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Hi, every one I am Asha my age 28, my figure is 32 28 32, basically I am from Tamilnadu, I am a regular reader to this community, neighbor he has 19 he daily come to my home and explain the stories, some stories are very nice, I want to try to write my story, but I don’t know English well, so I want to write my story in my English. When I am 18 I lived in a hostel. That is combination of 4 apartments, arranged like circle, and in center small place and in evening we are play games like tennis and other games. Surroundings has tress, and that is very peaceful, and very few people lived in that area, and that is near to college so mostly prefer that apartments. And totally has covered by a wall, so no disturbance with outers. In that 2 apartments for us, other to boys. In each apartment at least 80 people can be there. When I first entered that area, I have some fear because before that I had no boy friends before, and in my home my parents very straight. So when I saw that I have some fear and happy because I am also want a boy friend, so I think in this apartment I got a boy friend early. But in the night I have very fear, because in the night most of girls not in that hostel, and I go to see the surroundings most of are fucking each other, in the side of rocks, and trees. I know in these apartments no one is virgin. In that time I am a virgin, then daily night I go out to seeing that. In evenings all of us went down and playing, if boys play cricket all girls seeing and encouraging them, and we are play shuttle mostly.

In the first day when I am play shuttle in that time more boys also there. When I go there my friend introduce to others, all of us come near to me and gave shake hand, mostly boys give shake hand some boys press my hands very hardly then those are talk with me very friendly. Then I start playing, in that time I am in chudeedaar, when I play shuttle more boys seeing my boobs when I jumping, in that time I had very shy, then I leave from that place, went to my room. Then I observe from my room, all the boys and girls playing very closely. All boys seeing boobs of girls, but girls are not say any thing, and play with those boys. When I see that I don’t know what can I do now, and I think may be I do wrong. In the night in my room our room meats asked, why you go away from that place, then I say this matter. Then they said why you feel shy, if you do like this all boys teasing you, so you’re also friendly with us, then no problem. In the starting we are also same situation, but we are adjusted with boys, then now we live very happily in this hostel, we are very enjoying now. So your also do like this. So from that time I decided to I am also do like those, and friendly with those.

Then from next day I am also playing without any shy. In that time many boys seeing me but I don’t care with those, then all boys and girls play together, I am also play with boys, in that time I got more boy friends. Then I feel very happy, because in that time I enjoying very much, and I never talk with boys very closely, I am also got boy friends. In the night one girl came to my room and says seniors were calling to you to come to that room. Then my room meats says don’t worry they cant do any thing, but you must do what they say then those are very friendly with you, but if you don’t do that then your daily teasing you. Then I have some tension in my mind, with some fear I was going to that room, which is in the same flour, then I entered in to the room 4 girls(seniors) are sitting, and other some girls are standing in front of those, those are also juniors. Then seniors told me to standing in front of us. Then they ask our names and all details of us then we are told all our details. Then one senior girl asks us tell me yours sizes, then no one give response, then those said why are you feel shy. We are all also girls and no boys are there now so tell me your sizes, then also no one is response.

Then one girl standup with some angry and says so we are not told, ok then remove your tops and show your bra then I see your bra sizes. Then we are all saying please madam please leave us. Then all seniors laugh and says the game not starting complete so how we leave if you done what we are say then I leave early, if do like this then whole night stay with us, so decide your choice. If you remove your tops or not, then we are all remove our tops. One girl who was behind me she was really very big boobs, she has 32 size boobs in her 17yrs age. When she removes her top then all seniors are all shocked to see her big boobs, then they says to her remove your bra, then she remove her bra, she was very big and very stuff boobs. Then we are also remove our bra, now we have no top in that time I have some shy.

Then squeezing our boobs some time then those says that remove all yours dress and stand in front of me with nude, then we are completely remove our dress then we are all now nude in front of seniors. I have very shy now, but that is the first time to sea a girl completely nude, in those me and another girl pussy is not shaved, and other two girls was cleanly shaved. They say to those girls oh we are shaved very good but what about other two girls. Then one girl getup shave kit and says shave those girls pussy now. First those don’t give any response but after seniors hardly says then one girl come near to me, then I sit in the flour and widely open my legs then that girl rub some cream with her fingers in that time I quietly enjoying, then take a razor then slowly shave my pussy, now one of senior ask to Preethi to suck my pussy then she start sucking my pussy in that time I really very enjoy then she start fingering, after some time I am also suck her pussy.

After that one senior call me and remove her dress then she told me to suck her pussy, then I starts suck her pussy when I suck with my tongue to her pussy she reveal some urine into my mouth then she laugh I trying to spilling but that girl closed my mouth and says don’t spill you must drink then I trying very much for spill, but she cant open my mouth, finally I was drink that urine. And other seniors also do like this to other girls, then one senior pickup one cucumber then she pushed into my pussy, in that time I have some pain but I enjoying, then after some time she told me to eat a bit of this cucumber then I eat that, after that I am also do like this to that senior, after that slowly sleeping one by one, we are all sleeping as nude. In that time I am senior girl was hugging and kissing each other, then slowly we are going to slept. Then wakeup in the morning in that time all of us nude. Then we are all laughing some time then after going to my room. From that time the seniors was good friends to me. And Preethi also friend to me, she was my best friend in that time, from that time we are daily do lesbian sex.

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