I take you by the hand and lead you into the bathroom. I have already lit three candles and turned on some soft music. The tub is filled with a warm/hot bath and I take a decanter of sandalwood oil and sprinkle some into the water. I turn to face you and I can see your eyes dancing in the candlelight. I lean forward and tenderly kiss you... Taking my hands inside of your black silken robe, I slide it off of you. I step back and admire the view... you look so erotic standing there.

Our eyes meet as I drop my robe to the floor. We step towards each other and then we step into the water... it feels sooooo good. We sit together at first with your back against my chest. You love the way I sprinkle water all over your breasts, and how I have to stop and play with them every so often. You can feel me hardening behind you and you move into me a little closer, trying to ride up on my already-rigid cock.

Your hands are running up and down my legs. I enjoy feeling you all over and you know that touching you excites me. I need to taste one of your lusting kisses, so I turn you to face me. Now sitting on your knees, facing me, you can do just that. I wrap my arms around your neck... the water from them runs down your back. I pull you close and revel in parting your lips with my tongue, seeking out yours. Our tongues meet and the level of passion swiftly rises. I have missed you.

My strong arms are wrapped around your tiny waist and your hands are rubbing my back. You rise up on your knees so I may reach your breasts with my lips. "Mmmmmmm" your soft moans tell me that you love this feeling. After a few minutes, though, you need more. You sit back again, and look into my eyes... You reach down and place your hands on my thighs. You slide them upward, anxiously awaiting to reach my manhood. "AAAhhhhh" is all that is heard as you reach your destination. My cock is soooooo swollen and solid... and I am waiting for your touch.

You slowly start to stroke me... it is easy to do in this water. I lean back and close my eyes.

You love to please me, and it shows. Your strokes are firm but gentle, and increase in speed as I grow harder still. Knowing that you too are craving me, you smile.

"Michael..." you whisper....."Hhm"... is all I respond. "I want you" you say. "Well then, take me" is my reply. You waste no time in straddling
me.... hovering above my cock... I open my eyes and see the want in yours. "Come here" I say as I take you by the hips and pull you onto me. You gasp as I drive deep inside of you... "Oh" is all you can manage to utter as you meet me with a kiss that floods my entire being.

Steadily you move up and down on me.... deeper and deeper.... faster and faster... you are in a frenzy. Together we move in harmony, never missing a beat. As you approach your climax, you know I will stop you... you hold dear to that thought as you know that I know how to play you
just right! You were correct... as I draw nearer to exploding I tell you to stop. Your breathing is frantic and our kisses wild. "Turn around" I command, and you obey, sitting with your back towards me. "Ooo" you squeak as I surprise you by lifting you up. You take my shaft in your hand and position it carefully... The oil helps me to slide once again into your pussy..."Oh Michael......" you gasp as I fill you completely. "Ohhhhh yes" is all you can say... your head is spinning and your body tingling all over. You take over the gentle rhythm, thrusting me deeper and deeper inside of your hot little cunt, hurting you just a bit, but in a good way. It feels so different from when I take you from the front -- deeper, different... Rubbing against your g-spot again and again... You know I love it, too, and that makes your lust flame even more, making you move your ass up and down on my hard cock even faster, even deeper. I reach down around in front of you with my fingers and play with your clit, I am so hot for you. Your back is arched and your hair is starting to fall out of the clip you had it in. Again, sensing your orgasm, we stop moving and I hold my hands on your hips, my cock buried deep inside of you.

What seems like an eternity passes as you return to breathing normally... "Now you can come" I say. "Oh Michael, please" you beg... "I want you". I love to hear you beg, telling me that you're so close to the edge that you simply need to be fucked right now! Harder and harder, deeper and deeper I ram myself into you. "More" is all you can say, and I drive deeper still. As I reach up for your breasts, moving wildly against your chest as I move you back and forth, you can contain yourself no more. You shudder as the waves of your orgasm overcome you. Knowing that I have once again satisfied you, I give into my own desires and explode like a volcano as I scream yuour name, shooting deep inside of you... holding you down on my cock, I pull your
hips ever closer to me, penetrating ever deeper as I come in you. You feel every throb, every twitch, every last drop, and you glory in it.
You lie back against me and shiver all over... your entire body tingles.

I kiss your neck and start to sprinkle you with water again. "I love being here with you" you say. "I know" is all I respond as I feel myself
getting hard once more...

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