Jethalal & Babitaji--Job Interview Gone Wrong
This happened when we reached chandigadh and took a room in hotel there. In the morning I took bath and wore a simple punjabi dress. I attended the interview and performed well, and to my luck (or badluck) the manager of that company was one of old friends of Jethala. They told me that my name had been shortlisted for the second round interview which is going to be held tomorrow by that manager. I was overjoyed, as I knew that if jethala Jethala will talk to manager then I will surely get this job. So we decided to stay there, so we called home that we will be back after the interview. While chatting on the way Jethala informed me that his friend Tarak (the manager) is a funny fellow and he likes good looking and impressive girls.

I was worried as I was not looking good as my body was hairy and I too didn’t have good clothes to wear. I, hesitently, told this to my jethala and he said he will buy me some clothes and suggested to wear sari. We went to a shop very next to hotel and I selected a sky blue sari and he asked me to give measurement for blouse to tailor which was there itself in that shop. He asked the tailor to stich the blouse by evening and deliver it to our hotel (which was next to this showroom) and paid the bill. I was feeling shy as he was spending a lot of money for me.

He said me to have a hair cut. I agreed and went with him to a beauty parlour near by out hotel and got my long hairs cut short till shoulder length and nicely curved from back. I was little surprised when he asked the beautician to wax my body hairs. He asked me to come to hotel after finishing this job and he left for the hotel. I was worried as I was not having enough money to pay for stuff like this but the beautician told that money has been already paid by jethala for full body job before he left.

There were three beautician girls in that parlour and they took me to inside the room. They started with waxing my legs and my arms. They stripped me in my bra and panty and waxed my entire legs and arms. It hurt me a lot, but felt smooth at the end. And I wasn’t prepared for what to come next. They wanted to wax my back and stomach. I had never done in my life and was a bit apprehensive. I just closed my eyes and let those girls finish the job. They wanted to make sure even the tiniest of possible hair on my body are gone.

And then the final surprise came for me. They suggested shaving off my pubic hairs as well. I was little shy but they said it was their daily job. They had decided not to leave a single hair on my body. I finally gave up and one of the girls pulled down my panty and asked me to lie down and relax. The other one applied some hair removing cream at my pubic hairs. I was lying there and 2 girls were working on me shaving me off. After few minutes I was hairless all over the body. The skin of my legs became very smooth and hairless. I got waxed my every inch of fair body including armpits and pussy for first time in my life. It took around 2 hours and finally I went back to hotel.

Jethala was surprised and first time he told me “ now your looking beautiful”. It was just 5.30 so we decided to go for sight seeing and we came back at 7.30 and i was dead tired and i was having headache. After some time a room service boy delivered the packet of blouse and went.

I was very much surprised when I saw the blouse. The blouse was especially designed. It was more revealing than concealing it was open from behind with just 2 ropes and her full back is seen and neck of her sexy looking blouse was very widely cut, which was barely covered my shoulder even. Jethala asked me to try it and also requested to show him by wearing that sari. I was bit surprised by his request but did not felt anything fishy as he was like my father.

After wearing the sari when I looked at the mirror I was sunned as in that silky net saree my boobs and ass looks damn sexy and my full figure is seen completely.
I was feeling shy to show my sexy body to my jethala therefore I covered my milky nacked hands with sari and rolled over my body.

jethala had the habit of taking a drink before sleep. So he began to take drink and asked me do you want to have a drink. As ours is punjabi family no one takes drink, i politely refused but he forced me to have one peg to reduce my stress. He somehow convinced me and I finished first peg in no time. He again request me for second and I could say no as he was very helpful to me. Meanwhile I was in a semi-concious state and fully drained of my energy. I took one last drink and suddnly I felt a kiss on my lips. I was so horrified that before I could react, jethala dropped my sari pallu and started kissing my neck, face, and necked hands.

I sat up and said what are you doing. Jethala Jethala gave me a cunning smile and told me that “dear Babita if you want this job then you have to pay for it”. I ask him “what you want?”. Jethala is very close to my body now. He boldly put one hand on my nacked shoulder ( as blouse was slivless) and one hand on my nacked stomach. His breath is hot, he smile to me and his eyes on my big boob. Now I understand what he want and why he spend lot of money on me. I told him “No way”. Then he told me “Ok if want to loose this job, no problem”. Jethala told me that nothing is wrong in doing all this,. And then he told me that is a deal “GIVE and Take”. He knows that I was badly in need of this job.
I started crying and said you are like my father and we should not be doing this. But he appeared deaf to my words. He again kissed me on my lips and pressed my jaws hardly with that pain i opened my mouth. I could feel his warm tounge inside my mouth..
My resistance became week. He kiss very roughly on my back and nacked shoulder and my hand and fingers. Slowly reached my lip. Now his hand hold me very firm. I loose my strength to resist and feeling guilty but I had no choice. In no time he pulled of my sari and your 18 years virgin Babita was standing before him only in that sexy slivless blouse and a thin petticott.
He then pulled the clip from my hairs and my shoulder length hair fall on my back. His hands were moving all over my half nacked body and he asked me to turn around. I did so and he was in haven looking my milky white back. He started kissing my bare back and asked me to raise my hands and when I done it he saw my creamy hairless armpits and my god he started sucking my creamy hairless armpits like a dog. He kissed my nacked shoulders and immediately he pulled the strings of my slivless blouse form backside and oooooo god my blouse was taken off. He then lowered the stripes of my bra and I was topless. I had a pair of medium sized boobs with small pink nipples. This was enough for him to get excited and he started sucking my nipples. I was dying with the feeling of guilt and shame.
He then pulled the string (nada) of my paticott and it was fallen down. He saw my creamy and white legs which were waxed an hour before at beautiparlour. He was a lucky bastard that he got me fully waxed and cleanshaved. He started licking and kissing my sexy hairless and smooth long legs.
Now he said he is going to fuck me... I protested no telling him that I am a virgin and it will pain he said ok and asked me to give him a blow job. I refused. He promised me that he will not fuck me if I oblige him with a good blowjob. In order to save my virginity I selected to give him a blowjob. He asked me to sit on the bed and inserted his 8” dick into my mouth. I tried to get away this dirty thing but he caught my hairs and pumped my mouth over his dick. After his several harder strokes he was over and cummed into my mouth. He then lay on the bed to relax for some time. I was too tired by this game and wanted to sleep.
I was thanking god as my virginity was saved from that old bastard but little did I know what is waiting for me next. Suddenly he removed my panty and kissed me in my vagina.. my pussy was pink and cleanshaved today and he had his treat.. I reminded me about his promise but he pushed my thighs apart and kissed on my cleanshaved pussy and started sucking it. Thought I felt the act disgusting i could not do anything as I was feeling very tipsy. I was in a semi-concious state and just lied there like a lifeless doll.

I was quite now. I realized I was helpless, by my strength & helplessness I experienced. I closed my eyes in affirmation. He slowly inserted his Rod inside my small cleanshaved pink Vagina. He made a harder stroke and one inch of his dick was entered into my pussy. I screamed uuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaii mar gayeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaahiiiiiiiiin. " Ahhh! what u r doing is wrong God will punish u , Hey Ram!" he again made a gentle stroke and my cries were increasing with every stroke. After two or three strokes his dick was stopped by my virginity seal. He made a harder stroke. A cry broke from myaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. my seal of virginity was broken forever. I was been deflowered by him. He continues making smaller strokes and after atleast 20 strokes his dick had entered my pussy completely. I was again crying but he did not listen to my cries and continues to fuck my virgin pink cleanshaved pussy.

I told him to say when he was going to cum so that I could not conceive, as we had no protection (condom/tablet). Blood was dripping from my pussy. He made several harder strokes and loved to listen my cries. He was also licking my rosy lips. Finally he shot a heavy load of spearms inside my cute and virgin pink cleanshaved pussy.

He was in heaven as he had fucked a virgin girl that too his bhatiji….

When I got up in morning I came into senses and I did not remember how many times he fucked me. I was scolding him like you are the bastard you have made a big sin,You have spoilt me. I will take revenge from you. I will teach you a lesson which you will not forget throughout your life”.

On hearing this he again got angry. He slapped me and made me doggy style and For my surprise, he inserted his strong tool inside my my virgin ass and ate me up. Now this time I cried even more louder than before. He didn't care of my tears and was not looking at my emotions. He than did the other things that can't be explained totally.

He was enjoying fucking my tight virgin ass. After that he fucked me in all the possible positions and in my every hole. He fucked me for 5 hours.

That was the most horrible day of my life, that i can't forget. Finally I got that job but I had to a very heavy price for his help.

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