I come from a small town in Tamilnadu. I belong to an orthodox Brahmin family of temple priests. My parents were married at a very early age as it was the custom in the Brahmin families then. My mother was just 16 at her marriage and my father was 28 leaving a difference of 12 years between them. Don’t guess that this is another mother fucking story. No it is not ! atleast for now.

I grew up in an atmosphere of pujas, slokas, and serious studies as all Brahmin boys do.
Later I went for my college course in a nearby big town and for my MCA I got admission in a well known Madras college. My father as a temple priest was not making much money and so I was not able to afford hostel accommodation. So my mother referred me to one of her distant relatives in Madras.

Lukily the relative’s family lived in a small house in the outskirts of Madras where my college was within walking distance. Ramanathan Mama and Laxmi Mami lived in this house surrounded by a small compound. The house consisted of a verandah, hall with a swing , a bedroom and kitchen followed by a narrow backyard From the verandah a flight of steps went up to the terrace where there was a small room. This small room was my abode and it suited me well.

The arrangement was I will be a paying guest in their place with food. Ramanathan was 36 , a slim man with poke marked face due to childhood small pox , dark for a Brahmin. He constantly chewed betel leaves spiced with tobacco and this habit was a major complaint of Mami. Mama was a traveling salesman for a film distribution company and he had been worrying about leaving Mami alone in the lonely house whenever he was on tour. He was very happy to have me in his house which provided a sense of security for Mami. Laxmi Mami was 28 slim and fair , with a round face and she had a small forehead topped with curly dark hair. She always wore a Kumkum in her forehead. The beauty of her face was her round eyes and a glistening nose drop on the left nostril.

She looked very homely and divine like goddess Mahalaxmi. Initially her figure did not strike me because I did not look at her at that way. If you still want me to describe her, yes she had perfect medium sized breasts well rounded which she always kept well covered by habit with the Pallu.of her sari. But what struck the passers by when she went outside was her ample behind. Later on I noticed men taking a slow step behind her to lust on her buttocks with popping eyes. Mama and Mami showered affection on me. Even though I was 22 at that time, Mami always called me as “Ambi” the way Brahmins address adolescent boys. Mami was initially reserved. But later she moved very freely with me cutting jokes. Knowing that I buy many Tamil magazines, she borrowed from me books now and then and was very happy.

After a month it was Mama’s time to take the tours to the nearby districts. Mama while leaving called me aside without the knowledge of Mami and told me “ Look here Ambi, now it is monsoon season, any time it may rain and Mami is very much afraid of Thunders hence if she is frightened just tell some slokas and console her. “ and left.
Then he remembered something and again warmed me “ Ambi ! never say the word “lizard” to Mami. She may swoon on hearing that word. She is dead scared of Lizards “

Everything was going well and there were no incidents for writing a porno story !
Until then my sex life was occasional masturbation. Unlike masturbating men I did not imagine fucking a woman , I just jerked of.. It was just physical to relieve me with pleasure. That is all.

But one day a college friend gave me a Tamil porno book which had pictures of licking and fucking couples. I thought it was a novel and brought home. But on opening the book at home I was socked to see those pictures. The stories were absolutely enthralling and I began to masturbate while reading those stories and looking at those pictures. Later the friend gave me more books but he told me to keep them because he has already read them.

One day Mami came up to my room as usual to ask for the Magazines and inadvertently I gave the porno book also along with the magazines. For 2 days I was doing a project work in the college by staying in the college hostel. Later when I returned home on the third day Mami was drying the cloths in the verandah and she blushed on seeing me and said “Ambi ! you are a very naughty boy ! and ran inside. I went behind here and asked what happened. She said nothing, you are not here for 2 days that is why I joked and said the books you gave are on the table take them when you go up but now I will bring you coffee. I drank the coffee and collected the books and went up to my room and threw the books on the table. There it was! the porno book with licking and fucking photos was in the middle !

I stood there stunned, what Mami would have thought of me ? Would she tell this to Mama or to my parents ? I thought it was better to meet Mami face to face and apologize.

I went down and saw Mami reclining in the swing. On seeing me she sat up and asked. What Ambi ? There was no expression in her face. I knelt before her and touched her feet and told “ Mami ! I am very sorry, please forgive me, I did not buy that book , it was given to me by a friend , Please forgive me “

I expected a reprimand. But from her sitting posture she touched my shoulders and asked me to get. “ Look, Ambi ! it is OK , but these things are to be done secretly, don’t make the mistake of mixing it with regular books. It is your age. But do everything secretly, do you understand?”

She was not a much educated woman, but what words of wisdom ! Further did her saying had any inner meaning ? She got up and went into the kitchen to bring me drinking water. That was the time my perception about Mami changed. I looked at her small hips followed by her amazing buttocks. Now her whole stature was screaming SEX ! that was a moment of awakening. When she returned my eyes roamed over her body here homely face, nose drop , perfect breasts , small hip followed by glorious thighs !
There was an arousal within me.
That night when I masturbated I thought of licking Mami’s cunt and later slowly fucking her. Next time when Mami asked for books I was careful that no porno book was mixed with them. Usually Mami took 5 days to read the books, But she returned the books the next day and said these are not interesting like the books you gave last time.

After that I regularly gave Mami Porno books but she never commented or discussed about the books. One day Mami came running to my room up and threw the books on the table said that Mama has come suddenly before going to the next town and if he sees these books he will kill me. So, now there is a secret between me and Mami and decided to use this secret to fuck Mami. The very thought made me to masturbate once again.

The next day Mama went on his tour saying now it will take 2 weeks for him to return. He wished me good luck (for what ) and left. So this was the opportune time to try Mami.
But Mami personally did not give any indication for an immoral encounter. The next day it was late in the evening about 8 pm . Mami was talking to me in the verandah about my college when suddenly there was a power cut. Mami cursed the electricity board and went inside to get the match box from the evening. This is the time I thought and went beside her. The kitchen was dark and while she was groping for the match box I cried “ Mami a lizard has fallen from the roof, I think it is on you “ Mami let out a wild scream and ran towards me and held me tightly. I embraced her tightly and ran my hand to her voluptuous buttock and held her more tightly. She was shivering and whispering “ Ambi , don’t leave me now” My cock had risen to its full length by now and it was digging into Mami’s cunt over the sari. Mami did not seem to take notice of this and she stood motionless now and her shivering has stopped. She was in a half swooned state. I made her lean on the wall and pressed myself more on her and slowly did the fucking motion .
This first time sex experience aroused me so much that I ejaculated. Oh ! what a devine sensation ! Mami was still dazed but the light suddenly came. Mami was in my tight embrace and her lovely breasts were crushed on my chest. She slowly opened her eyes and saw my face close to her. Her large eyes were wide open with fear , there were droplets of sweat on her forehead. When I tried to release her from my embrace she said with anxiety “Ambi, please hold me, don’t leave me now , the lizard may be any where here !Please, please …. “
We remained there in tight embrace for a while then Mami must have realized that my cock is digging into her she let me go and blushed perhaps she knew that I had been sexually aroused. I wanted to lift her up and take her to Mama’s bed and lustily fuck her.
But I was not sure and waited for another opportunity for a more closer encounter.

It came within a few days, The monsoon season started. One day when I came home late from collecge the rains have started and there were rumbling sounds of thunder. Mami was standing the verandah looking at the gate as if expecting for me. She told Ambi did you hear the distant thunders ? I am scared of thunders, please sleep today here. In case there is a power cut again and there are louder thunders, I will be scared. I said I will go up first and change my pant and shirts to Dothi as it was my usual dress in home.

I changed to dothi and removed my underwear. Mami made me to sit in the kitchen and gave me food. Later Mami lighted a small kerosene bedroom lamp in the bedroom so that in the event of a power cut there will some light. She laid a Mat on the floor near the bed and put a pillow for me to sleep. Mami was now in a old worn out cotton sari and I can see that she was wearing a front opening blouse. She witched of the electric light and sat on the edge of the old type high cot swinging her legs. I laid myself on the mat and look up at her. In that angle and in the soft bedroom light she looked very sexy. Her nose drops glistened and her body looked very desirable. Now the rumblings increased and suddenly there was a ear splitting thunder ! Mami let out a shriek and cried , Ambi, Ambi, I am scared. There was another more freightening loud thunder. Mami dropped to to the mat and she was lying near me on her side facing me , crying . I turned on my side facing her to wipe her tears. There was another loud one that did the trick. Both of us embraced each other in a tight grip. I circled my left hand around her hip and drew her very close to me. Mami moaned, Ambi, please hold me tight and she pushed herself more into me. I placed my left leg over her plump thighs and at the same time inserted my right hand below and with me both hands held her tightly. Since were facing each other in a side position in the tight embrace my erect cock was immersed in the depth of her crotch digging into her plump cunt. This was too much for me to control my feeling anymore. I slowly did the fucking motion eventhough she was fully awake now and kissed her on her cheeks.

Mami kept her eyes closed. She must have guessed that she is going to lose her chastity that sweat drops appeared on her forehead in anxiety and fear. I kissed a few more kisses on both her cheeks and finally kissed her full in the mouth lustily. I sucked her juicy lower lips while I was doing the fucking motion. Oh! What a divine pleasure. I slowly made her lie facing up and laid myself over her and for the first time fondled her left breat with my right palm while I kissed Mami in the mouth. All this time I was also doing the fucking motion over her sari. Mami’s breath was now hot and she was responding to my kisses in her mouth. Her sense of chastity must have overcome, she gently pushed me to her right hand side and hissed in my ears” Ambi. Am I not going beyond my limit as a chaste house wife ? I don’t want to betray Mama” She thought I will leave her out of sympathy as a gentleman. But I was a lustful beast. I told her “Yes mami we have gone beyond the limit now there is going back I want to fuck you” I said this colloquial Tamil which made Mami to shiver. While saying this I was gently fondling her breasts. Mami looked bewildered but she was not able to remove my hands from her breast. I drifted my hands down and squeezed her plump cunt over the sari. I found that Mami was letting out a lot of cunt fuck juice that her sari was wet. Then she is enjoying. While she said ‘Ambai !I am older than you and I am like your Akka (Elder sister). Will you do this to your own Akka? . By this time I was made with growing animal lust. I told her in a gruff voice. “shut up ! and enjoy the fucking ! Even if you are my own sister, or daughter or my mother , I will fuck you !!. . On hearing this Mami went limp and kept quiet.

I whispered in her ears Mami let us fuck in the cot and lifted her in my hands and placed her laying across in the cot her legs hanging on the side. I kneeled down on the floor and spread her legs wide after pushig the sari up. In the soft light her plump cunt glistened with the cunt juice. The arch over the vulva was thick with flesh topped by thick black hairs. Her clitoris was protruding outside for size of a large pea. I touched with my tongue when Mami left out a moan and lifted her buttocks. I twirled my tongue over the clit more lustily and Mami become wild letting out loud moans. Her cunt was flowing with cunt water. Now I licked the cunt to it’s full length and drove my tongue inside her fucking hole. Mami pushed herself into my mouth and did the rhythmic fucking motion with her cunt on my tongue. Obviously Mama had never licked Mami’s cunt that she got a wild orgasm soon with a shriek and laid herself motionless.

When you are seducing a woman for the first time you should not waste time with slow formalities. You must fuck her as soon as possible and complete the operation. Otherwise a satisfied woman on licking her cunt may change her mind and refuse to cunt –fuck.

So from my kneeling position I slowly spread myself on her and at the same time removed my dhoti.. My thick cock was lying vertical over Mami’s plump cunt while I kissed her passionately. Her cunt juices bather my cock. I slowly opened her front opening blouse and saw her breasts for the first time.. They were soft glorious yellow mounds . The nipple was erect surrounded by pink areole circle. I lustily licked the nipple and later cupping my mouth over her areole I drew in the flesh by wild sucking. Mami moaned with pleasure. Then I slowly inserted my cock inside her fleshy cunt. The cock head was difficult to go in first. Since Mami had not given birth the entrance was tight. But with a little push the front the bulb went in. Mami realized only now that I am entering her and tried a weak resistance moaning Ambi this is sin …. But by then I have pushed my entire 7 inches to the hilt inside her cunt and gave slow strokes. My God ! it was heavenly. Her legs were hanging by the side and I was fucking her in a crouched position. Mami just closed her eyes and remained motionless. I inserted both my hands between her arm pits and holding her close to me increased my fucking speed. It was heavenly. Suddenly, the please attained a climax and I pumped my sperm inside her in 3 or 4 squirts and fell on her body exhausted. I remained on her for a while. Then I rolled to her side and said “Thank you Mami” and kissed her gently on her mouth. We got up went to the toilet and urinated one after another and we slept in the same bed in a tender embrace. Now Mami is mine for ever. !!!

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