MY Sweet Babhi
Hi, i am Bobby this is my first story over here. I am going to share the story that took place when I was 18 years old. I am the only son in my family and my father is working as mechanical engineer in a private company, my mother is a housewife. We have our own house and my cousin brother also lives nearby my house .He are working as a purchase manager in a private company .My parents treat him as their elder son. I use to call him bhaiya .I was in my class 10 that time. In the month of April when my final exam were about to start and suddenly there was a marriage proposal for my bhaiya.Every one in my house was happy and even I was very happy. My bhaiya started applying for his leaves and after lots of effort the leaves was sanctioned for fifteen days only. My parents and my bhaiya started packing their luggage as my cousin brother’s family is settled in Rajesthan.My aunty and uncle had already chosen the girl for my cousin brother and the date was also finalized but unfortunately due to my exams I was not able to be a part of my bhaiyas marriage and due to date problem marriage was not postponed .Therefore had to stay alone in my house. It was 24th of April my bhayia got married and I was giving my second last exam. My exams got over on 27th April and my bhaiyas leaves were also about to over. My parents came back to Bangalore on 27th April as I was alone and my father was assigned only leave of only one week. My mother told me about the marriage and my bhabi as well.

Mom told me that bhabi is very beautiful and her name is Amrita. My mom said that she is going to get a bahu for her which resembles as my newly wedded bhabi .I was feeling great at that moment. I was very excited and I was dying to see her photo but as the photographs was not developed so my mom was not able to bring the snaps of my bhaiyas marriage .There were only two days for my bhaiya leaves to get over and it was decided by my parents and uncle and aunty that bhabi is going to come with bhaiya and she will stay with us for few months. On listening this mind was in seventh heaven because I have read many sex stories of bhabis and devars in iss. I thought that I will certainly get a chance to have sex with my beautiful bhabhi. I started making castles in air .I was eagerly waiting for the day to come when bhabi will come to my house. One day when I was coming from my Computer classes ,I rang the doorbell and my mom opened the gate .I parked my bike and as I entered the door I saw 2 suitcase and a bag which was lying aside the wall. I saw my bhaiya coming out of the room with a great smile .I bent down and touched his feet .He lifted me and hugged me .I started enquiring about my newly wedded bhabi and while I was enquiring I saw a very fair lady in a blue saree was approaching towards me. It was no one but my bhabi.I lost my senses on seeing her. She was about 5.5feet tall. She had big blue eyes with rosy cheeks. Her lips were very soft like rose petals. She was giving a very cute smile. It seemed that flowers are falling from her mouth. She came to me and I even forgot to touch her feet .She hugged me tightly .I started feeling hotness on my chest as her assests were crushing on chest. She told me that she heard a lot about me from my bhaiyas parents, from my bhaiyas sister and from my mom as well that I am very smart and funny and I make others life very joyful. She said that I was same as she has expected. I dint utter a word that time. I quickly went in and freshed up and my mom served us lunch and while eating I was continuously seeing my Bhabi escaping myself from my mom

And especially bhaiya.The way she was smiling and talking to my mom and to my brother was really amazing. Around 8pm my father came back from his office and he was very glad to see bhaiya and bhabi. At about 11pm we went to sleep. I used to sleep with my bhaiya so went to the room my mom said me to come out as he will sleep with bhabi but my bhaiya said that from tomorrow he will sleep with bhabi and today he wants to talk to me .We came to our room and my bhabi slept with my mom. My bhaiya said sorry to me as I was not the part of the marriage .I told him not to feel guilty as their was date problem and moreover he has gifted me a very beautiful bhabi so I have no issues of not being a part of marriage . After that I started enquiring about his marriage .He said every was perfect and suddenly I interrupted him and said that I was not asking about the marriage as I knew every thing from my mom that the marriage was perfect. I want to know about the first night of his marriage. I told him that I want to know how he proceeded with bhabi in his suhagraat. He felt shy and didn’t say anything. Next day I made myself prepared that I have to sleep and bhaiya has to sleep with bhabi.The room given to bhaiya and bhabi was just beside my room. It was around 11pm and after taking our dinner we all retired to our bedroom. I was feeling very restless as bhaiya was going to sleep with bhabi. All the lights were switched off and my eyes were still open. I was thinking about what bhaiya would be doing with bhabi, suddenly I heard the voice of my bhabi saying bhaiya”kya kar rahe hai sabra rakhiye, are mera blouse phat jayega badmashi thodi der baad kariyega”and after listening this I got up and sided my ear to the wall. There was a small ventilator due to which the voice of my bhabi was clearly audible. Suddenly the night bulb was switched on. It was of red color.

After that I heard lots of kissing and moaning sound of bhabi which was continued till 3am.This made me very restless. After that the light was switched off and everything was silent. I didn’t sleep the whole night. I was thinking of bhabi and masturbated thrice on bed. The next day my mom was preparing breakfast as my father and bhaiya had to go to their office, I came out of my room my father and bhaiya had already left for their office and my mom was doing pooja.I saw bhabi coming out of bathroom .She had tied a towel on her head as she had washed her hair. She was wearing a light thin pink saree and was carrying her wet clothes in her left hand. She was looking gorgeous without any makeup. She saw me and gave me a warm smile and I was looking at her big black eyes .It was very red and anyone can make out from her face that she did not sleep well last night. I also responded in the same manner. She went to floor to spread her wet clothes. When she was moving on stairs, she lifted her saree bindings with her right hand which was till her knees and on seeing her smooth milky legs i was amazed. After that she came down and untied her towel from her head and her long silky and thick hair fall down kissing her lower hips. It was a stunning scene for me. After that she sat next to my mom in pooja.Without wasting any I rushed to the floor and went near to her wet clothes. Her blue saree, blouse and blue color petticoat was spread on the string but the stuffs which I was looking for was not there. I lifted her petticoat and I saw a blue lacy color silky bra and panty under it. I saw the number tag on the bra .It was 43©; I lost my mental peace on seeing it. I put my face in the cups of my bhabis bra and my entire face was blurred in the cups of her bra. I then smelled her bra and panty .The smell coming out of it was

Really awesome which was making me conscious .From that day onwards I used to give very keen look on my bhabi.But she Use to carry herself in such a manner that none of her assets were uncovered. I tried lot to see her belly button but she never use to wear the saree below her navel. Somehow ten days were over and every night I use to get the kissing and moaning sounds from my bhaiyas room. One day due to some urgent work my parents had to go out of station for 2weeks so I thought it is a nice time to get closer to my bhabi.My bhaiya was doing extended shifts those days which starts from 3pm to 6am so I and bhabi used to stay alone in night. It was near about 10days when I have not heard any sounds from my bhaiyas room so I probably assumed that bhabi would be hungry for sex.I planned to seduce her. One day when my bhaiya was sleeping in his room, it was about 8am and my bhabi was preparing breakfast. I was standing at the door of the kitchen and suddenly she raised her hand for turmeric powder which was kept on the rack. Suddenly my eyes went to her milky waist. The side views of my bhabi was really mind blowing .Her boobs were huge than I expected and the saree which she normally wears above her navel was slipped from its original position which gave me a partial glance of her belly button. I quickly rushed to toilet and masturbated thinking of her. That night about 9pm, I switched on the TV to see a horror film on cable. As it was a horror week so for the entire week one horror film was supposed to come. I knew that in horror film there are some adult’s scenes and for me it was the right time to seduce my bhabi.the film which was coming on Monday was “100 saal bad”.

I called bhabi to see the film but she said she that she is afraid of such films as she strongly believes in the presence of ghost. I made her understand that I am with him and ghost is only imagination. Finally she was agreed to see the film with me. There were some really horror scenes and we had to see the scenes holding our breath. But once the horror scene was over there was an adult scene in which the hero lifted the heroine in her hands and took her to the bedroom. Hero opened the zip of heroines top saying her that he wants to count the moles at her back. It was really excited scene as heroine was wearing black bra. I was seeing my bhabi from the corners of my eyes and I realized that she is getting hot. She took the remote and tried to change the channel but I said that it is a part of film and it will break the fun of the movie and my bhabi gave the remote to me and try to leave the room .She went to the door and again come back. The really horror scene restricted bhabi to move out of the room I smiled silently and congrats myself that my plan is succeeding. I knew that if my bhabi will sit for few more minutes then surely she will be seduced more. I was in my shorts and i knew that there is some more adult scene in this film. As the movie progressed hero got married to heroine and it was there suhagraat.It was a very bold scene in which hero undresses heroine slowly. It was xx movie. On seeing this scene there was a huge bulge in my shorts and my bhabi noticed it. Even she was not able to control her feelings and she put her hand on my thigh and the other hand was under saree.I am sure she must be pressing her boobs.It was 11pm suddenly the power supply was cut off. She hugged me tightly and requested not to leave her alone. Her boobs were crushing on my chest and a strange current was flowing from my head to foot.i told her that I will be always with her till my last breath. I told her to sit there for a minute so that I can light a candle and fortunately cande was not there .I told her to wait for five minutes so that I can bring some candles but she continuously denied. I made her understand that it will not take more

Than 5min and at last she agreed .I told her to close the gate and went for candles. Sit was 11pm so almost all the shops were closed .I was very happy as everything was going according to my wish. After about 20minutes I Went back to home and knock the main gate.Bhabi opened the door and hugged me tightly. She was crying. She was really very afraid. I consoled her and said sorry. Then I reminded her words that I will be with her till my last breath. Suddenly the power supply was on and we went inside the room. She said thanks to me and said that whenever I will need her help just feel free to come to her. I thought that it was the right time to take the chance and I stopped bhabi.I said her that I need her help very badly. She questioned me what help I need from her. I told her to promise me that she will not say no to me. She readily agreed and asked me again that what help I want from her. I took her hands in my hands and said that from the day one when I saw her I was suffering of sleepless nights. I had lost my mental peace .I used to love her in my thoughts and I want to have physical relationship with her. On hearing this she strongly disagreed and got angry. She said that this is not possible .I went to her with folded hands and requested like a baby. I told that everything in this world is possible and if she don’t wants the sexual relationship then at least come nude before me .She was continuously saying no to it . I again requested to give one chance and after that I will not ask anything from her. After lots of request she agreed and I promised that I will not tell anything about us. I requested her to wear red saree and blouse and get makeup like a bride. I gave her silky lacy red bra and panty which I had seen in her almirah.When she use to go for a bath I used to look for her undergarments in her almirah.I told bhabi to sit in bhaiyas room after she is dressed up. It was 12.30am when I entered the room.Bhabi was sitting in bridal dress with long veil in front of her.I went to her and lifted her veil. She closed her eyes.

She was looking very pretty. I turned her around and pushed here a little against mirror wall and came closer to her. I started feeling his breath over my face now. I took her face with both my hands and kissed her on her lips. I kissed her lips hard and started sucking like a candy.Bhabi also started responding. I inserted my tongue inside her mouth. I opened her hair bun and allowed her long and thick hair to touch her hips. After few minutes I put my right hand on her left shoulder and remove the saree pin. She kept her eyes closed then I slipped her pallo down .The pallo fall down. First time I saw my bhabis 43© sized boobs which was covered by her red blouse. It was very tight and just fighting to come out of the blouse. Then I hold her hand and made her sit on the stool in front of dressing table. I stood behind her admiring her in the mirror.i looked down and feasted my eyes under her deep cleavage. I was kissing her body that was holding jewellery.First I removed the gold chain from her head arranged along the hair partition and kissed her forehead. Then I removed the earrings and fondled her earlobes with my lips and gave a gentle bite. Bhabi could not control herself and bit her own lips. I removed the nose ring and gave her nose a nudge with my nose. I then bent down and removed her necklace and kissed her on her neck. I left the bangles as I love the sound of the bangles. I followed my mouth from her hands over to her fingers. I wrapped my arms around her back and started exploring her exposed back and waist. I untied her waistband and put it on the dressing table. And then the last piece of jewelry left on her was her ankles. So I just sat down and took her left leg in my lap and very lovingly removed her payal and then did the same to her right hand. I was kissing every part of her body from where the jeweler was

Removed. Then I made and stood behind her brought my hands around her and untied the bindings of her saree .I then totally removed her saree and put it over sofa. I realized that bhabi was also enjoying the way I was undressing her. I sat down at the edge of the bed and made her stand in front Of me .I did not even switched off the light because I wanted to visualize every part of her body very closely. She had tied her petticoat over her navel so it was really hard for me to locate the belly button and belly button is one of the favorite part of a woman which I like more .So, I slipped her petticoat 2 inch below and saw her very deep ,round and big navel. On seeing her navel I assumed her as the goddess of beautiful navel. I hugged her and put my face deep in her belly. I was licking her stomach and my hands were caressing and squeezing her ass over her petticoat. Bhabi was also getting excited and she put her hands on my head and started caressing my hair. I put my tongue inside her deep navel and circled around it .While I was doing so my bhabi hold my head more tightly against her. Then after 12min of licking I removed my head from her belly and moved my hands to her boobs.My bhabis boobs were so huge that one hand was insufficient to hold it .I started pressing and squeezing the huge boobs hardly. My bhabhi started moaning slowly. I Then buried my face in the deep valley and with the help of my mouth I started to open the button, my both the hands were on her boobs and I can felt that her nipples were getting errected.The blouse was very tight so I moved my hands to the blouse button and started opening them one by one. I kissed and licked whatever skin showed up.

It was very difficult for my bhabi to stand straight as I have made my bhabi hot and excited. I partially opened the blouse button and taken her left boob in my mouth and started sucking it over the blouse. I was just biting her nipples in my teeth. After sometime I opened her blouse completely from the front and let it like that .I was looking at her silky sexy red lacy bra that was covering just half of her boobs.I quickly put my mouth to one of her boob over her bra and started squeezing her other boob with one hand and I also helped her in removing her blouse from her hands with my other free hand. I was sitting with my legs spread and bhabi was standing in between my legs. I had not touched her pussy yet. I then moved my teeth on her left shoulder in order to remove her bra stripe. I found really hard to do so, so I put my hand on her shoulder so that I can slip the bra stripes from her shoulder .I slipped the left stripe first and then the right stripe .The bra was really very tight so without wasting time I opened the hooks of her bra one by one and took out her bra from behind. She instinctively brought her hands to cover her breasts and closed her eyes in shy. I smiled and put his palms on her palms. Slowly I pushed her hands down along her breasts. She did not resist me.Bhabi could feel a tingle in her body as my hand lightly along with her hands over her breasts.Bhabi sensed her nipples getting hard and her thighs getting tense.Hertight hooters were in front of my eyes and near my mouth. My mouth remained wide open for a while on looking at her tight boobs.It was full in size, 40© inches, but her boobs were tight, as a teenager would have. My squeezing and licking had made them harder and her nipples were erected. I gasped and said these are the best boobs I had seen in my life. And then with my mouth, lips, tongue and hands I attacked both her boobs, as if there was no tomorrow. I made so many love bites on her boobs all over. I was just chewing her nipple very hardly and my bhabi kept on saying “Aram se, Dard ho raha hai”.Now my right hand moved to her ass and started squeezing her full buttocks. Then I

Removed my shirt and pant and I was standing in my underwear before my bhabi.I then hugged her tight and her boobs was crushing against my chest. She wrapped her hands around my neck tightly and I was caressing her back and her buttocks. She could feel my hardness against her thighs .Then I pushed my pelvis against her pussy and pulled her closer to me from her ass. She could feel my penis heat against her pussy and then I pushed her over the bed. I followed the same, lying on top of her. Her tits were standing erect. I started licking her whole body, every inch of it. I kissed her and lick her flesh. I was licking her face; I ate her lips, kissed her neck and moved down. I spent plenty of time in licking and squeezing her boobs and then moved downwards to her stomach and belly. She was moaning like anything. I kept licking and keep moving down and down and stopped just above her pussy. I was avoiding her pussy more and more. Then I moved to her feet and started kissing and licking her legs. I started my journey upwards, licking it slowly and spending time at every inch of flesh. I was keeping on pushing her petticoat upwards; as I kept moving upwards I was kissing her. Now I realize that she is all wet and it was difficult to control for her. She was squirming left and right on the bed and moving her ass upwards. I moved upwards towards her knees and then to thighs. I was also caressing her inner thighs while and kissing them. I smell her erotic aroma of her cunt juices and I like it, I finally opened the string of her petticoat and pulled it down. She raised her ass to remove it. I just liked what I was seeing. Who wouldn’t like a sexy pussy covered in sexy red silk panty? In lust I just bent down quickly and kissed her pussy over her panty. I took out my tongue and licked her entire panty and in-turn her pussy under it. I saw that her cunt started pouring more juices that had come over her panty as well. I moved my hands under her ass and my fingers under the elastic band and in one quick jerk I pulled them down.

Then I saw her pubic hair which made more delighted her cunt lips had swollen a bit .I started licking her juicy cunt… She was moaning loudly. She started jerking her ass in upward motion in order to meet more of my tongue. I kept on licking and eating her. Now I couldn’t control any further and quickly removed my underwear Bhabi requested me to go slow. I smiled, didn’t bother much, but asked her to relax. With my hands I started spreading her legs farther I spread her legs and asked bhabi to spread them further and lift them as well. She followed my commands. I hold her legs and put them on my shoulders. I brought my penis near to her pussy, adjusted the tip over her pussy and started to push it inside. It was still tight, and I thought that my dick is bigger than bhaiyas.I spread her cunt lips with one hand and hold my penis with other hand and pushed it harder the next time and a loud scream came out of bhabis mouth. I quickly kept his mouth over her and I thought it pained her lot my entire penis was inside her but didn’t stop at bhabi kept on screaming of pain, but I pushed little more and more. I was full of lust and thought about satisfying my sex desire. I kept my mouth over her and kept on pushing it more inside. Then after a few strokes, her cunt opened up a little and it got adjusted to my penis. Bhabi closed her eyes and was now enjoying it. I was now kneading her breasts. She was moaning loudly and she started moving her ass with my rhythm. Now bhabis breathing started moving faster and looked as if she was about to cum. My cum filled in her pussy and I jerked and jerked inside her and then I calmed down over her. We layed there like this for some more time. Though I was tired but lust had overpowered sleep and I was fresh as ever.Bhabi was between my legs and I was squeezing and kissing

Her ass. Then I moved my hands under her stomach and pulled her upward from her waist. She was now on her knees and her hands. I made her in doggy style. Now this was a surprise for her. She had never imagined to be fucked in a doggy style .I asked her whether she is fucked in this style. She said no .Her pussy was still soaring from the heavy fucking I just did few minutes ago, but I didn’t care and was ready for the next round with full force. I pointed my penis over her pussy from behind and within split of second I pushed it so hard that she was out of breath. It was hurting her and paining like anything because her tears were coming out Of her eyes. But her pussy was still so tight and I just rammed into her mercilessly. I didn’t give her a chance to recover from the pain and started moving my penis in and out of her pussy. I was holding her from her waist and pulling her towards me while I was really giving huge jerks towards her pussy. I bent a little bit over her and started playing with her tits. I was twitching her tits between my thumb and fingers. I knew that I was hurting her, but I didn’t care. She moaning but more because of pain in her pussy and her tits. I didn’t care for her groans and kept on fucking her hard. Then I picked up some tissues from side table and handed over to her to clean herself. She cleaned her boobs and her face. Then I brought my penis near her mouth. She understood my intentions. I wanted her to lick my dick and clean. She took my half-erect penis in her right hand and brought out her long tongue and licked it from bottom to its tip. She repeated it couple of times and cleaned it then I removed my dick from her mouth when I was satisfied. She told me that I have got a big penis. I smiled approvingly and proudly. It was around 5.00am and was time of arrival of my bhaiya so we had to separate from each other. We both got up and quickly washed up and went to sleep in our room .It was the second time when I fucked a lady who has beautiful figure of 40-28-32.Next day when bhaiya went to office my bhabi came to me and said that I am a real player and she liked the way I fucked her. She enjoyed and came to know what complete satisfaction is and after that I fucked my bhabi regularly whenever I get chance.

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