Jinnah super Islamabad
Hello .my name is taraq from islamabad,pakistan.here i am again with my personal experience.
It all happened one day when i was just goofing off in jinnah super market islamabad one day, i noticed couple of girls sitting in a car and talking to each other while looking at me, i started circling their car like a shark and after a while one came out and said you look familiar are you rehan i said no i am not rehan,she said ok how about a ride with us, i hesitated for a while and then said alright, i sat on the back seat of their new honda vti, they took me straight to one of the luxury apartment in diplomatic enclave.
They parked the car in the parking lot and went to 3rd floor one of them took out the key and opened the door, i must admit i was slightly scared, on entering the appt they tossed over the keys and purses on the sofa and asked me to make myself comfortable. Both of them sat down beside me and i started messaging my arms and chest, the feeling was unbelievable, and then one of them started smooching my lips and sucked both of my lips inside her wet mouth, at the same time i felt a hand unbuckling my jeans and then one of them yanked my t shirt off and said wow what a hairy chest. I felt my jeans pulled down to my knees and a hand was slipping into my underwear, at the same time the other one started licking my chest like a lolipop, she sucked my nipples so hard that they started aching. Then my underwear was pulled down to my knees and she started sniffing my tool box, and said wowww…
I love the smell of sex blended with perspiration. Then both of them knelt down and started slurping my screwdriver, one of them swallowed my cock so deep i could even felt her throat against my prick, and the other one swallowed my testicle sack into her mouth, the sounds of moans and groans echoed in the appt everywhere, just to make sure i do not erupt prematurely i started thinking about my job and that helped otherwise who could stand a blow job for half an hour. Then they got up and started undressing themselves i also got up and remove my clothes, i must admit they had heavenly bodies and my cock was standing atleast at an angle 110 degree and was so hard that you can break a nut with it. Then they turned me over on the couch and started kissing and biting my buttocks, one of them started messaging my ass hole with her index finger, after a while they turned me over and one of them sat on my mouth and shoved her wet pussy on my face and i started drinking her lubrication as if i was dying from its thirst, she shuddered and spit load of her delicious cum directly in my starving mouth, oh it was so delicious that you could have never enough. The second one inserted my hard cock into her wet crotch and started moving up and down,

I thought i had died and gone into the heaven, my cock in one pussy and my mouth sucking another. Then they changed positions and i had an opportunity to taste the other one, difficult to decide who was more delicious. They noted my expression and realize i was about to come they immediately moved and started giving me a blowjob, and after a while i exploded and cover one of the face with my hot cumm, they spent no time in licking it clean and then all of us fell on the couch totally exhausted. One told me her name is nina and the other’s name is fayaza and the appt belong to their brother who has gone to usa. After sometimes one of them said look one more time and then we will drop you to jinnah super market i said ok. Fayeza said we are ass virgins and we want to feel today how it felt to be screwed in the ass, i said then let my cock be the lucky one to do this ceremony, they both giggled. One of them went inside and came back with an empty ear drops bottle and a olive oil bottle, she unscrewed the ear drop bottle poured oil in it and then screwed the lid back on it. Then she handed over the bottle to me and both of them bend over the couch in the doggy style,

They parted their beautiful hips exposing their hairless cute little ass holes, slowly i poured some oil on one’s ass hole and started messaging her ass with my index finger after making sure the ass is lubricated enough i inserted the pointed oil bottle inside her already lubricated ass hole, i squeezed the half inserted bottle into the asshole and sprayed oil deep into the shatter making sure it is very well lubricated, when i withdrew the bottle some oil started dripping from her ass, i repeated the same process with the other one and after making sure both assess have become very welcoming i inserted my lucky dick into one of the ass hole . I heard a loud moan as my cock slithered its way deep into the ass hole, and i started figering the other ass hole which was so far unattended, i could hear the sloshing sounds as my cock was moving to and fro a very well lubricated ass, then i took it out and inserted into the other deserving ass hole, we kept on doing that for a while before i erupted into one of the heavenly ass hole, after ejaculating i pulled my dick out and it was welcome by a couple of hungry mouths, after servicing my cock they started getting dressed, and so did i.

Then they dropped me off in jinnah super market where my car was parked and i drove off and realized it was 2 o clock in the morning, time flew when you are having sex with a couple of erotic nymphs.

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