Lusty Aunt with Nephew
Hi all O9L Readers. This is my first story. I am from Gujarat and this story happened with my aunt, my first sexual encounter with my aunt.

My father is having 2 brothers and at the time of marriage of one of my uncle we were staying in 1 bhk flat. So my uncle has to start his married life in adjacent room, which is adjacent to drawing room and my parents shifted in drawing room for sleeping.

Now let me describe my aunt she was very slim, good looking & open-minded lady. She talks lot to me but at the time of their marriage I was very small and doesn’t know anything about sex. Later on they have shifted to their own house and we have hardly met them once in a month.

Story started when during my weekend stay at my uncle’s house in one night I was sleeping with both of them and incidentally placed one of my hands on her boobs. It was so soft but immediately took back my hand. But that was nice feeling and I felt something strange (at the age of 15). So i again kept my hand on her boobs & she was not wearing any bra during nighttime. To my utter surprise she has opened first two buttons of her nighty and tugged my hand on her boobs. After few minutes she woke up and went in another room and told me to come with her. But i had not that courage to go there with her, so I drifted off to sleep.

This all went on and on till 2 years when suddenly she came to my house one day and will be staying here for another 2 days. In this time we came very close to each other and smooched also. She has also gain some weight at right places and looking damn hot and sexy. I have caressed her over her clothes including her boobs & choot. She was feeling so hot n sexy.

Now on the day of uttarayan we all went on terrace and enjoyed whole day. She was wearing tight white dress on that day and her tits are trying to come out of her dress. During kite flying i was tired and resting on plastic chair my aunt came to me and sat on my lap and at this instance my cock went wild and was poking in her ass, which to my surprise she has enjoyed and told me “that something is hurting her but it is nice”. During nighttime I have to left her at my uncle’s residence and he was not in town so she has asked permission from my mom to stay with her in night & will return at my home in morning.

After reaching her house we had our dinner together and we were talking everything and also exchanging non veg jokes. While going to sleep she has asked to me sleep with her which i have agreed. She has changed her cloths and came with black colored floral night gown which was very much suits on her and i have praised her for that saying “I like your gown and its nice” and she asked me that “what else i like?”. At that time after mustering some courage I said, “I like you also and i want thing which is inside this gown.” To my amazement she has readily accepted this and came on top of me and started to kiss me passionately.

I have also responded her by kissing back and thrusting my tongue back in her mouth and our kiss lasted for nearly 15 minutes and later i came to know that she likes my kissing style. After I have kissed her entire body including armpits, ass cheeks and pussy. By moving downwards I have asked permission to eat her pussy but she was hesitant due to hair on her pussy. But i was restless and started eating her pussy by force. Initially i was not families with aroma but still have managed to eat her pussy like greedy fellow and satisfied her with two intense orgasms.

After wards she has taken my cock in her hand and started making up down movements with her palm. And i was feeling very good with her touch on my cock as i was experiencing female touch on my cock very first time. Then she has told me ride her, as this was my first time i was not that expert and it has started paining me while inserting my rode into his love hole. So she brought some oil and applied on rock hard cock and taken ride on me with woman on top. She has started with slow motion and i have started moaning with her.

We both are making sounds like wild animals and she was moving up and down frantically. And after 10 minutes I ejaculated in her pussy. We both lay there motionless on top of each other and stayed like that for nearly half an hour. After that she has again started eating my cock like ice cream and I was hard again. We again have one fantastic session of sex.

Her pussy was so tight that i got scratches on my cock and it was straining after two sessions. After that we both enjoyed lot whenever we have time. Some time when she was in her periods she used to give me nice blowjob but instead of swallowing my cum she will wash it with water but she was a damn hot sucker and I like her deadly look when during sucking she hold her hairs by one hand and looks straight in my eyes. I would love to die for that look again.

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