sweat patches under her arm as my mum stretched before collapsing on the sofa. Wish I could have her soft big breast in my mouth to suck at. I wanted to smell her armpits. I wanted to make her mine so badly. I couldn’t wait to get to room and masturbate thinking of want had happened today and my hot sweaty fat arse mother

I zipped down my jeans and let my stiff hard cock jump out into my hand. i could just picture my mother suma stroking her long, slim fingers over the hard cock, running her red fingernails around the pulsing head and making it drip a little juice. Dropping back on my bed, i spread my legs and imagined rubbing that puffy, sensitive head up along my mother milky thick thigh, feeling it slip along that tightly filled nylon, then easing it over to nudge between her ripe legs, feeling up and up until my knob nestled into the lace panties.

I always had a thing for older mature women. i had a collection of porno pictures on my laptop which were mostly milfs and the 'over 40' type. I just loved to wank whilst looking at nude raunchy pictures of older women. Sometimes i would imagine my mother striking a pose like that of the pictures i would often look at, perhaps a like lady on all fours on the floor showing her asshole and pussy and looking back at the camera as if asking to be fucked senseless like a whore. Today my mother, in the tight saree she had worn during the day, the way her arse cheeks had stretched on saree, and the way they had wobbled and rippled as she had walked about.

Just has I had finished cumming, the doorbell rang and my mother call me. I quickly pulled my boxers and my jeans without cleaning my cum. My sister had just come home back

My cute sister Shilpa was much more outgoing than me. She has a beautiful face, but was a little thick in build with a rather plump ass and good sized 38C boobs, however her personality was much more relaxed and outgoing, and she seemed very comfortable in herself. Funnily enough, i ran recently also started to notice how sexy my sister was, Shilpa's ass was starting to look quite attractive as well recently. I was an ass man, no doubt, and both my mom and sister were both starting to look really hot to me these days.

I gave my sister a big hug. I was sacred she would smell my cum, yet it felt kinky hugging her. I felt my sticky warm cum dip of my legs as I hugged her tightly. I felt my sticky limp cock stir as her soft breast pressed against my chest. Deep down, I wanted her to smell my cum on me and feel my cock harden.

I had to go to my room as soon as possible just to wank and get some relief; my sister and my mother was turning me on so much.
As i lay in bed, i wanked myself off, thinking about feeling up my mom's beautiful wide ass cheeks, imagining her bending over the kitchen worktop for me, wriggling her butt at me and then letting me cum all over the material of her pants.
In my I moved behind my mother and placed my hands on her fat ass and started to squeeze and feel all over her wide arse cheeks. My mom responded by saying "Oh, my son what are you doing to your naughty mother? That’s so good, feel mommy's tight fat ass good."

I carried on squeezing and feeling her and then kissed around her ass through the fabric of her pants. Then i reached under her and lifted her saree and petticoat. My mother’s milky white thighs were getting more and more visible and 1 kept staring at them. Finally i pulled my horny mother’s petticoat completely upwards. She was wearing lace black panties, revealing the milky flesh of her fat ass cheeks in all their glory. Her black panty was drenched with moisture. It was obvious that she was very excited and was secreting juices through her lovely moist vagina.In my fantasy, my dick was hard now and he unbuckled my jeans and pulled it out, and started slapping it against the crack of my mom's ass and then on each cheek in turn. Then i placed the tip of my cock between the fleshy cheeks and pushed them together so they clamped over my shaft. She didn’t allow me entered her pussy, but was just waking myself in her ass crack using the flesh of her ass cheeks to rub against. I continued thrusting between my own mother ass cheeks faster and faster, harder and harder against the flesh there , until i finally came with a groan and grunt of pleasure, letting my cum fill her ass crack and then all over her fat arse cheeks.

I laid back and relaxed, enjoying the after-glow of enjoying yet another fantasy about my mom's fat ass again. 'If only it could become reality,' he thought to myself, and closed my eyes, relaxing backing on the bed.
Slowly I started to drift off to sleep, little aware that my mother was having sex with my father.

I was woken up by sounds of moans. I could only imagine the scene inside my parent’s bedroom. Then a thought struck me, maybe I could peep in. The thought excited me. I decided to take a chance get up and see if i could see anything from my parents' bedroom, at least I could hear my mum moan louder.

When i reached my parent's bedroom door, I put one hand on the round brass doorknob, and slowly turned it, so as not to make any sound. Then, the moment of truth, i pushed slowly, with a light pressure, not knowing if it was locked or would open. My heart jumped a beat, as the door moved inwards, ever so slightly. It was unlocked! I continued pushing the door slowly. First, open an inch, and then two, until finally it was ajar about six inches, and i slowly looked in a little around the door.

I was met an awesome sight. My beautiful mom, naked, was straddling over my dad's face, which was completely buried under her fat arse, and my dad was sticking his tongue into my mother 44 year old, but still tight, pussy, and slapping into her milky white fleshy fat arse cheeks as he did so. Her beautiful soft boobs dangled down. She was loving every second of it. My mother was busy sucking up and down on my dad's hard cock. It looked slightly longer and thicker than my cock, about seven inches in length.

All of a sudden, her mom looked up and saw me. My mother paused momentarily, midway sliding her lips up my dad’s hard cock, as her eyes met my eye in surprise. I stayed where i was, shocked, not understanding quite what to do, and scared that my dad would see me or my mother will tell him.

I was about to leave when my mum did something that shocked me. She carried on sucking momentarily, and then raised herself up a little and looked in my eye and said to my dad
"Yes, darling lick me, it feels so good to have your tongue deep inside my asshole.”
"I love your ass suma," my dad said, whilst my mother Suma pushed and wriggled her fat ass from side to side as he thrust his tongue into her asshole. My dad gripped the flesh at the sides of my mother’s hips more firmly and thrusting his tongue deeper, groaning as he did so, feeling the walls of his wife's pussy gripping his tongue.
"Even after all these years, I can't get enough of fucking you hot, dirty bitch, especially in your fat arse." My dad said.
" get up and fuck my fat arse “she replied looked right into my eyes, "I want to you to fill my tight fat arse with your warm cum.” Come on darling fuck me, fuck me please, I know you want to" she added
I was, still a little stunned at what had just occurred, and scared my dad will see me. i was satisfied to a degree, and the danger of it all had added to the sexual thrill! I felt a surge of adrenalin run through me as crept quietly back to the door.
I wanted to go back see my mother Suma was on all fours on the bed and getting fucked by dad.

[Image: 428zxc100K.jpg]
"Yes mom. I... I didn't see anything."

"I'm sure you didn't. Now honey, why don't you tell me?"

"I know mom. It's like some secrets just won't stay safe."

"Well," Suma my mother said, wrapping her arm behind her waist, "This secret is very important OK?" She looked so sexy in her saree. The material of the saree was so fine and tight, I could easily see the outlines of her sexy blouse and tight breast underneath. Her red juicy lips and her stomach

"Yes mom."

She smiled and look straight into my eyes and said. "Good boy." My mom loves so naughty and fuckable. She look so slutty!

"Mummy... Can I ask you a question?"

"Go ahead, honey."

Blood rushed to my cheeks and i could barely get the words out: "Did you really let your brother do you in your sexy tight ass in the toilet?"

My mother was taken aback by the blunt vulgarity of my question. "Now honey, I think that's private between me and your uncle, don't you?"

"He send pictures of you me."

Suma shook her head. "That little gossip! And I suppose you were really interested in all the details too!"

"Well..." i mumbled.

"You can tell me." Suma, my mother said. "Just be honest."

He struggled to continue. "It's just that you're so pretty mom. All the guys at school think so too."

My mother Suma played with her brown black hair as she talked. "Is that so?"


"And just what do they say?"

"They say you have the sexy ass, mom."

"I find that hard to believe. I mean, what about that sexy maid seema?" you always staring at her.

"People find hers ass sexy, her saree is always wrapped around her thick thighs so tight but it's just that yours are a bit bigger."

"Think so?"

I nodded.

Suma couldn't believe it. Here was her handsome son talking to her about her fat ass. She knew he liked staring at her like today when we coming from mall he was walking up the stairs behind me.

She knew he used to steal peeks at her changing clothes.

I always used to love looking up Mommy's skirts from as long as I can remember. It always looked so sexy and would always give me an erection. Sometimes I would peek into her bedroom when she was getting dressed.

I really love my Mommy. She is so beautiful and so much sexier than the girls my age. Actually, the girls my age are nothing but dorks the way they show-off their stuped piercings
But would he really go for it if he had the chance, she wondered, or would it upset him? There was only one way to find out.

"Would you like to feel mommy's ass now baby?" she offered sweetly.

My excitement was irresistible. "Really, mom? Can I, really?"

Suma grinned cruelly. How could she deny her boy?

"Fine." She finally said she moved closer to. It amazed him, because although his mother's ass was massive, they also lifted up naturally, almost defying physics. Suma giggled as she saw how mesmerized he was.

I stood there eyes closed touching her soft stomach for a few moments. The sweet aroma of her sweat and perfume lingered and enveloped me.

She kissed me right on the lips. It wasn't a sex kiss, but it wasn't exactly a mother-son kiss either. She let her lips rest against mine for much longer that the usual family good night kiss.

I tasted her breath as it entered my mouth. My dick sprung to life again and began to bulge and throb against my trousers pressing against her juicy fat ass. God, I wanted to give her tongue so bad! But this was my mother for crying out loud! I felt her lips puckering once more against mine sending ripples of pleasure all through me. Then there was that sweet soft suckling sound as she kissed my lips strongly one more time. So, I gave her a little tongue. I just couldn't help it.

Her lips parted at first, and I felt her ass grow suddenly warmer against my erection.

The sweet cherry taste of her lipstick was still strong on my lips and tongue. My lips still tingled from the sweetness of her kiss.

My cock throbbed from the feel of my mother Suma’s body against mine as we embraced, the feel of her ass against mine crotch when she rubbed her ass against me, and from the way my Mommy looked in that slinky red saree, with her black bra and hips swaying this way and that, and the way her ass . And, oh, yes! Her ass!

My cock still throbbed from the closeness and hotness of her fat arse, and my whole body trembled from my overpowering need. I felt her crotch grow suddenly warmer against my erection. The heat of her went right through me. And the way her hips and ass moved side-to-side as she rubbed against me …. There was no way she could not feel the growing bulge in my pants the way it was pressing against her ass.

But Mommy didn't seem to mind at all. She just kept on rubbing me. I got real brave and let my hands slide down from the side of stomach to the side of her ass!

Her face immediately turned bright red as she leaned back to look me in the eye. At first I thought she was going to scold me or something. But then her beautiful eyes closed and her face crinkled into a mischievous smile.

Her smell reached me. I inhaled deeply, letting myself get carried away. "Can I fuck you in the ass mom… Do you want to feel my hard cock in your fucking tight ass mom? Do you want me to fill your fat arse fill with warm sticky cum"

Suddenly, she felt my hand reach between her legs, touching her pussy through the silk of saree. She quickly pushed his hand away.

"Whoa baby." She said. "Slow down."

“You such a naughty boy, you would chase anyone in panties, your mother even your sister Shilpa, I saw the way she looks at you. You want to fuck her … don’t you”

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