Lust for mom
Hi friends ! I am raj from bhubaneswar. I discovered iss by chance and instantly fell in love with it. This is really a very great site. Here i am impatient to share my experience with you all.

I am 30 yrs , unmarried ,working in a psu. My family means my dad, mom and me. Dad has his job in a bank in vizag. Here i stay with my mom. My mom is a very sweet typical indian lady , very religious and caring. I care her a lot. At the mature age of 48 , she still is very beautiful. Very fair looking and a bit healthy. From college time ,i don’t know how i started lusting upon her. I could not help myself watching her nice heavy butts. I have always dreamt to fuck her. But it was just fantasy. I knew this would never be materialised. I had not that courage also. Above all she is my own mother ! I used to jack off my lust in bathroom just thinking of my sweet mom.

One day in evening while returning from office i had taken some bhang with one of my colleague. It was about to rain. I came home without delay. Reaching home i saw some relatives from our village. They had to stay in our house in night and next morning they would visit puri. Ours was a two bedroom hired flat. Mom asked me to sleep in her bedroom as the relatives had to use my bedroom. After dinner after everybody gone to sleep i switched off tv and went to sleep in mom’s bed. She was busy in cleaning the kitchen. I was feeling so intoxitated with bhang. It was raining outside with heavy wind and thunders. After some time mom came to sleep and switched off the light. It was pitch dark inside the room. Mom came up to the bed and prepared to sleep. She was so close to me, i could smell her sweaty womanly body very well. Suddenly i got aroused like a bull. The effect of bhang multiplied my excitement. I was thrilled to have my mom so closely on the bed. I went mad with years of pending lust for my mom. I was going out of control with lust and passion. I didn’t know how i got so much courage ! I did n’t think the future consequences. I moved closer and grabbed my mom with uncontrollable lust. My mom shocked wildly and whispered-”hey, what are u doin? Leave me.”

I was mad with sexual emotion. I told-” mom ,plz….dont say no. I love u and i want u. ” my mom became restless hearing such things from me and whispered-”are you mad? What r u talking ? This is sin. Leave me. What happened to u today?”

I had started kissing mom . I did not listen to her. She blushed and trid to pull out. But i was strong like a bull. I whishpered -” see mom, for god’s sake please don’t go away.please.” mom was afraid of the relatives next room. She whispered with nervousness-”see raj, this is dangerous. They can listen from other room. And i am a old woman. I understand your desire but this is not right for us.”

I kissed her lips passioanately and said-”i know this is wrong,but i love u so deeply ! You are mother of all queens. Come on mom ! It is raining heavily,nobody can listen to us.”

Mom became helpless . She was tremblling with fear and exciteness. Her body was started sweating. I forcibly opened her blouse and put my mouth on her both nipples. My mom moaned . I was impatient enjoy my mom. I was almost fully naked. My cock was at its full hardness with 7 inches long. I was out of controll with animal like lust and bhang effect. It was so wonderful time. Without delay i mounted on my mom by parting her heavy fleshy thighs and tried to insert my throbbing cock inside her hairy pussy crack. Mom moaned a little as i entered her. It was so smooth and wet inside. I was overwhelmed with lust and kissed my mom madly. My butts started humping without my knowledge , so my rock hard penis moved inside mom with slippery sounds. I was fucking my own mom like a bull. She must be enjoying my young and hard cock. Her breath became heavy and hot . But she was quit. Suddenly she pressed my butts and moaned silently . I felt her hot pussy juices flooding inside. I fucked wildly for another two minutes and exploded my warm semen inside mom’s mature pussy. Oh ! What a pleasure ! I bite mom’s lips passionately. She shyly moved her face away from me . I got up from mom’s top with a satisfaction smile and put on my trouser. A dream came true. Since it was dark we were not seeing each other.

It was still raining heavily outside. Mom was trying to sleep without saying a word. I slept within minutes.

Next morning when i woke up, the relatives were about to leave. Mom was preparing tea for them. Suddenly i got very nervous remembering last night’s incident. Oh my god ! How could i did this with my own mom ! I was in shame. But the thing was already done. Ok , let me see ! I got down from bed and finished my morning chores. I had no guts to face mom. She was also keeping a distance from me. No word, no talking for a whole week ! It was a very tough and very awkward time for both of us. At last i decided to break the silence.that evening i went near her and apolised for my misadventure. My mom didn’t answer. Just looked into my eyes and told-”leave it, past is past. I never thought of this from you.

Never ever repeat such things in future. Now go to bazar and bring grocery for house. ”

I became somehow happy. My mom was not that much angry. But i was equally sad with her warning. That means i can never enjoy her again ! After some days i again feel horny seeing my mom. She was looking more beautiful than before. I was getting mad with lust day by day.

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