Making Sleeping Sister Into Orgasm
It’s a cold winter day and parents are off to a wedding reception. They’ve left me as I was preparing for my exams and my Akka with me to help out. After reading for long hours, late in the night I go to sleep with my Akka in our bedroom. She is wearing a stunning white buttoned sleeveless shirt and a half skirt below. I go beside her n she has already slept on her sides. After a while feeling the cold…. i put my hands around her to warm myself in a hug and since its common between us, in her sleep she wraps her hand around me.

Once I found myself warming up in her heat, I slowly inch closer to her as I am aware she is sound asleep. And that closeness between us makes me feel her boobs over her shirt and instinctively I get desperate to feel more of her on my chest as I hug her even tighter. In the night lamp light, she looks real stunning with hair all over her face and back which makes it even more erotic. Now I slowly loosen my grip on her back and very carefully my hands open the 1st button on her shirt and pulling it out, I peep into her shirt. As her shadow hides the beauty inside making it dark, I’m forced to remove the next and the next.

They’re lying my hot sister with her 3 buttons removed n more than half her cleavage visible above her bra. Enjoying the mounds of the curves with the feast for my eyes, I hug her again, this time myself positioned a bit lower with my face between her 38s n head just below her chin & neck. Staying like that for a while after which I slowly rub my face between her where my nose and lips get buried between those two erotic mountains. Now as the mounds press my lips n nose like a soft ball of fire, lost in the madness of her beauty, the hand hugging her back slowly moves to the end of her half skirt, slowly pulling it up on the upper side.

Now still as she hasn’t pushed me away, I deliberately believe she hasn’t been awakened. Now a big surprise. Expecting to land my fingertips on her panty, when I slide them upwards, I find the raw mounds of her fleshy butts. Jackpot Baby! and I move further towards her with my hands on her butt cheek. Wow what a lucky brother i should be to have such a “Goddess made for sex” sleeping beside me. The devil inside me overtakes my all other senses than lust, I slowly put my hand on her shoulder, very carefully making her sleep on her back.

Now I sit at her sides and my fingertips n palms slithers softly starting from her knees upwards into her skirt meanwhile pulling her skirt up along. Now once it reaches up to its destiny, i rub my hands downwards again to her knees and once in her knees I slowly part her left leg alone from her right. I don’t know if she did it in sleep or in ecstasy of the touch, she turns her head to the sides moving her left leg in a triangle. Now already since the skirt is half way to her thighs, this spreading has lifted it to just under her pussy and all I have to do is, raise it a few inches to take a look at her heavenly flesh now

I get myself between her legs and without touching her I take a closer look at those beautiful lips and her milky thighs leading from it. Now letting my index finger out my hand i slithering run the tip of the finger through the line of her pussy lip from the top to the bottom end almost ending in her ass. Now still she hasn’t resisted me and when my finger tip swiped her pussy lip like a credit card, I felt it sticky. Now ruled with passion I bring my face to replace my
fingertip n softly peck the beautiful line that my finger sensed

And pecking on my didi’s pussy lip softly. This sends a wave through her nerves as she spreads even more n I slowly start licking her. With my tongue out starting from the bottom end, I slowly lick it upwards as I would do on a cone ice cream. With dripping eyes I lay my head on her fleshy thigh n continue licking her all over and my right hand moves up to her boobs over her bra. For every lick there is a full circle rub from my hands on her rite boob and I find her wriggling not sure unknowingly or knowingly from her part, her body dancing to the tune of my lips n fingers and a while doing that

I feel my tongue tasting something hot and I lick it even more not wasting a drop on the bed. As I continue licking she throbs her body under me with mild husky moans and I sense a stream of hot lava flowing out her where I greedily lick everything and as the flow stops her movement stops too and I too move to her sides and sleep with my hand n one leg over her immersed in the fantasy of my didi.

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