Joru ka Ghulam
At the time of vidai, my mother whispered last words of advice in my ears,
“You must try to change him and change him significantly from he was before marriage to after marriage. If he would have been a smoker make him a non smoker and vice versa. Let your impact on him be known to the entire world esp. his maikavalas.”
“Yes …” I nodded, taking care of my pallu.
He, my hubby was tall thin, handsome or maybe beautiful was closer to truth as he had a feminine charm, very fair, thin and sometimes coy. Other wise he looked normal. On first day we did it and twice, which was average for girls married in that season and as for his endowments .based on Kinsey’s reports he was slightly better than average. We had a short honeymoon, but slowly there were pin pricks.
No it was not his pin size prick. It will rate better than average as I had already reported, (based on not only Kinsey report but even India today sex survey), but many small small things.
Ok let me catalogue, 1. his wardrobe- he was very fastidious and once I got a shirt of pink color and he almost screamed, oh no as to him anything which is not virgin white or gray or something similar is feminine and men should not wear it. He was trying wear his so called masculinity on his shoulders. In one of our club gathering, in a game ladies were asked to put one item of female makeup on their hubbies, many even made their men don lipstick, and they paraded it sportingly but when I tried to apply a innocuous looking small bindi he rebelled like …as if I am going to castrate him. I felt so shamefaced that day. One of my classmates of psychology who late did major in husband psychology told me that it must be his innate femininity, which he must be trying to hide, may be he had some hidden desire to behave like women …yes it will be too good the we can exchange our dresses… and she too giggled he is so coy and pretty may be it will suit but he remained like that.
Then item no. 2- eating habits, he was a non smoker, pure vegetarian tea totalar…nothing wrong with that, but some times he will make a fetish out of it. And more then vo uski chhiplai mameri bahan….mere bahiya ye nahi kahate vo mahi kahte…and esp. when my family was pure non veg and even for ladies some social drinking or even smoking was not a taboo. Even I had put some kash…and to be exact I felt it a very manly thing to smoke or drink. But vo bhi chalata hai as he never objected to my non veg habits but problem is he will not eat any fruits, veggies only potato…and fatty things which I was sure will increase his paunch and that I was surely going to dislike.
Item no. 3- and most important during sex too he was good but very puritanical and mechanical. I sometime thought he still believes in original sin. All bodily functions have to be alluded in euphemisms. Even during ex he was soo…coy…I wished him to be rough and use desi words…but…he was doing it 2.8 times in a week .23 times more than national average for his age …but..and after cumiing he will …no not snore but some times I wanted to make him lick me 79.45 % time he will cum before me …but he will just refuse. How can he with his cum in me …
And there were many similar things. But one thing which hurt me most was attitude of his maika valaas and one day we did make luv twice once in morning and came and I got a taunt…I think it is breakfast time .
I could have answered but did not. And many times it came from her maternal cousin, dolli or guddi who although was living in separate mohalla but visiting us very frequently. And I think he had some soft ( or should I say Hard ) corner for her because once I was singing a lewd gaali establish my nanads relations with all my brothers and even donkeys and dogs and he felt bad. And I again realized when one day I put some condoms over her pictures inadvertently and he removed. At the time of our marriage she was in std 11th , like any teen, more loquacious than they should be and always a word of praise for her brother mean my hubby, bhaiya ye nahi karate bhaiya vo nahi karate.
My hubby as I said had a dislike for fruits but for mango he had a short of phobia and jaisa kahate na ki chidh…kisi ko karale se , kisis ko….to unko aam se his maika valaa will say that he can not even pronounce the word or even touch it …and most of them will tease me. One day, I still remember it was 10th august, I was eating banarsi mango with gusto and she came. She started berating me ,
“Area bahbhi aap ye kya kar rahi hain ab to bhaiya aap ko chooyenge bhi nahin…”
“ aree inhe choona hain ….pointing towars my juicy lips I said….to mujhe bhi choona padega naa…”
And I offered a piece to her. She too started enjoying but agin chided me…
“ but bhbahi achi tarah se manajan vanajan kar ke jaiyega agara iski mahak bhi bachi rahi naa to…”
And I felt so bad that I took it s challenge and told her.
He tumhare bhiya bahoot badal gaye hain…”
“ are bahbhi kuch nahi badale hain itte dino main main unhe achi tarah janati hun 3 mahine main aap kya jaan payengi”
Mere to tan badan main aag lag gayi…ye guddi ki bachi meri naand hai ya saut…
“ acaha theek hai lagati hai shart…is saal ka season tokhatam ho gaya…agale saal…..saal bahar ke andar agar maine unhee tumhare samaane …na khilaya…bol lagai baaji…
“ ekdam haar jaiayega jane bhi dijiye…” she was still in taunting mood.
“ theek hai agar main haar gayai to ye mere gale ka haar tumhara aur maine agar jit gayi to bolo…” I challenged her. Meanwhile my jethani came who always joined me in taunting her in bawdiest manner. Both of us used to call her “mere hubby ka maal”.
Haan bolo kya dogi tum…she joked….is ke pass to den eke liye ek hi chez hai ..
And it was time for her to blush.
Ok chalo…12 gahnte tak tumhe meri har baart manani ade gi ko bhi baat bolo…
I threw the challanege.
Aare bahbhi jane dijiye …aap kahin pakad ke mere sidhe sadeh abhi ko jabaran khila dijoyegaa aur…she was trying to find a way out..
But I was not going to leave her.
“ nahin nahain tumnhare smane…aur jabaradsti ki baat kar rahi …to vo khood apane haath se tumhe ek phank khilaynge aur tum unhe apane haath se khilana …vo khood tum se mangege ab to manjor air chalo 12 gahnte ki jagah 4 gnate ki gulami aur badle me ye 15 hazar kaa haar…”
Are bhbahi vo choo nahi sakate …she was still sure.
To baji lagane main kyon dar rahi ho my jethani chided and she agreed.
Now I was not very sure when m jethani whispered to me ye tera haar to gyaa…and I said uncertainly bhbahi dekha jayega.

Soon we shifted to his place of job and one day I was thinking about all these things and…I realized, his problem is he is too much introvert, but more wounded, coiled in himself…and since childhood, every body esp. his sisters, created and image and he was caught in that image behaving “ like and accha bacaha” when he was no longer a baccha.
Like he was trapped in his own image and it was my duty, role of a fairy tale, princess to break that mirror and free and released, my enslaved, prince charming, of course to enslave him again.. can you believe he will not even play cards to him it was something wrong, anything enjoyable…I surmised that everything is not right in Denmark.
There was one more thing which I discovered much later, but hold if I tell you everything now, to kahani main maja kya bachega…so hold on I will tell you jaroor pakaa mera vadaa lekin now let us fast forward my tale.
I discussed with my mom who was always chiding me to take things in my hand…when I decided it is time she only smiled and added a few suggestions of her own.
And I decided to go ahead. We were away in a hotel in a small town. He had gone for some job related work. It was before lunch and suddenly he was horny. I kissed him, agreed but put a condition, who so ever comes first, will have to become other’ s slave for life and he agreed. Who would not have ...i was nibbling his ear, putting my tongue in his mouth and rubbing my rounded breasts on his bare chest.
And one more thing, I pressed my will be no holds barred. I can do any thing and you can do anything and we can say anything agreed.
Yes he was beyond saying no. He was erect and I was wet ...but I decided to go woman on top because after that life was going to be like that on top. I kissed his lips fleetingly, went over and held his hands firmly. My domes of joy were hanging just above him and my portals of love were inches above his erection. I stooped and rubbed my young tits over his face and asked huskily,
‘...hey you want it…baby’.
Yes yes...he was greedy and raised himself but I kept his hands firmly down. you have to beg for it...
I want your boobs....give it to me....
No no....describe it praise hard white 34 c were just above his lips,
Oh...your boobs are very good, very sexy very juicy and I wann them I wann them bad...
Yes may be but why don’t you describe them apni maatri bhasaha main...
Tumhare stan...tumhare ye rasile kuch.....
No ...yes I like it....but baby make it desi pure hindi know ...or may be you don’t want it...and I lifted myself away ....
No no ....i wann it tere ..tere joban teri mast choonchiya..badi mast hain kiti rasdar...
Yes yes bolte rahi and I bowed down and now my erect inch long nipples were just brushing on his perched lips...only one question more my littele baby and thses nips are your ...just answer honestly...
Pooch na and he was trying to raise his face but I will exactly move my boobs that much.
Haan ye batao...and I paused to take a kiss and moved away...teri us mast mall kam bahan...dolly ki choonchiya meri choonchi se badi hain ya choti....
He was leering looking at my boobs...but kept mum.
Ok ok so you don’t wann them hain and I moved...
No no ....choti hain...abhi to vo..
I cut hinm short and awarded with a touch of nips on his perched lips and moved away...
Iska tum uski choochi dhyan se dekhate ho ...aue choti hain io koi baat nahi trumhi se dabavaa ke badi karava dungi....i muttered to myself but loud enough for him to listen clearly and pushed my one nipple in his hungry mouth .....
Choos le ..choos le....dudhu piyega munaa....i was craessing his curly hair,
He nodded his head in affirmative and holding his head I I pushed my hard erect nips further....
Le le..dodhu pi...kyon apani amma ki yaad aa rahi hai .....theek hai jaiasa unaka dudhu pita tha vaise hi pi....le choos apani ...i could feel his eagerness had gone up. And I left his hands. Immediately he grabbed my boobs and started squeezing crushing....
Hey hey jara araam se...kyon aapj apane us maal ki yaad aa rahi hai kya jo itti kas ke...
Teasing him my hand went to his was rock hard.
I lowered myself and guided it to my waiting cunny. I stopped as his eager cock head glided in my cunt and stared squeezing it hard, crushing it.
You are enjoying whispered in husky voice playing with my tongue in his ear,
Yee he nodded as his mouth was full...
Yes and...hey teri us bahan ki to....your maal...uski to bahoot kasi kasi hogi naa bada maja aayega ...uski...i let it hang there as I whispered.
Tujhako to main bahanchod bana ke ...i teased him saying more loudly but he could not respond as in one thrust I shoved more of my boob in his mouth and cock in my cunt.
He was very hard.
My words were having there effect or may be he wanted to listen...
I continued my long colored nail started flicking his nips on broad chest...and darting tongue fallowed my nails.
Umhh...bahoot mast hain tere nipple bhi teri bahana ke bahi ais ehi chote chote honge naa...
And I captured it between my lips and started sucking it, rolling crushing and playing with my tongue....i gave it a bit of relief and again kissing his ear‘ lobes…teased...
Usake bhi nipple aisehi hain matar ke dane jaise sachi holi main khoob ragade the ekdam andar hath daal ke ...aur chadhi main bhi hath dallaa tha...jhante bhi chotin choti hain...
Now his cock was almost bursting and this was time for me to push my advantage.
In one powerful thrust of my slender tigress like waist, I pushed and his cock was deeply buried right up to its base.
I was holding his shoulders rubbing grinding squeezing it hard. I had learned the trick of nut cracker and could squeeze from soft to very hard and my pussy was behaving like rattle snake, chewing his cock.
He was trying to shove and I let him by slowly moving my cunt up...and I will almost take it out and then sometimes very slowly almost denying him...push softly and sometime in one shove. Some times I will be brute, sometimes soft and my fingers too were playing with base of his cock ...nipple...
And he was not idle . he wil squeeze crush my very sensitive nips...push hard try to touch my clit which was hard for him as I was controlling the strokes. Soon I realized he was on the verge and I delivered ‘coup de grace squeezing it very hard pinching his nipples and then shoving pushing with big thrusts...even I was not far may be few more miutes and he would have won...but I was not letting him....and he ...he was trying to count sheep drive his attention away but my biting of nips, kissing ear lobes and constant thrust...he started cumming and I kept on moving pushing fucking him.....and
He was gushing white thick cumm ...oen spurt and then another... lost...
Yes he admitted ...and as an acceptance a last spurt a big one came out....
And now you are my...
It was soo good he kept on saying and moving his waist involuntarily.
Yes and now are my slave....joru kaa gulaam.
Yes he if he wanted it all along ...and
May be these words triggered my was shattering series…waves after waves.
For some time we just kept hugging ach other holding …strongly.
Ceiling fan was whirring along, drapes of curtain were moving slowly and my hands were lying on his chest.
Slowly I started caressing him and my long nails started teasing his nipple…he smiled without opening his eyes.
I hugged him and teasingly asked…to ab ho gaye naa…mere gulam…
He murmured uncertainly.
Kyon koi…shaq…I asked more blatantly.
No no….main to hamesha se…he uttered nervously.
Chalo to main tumkao phir ek muaka deti hun..i smiled while riding over him.
Yes …his face was beaming with new found chance.
Lekin ek sahrt hai…my thick long velvety tongue was tickling in his ear.
Manjoor hai ….teri saari sahrte manjor hain….hugging me tightly he snatched a kiss.
I responded warmly, our tongues were playing and when I could take it out, I bit his cheek and said,
Last chance and if this time …you will not be only my gulam but gulam of all females of my maika.
I had seen him leering towards ample buttocks and sexy 38dd bosoms of my mom.
Yes…but give me just one chance and …this time…
Before he could complete his sentence my lips captured his lips forcibly and this time my tongue forced its way…a harbinger of things to come when I will rule.
My lower hand has grabbed his semi erect cock with authority and started grinding it.
Hey kya karati ho …he shrieked.
I bit his nips in response and …his nips were as sensitive as of a horny slut.
It was almost in full attention, down there.
Jara main…su su kar ke aataa hun…he left the bed in a rush and left for toilet.
I could not suppress my smile.
Unki chori mujhase kaise chupati…
I had discovered 100 mg tablet .....real phoren variety.
[Image: 9279.jpg]
How wrong I was.
It was most furious I had ever seen it to be, not only rock hard, furious, hungry mean and something had gone wrong with his attitude.
I wished if I could have …but he was already there.
I had to improvise. I sat between his legs and kissed on his hard on.
He was smiling. Earlier he will not encourage too much foreplay, fearing real play will not even begin…but to day he was cocksure.
I kissed and them using my lips slowly unveiled gunghat of his supra (cock head).
It was angry, almost red,…and I planted a full kiss on one eyed monster. My lips traced down and soon my twirling tongue was in action. I held his shaft…so stiff…my nips went up in arousal. My tongue darted around his peephole and licking, it just shoved tongue in the pee hole. It was time for him to shiver. My other hand grabbed his cum sack, it was full, tense and my hand gave it a soft squeeze.
Soon my lips had enveloped his entire supara, licking kissing, and slurping like a school girl enjoying every bit of it. And it was only beginning; my hand holding Him had started pumping action, my hand holding balls had moved further behind , nail scratching place between balls and his rear hole ( an almost un touchable place for him, but to day I was going to change everything.
It was not only my lip, twirling tongue, velvety mouth, soft but firm and demanding hands, but my eyes were dancing looking upward at his face, cheeks were bursting …
I pushed my advantage by pushing further and soon his bulging cock head was choking my gullet, and my tongue was licking covetously his shaft, while lips were rubbing grinding.
It was pulsating, throbbing but soon my cheeks started aching and for getting a breather… I let it out. No, I never let ‘situation’ got out of hand. My idea was to take it between my boobs as I know they arouse him most. I did that even used my erect nipples in pee hole and…as I took it away…he must have realized that lot is at stake today.
He forced me on my back and came over me.
My slender legs went over his shoulder, my full silken thighs were fully spread and in one shove, he thrust it deep inside.
His hands went direct at my boobs and grabbed.
He was different. It was a vigor I only dreamt and now was afraid of.
Can I beat this tornado?
Can I make him cum before me?
His nails were deeply buried in my shoulders. Without any fear of discharge, he was pumping hard, deep and fast.
I forgot about bets and wager and started enjoying every minute of it. My buttock were responding in unison, my breast were rubbing at his chest, my toe ring was playing music, my necklace was swinging with sweet sound, my glass bangles, I lost half a dozen.
Hey suddenly I recalled what mom has taught me, and true me took over. My legs encircled over his waist in a vice like grip and my cunt started squeezing him firstly softly and then in a nut cracker movement beginning from base. And his nails started scratching his nipples.
He was very hard and he could feel it on her moving, pulsating cunt walls.
But soon he took over again and started …but this time it was slow measured pounding.
And I realized, he has started counting sheep , trying to postpone his orgasm.
Yes half an hour had passed and I took this chance and came over him.
Initially I was slow, loving kissing him all over, letting him control the fucking,
But slowly, my hands held his hands firmly on bed. I started teasing his ear, biting ear loves, pushing tip of my tongue in his ear, and scratching his nipples which were as sensitive as mine ( which first time made me realize his inner femininity, which was I not going to explore but expose)…
Ohh ..uhh ..kya karati ho…hey…
he was squirming in delight and, pain.
I added barrage of lewd words….
kyon maja aa raha hai naa..
and I brushed my hard boobs on his face, my inch long erect nipples were just a breath away from his hungry, starving lips.
“Hey bolo…kyon apane us maal ki choti choti…bahoot maja aayegaa jab uski choosege.”
Nanhin…nahin naa..he was writhing wriggling.

Kya nahin…kski baat kar rahi hun main…I teased further.
He was silent but looking at my perfect melons with lust filled eyes.
Bolo..bas usaka ek naan ek bar bol de to de dungi…gently caressing his hairs I coaxed.
Unh…he was on the verge…
Bolo naa naam main kya sharam…
Unh…do naa…guddi…
and as he uttered name of my nanad I grabbed the chance.
To tum man gaye na ki guddi tera maal hai aur uski choti choonchiya mast hai…and I pushed my nipple in his half open mouth.
Lo aaj meri choos lo but jald hi uski bhi dilvaungi…bol choosega naa…
His lips were sealed but happy eyes nodded.
I was pumping like a man, going up and down, rotating, grinding, and with full josh again I squeezed his hard throbbing cock with a nut cracker motion. His arousal was at peak and he could come any minute but my condition was no better.
My long nails which were scratching his nipples were now caressing his puckered rear brown hole.
Jald hi tujhe main bahanchocd banava ke rahungi mere sajan…I uttered to nobody in particular. And in the same vain my long index finger scratching spreading his anus, entered in big thrust.
He jerked in a big way…partially in effect of my words and partially finger which was now rotating, pushing, rubbing against his sphincter.
End has begun …and I pressed my finger deep inside his asshole.
Oh…ah ah….he pumped up and started ejaculating like a fountain, which was sleeping for some time.
I kept of pushing, shoving, rotating my finger in his gaand.
He was jumping…but I continued relentlessly, and simultaneously again squeezing his jerking spurting cock with my tightening cunt.
Abhi to yes shuruat hai mere raja dekhate jao…abhai to tere maiake main aise hi teri gaand marungi…I jeered.
And as if not only his till now un invaded asshole has opened up but entire bottled up personality has opened.
My tunnel of luv was full, and it was coming out …it stopped and I again squeezed my tight love hole….and again it started ...nay exploded.
Bolo chodoge naa usko…I was whispering.
My finger was still pressing hard against his pressure point deep inside his asshole.
He was in no position to respond.
And I announced my victory…biting him, kissing him and telling him…
So now you are…Joru ka gulam …meri har baat maanni padegi tumhe.. and in the same breath I took my big red bindi and applied it on his broad forehead.
Han…there was adorable joy on his face. Moaning he said.
Sirf meri nahi…meri mammi ki bhi meri maaike ki sari auraton ki…
Lal Bindi unkae matahe pe khoob chamak rahi thi.Han haa…he was now very explicit and I realized he is enjoying the situation he has been forced into.
Jo main kahungi mere saan…ab as tu vahi kahyega…vahi pahengaa..
Ha yes…his smile was more clear.
Sab kuch karega naa…jo main kahungi.
Han ekdam…
To bol na tukya hai aaj se…I asked kissing him …mera.
Joru ka Gulam …admitting and again he pumped and in last spurt some cum came in my vagina.
This word and may be his last pump made me cum too with a shattering orgasm.
We were holding each other; I was on top as it was reflecting our new status. He was pressed down…his cock caught in my oozing, grabbing vagina.
And when I recovered …I remembered what I had promised mom.
My fingers went to number 1 my hot button for mom and as I listened mom’s voice, I handed over mobile to him.
He was blushing, squirming but listening with rapt attention..
And when he kept phone down I kissed him again and teased.
Kaisa laga apani maalkin I mean malkino se mile ke. I asked
Bahoot achaa. He smiled as I got up.
We were lounging for some time.
He dressed and tried to remove bindi from his forehead. But I held his hand and chided him in a forbidding tone.
No bhool gaye kya…and changing me tone to soft lovely voice, I put a hand mirror in front of him and said,
Dekh chera kitta pyara lag raha hai…
He blushed like a nayi dulhan.
And my imagination was running riot. I could visualize ear rings in his lovely, soo kissable earlobes, bngles in patli kalai, red nail polish in his nails, may be even a dash of lipstick and rouge too…but one voice interrupted my thoughts.
Kahna…it was bearer. When he was in bathroom I had ordered lunch.
It was a suite.
I could see his hesitation.
His hand twitched to move to his forehead but one gaze of mine was good enough to stop it.
Theek hai... ham baad main aake baratan le jaana.
Sound of shutting the door confirmed that he has gone.
I kissed bindi and caressing his fair cheeks, pinched it and said in a husky tone,
Chal u have been a good babay today aaj mom will feed you… tujhe apane hatho se …yes yes good boy close your eyes.
And as he shut his eyes my lips in a smooch sealed them and I guided him holding his hand to dining table in other room.
It was ‘different’
As I put first morsel with my hands …his taste buds …he flinched.
But I kissed him and my darting tongue not only invaded but pushed what ever was in his mouth.
Good boy..acha lag raha hai naa…I said.
Before he could think …it was another morsel.
In between my other hand, was stroking his bulge over pajama…and soon it entered and wrapped up it hard.
Unhh to lagata ki phir us meri chinal naand ki choti choti choonchyan yaad aa rahi hai koi baat nahi…I pressed hard and I one jerk opened his supra…are us tere maal ki choonchi kya sab kuch dilvaungi tujhe bas ek baar bol de tu apani juban se…
It had desired effect. It was stirring. I put my finger on his peephole, there was still a drop of cum which I dragged and licked.
My cum soaked lips…I kissed him.
It was his deseart.
Mean while I had snapped many pictures, close up of face adorned with red shining bindi, what was I making him eat…using camera of my mobile.
I also send those pictures to mom.
Now you can open your eyes…and he did it duty fully.
He had cleaned up all plates.
Dekha…mere hath se khane ka maja…kaisa thaa.
Bahoot achaa…itaa acha pahale kabhi khaya nahi tha…he acknowledged.
I could not suppress my smile.
Hota bhi kiase…I almost whispered…how was egg curry.
He was ..stunned.
Are kata to nahin naa... maine chidhaya
And before he could react, further I showed him all the pictures…all the dishes were ‘forbidden’, baigan, karela,…and he was relishing all of them. And of course... egg curry.
He was flushing.
Without giving him a chance I tugged his pajama ka nada aur gap se I gulped his supara.
Chooblate hue was fully hard…I said…I know…I know but raat tak intejaar karo.
Hey you get ready you had to go out.
He forgot to take out bindi.
As he was ready to go out for his meeting, I removed bindi, laughing,
Maana bindi tumhare gore gore chehare pe bahoot acahi lag rahi ahi lekin baahar … Although I was thinking ..why not …one day…may be sooner than later.
Although I was thinking ..why not …one day…may be sooner than later.
Entire after noon my dream filled siesta…I was dreaming about him…dressed in…various outfits.
It was he only who woke me up.
How was office I asked?
Very good., he beamed. And I hugged him.
Chalo aaj sham ko kahin ghoomane chlate hain…I suggested.
Sure lekin pahale chai…he demanded.
Sure and I lifted the phone to order room service.
Kuch snacks vacks bhi…turning I aksed.
Looking at my milky globes peeping from lacy bra, he said lecherously,
Yes…lekin mere dimaga main to kuch aur thaa…
Din main man nahin bhara kya chalo…vo bhi milega…I responded,
lekin pahle kuch pet pooja..din main aaj aapne jyada mehanat kar li hai.
One pot tea and two omlets…room no 412.
Hey omelets…he wondered.
Are subah plate bhar egg curry kha gaye the aur oomlet se parhej…I teased.
When he was eating omlete and this time with open eyes with his own hands…only one thought was in my mind…agar unkae maiake vale dek lete sayad behos ho jaate.
At Market, we were doing window shopping. In one cosmetic shop while testing one pink nail polish, I applied it on his nails….pink nails I could hardly suppress my smile.
And while returning, it was a lonely street, light was pale and it was a old fashioned paan shop. And an idea struck me.
I took him there and asked him to purchase a packet of cigarettes.
He did.
And I asked him to lit one.
Now he was …flabbergasted.
But I never smoked…he was hesitant.
But a glare from me and …he lit.
Ugh ughh… he was coughing violently.
I picked up ciggi from his hand and took it my lips and inhaled.
He was wonder struck.
Lo theek se and this time he did it. And while he was grappling with his first smoke,
I snapped few pictures of him smoking…they were on way to my mom…thanks to my mms.
I assured him…
Aree yaar…we are so away from your maiaka …and office…who will know what we are doing in this lonely alley. Come on smoke …yes yes …just like that…He was puffing...
Only when we reached hotel and I saw him his pictures, smoking he realized…yes there is…and this time…I commanded…
Ok so now any ways if want whole word will know so why not smoke again…in privacy of out hotel room.
And he did. It was his first nay second and my fourth or fifth.
It was the beginning I was hoping for.
It continued when we returned. Change was slow but significant, his wardrobe, his eating habits, even exercise regimen…but I took him to my lady trainer… and we planned a naughty regimen.
No at was not abs…yes but his waist become more slender, he become more lean and handsome in some feminine way. And any way, he was so fair, with sharp features, aquiline nose…and now he has become thinner, waist had become more slender…
And it was not only looks, food habits…he was averse to green veggies, salad…one day he removed few pieces of tomato I kept in his plate. I just doubled it and removed everything else…some force, some persuasion,…soon he started realizing who wears pants in house. His hesitation to smoke also…slowly …initially he was averse to all the smoke…esp. before going to office or meeting with his friends…one day I lit a ciggi and after taking a deep puff, kissed him deep and exhaled it inside his mouth and give it to him. His some close friends were coming to us…and his friends wife Rita , teased him like hell.
Of course I will snap everything and a copy will go to mom, who will ring him every night and taunt him so much …
And that made my sex life much sexier.
Opps I forgot to share one thing which I promised in the beginning of story.
It was about his “second” or virtual existence”.
One day he was surfing on his lap top but as he saw me he closed. I became suspicious; it could not have been a porno site as he was averse (as he had told me).But twice or thrice …and then I decided to check one day. He used to think me ignoramus in IT related areas but surfing had taught me a lot.
I looked in history…sites he had visited. Alt. com, chatropolis…and I opened chatropolis. As I entered into one chat …probably analpolis…name was already there. Ok so this is the name he uses. Dolby 32 C. To my wonder, there were many who started chatting immediately referring to earlier chats. And then I went to more wild ones, water sports …and there were fewer persons…but all well acquainted with ‘her’. I tried other site, alt. com. But it required an id and password. I quickly thought, it was touting itself as world’s largest bondage, alternative, lifestyle personal…so…so…he has donned look of a teen girlie name….ok I created an id ...Dark Master….from Texas, aged 36, looking for woman, couples. And with that i got my password in my newly created id and I said the sesame khool ja.
And when I looked at females from India yes same id was there.
And I could locate ‘him’ in pain room.
I ignored ‘him’ for some time and then started enquiring about India , season and suggested that I had visited there for a few days.
And then I looked deeper into computer, yahoo messenger…and I went into profiles. Yes it was there…same name and even avatar I could locate.
It made me think, but I continued exploring.
In a few days ‘he’ was chatting with ‘me’ and I realized what type of persona ‘ he’ was presenting…I created a few more ids on alt. com one was a girlie and it turned out ‘he’ was interested even in lez…I even made one as “rahul’ an Indian settled in dubai and ‘he’ was keen on cyber session and many times initiatives came form “dolby’ only. Most of the time dressed in chiffon, tight low cut red choli, with make up adorning her face…
And one day I even succeeded. “her” name reversed a _ and year of birth.
And I a whole treasure trove opened before me.
I was shocked and sorry.
But then I realized…he was looking for some fun. It is simple.
He was crying for attention. May be as a “man” it was difficult to get it…but more probably he had a soft feminine persona lurking underneath and he was enjoying it there.
So what is wrong, he was not committing adultery, may be he is trying to live out his real persona…I was angry, unhappy, confused.
But then I realized …it is not so much unusual .during surfing, when I looked back, I was trying to make friends with boys…my teen days …but they were so many horror stories…so I stick to very few long term…email exchanging and then with one ‘girl sounding’ friend…I continued for years…only much later I knew ‘she’ was not a girl…
But he was so nice …and I friendship continued…and even after we exchanged real names pictures… ‘ he’ continued to use ‘her’ gilrie name. and only much later realized how to identify real girls or almost…name pictures none will do …one almost sure check was to talk about those days…exchange dates…length of cycle…and in not many obvious days and confront on a wrong date…then there are many typical feminine things..
So …I felt at peace but still something was churning me. What to do with this info. And I did …what I always did….talked to mom.
She was silent…I thought…she is nonplussed about his alternate persona.
No most probably she was smiling.
I suggested may be I should confront him…may be directly may through e mail or message…
No no mom immediately forbid me. It is very clear he has a habit to go in shell and during surfing he comes out…any threat and he will sulk, become sullen and go deep into recess.
So I asked.
Use it , leverage it.
Yes I thought. I was not happy with my sex life. I was not happy with his bottled life.
I had my answer.
Yes mom thank you so much.
I am always there for you and keep reporting to GHQ. She beamed on phone.
And I made my plans. He was using rather coaxing persons to use ‘four letter desi words’ and abuses, which I never dreamt he can use, but may be always wanted him to use.
Whole thing became clear to me…his food dressing habits, control of his maika vale esp his sister over him….
He was made to behave in a certain way…and everybody kept on saying, parroting…and he belliving…this is good he will conform to that.
He wanted to ‘enjoy’ like normal male…but it has been forced into his sub conscious …deeper and deeper…and he was now thanks to net has found a refuse.
He was not very comfortable with females. Again he was normal with females, esp. unknown ones. Again he has not read in a co –ed and talking with girls was bad…so
Sex had become a mechanical process and he was not able to enjoy himself.
And that give control to my nannds , although she was younger but she was always ….
And he was indirectly….
Ok my hubby don’t worry I will take charge.
I slowly moved away from him in cyber world.
And planned my strategies and made him my JKG.
rani ...but there is more to come and please do post your comments
Ok so no I have shared last vestige of secret… let me move ahead.
It was moving very smoothly.
Now almost all things he was eating, his wardrobe was changing and so was his attitude.
One day we were moving in a bus. There was a young beautiful teen girl sitting some seats away.
He was looking at him surreptitiously.
“ kyon mast maal hai naa,” I whispered in his ears.
Haan …he said haltingly.
“arre to khool ke dekho naa…tere maal sakajl milati hai naa..” I teased.
Sahi kahati ho…now he was gazing boldly.
Maame to dekho salli ke …vaise hi chote chote hain mulayam. My teasing went unaated as I covered him with my shawl.
I touched his bulge over trousers. He was hard.
Kyon dabane kaa man kar raha hai naa uskaa…I taunted and squeezed his bulge.
It was rock hard.
Dekh usaka bhai aisa hoga…vo to taiyar hi rahati hai…bol…and my long fingers un zipped.
We never became so much bold and both of us were enjoying it. His hand came over my boobs and started caressing it under the shawl.
That is what I wanted to resurrect his normal sexuality.
Summer season has come and mango had started coming in market.
I suddenly recalled long forgotten bait with my naand and his bete noire.
One day I made chatani of kacche aam .
I could see him almost shivering , may be with expectation.
I put some in my finger and took to his mouth.
He opened his mouth a bit and I thrust my fingers in side.
Kyon kaisa laga.
He made a very bad face.
Cahahe achaa lage yaa bura…beta aab to tumhe chakahna kahan hi hai and I put some more in his thali.
One day I took him to a fruit juice stall. He was thinking …and I asked,
Kyon mango juice hai…
Han madam …ekdam taza…
I looked at him…he was trying to behave nonchalantly,
I was enjoying this moment.
Ok do orange juice de do.
I had put a stop to his non stop tea binges and was making him drink fresh fruit juice.
But I wanted to make total change …and what could have been a better day then his birth day for being reborne.
I made him take official leave… it was a Friday. Followed by a week end. And a day before that I took him to a parlor. My parlor. He was hesitant, coy like a virgin going to bed first time but I coaxed, cajoled and ultimately forced.
Gena, who normally did tricks to my face was there. This time there were very few customers.
I and Gena were friendly. Not friendly very friendly and shared many things.
And she was so pretty and had silken touch. Both with her hands and tongue.
No no …I mean the way she talkd.
And so soon facial, pedicure manicure…he almost forgot when she made some good changes…
When he came out he was minus that bush …which underlined his aquiline sharp feminine …it was gone…not even a trace of hair…and the way Gina had done it is not going to come back for some time.
( it was such a great symbol of “masculinity’ for him….moonch to mard ki shaan hoti hai and now it was gone …gone for ever.)
And eye brows too…she did some threading. His face was looking so soft.
Raste me we did shopping.
I went inside a cosmetic shop and asked him to purchase a few kilos of mango, banana grapes and some other fruit. I told him to touch mangos that they are proper ripe.
I was peeping from within the shop.
He was yes…shaking …but did take it from vendor.
We purchased some meat…a dozen eggs…a bottle of rum, whisky, cold drinks and many many more things. He was just wondering but I was not going to tell him.
Rashte main I went to my tailor also. Who had taken some measurement of him a few days back.
And the evening before b day or should I say d day.
When he came back from office, there was a notice on door.
He went to bathroom straight.
There were more instructions…
• No hair below eye brows.
• Soak yourself in tub, take the drink kept on stool for half an hour and then shampoo, use soap and clean every part of body.
• Clean all your holes, use soap, brush, anything and check before coming out.
He was hesitant and aroused. But followed all the instructions.
And when he came out refreshed…there was another set ….
• Dry yourself completely.
• Put all your cloths and towel in laundry bucket.
• Walk out wearing only bathroom sleepers.
• Wait on the bed.
• And don’t touch your self below the waist.
• But touch your nipples thinking as if they are your “maals”.
And he walked out to bed room.
On bed was a black satin huge bed sheet and there were some long aromatic candles.
He stood and looked into his reflection in king size dressing table mirror. And there was a sticker—
• Go straight to bed and lie down.
• Use the hand cuffs hanging with bed posts. Tie your only one hand and wait for me.
And below in place of signature were kiss marks of my lips in pink lipstick.
He was waiting with one hand tied , when I entered, dressed in black vinyl, corset, only pushing out my boobs, long boots with 3.5 inch high heels covering almost up to my knees, fishing net black stocking and long jet black hair tied in a pony tail, dark piercing eyes and with a long whip in my hand…I just whished it and could see terror and…joy in his eyes.
Bow before Mistress Patrica…I thundered softly and he bowed.
I put my gleaming shoes ….kiss them…
It was difficult for him as his handcuff was chained, but he still bend hard and kissed my shoes….
Lick them clean….that is what you are borne for.
And he started doing it.
Good…but it was difficult for me to continue as I was aroused.
Light was very dim with only a few candles located far away from bed.
I very slowly opened sides of my shoes and step out next to go was corset and then I put my feet on bed and made me him remove my fishnet stockings.
Now I was only in bra and thong and I changed gear…
I switched on a lamp which was only highlighting the area I was standing ,slightly away from bed.
And music started….a soft erotic romantic ….and I started gyrating…
He could look only at my back.
My hands were roaming on my back playing with my bra straps…but it did not snap open. And I bend.
Exposing my pert firm rear…I looked back…fluttered my eye lashes and spreading my ass with long red color coated fingers spread it.
It was still covered in sexy red thong but my one finger shifted it a bit.
Do u wann it baby.
Yes yes…he murmured.
Still as a statute I asked and what will u do that for …
Any thing …anything his voice was becoming horse.
Sure I stood up facing him and now my fingers were caressing my pink lacy bra, more pushing out and hugging my milky doves.
Sure you mean any thing…I coaxed.
Yes yes…he was very aroused …I could see.
Ok let me ask will u …fuck …your maal…
Yes yes…
Admit to me ….then u wann to fuck her.
Yes I wann I waan please and in one fast motion my bra was snapped open and I threw it at his face.
To tum bahan chod banoge…
Boobs were still covered …my fingers caressing them…cupping squeezing the…
Yes…he admitted I will do anything for you pleaseeeeeeeee
He was almost crying and I turned back to him and showing came out from red thong and it flew staright to his hard on.
Happy birth day…
I was over him kissing him smoothing and my boobs were rubbing over him.
He wanted to touch me but I forbid sternly…
NO…birthday boy will only follow orders understand….
I moved away from him and opened a plate…kept on side table, there was banana and grapes in that.
I took a hard thick banana and kissed it as if it is a cock.
I caressed it between my twin peaks and pressed my nipples with it.
And soon it was between my lovelips.
I was caressing parting and even shoved it a bit.
I was moaning …in joy.
And so was he in frustration and aousal.
I again sat in his chest brought it out, peeled and took it to his lips. He grabbed it, devoured it greedily.
There were bunch of grapes and like a houries from Arabian night I was dandling it in front of my exposed boobs and offering it to him…and he will come to take my aroused nipples it was a grape …he never tasted in his previous avatar.
But today he was dying to get them but he got my nipples to. When he was busy sucking then between grapes, I took my bra and panty and blind folded him.
I uncovered next plate…there were long slices of juicy golden mangos.
I took one, pushed it between my portals of joy and rode over him.
Long pieces were still coming out.
Suck it baby suck it hard…
And he was sucking it …drinking the nectar. Soon some pieces were moving in his mouth.
I looked at his cock.
It was never soo hard.
Yes I must doing ( ) something about and soon we were indulging in 69 my favourite.
My lips unveiled his supara, tongue tease with his pee hole and I was in full fury.
But after a few minutes I left.
On a cup there were pieces of mango some small cut ones and a few ices cubes. I took them in my mouth and in went his supara…
He screamed in …I know not what.
I continued squeezing his balls, pumping his shaft and ultimately use the finger trick in his ass. My tongue will do a dance on his shaft, licking it will touch his balls and even take each baal bari bari se and suck it hard. Some time smy lips will be very soft, like a romantic melody, coaxing caressing and some times it will take a nibble, a gentle bite. All the time those pices of alphonso will be rubbing, gliding against his angry bulbous, supara. My thumb was pressing at the base of his cock and fingers were sliding, rubbing hard and I was not sparing his balls. And he came. He exploded but I took every drop in my mouth and after ensuring nothing was left, mango pieces were well soaked… in white cream. I turned and kissed him, forcing him to open his mouth and every drop went inside. I had sealed his mouth and he had to gulp every drop and take every piece cum soaked mango pieces.
Hey enjoyed this mango shake.
I rolled my eyes and taunted, kyon kaisa laga mango shake.
He was still nibbling last pieces.
But it was only the beginning.
I removed hand cuff and kept small mango pieces on my boobs.
Blind fold was still on.
I guided him to ear every single one.
Soon he was aroused again.
This time I let him come over me and we made love like animals.
We were wrestling, biting, scratching, hugging squeezing. At first he was groping for my boobs but as he got them , I guided his again erect, throbbing cock to my juicy cunt. I made him lift his head away from my body and then coated my boobs with fresh cream suffused with pieces of mango. Hey lick it you sister fucker...and I forced his mouth over my tits, commanding him in husky deep voice. My long finger nails were caressing his fair feminine face, as he was licking, nibbling, every piece.
And his finished there my lips were locked with him, my velvety mouth full of more succulent juicy pieces. With my darting forceful tongue I shoved every one of them and as our tongue kept fighting in his mouth I made him eat every piece.
My long slender legs were over his back pulling him in, squeezing and when my hip wet up, a pounding start which we were both longing for.
And so many things happening to gather, we were eating each other, from each other, scratching, and biting, fondling gently one moment and squeezing violently at another.
And when he came, my demanding cunt sucked every drop from him greedily..
Soon again I was on the top making him drink his nectar from my cunny every drop of it., sitting on his face, holding his head firmly.
Only after that I opened his blind fold.
Kyon kaisa laga....I asked.
He smiled sheepishly.
Mera matalab hai…amm kahne main…mango juice and then…I teased.
Achaa laga…there was an impish gleam in his eyes.
Clock struck 12.
Happy birth day holding his head I moaned. I kissed him hard. My tongue invaded his mouth as my lips firmly captured his lips between mine. My taste buds could still taste delicious taste of mango juice lingering in his mouth.
I could only wish his maiaka vallas to be there …soon…very soon that day will come and surely …phat jayegi unki.

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