Indian Family ki Hawas
I lay back with a sigh on the bed, and watched as Jigna too got inside her sheet. Soon Kalpana aunty finished her bath and came out. She was dressed in an old house gown (what women commonly called maxi) and was toweling her hair dry. I watched her as she went to the balcony to hang the wet towel. She went into her bedroom and I could hear the sounds of her opening the windows. Then I heard her coming towards the passage, and I half closed my eyes. As she came through the passage where the light was still on, I could see her clearly through my half closed yes. “Fuck man, she is not wearing a bra” I breathed to myself as I looked at her. She stopped at the door of the room I was lying in, and paused as if thinking to herself. In the light from the bulb which was just behind & above her, I could see her clearly.

She was wearing a gown alright, with a petticoat (like the one worn under a sari) underneath. The gown was probably very old and did not reach her ankles, so I could see the petticoat hanging well below the hem of the gown. Her massive butt stuck out in the gown, and also looked much bigger in the gown. But what had my undivided attention was her torso. Her huge breasts hung free inside the gown, and I could see the shape of them clearly through her gown, as the light from behind made it almost translucent. They seemed much bigger than when I had seen them in her blouse & bra. Set free of the restraints of the very tight bra that she must have been wearing, they hung fleshy & free on her chest. Not only did they protrude out much more than with her bra, but they also seemed much rounder; no longer flattened by the tight bra. And as she had walked up to the door, they swung heavily under her gown, as if with a mind of their own. My cock was hard as a shaft now, and I pressed my thighs together. After what seemed like an eternity of her standing there thinking, she slowly came inside the room. She glanced at Jigna, apparently to check if she was asleep, and after confirming that, she came towards my bed.

I lay there pretending to be asleep, but was watching her though half closed eyes. She stood there for a moment, unsure of herself, and then leaning forward, gently shook me by my arm, calling out in a very soft voice that was almost a whisper “Jignesh bhai …” I pretended to wake up, and blinking my eyes looked up at her “Kalpana aunty” I asked. She quickly sat down by my side on the bed, and placing her hand on my chest, said in a soft voice “I am sorry I disturbed you … I just came to check if you were still awake …” “No, no it’s alright … I had just closed my eyes …” There was an awkward silence. As she sat there right next to me, I could now see her huge heavy breasts from much closer quarters in the gown. With her hand still resting on my chest, her fingers began to lightly caress the hair on my chest. “I just …” she paused, unsure of her again. The smell of her, freshly bathed, the outline of her big racks showing through her gown, thanks to the light from behind, and her hands softly caressing the hair on my chest was driving me crazy.

I was terribly tempted to push her hands down to my hard cock straining inside my underwear, and grab her heavy boobs. But knowing fully well that Jigna was lying awake in the bed on the other side, and probably watching us, I had no choice but to lie there motionless. “I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am … I don’t have words to express how grateful I am … you are such a …” she said in a whisper. I placed my hand on hers which was on my chest, and squeezing it gently said “Oh aunty, please … you are making me feel very uncomfortable by saying all this …. please don’t …” She looked down at into my eyes with the same warmth and tenderness, and then leaning forward gently kissed me on my forward. As she did that, her heavy dangling breasts pressed against my chest, and my cock almost jumped out my underwear. She lingered there for a moment after kissing my forehead, her breasts still pressed to my chest, and I could feel her breath on my face. Her hands were on my hair as she looked at me with love.

With great difficulty I overcame the urge to grab her and crush her in my arms. Instead, with a deep sigh, I took her hand in mine and kissed her hand. Holding her hand pressed against my cheek, I too looked back with all the tenderness I could muster, given my rampaging cock. She smiled after a while, and straightened. Caressing my face once more, she whispered “Good night beta” and walked back to her room. She switched off the light in the passage, and I heard her close the door of her bedroom. Once there was silence, I slid my hand inside my lungi and pulled off my underwear to give my hard cock some relief. I held in gingerly and began to stroke it gently.

As I lay on my bed stroking my cock, waiting for some time to pass before I went to Jigna’s bed, I heard some rustling noise from Jigna’s side of the bed, and in a flash she was there next to my bed. “Jignesh bhai …” she whispered “I could not wait for you, so …” she breathed. In the light filtering in from the tube-lights on the street outside, I could see that she had taken off her slacks and was clad only in her t-shirt and panty. Sitting there by my lying side, she knelt forward quickly and pressed her lips on mine, darting her tongue into my mouth. My cock twitched, as I felt her young firm breasts press against my chest, at the same spot where her mother’s mature heavy breasts had pressed against only a few minutes back. Wrapping my hands around her back, I slid my hands inside her t-shirt, and caressed the smooth skin of her back, pressing her towards me.

After a long wet kiss, she straightened up and started tugging off my vest. I raised my arms above my head to ease that. As she took it off completely, she placed both her hands on my chest and began to caress my chest. Bending forward again, she began to kiss me on my chest. “Oh man, this sexy teenage bitch is learning fast” I thought to myself. Not wanting to lose control of myself, I pushed her up, and made her to sit up. Lying prone, I slid both my hands inside her t-shirt and cupped her firm perky tits. I squeezed them hard, as she threw back her head and sighed. I rolled her nipples between my fingers. “Jigna” I whispered to her “Come and sit on top of me” She obeyed me immediately, and clambered over me, placing herself on my waist with her thighs on either side of my torso.

I could now see her clearly in the light coming through the window. I pushed up her t-shirt to bare her young teenaged breasts. Taking my cue, she held up her t-shirt above her tits for me, and bunched them up on her chest, keeping her breasts bared and accessible for me. I fondled them gently, and caressed her nubs with my finger tips. She was starting to breathe faster now, and I could feel her squirming on my hips, her panty rubbing on my stomach. It was a very erotic sight. A sexy teenager with a firm body, sitting on top of me, holding up her t-shirt above her firm young breasts, and waiting for me to ravage her. “Jigna” I whispered again “Take off your panties, baby” Once again she hastened to obey, and quickly slid off her panties.

As she repositioned herself on top of me, I could feel the hair of her pussy against my belly. My cock jerked and slapped against her bare butt, snuggling itself in between the crack of her ass. As I began to squeeze her ass with one hand, and fondle her tits with the other, she began to squirm, rubbing her pussy on my hips and trying to press her butt on my rigid shaft. With some irritation, she pulled off her t-shirt over her head and threw it aside, and began to sway gently on me. She grabbed my hands and guided them to her breasts again, urging me to fondle them. I almost came at that moment. This young sexy teenaged girl was now sitting on top of me completely naked! And acting like a bitch in heat! In a frenzied moment, I was tempted to grab her firm butt, lift her off my hips and impale her on my rigid shaft. But my conscience would never allow me to do that … not to an under aged girl of 16.

So instead I pulled her towards me, and took her breast in my mouth and began to suck on it passionately. She moaned with pleasure. I switched to her other tit, and repeated the same. She was squirming uncontrollably now, grinding her wet pussy against me. I rolled her off me and sat up on the bed, with my back towards the wall. I pulled her towards me and made her lean against me with her back towards me. My erect cock was pressed against her upper butt and lower back. I cupped her left tit with my left hand and began to squeeze & fondle it, as I pushed her head back towards me and kissed her passionately. I slid my right hand to between her thighs, and began to rub her wet slit. She was really beginning to get wet now.

As I rubbed the lips of her wet vagina, she began to lift her hips off the bed and push her gash on to my fingers. I flicked my finger across her tiny clitoris, and she almost jumped. I continued to flick her clitoris, and she started bucking her hips wildly, her hands grabbing my arm in a painful squeeze; and her butt rubbing against my cock. Gradually, I slid my middle finger a little inside her wet pussy, and began to finger her in earnest. She was moaning & gasping continuously now, and going wild. I alternated between rubbing her clit and fingering her slit; and very soon I felt her go into the throes of a shuddering orgasm. She let out a small muffled cry, and then collapsed against my chest, breathing hard; her thighs clamped on my hand. I felt some wetness ooze out of her pussy on to my fingers.

She lay there with her head against my chest, her mouth open, and breathing hard. I soothed her by caressing her arms and fondling her scalp. After a few minutes, her breathing returned to normal and she came to her senses. Turning to me, and kissing me again she breathed “Oh that was so wonderful Jignesh bhai …. thank you, thank you … thank you …” I silenced her by kissing her on her lips again. When I let go off her, she smiled brightly and said “Now it’s my turn Jignesh bhai …” I was waiting to hear that.

Before I could say a word, she pushed me back on the bed, and made me lie down on my back. She impatiently threw off my lungi, making me fully naked. My cock sprang out like a cobra, and stood swaying, leaning towards my belly. I spread my legs wide, as she positioned herself between them, and sat down. In the dim light I could see her, lithe and full-bodied, sitting between my legs and gazing at my cock lovingly. She reached out and took my rigid boner in her right hand. She squeezed it gently first, as if testing its hardness; and then began to stroke it slowly. I lay back and watched her as she jerked me off with her eyes riveted to my cock. As she began to stroke faster, I could see her breasts jiggle; turning me on immensely. Having held on for so long, I was not sure of holding on for too much longer. “Jigna” I whispered hoarsely “Please …”

Before I could finish saying what I wanted to, she quickly got on her knees, and bending forward, brought her face to my cock. I felt her shallow breath on my cock, and it twitched in her hand. She watched in fascination, as a tiny drop of pre-cum oozed out of the slit of my cock head. She touched the tip with her finger and gently spread the pre-cum all around my cock. As I watched, she opened her mouth, and taking out her tongue, began to lick on my cock. She began with the underside of my cock. I raised my legs, and bent them at the knees, to give her better access. She held up my cock, and began to lick on the underside. “Oh boy, this horny bitch is learning fast” I thought to myself, as she continued to lick all along my shift.

She pulled her head back, and then stroked me for a moment, watching my cock all the time. With a sigh, she bent forward again, and took my cock in her mouth. I groaned and threw my head back. At first she took the big purple knob in her mouth, and began to suck on it like a Popsicle. Slowly, she took more of my shaft inside her mouth and began the motion of moving her head up and down on it. Her tongue was at work inside her mouth, flicking and licking it, as she sucked on me. I couldn’t believe that a girl, who had sucked her first cock only yesterday, was so good at it already. I felt my balls begin to tighten, and I raised my hips trying to push more of my thick cock into her hot mouth. She came up for breath once or twice, and immediately went back to work again.

Just as she was settling into a rhythm, we heard a grunt from the other room and froze. In a flash, Jigna jumped off my bed, and grabbing her discarded clothes, ran to her bed. And it was just in time, for we heard her father, grunt something incomprehensible again, and then the sound of their door opening. The passage light was switched on, and we heard him go to the toilet and piss noisily. After the noise of the flush receded, I saw the light go off, and heard the sound of their door closing again. I let out a sigh of relief, and felt my racing heart. It had been a narrow escape.

After a few minutes, there was complete silence again. My cock was ready to burst now. Swearing to myself, I got up from my bed and walked naked to Jigna’s bed. I needed to cum … NOW. As I approached her bed, I saw her prop herself up on her elbows. I stood by her bedside, holding my hard cock in my hand, just in front of her face. Without a word, she took hold of my cock in her hand, and opening her mouth, guided it inside. I thrust my hips forward as I felt my cock being enveloped by the warm wetness of her mouth again. Holding up her head, she began to suck my cock again in earnest, bobbing her head back and forth; and stroking me at the same time.

“Remove your hand, Jigna …” I whispered to her urgently; as I took hold of her head and began to move my cock in and out of her sucking mouth. I was tempted to ram my cock deep into the throat of this sexy bitch; but felt that she was just not ready for it. Holding her by the braids of her hair, I began to slowly fuck her mouth … sliding my cock in, and pulling it out. She was getting the hang of it, and positioned her head accordingly. She opened her mouth in a wide ‘O’ to let me do that without difficulty. Whenever I would pause with my cock inside her mouth, she would begin to suck on it again. As I felt myself beginning to reach my orgasm, I grabbed her by her hair and began to thrust my cock into her waiting mouth faster.

With each thrust into her mouth, I heard her moan “Ummfff … ummfff ... ummfff ….” As I felt my cum begin to boil in my balls, I was dying to blast my ejaculation in her sucking mouth; and watch as it overflowed from her tiny mouth. “No Jignesh … don’t do that to this girl … at least not now” I gritted my teeth and told myself. Just as I was able to cum, I pulled my cock out of her mouth, grabbed her breast with my left hand, and holding my cock with right, stroked it vigorously as I ejaculated all over her young teenaged breasts. I came a great deal, and spurt after spurt of my hot cum landed on her firm breasts. I fell forward, and with my hands on the bed, took in deep breaths, trying to steady my shivering body.

She reached out and taking my arm asked in a concerned voice “Are you OK, bhaiya” In between deep breasts, I gasped “Yes … I am OK” She continued to watch me with concern in her eyes. Gradually my breathing came back to normal, and I straightened up. I picked up my discarded lungi, and again wetting the tip of it with the water from a bottle kept near the bed, cleaned up my cum from her breasts. Once I was done with that, I bent forward and softly kissed her first on both her breasts, and then her lips. As my lips parted from hers, she grabbed me by my head and asked “Did I do it nicely, bhaiya … did you feel good?” I felt a wave of tenderness rush through me, as I kissed her once again, and holding her face told her with love, “Yes baby, you did it very nicely … and yes, I felt very good”. Her smile on hearing that nearly melted my heart. “Jignesh … you bastard!” I thought to myself as I staggered back to my bed. I collapsed on the bed, and in no time, was fast asleep.
I was woken up late the next morning by Kalpana aunty. As I stretched, and yawned, I discovered to my dismay that my lungi had come off in the night, and I had used it as a sheet to cover me. She sat on the bed next to me holding a tray with a cup of tea for me and smiled warmly at me. “Good morning beta” she said sweetly. “Good morning, aunty” I replied trying to adjust the lungi, as I realized I was buck naked under it. And to add to my discomfiture, I had yet another raging morning hard-on, and it was making a tent under my lungi. As Kalpana aunt placed the tray on the table, I saw her glance at the tent pole under my lungi. Turning to leave, she gave me a knowing smile, and said “You freshen up, beta and come down. I have kept breakfast ready for you.” With a sway of her massive butt, she went out of the room. I cursed myself as I got up, and headed for the toilet. As I pissed, I felt my hard-on subside. I washed my face, put on my clothes and went down. After finishing my breakfast, I headed back home.

As I approached my house, I saw the two maid girls, Pushpa & Rani, waiting near the gate, sitting in the verandah in front. Upon seeing me, they got up and Pushpa said “Hum log bell maar maar kar thak gaye saheb … humne socha aap so rahe honge” and smiled mischievously. I opened the door and let them in. I went to finish my morning ablutions as they got about their work. As I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom, the older girl, Rani came to the door, and said tentatively “Saheb … sabun … kapde dhone ka saabun khatam ho gaya hai” As my mouth was full of toothpaste foam, I pointed to the cabinet above the washbasin, and indicated to her that she could take it from there. She walked in tentatively, and as I continued to brush my teeth, I could see her lift her hands up, and struggle to reach the shelf where the washing soaps were kept. Her ripe mango shaped breasts strained against the thin cloth of the yellow blouse she was wearing today. I shook my head and turned away.

Just as she was leaving the bathroom, I finished rinsing my mouth, and straightened. She was, at that moment, trying to carefully squeeze behind where I stood bent forward on the basin, so that she could reach the door. As I straightened suddenly, and reached for the towel, I felt my elbow crush against her full ripe breasts. I startled, and so did she, letting out a small “Uhh”. Apologizing, I tried to get out of her way towards the door, and in her hurry, she also tried to move in the same direction that I was, causing my fore-arm to press again on her breast. Both of us stood there frozen for a moment, my fore-arm still crushed against her breast, as we looked into each others’ eyes. I let out a brief sigh, and raising both my hands above my head, said to her with a laugh “Pehle aap …” She too let out a small nervous giggle, and with a fleeting glance on my bare chest, stepped out of the bathroom.

This little incident was enough to wake up junior, and he rose in my pajamas, and I felt like getting a little naughty. As I sauntered to the kitchen, I saw the other girl, Pushpa, washing the dishes at the sink, with her back to me, softly humming a song to herself. She stood with that typical pose, hips pushed to one side, her long braid hanging in front of her by her shoulder. I crept up silently behind her, and grasping her with both hands by her slender waist, shouted “Boo …” in her ears. She jumped up like a startled kitten, and with a scream, dropped the dish in her hand, which clattered to the floor noisily. As she pivoted around, she saw me grinning naughtily, and she instinctively hit me. I grabbed her hand as it came towards me.

She relaxed slightly as she realized what had happened, and placing her hand on her chest, said indignantly “Hai maa … Jignesh saheb … aapne to …” she stammered, her chest heaving. Hearing the commotion, Rani came running into the kitchen. As she looked at us with a startled look, Pushpa started to rattle out in their native dialect “Arre Rani … you know what this Jignesh saheb did just now ... meri to jaan hi nikal gayi …” and she proceeded to narrate the entire incident, looking at me with mock anger once in a while. I stood there grinning. On hearing what had happened, Rani clasped her hand to her mouth, and broke out giggling. She looked at me shyly, and still giggling, shaking her head in mock admonition, went back to washing the clothes. I grinned naughtily at Pushpa once again, and went back into my room.

I changed into a pair of shorts and a tee, and was lying on my bed reading the morning newspaper, when Pushpa came into the room carrying a broom to sweep the floor. I smiled at her from where I was lying, and she responded with her trademark cock teasing smile. As she gathered up her ghagra, and sitting on her haunches, began to sweep the floor, I turned to my side, and propping up head on my hands, began to watch her. She glanced at me, and seeing me looking at her with a hint of a smile, gave me one more of her pretentious shy smile. I continued to watch her.

After a while she became conscious, and turning to me, asked me with a mocking smile “Kyaa dekh rahe ho saheb …” “Tumhe dekh raha hoon …” I replied with a loaded smile. “Kyun, aisa kya hai mujhme dekhne layak?” she retorted with that same teasing smile. “Bahut kucchh hai …” I replied enigmatically. “Jaise ki?” she questioned me mockingly. “Paas aao to bataaoonga …” I replied, patting the side of my bed. “Main nahi aaati …” she replied cockily. “Theek hai … mat aao, main bhi nahi bataaoonga …” I replied coolly, as I continued to look at her with laughing eyes. “The bitch was probably used to her village boys running after her” I thought to myself. “Bataao naa, saheb …” she pleaded, pouting her lips, and putting on a mock look of hurt on her face. “Uh-uh …”I said, shaking my head in the negative; and patting the side of my bed again.

She dropped the broom, and stood up. Twiddling the braid of her hair, she glanced at the door once, and then looked back at me, with a hint of apprehension creeping into her otherwise cocky face. Then she quickly came towards the bed, and gingerly sat down at the edge of it. “Acchha, ab to bataoo saheb …” she whispered. “Aur paas aao …” I told her mockingly. Once again, she glanced at the door, and then pushed herself closer to me, her hips touching my thighs. “Lo aa gayi saheb …ab bolo na” she pleaded. I lay back and looked her. The slender bitch, with her perky tits in the oversized blouse exposed, along with her waist and belly, thanks to that village choli, her single long braid hanging over her shoulders in front of her, and reaching her lap; sure looked sexy. Reaching out, I placed my palm on her slender bare arm, and began to caress it. “Bolo naa saheb …” she whispered again, squirming a bit as my touch made her skin tingle. “Aur paas aao …” I smiled, beckoning her to bend closer to me.

She hesitated, glanced at the door once again, and then with a shy smile, leant forward. Her pallu slipped off her shoulder as she did that, baring her small blouse-clad tits for me. My hands had slid off her arms, and were now caressing her thighs, and I could feel her thin legs thru her ghagra. I could see a few drops of sweat beginning to form on her brow. As she started to pull her pallu back, I grabbed her hand, and shaking my head negatively, said “Nahi … rehne do” “Par saheb … Pushpa …” she started to protest weakly. The way she was sitting now, leaning forward towards me with her hands resting on the bed just near my face, I could see almost the whole of her pert little tits, and the valley between them, through the open hanging neck of her blouse. I looked brazenly at her exposed blouse, and then looked at her face; as if challenging her to stop me. She was beginning to breathe faster now, and there was a slightly scared look on her face.

Once again, she glanced at the door, and then turned back; but made no attempt to move away. “Tu bahut sexy hai, Puspha …” I said to her softly with a smile. Her jaw dropped on hearing that, and her mouth opened as if to say something. But then she gathered herself, and with that same teasing smile, asked me “Sexy? Uska matlab kya hota hai?” she asked with faked innocence, that same cock teasing half smile still lingering on her lips. “Sexy ka matlab nahi jaanti?” I challenged her. “Nahi saab … bataao naa …” she replied in a near whisper, again smiling teasingly. “Acchaa … to tum sexy ka matlab nahi jaanti?” I asked again tauntingly. “Uh-uh” she muttered, shaking her head in the negative again. “Abhi bataata hoon …” I said, and sliding my hand up her thigh, placed it on the side of her exposed flat belly, kneading the flesh softly. She stiffened, and a sigh escaped her lips.

Once again she glanced nervously at the door, to confirm that Rani was not there, and turned back to me. I could see the goose-bumps come up on the skin of her arms. “Ab bhi nahi pata chala tumhe sexy ka matlab …” I taunted her, continuing to caress the side of her bare belly, and occasionally teasing her belly button & navel with my thumb. She shook her head again, “Na …” she whispered, her eyes boring into mine. “Sexy ka matlab hota hai … ki tumhe dekhne se mujhko yeh hota hai …” and looking into her eyes, which were like hot coals, I took her right hand in mine, and placed in on my erect manhood which was throbbing inside my shorts.

Since I was not wearing my underwear, my cock could be felt clearly in my shorts. She jerked instinctively as I did that and tried to pull her hand away, but I held it firmly in place. A soft hiss escaped her lips. This time, she jerked her head around, and very nervously looked at the door. “Ab samjhi tu sexy ka matlab kya hota hai?” I asked her in a taunting voice. She had lost her cockiness, and looked at me with a pleading expression. She nodded her head quickly, and said “Haan saab … samajh gayi …” relaxing a bit. As I felt her stop struggling, I released her hand which I was holding pressed to my cock. She made no attempt to remove it, and kept it where it was.

Seeing this, I decided to go one more step, and slowly slid my hand which was caressing her waist, up her torso. My fingers reached the bottom of her blouse, and in one swift motion, my hand shot up and cupped her small young breast. She jerked once again as I did that, and a soft moan escaped her lips. Her fingers which were resting on my throbbing cock, involuntarily closed around it and grasped it tighter, as my fingers closed around the pliant flesh of her young tits. She was beginning to breathe faster now. I began to fondle her tits in a gentle teasing manner. Her blouse was loose around her tits, and so I could get a good feel of the shape and firmness of them. They were small (about 31-B) but firm, and easily fit into my cupped palm. She kept glancing back towards the door intermittently, and her hand inadvertently closed & opened on my cock. I was curious to see for how long she would let this go on.

Suddenly we heard Rani call out from the wash area “Pushpa … O Pushpa …” In a flash; she jumped up from the bed, and ran out. I laughed to myself. I got up from the bed, and followed her. Rani was asking her to rinse the washed clothes and hang them in the balcony to dry, so that she could go and mop the floor. As Pushpa was rinsing the clothes in the wash area, I went up to her. She sensed me behind her and turned; a scared expression on her face. I just smiled, and pulling out my wallet, gave her a 100 rupee note. As I turned to leave, I told her “Kal jo maine kaha thha, woh yaad rakhna … tu mujhe khush kar … aur mai tujhe khush rakhoonga …” She smiled slowly, a knowing look on her face, “Samajh gayi, saheb …” she responded, tucking the note inside her blouse.
I went back and lay down on my bed in my room. In a while, Rani came in, carrying a bucket of water & a mop, to mop the floor. She hesitated as she saw me lying on the bed. I pretended not to notice her and continue to read the newspaper. As she sat down and began to mop the floor, I watched her from the corner of my eyes. I could see her keep glancing at me more than once as she went about her job. As she came to the area near the bed, she paused, and stood there hesitating. I could sense that she wanted to say something, but was not able to gather the courage to say it. I casually put the paper down, and looked up at her. As she stood there fidgeting with her hair, which was tied in a long single braid, and hung from her shoulders in the front, reaching up to her waist, I asked her with a smile “Kya hua, Rani?”

She hesitated and then said “Saheb …” she paused. “Bolo Rani … “I prompted. “Saheb … kal aapne jo mere liye kiya … uske liye …” she hesitated again “uske liye main bahut shukraguzaar hoon …” “Kya bol rahi ho tum … maine kya kiya hai tumhare liye?” I told her simply. “Nahi saab, aap bade dayalu ho … aapne mujhe kaam pe rakha … aur who bhi 250 rupaye par …” she said to me in a small voice, staring down. “Galat …” I retorted, “250 rupaye par nahi … 500 rupaye mahine par”, I said with smile. ”Saheb ...” she began to speak, surprise on her face. “Shhh …” I interrupted “Woh Pushpa ko iske bare mein kuchh mat bolna … yeh tumhare aur mere beech main hai … samajh gayi?” I instructed her. “Haan saab … samajh gayi” she said with gratitude, her hand still clutching her mouth in surprise. “Aur kabhi kisi cheez ki zaroorat pade to mujhe bata dena … sharmana mat” I told her in a warm tone. She just nodded her head in gratitude.

Suddenly she darted forward, and leaning forward, placed her hand on my feet, said “Oh Jignesh saheb … shukriya … bahut bahut shukriya … main aapka yeh aabhar kabhi …” “Arre, ye kya kar rahi ho tum …” I interrupted her as I jerked my leg back. “Idhar aao” I said to her with mock admonition in my tone “Idhar aakar baitho” patting the bed next to where I was lying. With a quick glance to the door, she slowly came and sat down tentatively on the edge of the bed. She was a dark girl, and looked incredibly sexy to me right now, with her long hair braided and lying on the front of her, and one ripe breast visible to me in her yellow blouse, straining to get free. “Dekho Rani … shukriya kehne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai … tum meri zaroorato ko poora karo … aur main tumhari zaroorato ko poora karoonga … seedhi is baat hai” I said to her with a smile. She looked up at me, and smiled for the first time.

She looked at me and asked “Main aapki kya seva kar sakti hoon saheb?”, and after a pause, she said “Aap jo bologe, main woh karoongi …” My cock lurched inside my shorts when I heard that. “Tum kitne saal ki ho?" I queried. “21 saheb” she replied. At least she was of a fuckable age, I thought to myself. “Tumhari shaadi ho chuki hai?” I asked further. “Haan saheb, par mera marad mujhko ek mahine ke andar chhod ke chala gaya” she replied matter of factly. Then she proceeded to tell me her sad story, which was so typical of young girls in the village.

Apparently, she had been ‘married off’ to this boy at the age of 5 (child marriages were common with these nomads), and at the age of 18, she had been sent to live with her husband. He threw her out within a month on the same old sick grounds of dowry, and now she was living with her old parents. Thankfully, he had not left her pregnant. As she finished telling me about her background, I felt sad and aroused at the same time. Sad, because I felt bad for her condition. Aroused, because it meant she had experienced sex at least a couple of times, and would definitely be craving for it now. She smiled at me weakly when she saw me looking at her face intently.

Pushpa was in the balcony hanging the clothes, and I could hear her humming some village folk tune to herself. Taking my chance, I gently took Rani’s hand in mine, and placed it on my hard cock over my shorts. “Tum meri seva karogi na Rani …” I asked her in a low hoarse voice. Unlike that bitch Pushpa before her, Rani did not jump or struggle to pull her hand back. She just lowered her head, and letting her hand remain on my boner, said in a low voice “Haan saab … karoongi” She turned and glanced at the door once, and then sat there looking down with her hand still on my cock. I quickly stretched out my and, and cupped her left breast, which was not covered by the pallu of her sari.

They filled the cup of her blouse tight, and were probably a 32-C. Ripe, firm, and pliant. Unlike Pushpa’s pert little tits which were round (the size of a large lemon), Rani’s were more of the mango type, tapering to a conical tip, and curved on the underside. She took in a deep breath, as I squeezed her juicy tit, and sighed; but never looked up at me. Hearing the jingling of Pushpa’s anklets, as she came inside the house after hanging the clothes in the balcony, Rani got up. She looked at me once, and asked in a small voice “Saab, mujhe kab aana hoga … aapki seva karne?” I laughed, and smiling at her “Kal bataaoonga …” Picking up my wallet from my drawer, I handed her three 100 rupee notes. I told her that when I would pay them at the end of the month, I would give her only 250 rupees in front of Pushpa, and this was the balance to make it 500. She folded her hands as he took it from me, bowed her head with gratitude, touched it to her forehead, and quickly walked out of the room.
After the girls left, I showered, changed into my jeans and a tee, and headed for my neighbor Sarla bhabhi’s house. After all, I had promised her yesterday that I’d come to meet her once in a while, so why not start from today. Yesterday’s incident in the terrace was still fresh in my mind, and I wanted to make my next move quickly. As I rang the bell, I heard her yell from inside, “Kaun hai?” I kept quiet, and just rang the bell again. I could hear her muttering something, and then she opened the door, a look of irritation on her face. As I stood there smiling, her face broke into a wide smile, and she exclaimed “Jignesh! Oh, I thought …” she broke off. “Come in, come in …” she said quickly, grasping my hand and pulling me inside. I laughed as I followed her in, and as she was closing the door behind her, I said cheerfully “Dekho aunty, main apne waade ka pakka hoon” “Haan, woh to hai …” she responded, laughing.

Today, she was wearing a white cotton sari with a white blouse. And again, she was not wearing a bra under her blouse. As she bustled about the room, clearing the magazines, clothes, and other stuff lying strewn around the room, I couldn’t help admire the way her soft breasts swung freely in the confines of her blouse, and the way her hips swayed. “Acchha, tum ek minute baitho beta … main abhi aati hoon” she told me, as she quickly went into her room. When she came out a minute later, I could see the difference. She’d gone inside to make herself a little more presentable. Her hair had been combed and re-tied in that little pony, her sari had been adjusted, her face had been powdered, and I could smell the sweet fragrance of some perfume on her.

I smiled inwardly to myself, my ego having got a boost knowing that she did that on account of my arrival. She bustled into the room again, and sat down on the sofa adjacent to mine. “To bataao, Jignesh bhai …” she said with her trademark flirtatious smile, “aaj kaise aunty ko yaad kiya?” “Aap bhi na, aunty … kyun main aapko aise hi milne nahi aa sakta kya?” I said in a hurt tone, making a face. She broke into a laugh “Arre beta, main to mazaak kar rahi thhi” she said. “Acchha, did you have your breakfast?” I when I replied in the negative, she got up and said she would make something for me. As she sashayed into the kitchen, tucking the pallu of her sari into her waist, I watched her swinging butt. Soon she returned with some aloo parathas for me. She handed me the plate, and settled down beside me on the couch.

As I was eating the parathas with relish, she propped her elbows on her knees, and resting her face in her cupped palms, watched me eat. “Ummm …” I grunted in appreciation, “Really yummy aunty”. “Yummy aunty or yummy parathas” she asked me teasingly. I threw back my head and laughed. “Filhaal to parathe ke bare mein bol rahaa hoon aunty … aapko abhi chakha kahaan hai maine” I said with a naughty smile, and laughed again. She slapped my arm with a look of mock anger on her face, and laughing, said “Badmaash … sharam nahi aati tumhe aunty ke saath flirt karte hue … itni saari girlfriends hai tumhari, phir bhi aunty pe dore daal rahe ho …” “Haan, girlfriends to bahut hai aunty … lekin aap jitni sexy koi nahi hai” I said to her with a with the hint of a knowing smile on my lips, my eyes looking into hers.

She pouted and said with mock hurt “Jhootha kahin ka … hamesha aunt ke saath mazaak karta rehta hai” “Mazaak nahi kar raha hoon aunty … sach bol rahaa hoon … aapki kasam” I replied, placing my left hand on her thigh, and looking into her eyes with a serious expression on my face. The color rushed to her cheeks, and she adjusted her hair self consciously, her eyes glancing at me seductively. Seeing my chance, I shifted slightly so that my thighs were pressing against hers, and looking into her eyes, said in all earnestness “You know aunty, since the time you moved in next doors, I have been smitten by you. I still remember the first day I saw you, and how gorgeous and sexy you looked the first day you come to our house to introduce yourselves … you were wearing a orange chiffon sari with a matching sleeveless blouse that day ..” I paused to see her reaction. She was watching me intently, a hint of a smile flickering on her lips. “That image of you when I first saw you is still etched in my memory … and I think I fell in love with you at that very instant. I could not get you out of my mind, and I was always looking for a chance to just get a glimpse of you” I intoned.

As I spoke, she leaned back on the couch slightly, lifted her arm and placed it on the backrest of the, and tilting her head to once side, gazed at me with an expression that was probably a mixture of fondness and lust. My eyes drifted to her breasts which were now pushing against the pallu of her sari. As I turned my eyes back to her face, I could see that she had noticed me looking, but made no attempt to change her posture. “Even when we used to play cricket in the lane here, I was always hoping you would come to watch us play” I continued. That part was true; I always got an extra bit of flair into my game when this sexy aunty next door came to watch us. “I hate garba & dandiya …” I said referring to the festival of 9 nights when the folks dance through the night, “but I would come just to see you aunty. You … you looked so …” I hesitated with fake shyness “… so sexy in that ghagra choli you wore” I finished meekly, lowering my head pretending extreme shyness.

There was a brief moment of silence, and then clearing her throat, she sat forward, and placing her hand on mine which was still resting on her thighs, she looked up at me with a very sensuous expression, and asked “Jignesh …. Beta, if you felt like this … so strongly about aunty … why did you never tell me anything?” I let out an audible sigh, “Oh aunty, there were so many times I wanted to come and speak my heart to you” I replied in a small voice “but I was afraid that you would laugh at me … and dismiss me as just another silly boy who is infatuated with you … and I was afraid that you would share it as joke with all your friends, and then I would become the laughing stock of the colony …”I concluded in a hurt tone. There was another brief moment of silence; I sat there silently with a glum expression on my face, looking down. I could feel the heat of her body, and the sound of her shallow breathing. “Jignesh” she said in a voice that was almost a whisper. I didn’t look up. “Jignesh” she whispered urgently again, and reaching towards me, lifted up my face by my chin “Look at me, Jignesh” she continued in that same soft husky voice “Look at your Sarla bhabhi’s face beta …” she insisted, still holding my face held up by my chin “Does it look like I am laughing at you now?” she asked softly, an intent expression on her face, her lips quivering gently.

I looked into her eyes, and replied in an equal whisper “No …” Running the fingers of her right hand across my face softly, her left one still gently caressing the back of my palm resting on her thighs, she said “My dear Jignesh beta … you don’t know how happy you have made aunty today … by sharing your feelings for me with me …” she spoke huskily. “Aunty ko bhi tum bahut pasand ho beta …” she spoke in a whisper “Sun rahe ho beta” she asked me “Jaise tumhe aunty ki zaroorat hai … waise hi aunty ko bhi tumhari zaroorat hai …” she said in a firm yet soft voice. “Tum meri baat samajh rahe ho na, beta” she asked me softly, with a hint of a smile returning to her lips. With that same forlorn look on my face, I shook my head dumbly. She pursed her lips in mock exasperation, and muttered softly “Buddhu kahin ka …” Leaning back on the couch, she placed her right arm once again on the top of the backrest, and with a seductive look on her face, opened her other arm invitingly as if beckoning me to come into her arms “Come here …” she whispered hotly “Come into my arms”

Leaning towards her, I moved my face closer to her. She wrapped her right arm which was on the backrest of the couch, across my shoulders, and pulled me towards her with an urgency that gave away how hot she was. As she pulled me towards her, I felt my chest press against her lush soft breasts. A wave of desire surged through me, and I felt my cock stiffening inside my pants. Lifting her other arm, she placed it at the back of my head, and pulling my face close to hers, whispered “Kiss me beta … kiss your Sarla bhabhi” As she ran her tongue across her lips, I could feel her hot breath on my face. I needed no further invitation, and a soft moan, I pressed my lips to her luscious ones. She let out a soft moan too, and tightening her embrace around me, parted her lips and kissed me passionately.

“Oh boy, she sure is a wild one” I thought to myself, as she slid her wet tongue inside my mouth and frenched me passionately, letting out little moans intermittently. My left arm and my chest were mashed against her lush soft breasts, so I raised my right arm and wrapped it around her back, pulling her closer towards me, as I kissed her back with gusto. She pulled her face away briefly, looked at me with something like raw passion in her eyes, her lips quivering, and then again pressed her mouth to mine. Her hands slid down from my face, and ran along my muscular arms, as she moaned “Oh Jignesh … I love your body” After kissing for what seemed like an eternity, she pushed me away from her and said in a husky whisper, “Take off your t-shirt Jignesh … I want to see … I want to feel your body” I looked into her eyes, and stood up with a slow smile.

As I straightened, I could feel my cock fully erect now, and forming a bulge in the front of my jeans. As I glanced at it, I saw her eyes drawn to it as well. As I pulled off my t-shirt over my head, her gaze moved upwards, and she looked with desire at my muscular torso, and my broad chest with a sprinkling of hair on it. I stood there for a moment letting her look at me. As if drawn by an invisible hand towards me, she stood up. As she straightened, the pallu of her sari slipped off her shoulder, and slid down her arms hanging by her side, and settled down on the floor. She took a step towards me, and with a sigh, wrapped her arms around me, pressing her sexy hot body against mine. I stood at least a head taller than her, and her face came only up to my chest.

My cock stirred as I felt her soft ample breasts press against my lower chest and belly. I wrapped my arms around her back, and pressed her towards me, making sure she could feel the bulge of my hard cock on her soft rounded 36-year old belly. Leaning back slightly in my arms, she brought her arms to the front of me, and began to run her fingers on my chest and arms. This aroused me immensely, and with a moan “Oh aunty …” I slid my hands down her back and cupped her soft fleshy butt. As I squeezed the pliant flesh of her sexy round butt, I heard a soft hiss escape her lips. Placing both my hands on the soft skin of her waist, I pushed her away gently, and looked her appraisingly. It was some sight. A strand of hair displaced from her tied up pony hung over her eyes reaching up to her left cheek. She looked back at me, her lips slightly parted, breathing fast. My eyes moved lower to her neck, the white skin inviting. My cock twitched involuntarily as my eyes took in the sight of her soft rounded breasts, hanging loosely in her white blouse, the pallu of her sari lying half on the floor, and the smoothness of her slightly bulging round belly. “Aunty …” I whispered hoarsely, looking at her lusciously curved breasts, my hands kneading the flesh at the sides of her soft belly.

Her lips curving into a seductive smile, her hands slid down, and taking my hand in hers, she lifted and placed it on her left breast. I let out a long breath, as she pressed my palm on the soft pliant flesh of her gently hanging breast thru her blouse. As my fingers involuntarily closed around her tit, she threw her head back and sighed “Oh Jignesh ….” I continued to squeeze and fondle her breasts through her blouse, feeling their softness in my hand; I mentally confirmed to myself that she was a 34-C. My right hand kneading her breast through her blouse, my left hand squeezing her butt through her sari, I bent forward and kissed her bare neck; running my tongue down from her neck to her chest, and down to the valley of her breasts. As she shivered, she clutched my head by the hair, and pressed my face to her soft blouse covered boobs. I clutched the soft flesh of the sides of her belly hard, as I rubbed my face on the softness of her blouse clad breasts.

Suddenly, we were startled by the sound of the doorbell ringing. Both us froze, and stared at each other, as if disbelieving the fact that the bell had rung. After a few seconds, the bell rang again. Sarla bhabhi quickly disengaged from me and began to hastily adjust her sari. I picked up my t-shirt lying on the couch and pulled it on hastily. She crept silently to the door and glanced through the peep-hole. Turning to me with a scared & guilty expression, she silently mouthed “It is Kalpana”; just as we heard Kalpana aunty say in a loud voice from outside, “Sarla bhabhi, it is me … Kalpana …” Sarla bhabhi stood there thinking for the briefest of an instance, and then quickly pointed to me to get out from the kitchen door, which opened into the wash area of their compound. From their, I could jump across the compound wall into our compound. I quickly nodded and rushed out.

I jumped out of the compound wall into the lane behind, and then turned and walk back casually into our land, as if returning from somewhere. As I approached my house, I could see the door of Sarla bhabhi’s house open, and their voices coming from inside. I opened the gate to my house, making as much of a loud noise as possible, just to signal that I had stepped out and was just returning. Hearing the noise of my gate opening, Kalpana aunty came out, followed by Sarla bhabhi. “Oh Jignesh bhai, there you are … I was just about to leave your tiffin with Sarla bhabhi” she said to me with a smile. I could see Sarla bhabhi standing behind her, and nodding her head knowingly, with the same teasing smile.

Keeping a straight face, I explained to Kalpana aunty that I had just stepped out for a minute to go to the nearby grocery shop. As I took the tiffin box from Kalpana aunty, the two maids, Pushpa and Rani, came up to Sarla bhabhi’s house. I groaned inwardly as I realized that this was the time the two girls came to work at Sarla bhabhi’s house. As I looked at Sarla bhabhi and frowned my disappointment, she just let out a silent laugh, and pursed her lips, blowing me a silent kiss. As Kalpana aunty left, Sarla bhabhi also followed the maids inside her house, waving goodbye to me teasingly. “Cock teasing bitch” I thought to myself, as I too opened the door of my house and went in.
As I was having my lunch, the phone rang. It was Jigna. She was calling me from a pay-phone near her school. “Hi baby, how come you are calling me from school?” I asked cheerfully. She spoke rapidly, and explained to me that they had two free classes now, since the teachers had suddenly gone on leave, and so herself and Sejal were planning to go watch a movie at a near-by cinema-hall. As I was wondering where I came into the picture, she continued “Bhaiya, we were thinking it would be so nice if you could also come … please come no, bhaiya … please, please, please … see Sejal is also telling me to ask you to come …” she said in a sing-song voice trying to convince me desperately. After thinking for a moment, I agreed. She was elated to hear my saying yes, and I could hear telling Sejal excitedly that I had agreed. We fixed up to meet outside the hall in 30 minutes time. I finished my lunch quickly, and picking up my helmet & jacket, headed towards the theatre on my bike.

As I approached the cinema-hall, I could see the two girls standing at the entrance waiting for me. As I rode into the compound, Jigna’s face lit up and she waved excitedly to me. Sejal’s face to lit up in a bright smile. As I parked my bike, and walked up to them, Jigna came running towards me, and grabbing my hand, said excitedly with a big smile “Oh thank you for coming Jignesh bhai …” I smiled back and squeezing her hand said “How could I refuse when you call me, baby” She laughed excitedly as we walk back towards where Sejal stood. As I approached her, I stuck out my hand, and said “Hi Sejal …” smiling at her. She smiled demurely, and as I shook her hand, I gave her a knowing look, and squeezed her hand gently.

It was a 1:00 pm show, and there were hardly any people. And since the movie had already started, the ticket counter was deserted. As we walked up to the counter to buy tickets, Jigna stopped suddenly and said that she wanted to buy some pop-corn and Cola. I handed her the money and told her to get it quickly. As she ran off, I turned to Sejal and said “You know Sejal, I didn’t want to come … but when Jigna told me that you were also with her … I changed my mind”. She looked at me with those big round eyes, and then her face slowly broke into a pleased smile.

As we walked towards the counter, she placed her hand on my arm and squeezed gently, smiling her thanks to me. We walked into the hall, and saw that it was almost empty. There were hardly any people. I had selected seats which were at the last row. There were about 15-20 others in the hall, and most of them were couples who had come to cozy up on the pretext of a movie. I smiled inwardly when I saw that there was no one else in our row. We sat down on our seats, with Sejal to my left, and Jigna to my right.

The movie was some lousy Govinda comedy. As we sat, I had placed my helmet in my lap and had thrown my jacket over it. Jigna was already immersed in the movie, and laughing gaily at every silly joke in the movie. After a while, the entrance to the hall was closed, and there was almost complete darkness, with only the light from the screen flickering across the hall. As soon as that happened, I felt Jigna slide her hands under my arm and hook it around my arm. As she pressed herself closer to me, I felt her hard firm breasts pressing against my arm. I stiffened instinctively. “Shit, this bitch is going to get me into trouble” I thought to myself. I glanced furtively at Sejal. She hadn’t noticed anything and was watching the movie, both her hands placed demurely in her lap.

I shifted to her side imperceptibly, hoping to get a feel of her big soft boobs on my left arm as well. But the way she was sitting, all I managed to get was the feel of her shoulders against mine. On the other side, Jigna’s tight breasts pressing against my right arm was causing junior to wake up, and soon it became really uncomfortable for me with my hard cock straining in my underwear. As the movie progressed, I slowly moved my right hand off the hand-rest of my seat, and placed it on Jigna’s knee. She instantly placed her hand on the back of my palm and pressed it to her knee. The way my helmet was placed on my lap, and with my jacket lying half over her Jigna’s thighs, there was no way Sejal could see what was going on.

With the utmost subtlety, I hooked my fingers on the hem of Jigna’s skirt, and began to slowly pull it up her thighs. Keeping her eyes, on the screen, she slowly pulled up one end of my jacket and covered my hand as well as her thighs with it. I pulled up her skirt, and began to gently caress the smooth skin of her bare thighs. From the way she squirmed in her seat, I could see that she loved it. She periodically clasped & unclasped her thighs, trapping my hand in between the warm firm flesh of her thighs. Ever so slowly, I let my hands creep upwards, and I felt her part her legs a bit to let my hand free access. As I was doing this, I felt Sejal shift in her seat, and I froze.

As she shifted, I felt her move a bit more closely to me and press her shoulder against my arm, and at the same time pressing her knee against my thigh. “Oh boy …” I thought to myself. Taking that as a hint, even as I continued to manipulate the insides of Jigna’s thighs with my right hand, I slowly slid my left hand and placed it on Sejal’s lap. She stiffened as she felt my palm rest on her thick fleshy thigh, albeit over her skirt. Then I slowly slid my palm down Sejal’s thigh, till my fingers could feel the bare skin of her knee. I began to then caress the soft skin on her knee with my fingers.

As I did that, I began to feel her tremble a little bit. Not wanting to scare her off, I stopped moving my fingers, and just let it rest there on her knee. We continued to watch the movie in this position for some time. After a while, sensing no movement or encouragement from Sejal, I took my left hand off her knees and rested my forearm back on the hand-rest of the seat again. As soon as I did that, she shifted again, and with an imperceptible movement, slid her right hand under my left arm, and hooked her hand around it. As I turned to glance at her when she did that, she also looked up at me, and with a shy smile tightened her grip on my arm. “Now that’s better” I thought to myself as I smiled at her, and got the feel of her big soft breasts pressing against my left arm. I slid my hand off the hand-rest again, and placing it on her knee, patted her knee in acknowledgment.

It was almost like I had a big soft cushion being pressed into my arm. While all this was going on, my right hand too was busy, and by now had reached all the way up to Jigna’s panties. She was pressing my hand with hers on her mound, and I was gently rubbing the mound of her pussy through her panties. In between, I would scrape the slit of her pussy through her panties with my finger tips, causing her to shudder. Sejal, on the other side, in the meantime had quietly placed her hand on my palm, and was gently pressing it to her thigh. But I could not take the chance of sliding my hand under her skirt, as there was no cover for her unlike Jigna, whose thighs were covered by one end of my jacket.

My boner was screaming for attention by now. As Jigna continued to rub her tight breasts on my right arm, I was getting tired of just having Sejal’s soft breasts pressed against my other arm. On the pretext of re-adjusting myself on my seat, I removed my left hand from Sejal’s lap as well as Jigna’s lap, and stretched, lifting both my hands well above my head. As I brought my hands down after completing the fake stretching, instead of bringing them both down, I draped my left arm around Sejal’s shoulder, and brought my right hand back to Jigna’s lap.

Sejal froze once again, as my hands were placed on her shoulders, my palm resting on her left shoulder; while Jigna immediately slid her hands under my arm again, and pulled my right hand back in between her spread thighs. She re-adjusted the jacket again to cover her thighs, as I started to rub her mound through her panties again. Shifting my focus back to Sejal, I began to gently run my finger on her shoulder, feeling the strap of her bra through her shirt & petticoat. By now, sure that Jigna had not noticed this move, she had relaxed a bit.

As I caressed her shoulder flesh with my fingers, I felt her move her shoulder and press it against my hand. At the same time, her knee pressed harder against mine. “So sweetheart, you like it …”I thought to myself with a smile. With this newfound confidence, I moved my slid it in between the collar of her school uniform’s shirt and her neck. I then began to caress her neck. I could feel her draw in her breath sharply, as she felt my hand on the bare skin of her neck. Her skin felt smooth and hot to my touch. Then I began to tease her by caressing her collar bone and her neck with my fingers. Sliding my fingers down a bit more, I felt the softness of her chest just above the first button of her shirt. She shivered at my touch, and pressed herself closer towards me, her shoulders pressing into the side of my rib-cage under my armpit.

As this was going on, I felt Jigna on the other side shift sideways towards me, and slide her hand to my lap, under my jacket. My helmet was placed just over my crotch, hiding the bulge in my jeans, and she slid her hand on to my crotch through the face-opening of my helmet. “Horny … but a smart bitch” I thought to myself on her ingenuity. With her palm resting on my lump, she began to press it through my jeans; and tried to squeeze it through my jeans. I responded by rubbing my finger tips harder against her slit, which I could feel through her thin cotton panties, and was rewarded by the feel of her panties beginning to get wet.
On the pretext of re-adjusting the way I was sitting again, I moved by butt on the seat, and in one swift motion pulled Sejal closer towards me, and rested my palm on the swell of her big soft fleshy breast. They were the biggest, softest, fleshiest tit-flesh I had ever felt in my life. I felt her sharp intake of air, as my palm landed on her breast. She glanced quickly towards Jigna, and then at me. I continued to look straight ahead, and just kept my palm there, ready to remove my hand if I saw any resistance from her. I could feel her breathing faster and her left breasts heaving up and down under my arm. Taking one more chance, I cupped her breast in my hand and squeezed it gently. The feeling was just amazing. It was almost like squeezing a milk bag; soft yet heavy; pliant yet fleshy.

I felt her shudder involuntarily, and then in a sudden motion she put her right hand on my thigh and squeezed. I was in seventh heaven. I couldn’t believe that this hot busty teenager, whom I had met for the first time just two days back, was today sitting by my side in a dark cinema-hall, letting me squeeze her juicy tits. As I felt the swell of her heavy breasts though her shirt, petticoat, and bra; I told to myself that she had to be a C-cup, and not B. On the other side, Jigna was beginning to get more adventurous. She was now trying to pull down the fly of my jeans. I leaned back a little bit to straighten my hips, so that she could pull down the fly of my jeans. Little by little, she inched the zip down, and had it fully open in some time.

As she slid her hand inside the opening of my fly, and her fingers touched my rock hard cock through my underwear, I squeezed my thighs together. My arousal had by now reached new peaks, and in a swift but almost imperceptible movement, I took my left hand off Sejal’s breasts, and slit it into the neck of Sejal’s shirt. I was rewarded by the feel of the hot soft flesh of the top of her heavy breasts on my palm. With my fingers inside the neck of her shirt, I could now feel the deep neck of her petticoat against my finger tips now. As my fingertips caressed her chest, I could feel the beginning of the swell of her fantastic pair of tits. Her right hand on my left knee clutched harder. She, ever so gently, raised her left hand, and grabbed my left hand which was inside her shirt now, feeling the skin just above the neck of her petticoat.

As she did that, she also pressed her breast from the side with her arm left arm, causing her heavy breasts to press together and push up towards my exploring fingers, creating a valley between those two heavenly breasts. I took this as encouragement, and began to tease the crevice that had formed between her pliant tit-flesh now. Pulling her closer towards me, I pushed my hand deeper inside her shirt and slid it inside the neck of her petticoat. As my fingers touched the top of her magnificent breasts, I felt her shiver, and goose-bumps form all over her hot skin. My cock was aching and straining by now. As my fingers continued to feel the top of her heavenly tits, I could feel the edges of her tight bra.

As I ran my fingers along the edge of her bra, I could feel that the poor girl was wearing an extremely tight bra; probably to keep her big heavy tits in check. I tried to slide my fingers inside the cup of her bra, but was not able to get it in more than an inch due to the tightness of her bra. By now she was clutching my thigh almost painfully hard, and was pressing herself even more against me. I glanced at her, and she looked up at me, a mixed look of desire and fear on her face. Tapping the edge of the cup of her bra, I pursed my lips in a grimace, and shook my head, indicating my frustration. She responded by turning her face to the screen again, and hunching her shoulders together more, trying to create some space between her breasts and the bra. It didn’t help much, and my fingers were not able to go in any more. She just looked up at me with a resigned expression, and then rested her head on my chest. Just then, the movie reached its interval, and ‘INTERMISSION’ appeared on the screen.

There was a flurry of movements all around, as Jigna pulled her hand out of my open fly, I pulled my hand from in between her thighs, and at the same time slipped my other hand from inside Sejal’s shirt, and swinging it over her head, brought it back to my lap. As the lights came on, we all assumed our positions of normalcy. Jigna stretched her hands above her head and yawned; I did the same, while Sejal just straightened her back and smiled at both of us. Jigna asked Sejal if they could go to the women’s room. Sejal nodded and stood up. I couldn’t get up with my fly lying open under my helmet, so I just sat there, as they both went out. Once they left, I quickly put my hand inside my underwear, adjusted my hard cock, which was already oozing pre-cum, to a more comfortable position pointing towards my belly; and then zipping up my fly, walked out of the hall to get a couple of cold drinks.

Sejal & Jigna returned just as the movie resumed. I was already back in my seat, waiting for them with the bottles of Coke. As Jigna took her seat on my right, Sejal squeezed past my knee and took her seat on my left. We began to watch the movie again, sipping our drinks. As the door was shut, and the hall became dark, Jigna made the first move. Taking my hand, she placed it in between her legs, and immediately covered it with the end of my jacket. I shook my head in silent disbelief. I had never come across a hornier teenager before. As I began to caress the soft warm insides of her thighs again, she furtively slid her hand under my jacket, and through the opening in the helmet, began to caress my cock thru my jeans again.

Seeing that Jigna was occupied, I slowly lifted my other arm and placed it around Sejal’s shoulders. This time she responded immediately by pressing herself towards me. My fingers began to move towards her breasts as if with a mind of their own. As my hand reached the neck of her shirt, I felt her lift her left and hand fiddle with something at the front of her shirt. As she put her hand back on her lap, I realized to my utter surprise & joy that she had just opened the top button of her shirt. My heart started beating faster, as I realized that this plump busty teenager sitting next to me was actually, literally inviting me to feel her magnificent breasts.

My fingers cupped her breast from outside her shirt, and gently squeezed them, causing her to press herself against me more. While I was at this, Jigna was going from milestone to another. My hand between her legs had again reached her panties, and as I began to rub the mound of her pussy through her panties, I felt her slide her free right hand under her skirt, and touch my hand. She slid herself down a little more on the seat, and then to my shock, she hooked her finger in the elastic of her panty, and pulled it down a bit. I needed no second invitation, and my fingers slid inside her panty. She pulled her hand back out, and my hand was now firmly held inside by the elastic of her panties; her wet pussy pressing against my fingers.

She spread her thighs wider, and gently pushed her pelvis up towards my palm, as if urging me to finger her. I responded in kind my beginning to rub her with slit with my middle finger. She shivered violently as I did that, and in a fit of arousal, quickly opened my fly again and squeezed my erect cock through my undies. She then proceeded to pull my underwear down a bit, and with a little bit of difficulty freed my hard cock from the confines of my underwear. As my shaft sprang out, it was so erect it almost touched the top of my helmet from inside. And as I began to finger her juicy virgin pussy, she took my hardness in her soft hand and began to stroke me gently.

I shifted in my seat to get a little more comfortable, and in the same motion, pushed my palm inside Sejal’s shirt; and then without any delay inside her petticoat as well. As I felt the top of her big soft breasts, my fingers touched the edge of her bra cups. As I tried to push my finger inside the cup of her bra, I was in for another shocker. I realized that Sejal’s bra was hanging loose over her amazing boobs; as a result of which my hand slid in about as easily as it would have had she just covered it with a sheet. “Oh man … what a girl!” I thought to myself. This sweet sexy busty plump teenager, had in the interval, gone into the toilet and unhooked her bra from behind! My palm was now almost fully inside her bra, and for the first time, I felt the huge size, heavy weight, and incredible softness of her incredibly matured breasts. They felt like a huge lump of soft dough in my hand, and my hand automatically closed around that hot mammary flesh.

As I turned to look at her, I saw that she had pressed her head onto my chest, and with her eyes closed, was breathing heavily. My fingers kneaded the soft flesh of her tits, and probed around for her nipples. Her breasts were so huge, that I couldn’t find her nipples where I would’ve normally found them on any other normal size breast. Because of the size of her heavy tits, they hung down on her chest, and the nipples were almost at the bottom of her boob’s curve, more towards her belly. I had to start pulling up the flesh of her tits, before my fingers could feel her nipples. For the size of her breasts, her nipples were relatively small. But I figured they were extremely sensitive, for as soon as my finger tip touched it, it stiffened, and she almost let out a moan.

So here I was … in a dark cinema hall, squeezing and fondling the big breasts of one plump teenage girl; and fingering the wet juicy cunt of another lithe firm bodied one, while she stroked my hard cock! Given the circumstances, could any guy have asked for more? I think not. Jigna was beginning to push up her pelvis almost rhythmically now, even as Sejal was squirming in her seat, the sensation of my hands caressing, fondling, and kneading her tits & nipples sent her into orbit. The way Jigna was going on stroking my cock now; I was scared that I would cum.

Thankfully, the movie was coming to an end now; and I quickly withdrew my hand from inside her skirt. Sliding it inside my helmet, I tapped her hand which was stroking my cock softly. She got the hint and began to withdraw her hand, even as I unobtrusively pulled out my hand from the insides of Sejal’s bra, petticoat and shirt. As both girls began to look at the screen, I furtively slid my hand inside my jacket & helmet, and put my house in order … tucking my cock in, and zipping up my fly. With sanity prevailing now, I put my hand on either girl’s leg and squeezed it gently, conveying my thanks to them for a fantastic time. The movie got over soon and we trooped out.

Sejal excused herself first saying she needed to go into the washroom. I figured she wanted to go and hook-up her bra again. After chatting with me for a few minutes, Jigna too followed her inside; probably to take a piss, and maybe wipe her wet pussy. It was Sejal who returned first. She looked extremely unsure and scared as she approached me. The courage which she had managed to muster inside the hall seemed to have deserted her now. She was having trouble looking at me in the eye, and came and stood shyly by my side, silently looking elsewhere. Seeing her discomfiture, I quickly grabbed her hand, and raising it to my lips, kissed them. She looked at me first with shock, and then seeing the loving expression on my face, a smile came to her face. I leaned towards her, still holding her hand, and whispered in her ear, “Sejal, you are a wonderful person. And I love you for who you are.” A blush crept up to her cheeks, and her smile broadened.

Suddenly I remembered something. Glancing around to see if Jigna was coming back, and confirming that she was not, I quickly extracted my wallet, and took out two 500 rupee notes, and pressed it into Sejal’s hands. “Sweetheart, I forgot to give you this yesterday. This is some pocket money from me for your picnic tour tomorrow” I said with a smile “I know you would be getting some pocket money from your parents, but just keep this with you in any case … OK” I told her in dead earnest. She just nodded quietly and slid the money into her skirt pocket, just as Jigna re-appeared from the wash room. I dropped off the two girls back to their school and headed home. It was nearly half past five in the evening when I reached home. My cock had oozed so much pre-cum that my underwear had become sticky and uncomfortable. I was dying for a shower and a change.
As I was parking my bike, I saw Sarla bhabhi open the door and come out. Her face lit up with a smile as she saw me. Smiling, she said “Jignesh ... tum sau saal jiyoge ... main tumhare bare mein hi soch rahi thhi ...” “Main zara market jaane ka soch rahi thhi ... ek do saadiyan lene ... “she continued. She was dressed in a light green chiffon sari, and was looking incredibly sexy with her hair tied up nicely in a pony, a hint of lipstick on her luscious lips, and ear-rings dangling on her earlobes. Putting on her most seductive smile, she asked “Tum mere saath aaoge beta ... aunty ko company ho jayegi ...” and her voice trailed off. “Arre aunty ... yeh bhi koi poochne ki baat hai ... mujhe bas das minute deejiye ... main zara naha ke aata hoon” I responded immediately with a smile. She perked up when she heard that.

I had a quick shower, and came out dressed in a pair of comfortable khakis and a white cotton shirt. As I was about to walk towards my bike, she stopped me and said that we would go in her car. She had an old Maruti 800, which was seldom used as her husband was out of town mostly, and she did not know how to drive. Pressing the car keys into my hand, she said teasingly “Kya baat hai ... tum to bade dashing lag rahe ho ...” I just smiled and squeezed her hand gently in response. We got into her car, and I drove towards the city. Before leaving, I had already called up the store manager at the boutique shop owned by my father’s friend, and informed him that I was coming with yet another customer. He was naturally thrilled to hear this, and assured me of his best services as always. And I too was waiting to catch up with that sales girl Sapna again.

As we drove, Sarla bhabhi told me that she was planning to go to the older part of the city, where she typically bought her clothes. We would have to park the car someplace and walk around the place, picking up stuff from multiple shops. “Mujhe kuch gowns bhi lene hai … aur kuch meri personal cheeze …” she told me with a teasing smile. I presumed the “personal cheeze” were her undergarments. “Aunty, main aapko ek boutique store mein le jaata hoon … jo ki mere papa k ek dost chalate hain … wahan par aapko sab kuch mil jayega” I suggested to her. “Par wahan to sab kuch bahut mehenga hoga na?” she protested. I smiled reassuringly, and placing my hand on hers, said “Are aunty, uski chinta aap mat keejiye … meri bahut samay se icchha thi ki main aapke saath shopping ke liye jaoon … aur aapko jo pasand ho woh lekar doon …” As she started to protest, I cut her off, and squeezing her hands, told her “Oh aunty, aap nahi jaanti aap mujhe kitni acchhi lagti hain … meri khushi ke liye itna to karne deejiye mujhe …” “Oh Jignesh beta … you are so sweet” she said with a charming smile, fluttering her eyelashes. “Tum jo pasand karoge, main wahi loongi … ab khush ho na?” she teased me. I laughed and said, “Yes, I am very happy now, aunty”. We soon reached the store.

As we entered the store, the manager was waiting at the counter. He beamed when he saw me and pumped my hand enthusiastically, while greeting Sarla bhabhi with a polite “Namaste”. Sapna, the sales girl, was standing there attentively, and smiled at me brightly when she saw me. She led us to the first floor. As I followed Sarla bhabhi up the stairs, I couldn’t help but look at the way her sexy ass swayed under her sari. She said she needed to go to the women’s room. Sapna guided her to the loo, and returned. The two of us were alone on the floor for now. As she stood there fidgeting with her hair, she said softly, “I am very happy to see you again, sir”.

She was dressed in the same uniform of white shirt-top and black women’s trousers. I stepped up close to her, and kneeling towards her, whispered in her ears, “Tum yahaan par hote ho, is liye mera yahaan bar bar aane ka man karta hai …” She smiled softly when she heard that. I glanced around to check if anybody was around, and after confirming there was no one, I quickly took her hand in mine, and pressing a 500 rupee note into her hand, said softly “Sapna, you look really sexy when you keep the top button of your shirt open …” The color rushed to her cheeks, and she blushed when she heard that. She looked into my eyes with a hint of smile playing on her lips.

Glancing around to check no one was around, her hands reached up to her neck, and unbuttoned the top button of her top. My cock lurched in my pants at this gesture. She looked away shyly as I glanced at her neck and cleavage. I lifted my hand, with ran my finger gently along the side of her face, and trailed down towards her neck. Her breathing quickened as I did that. I pulled my hand away quickly as I saw Sarla bhabhi returning from the women’s room. As she approached us, Sapna turned to her and asked “So what would you like to look at ma’am?” Sarla bhabhi turned to me with an imploring look, as if begging me to take control of proceedings.

Smiling at her, I said “We’d like to start with looking at some saris for aunty ji here … she is a very special aunty to me …so I am leaving the choice to you Sapna …” Sapna smiled and led us to the section where saris were displayed. As we followed her, I took Sarla bhabhi’s arm and whispered “Aunty, I don’t want you to look at the price tag, OK … I want you to just select what you like …” “Oh Jignesh beta …” she began to protest. I cut her with a “Shhh …” As Sapna began to show Sarla bhabhi various choices, Sarla bhabi told her that she was basically looking at one good chiffon sari to wear for parties, and a few lesser quality cotton saris to wear at home or when going out to the shop.

As we were looking at the saris, a black chiffon one with silver tinsel embroidery caught my attention. Picking it up, I turned to Sarla bhabi and said “This will look really good on you, aunty …” Bending towards her, I whispered “In fact, you will look really sexy in this” She smiled on hearing this, and glance at the price tag. Turning back to me, she began to say that it was too expensive. I just made a stern face, and stopped her. I was already imagining how sexy she would look in that black sari, which was partly transparent, through which her black sleeveless blouse, arms and belly would be seen. “What do you say, Sapna?” I asked.

“Of course, sir … this would look very good on madam … it will go very well with her fair complexion …” she replied with a smile. “In fact, there are some other colors also, if madam is interested …” she continued. She brought out another wine-red one of the same type, which was equally appealing. I liked both, and I could see that Sarla bhabhi too was struggling to decide which one to select. Turning to me she said, “Jignesh, they are both so gorgeous … I can’t decide which one to take …” “It’s simple” I said with a broad smile “we’ll take them both”. Her jaw dropped, and her hands leapt to her mouth, saying “No, no .., I can’t ...” I just asked Sapna to keep both of them aside, and told her firmly that we were taking both of them.

We then proceeded to select the cotton saris that she wanted. There too, Sarla bhabhi had planned to buy only two saris, but I got her four of them. By now, she had stopped protesting, and was taking everything I said with a grateful smile. Sapna then helped her select the matching petticoats and blouse pieces also. She said that they had a in-house tailor who could get her at least one blouse stitched in an hour’s time. As the tailor came, and was taking Sarla bhabhi’s measurements for the blouse, I could see him glance furtively at her cleavage. Sapna too noticed this, and smiled shyly at me when I caught her eye. As the tailor left, Sapna said she would go down and arrange for some cold drinks for us while we waited. She went downstairs to take care of that.

As she left, I turned to Sarla bhabhi and asked “Aunty, you had said that you wanted to buy some other personal things also … what were those?” I asked innocently. She blushed, and with the same seductive smile on her lips, said “Nahi … woh to main akele kar loongi … “ “Acchha, to aap mujhe ab bhi paraya samajhti hai … theek hai … jaisi aapki marzi …” I said with a hurt tone in my voice. She quickly clasped my arm, and said “No beta … aisi baat nahi hai … mmm … woh bas thode se bra aur panty lene thhe mujhe …” her voice trailed off, shyness overcoming her. “Oh” I said, as if I was only now beginning to understand. “OK, I will then tell that sales girl to help you with that also …” I said simply, and stood there looking away with my arms folded. I could see her mind trying to decide what she should do.

After a few seconds of indecisiveness, she walked up real close to me, and resting her hand on my arm, with that teasing hint of smile on her lips, said softly “Won’t you help me select that also, Jignesh” The look in her eyes as she looked at me made my cock lurch. “But please ask that sales girl to leave us alone for some time … I will feel shy …” her voice trailed off. I allowed a smile to gradually light up my face and nodded at her. When Sapna returned with the cold drinks for us, I told her that we would just like to look around for a while, and that she could go down and take care of her other work. As I said this, I winked at her. She got the hint, and said that she would wait downstairs for us.

After she went back, we went up to the lingerie section, where all kinds of exotic lingerie were on display. I could see Sarla bhabhi look at them with desire. She reached out and touched one of them, a satiny one with lacy cups, and wire support at the bottom of the cups … but frowned when she saw the price tag. I could see that she liked that. And I could also imagine how sexy she would look in that, the black bra & panty in stark contrast to her milky white skin. At the same time I could also see that she was distinctly uncomfortable looking at these personal undergarments, with her neighbour’s 18-year old son who lusted after her. I broke the ice by picking up that particular bra from the rack, and turning to her said “Oh aunty, this will look really sexy on you …” She blushed as I said that, and was struggling for words. I decided to take my chance, and continued “Oh aunty, it will be my dream come true if I can see you wearing this …” She bit her lips, and her face took on an expression of shyness and lust at the same time, a slow smile playing on her lips. “OK beta, if you want aunty to wear this ... I will” she said in a soft voice.

Once again, I insisted on her taking not just that one, but a crimson red one, and a dark blue one of the same pattern. They were all with matching lacy panties. Turning to her, I said “Aunty, there is one more thing I want to buy for you …” Taking her hand in mine, I led her to another part of the lingerie section where satiny slips & night gowns were displayed. I had my eyes on a crimson red one satiny slip, which was displayed on a mannequin. It came to just below the thighs, and above the knees, with only a thin strap holding it at the shoulder. There was a matching gown of translucent material which one could wear over the slip. The gown was to be tied with a sash in front. Sarla bhabhi’s eyes lit up when she saw that. It was probably the kind of stuff which she had dreamt of wearing sometime when she was younger.

With a sigh, she reached out and touched the soft material, and said in a hoarse whisper “It’s beautiful …” “It will look even more beautiful when you wear it, aunty …” I replied softly. She looked into my eyes for a moment, and then began to shake her head. “No Jignesh beta … you have already spent so much … no … I cannot …” I stepped up real close to her, and placing my hands on her waist, pulled her towards me, her body touching mine. “For me, Sarla aunties … please …” I said with desire in my voice. After a few tense seconds, she placed her hand on my chest, and said “Tum aunty ko bahut chaahte ho na, Jignesh ….” When I nodded my assent, she smiled, and said “OK beta … for you … anything …” I smiled warmly, and before she could react, leant forward and placed a quick kiss on her cheeks. I pulled away from her, and went to call Sapna to pack the stuff we had selected.

As Sapna came up, Sarla bhabhi excused herself to go to the women’s room again. As she left, Sapna came up to me and said softly, “Sir, will you come with me for a minute please …” “Of course” I replied, wondering what she had in mind. She led me to into the corridor of the section where the changing rooms were, which was not visible from the main area. Stopping there, she turned to me and slipped a piece of paper into my hand. “This is my phone number, sir … if you need me for anything … just call me … I will come” she said a meek voice. As I heard this sexy dark sales girl say this, I felt my cock lurch in my pants again. “Main saat baje ko free ho jaati hoon … “she continued hesitatingly “uske baad kabhi bhi aa sakti hoon … aap mujhe subak ko phone kar ke bata de to main kapde bhi lekar aa sakti hoon … phir main yahan se nikalne se pehle change karke aapko milne aa sakti hoon …” she finished. I just looked at her without a word.

Seeing no response from me, a look of fear and uncertainty came to her face. Slowly I allowed a smile to come on to my face. I stepped up to her, and placing my hand on her waist, pulled ( ) her towards me. As I felt her lithe firm body press against mine, I pressed my lips to hers and kissed her. She was stunned for a moment, but then relaxed and kissed me back. As she parted her sweet lips, I slid my tongue inside and lashed it against her tongue. She responded with passionate fervor, and I slid my hands down to her butt and squeezed them, pressing her body against me. She let out a soft sigh as she felt my hardness pressing against her belly. I could feel her firm breasts enclosed in a padded bra, pressing against my lower chest. I pulled away from her, and held her at arms length, looking into her eyes. “Main phone karoonga tumhe, Sapna … par ek shart par …” I said “tum mujhe sir nahi bulaaoge …” She smiled sweetly, and tilting her face to one side, nodded at me.

We came out of the changing rooms’ area quickly, just in time to see Sarla bhabhi returning from the women’s wash room. By this time, the tailor had returned with the black blouse for the black sari, and Sarla bhabhi and Sapna went towards the changing room to check the fitting. I headed downstairs to wait for them. She was satisfied with the blouse (a sleeveless one of course), and I then proceeded to settle the bills. Once again, Sarla bhabhi looked at me with concern when she saw the amount. I just smiled at her re-assuringly. The attendants helped us carry the bags into the car, and we began our drive home. As I was driving, Sarla bhabhi seemed to be lost in thought. “Kya soch rahe ho aunty?” I asked teasingly. She came out of her reverie, and responded “Kuch nahi beta … bas aishe hi …” She then placed her hand over my hand which was on the gear knob, and said “Beta … main tumko thank you kaise kahun … yeh meri samajh main nahi aa raha hai …” “Oh aunty” I chided her “thank you to mujhe kehna chahiya … ki aapne mujhe mauka diya aapke liye kuch gift lene ka …” “Aur agar aap phir bhi thank you kehna chaahti hai to … bas mujhe ek bar aapko us black sadi mein dekhne dena …” I said with a suggestive smile. She just let out a small giggle, and continued to caress my hand.

By the time we reached home, it was nearing half past seven. As we were getting out of the car, Sarla bhabhi said “Beta, aaj tum dinner ke liye ghar par aana … main tumhare pasand ka khana banaoongi …” When she saw me thinking about that “Aunty ne tumhari sab baate maan li … ab aunty ke liye itna bhi nahi karoge …” she said with mock hurt in her voice, her lips curling into a sexy pout. I laughed, and said that I was just thinking what I would tell Kalpana aunty, because she would come with my dinner in the night. “Oh, tum usko keh dena ki tum aaj kuch friends ke saath dinner ke liye bahar ja rahe ho …” she piped back immediately. “But don’t tell her that you will be at my house, OK beta …” she said anxiously. I laughed again, and said “OK aunty, I will come … and I won’t tell her …” I went home and placed a call to the neighbour of Kalpana aunty (where they used to receive their calls, since they did not have a telephone at their place), and asked them to convey the message to Kalpana aunty that I would not be home for dinner tonight, since I was going out with some friends for dinner. “Jigna is going to be disappointed tonight” I thought to myself.
After having a quick shower, I changed into a comfortable pair of khakis and a collarless shirt. I liberally dabbed cologne on my body, and having shaved, reached her house. She took her time opening the door, and when she did, I decided it was worth the wait. Dressed in the black chiffon sari I had just bought for her, with the matching sleeveless black blouse, a black high-heeled sandal, a gold chain around her neck, dangling gold ear rings and a dozen red glass bangles on each hand, she looked ravishing. She had put on a bit of make-up too. The mascara, eye liner, a hint of rouge on her cheeks and a faint lipstick only added to the charm. “Sorry beta, I was getting ready when you rang the bell …” she said with a lovely smile. “You look gorgeous, aunty” I replied with a smile.

She blushed, and taking my hand said “You don’t have to flatter me so much, Jignesh bhai” I just laughed in response. She closed the door quickly, and led me to the comfortable living room. I noticed the way she swayed her hips as she walked to the kitchen. The sari clung to her body, and was tied low down her waist, showing her sexy belly button. The black chiffon being partly transparent, I could see the outline of her black blouse and the bare belly under the pallu. She had even put on a pair of sliver anklets that jingled softly as she walked. “Make yourself comfortable beta” she said from the kitchen. “What would you like to drink in the meantime?” she asked. “What can you offer me, aunty … tea, coffee, or …” I replied with a laugh. I heard her giggle in response. Walking up to the kitchen, I said “Would you like to have some wine, aunty? I have some chilled white wine in the fridge at home” “Oh that would be wonderful, beta” she replied. “The last time I had wine was many years ago, when Dev had taken me to a party at his boss’s place” Dev was her husband, who was always on tour.

I quickly went home and fetched the wine. She had kept two wine glasses ready. I uncorked the wine, and handing her the cold frosty bottle, said “Why don’t you do the honors aunty” “You are so sweet beta …” she smiled seductively, as she took the bottle from my hand, and began to pour the wine into the glasses. As she leant forward to pour the wine, the pallu of her sari slipped off her shoulders, down to her arms. That gave me a quick glimpse of her magnificent cleavage in the low cut blouse. She caught my eye, and a teasing smile played on her lips. Straightening up, and adjusting her pallu, she sat down on the couch by my side. Handing me a glass and picking up hers, she said “Here is big thank you to you Jignesh beta … for buying aunty all those wonderful gifts today” she said with a smile. We clinked our glasses, and took a sip of the wine. “Umm …” she said as she savored the wine.

As we settled back on the couch, I said “Aunty, why don’t we just order some food today. I know you must be tired today after the shopping, and I would rather sit with you and have a nice evening rather than you spending time in the kitchen.” “But beta, I had promised you I would cook for you today …” she began to protest. “There will be plenty of other times for that aunty” I told her with a smile “Today let us just relax …” She happily agreed. I was in the mood for some Chinese, and ordered it from a nearby restaurant that made good stuff. After putting the phone down, I went back and sat on the couch, making it a point to sit much closer to her. She had already finished her glass, and I could see that her cheeks had begun to flush.

As I poured her another glass, she put her hand on my thigh, and said “Jignesh beta, it is after such a long time that I am having such a good time … thank you so much for making aunty feel so good …” she said gently. “Oh come on aunty, this is just the beginning …” I said with a laugh. “In fact, I should be thanking you for calling me to your house today …” She squeezed my thigh in response, and said “Oh I wanted to do this for so long now … better late than never …” she said throwing her head back with a laugh. The wine was beginning to work its magic, and I could sense that she was beginning to loosen up. Placing my hand on hers, I looked into her eyes and said “You know aunty, I wish I was born much earlier … then I could have met you before you got married … I am sure you were the sexiest girl in your college …” She blushed again, and I could see that she was mighty pleased with what I had said. “Do you have any photographs of you from before you got married, aunty? I would love to see them …” I asked her “Really beta! I will get them right away then …” she said with a smile, and got up to do that.

As she went inside the bedroom to fetch them, I refilled her glass again, and poured myself another one. She returned with a bunch of albums, and placing them on the tea table, sat down next to me once again. As she opened the first album, I slid closer to her on the sofa so that our thighs were touching. Placing the album on my lap, she began to turn the leaves, leaning towards me in the process. As she did that her soft breasts pressed against my arm, and I felt my cock twitch in my pants. As I looked at her photographs from her college days, I felt my cock begin to stiffen. She was a hot piece of ass in her younger days. Much slimmer, and very very sexy. There were plenty of photographs of her in western clothes like skirts and pants. Her breasts were smaller and much firmer in the photographs. As we moved to the other albums, we came to the one of her wedding. She looked stunning in her traditional red and gold wedding attire. She was talking away continuously, telling me about each photograph, but I hardly heard her. I was enjoying the feel of her warm soft breasts on my arms as I looked at the photographs.

As she closed the last album, and put it down on the glass table top, I looked at her in earnest, and with a look of immense desire, said “You know aunty, you were gorgeous then … and you have just become more sexy now … Uncle is such a lucky man to have you …” She blushed again, and laughed to cover her embarrassment. “Uncle does not think that way any more … for him I have become old …” she said with a smile. I just shook my head and smiled at her. “Well, I don’t think so” I said as I settled back on the sofa, and sipped the wine. I leant back and rested my arm on the back of the “Thank you beta …” she said softly, as she too leant back and rested her head on my left arm which was stretched across the sofa back. In that position, I was able to let my palm rest on her bare arm at the shoulders.

Her movements had become languid by now, and I could see that the wine had started to get to her now. Taking my chance, I began to caress her bare arm at the shoulders. She responded my snuggling up closer to me, so that her head now rested on my chest, just under her chin. Seeing that my glass was empty, she brought her glass to my lips, and said “Here beta, drink from aunty …” Taking her hand holding the glass in mine, I drank from her glass and then made her take a sip too. Turning to look into her eyes, I said softly “I’d rather drink from your lips aunty …” She blushed again, and turned her face upwards to look at me. As I moved my face towards her face, she closed her eyes, and parted her lips ever so softly. I placed my mouth on hers, and began to French kiss her passionately. She moaned, and pressed her body to me even more, kissing me deep, and her tongue intertwining with mine in her mouth.

As she had twisted sideways in order to kiss me, I could see the swell of her breasts straining against the sheer black sari. As we kissed, the pallu of her sari slid down her shoulder, baring her beautiful breasts clad in the black sleeveless bra to me. The black-beaded mangalsutra with a gold pendant looked immensely sexy in the deep cleavage created at the neck of her blouse. A few strands of her hair had come loose, and dangled seductively in front of her ear. My hands moved to her face, playing with the strand, and teasing her ear at the same time. She shivered as I did that, and threw back her head, fully leaning against me with her eyes closed.

I admired the way she looked, leaning back against me, head thrown back, eyes closed, lips slightly parted, breathing shallow, and the pallu displaced from her shoulder, giving me an unrestricted view of her heaving breasts in the sexy black sleeveless blouse. I slid my hand down from her ears, and caressed her neck, running my fingers along her shoulder bone. As I traced a line along the v-cut neck of her blouse, she shivered once again, and without opening her eyes, clasped her hand over mine and squeezed. She then gently pushed my palm to her heaving breast, as if asking me to cup them. I could now feel the heat emanating from her body, as her thighs pressed against mine.
I leaned forward, and gently ran my tongue along her neck. “Oh Jignesh ….” She moaned as she felt my tongue, and I could see the goose-bumps spring up on her skin. Placing my on her left breast, I squeezed it gently. It was heavenly to feel her soft breasts in her blouse. As my fingers closed around her pliant tits, she arched her back, and pressed her breasts into my hands. She was half lying against me, with her back towards me, and her head resting on my shoulder. My left arm was around her shoulder, caressing her arm, while my right hand was squeezing her breasts. Her pallu had slipped off her shoulder completely, and was now lying in her lap, thus baring her entire torso to me. I let go off her left breast, and moved my right hand to her right breast, repeating the treatment. She was moving against me, pressing her torso to my hand, her thighs clasping and unclasping. I then slid my right hand to her belly, and began to caress the soft skin of her well rounded belly.

As I ran my fingers in circles around her belly button, my left hand which was wrapped around her shoulders slid down and began to fondle her beautiful breasts through the blouse. She shuddered involuntarily as I teased her belly. As I slid my hand down further and began to caress her thighs through the sari, she responded by placing her hand on my thigh, and rubbing it. I had a raging hard-on by now, and there was a pronounced bulge caused by my cock straining against my khakis. Her fingers began to feel the outline of my rigid cock through my pant, as my hands began to pull up her sari and the black petticoat below, exposing her beautifully shaped fair calves. Her flawless skin was so fair, it was like milk and honey. And the black strapped sandal on her white skin only accentuated the beauty of her legs.

I wanted to have a good look at her body, and so I whispered into her ear “Aunty, will you please stand up and take off your sari …” She opened her eyes, and said shyly “Oh beta, do you really want me to do that …” “Yes aunty, its been something I have dreamt of ever since the day I first saw you … see what you have done to me …” I said with a smile, taking her hand in mine, and placing it over my boner protruding thru my pants. Her fingers squeezed my cock through the confines of my pants, as she moaned “Oh Jignesh …” and once again kissed me passionately. I responded by squeezing her breast harder with my left hand, and sliding my hands up under her sari, caressing her exposed knee. Then she stood up slowly, and faced me. As I leaned back comfortably in the sofa, she began to remove her sari. She bit her lips as she looked at me with desire, and slowly undraped the sari from her body.

As the black sari came off, I was presented with the immensely sexy view of the sexy Sarla bhabhi standing in front of me, in only her black sleeveless blouse, black petticoat, and black high-heeled sandals. She stood there uncomfortably for a moment, looking down at the floor, her hands hanging loose by her sides. Then she finally raised her eyes, and asked me shyly “So how do I look beta …” “Oh you look gorgeous aunty ….” I breathed, as I stood up and walked up to her. Placing my left hand on her curvy waist, I pulled her towards me, and kissed her. She responded by pressing her body against me, and wrapping her hands around me. “Aunty …” I whispered into her ear. “Yes beta…” she responded. “Aunty, take off your blouse also please …” I said hoarsely, as I moved away from her, and stood admiring her body. She looked at me with her patent teasing smile, and without word began to open the hooks of her blouse.

She continued to look into my eyes, as she opened all the hooks of her blouse one by one, exposing the sexy black bra I had bought for her today. Catching the flaps of her blouse with her hands, she slowly slid the blouse off her shoulders. As the blouse came off, I let out a sigh, as my eyes went to her beautifully rounded breasts clad in the lacy black bra. She looked an object of desire, with the 36-C breasts held up inside the lacy black bra, her gently swelling well rounded belly, a waist which probably was size 34, swelling into her perfectly curved size 40 hips. “Beautiful aunty … beautiful …” I breathed, as I moved closer to her, and placed both my hands on her hips, feeling the flesh on the side of her waist. Sliding up hands upwards, I ran my hands over bra, feeling the softness of her breasts, even as she turned her face sideways and closed her eyes.

I pressed my crotch against her, as I began to squeeze her breasts once again. I leaned forward, and gently kissed her on her collar bone, causing her to shudder once again. My tongue then began to run alongside the edge of her bra, making her moan, as she clutched my head by the hair and pushed my face to her breasts. Pulling my face away, I looked into her eyes again and whispered “Now the petticoat aunty …” She smiled seductively again, and began to untie the cord of her petticoat. As she loosened the cord, her petticoat slid down her legs, and fell in a heap around her ankles. I sat back on the sofa, and looked at her. She stepped away from the petticoat which now lay in a heap on the floor, and stood in front of me, in only her black bra & panty, her hips thrust sideways to one side, with her hand on her hips.

As I feasted my eyes on the sight of the incredibly fair and sexy Sarla bhabhi standing in front of me clad only in the skimpy black lacy bra & panty, I said softly “Oh Sarla aunty … you are the most sexy woman I have ever seen in my life …” squeezing my cock thru my pants. Her shapely legs were long and smooth like marble, with a proportionate well rounded butt inside the confines of her panties. She walked towards me with a sway of her hips, and leaning forward towards my face, placed her hands on my shoulders. As she bent forward, her soft breasts swung forward inside her bra, and I was presented with the sight of her deep cleavage. “Won’t you show Sarla aunty your body now beta …” she whispered, as her fingers began to unbutton my shirt. As my shirt came open, I shrugged it off my shoulder, baring my torso to her. “Oh you have such a good body beta …” she cried, as she looked at my well muscled chest and biceps with desire, running her fingers on my chest. She ran her fingers over my chest, teasing my nipples with her fingers, even as I placed my hand on her bare thighs and caressed them.

With a groan, I cupped her breast once again, and squeezed hard, eliciting a cry of pleasure from her. She quickly knelt down between my legs on the floor, as I sat on the sofa with my thighs parted. My mouth was dry with desire, as I said “I want to see your breasts now aunty …” “I am yours beta ….” She replied in a husky whisper. As I began to slide my fingers inside her bra, she smiled at me, and said softly “Let me help you beta …” She then slid her fingers inside the cup of her left breast, and pushing down the lacy cup of her bra with the other hand, pulled out her sexy soft breasts. “Oh aunty …” I groaned as her luscious ripe breast came into view. The juicy tits of the 36-year old Sarla bhabhi were not very firm and sagged a little bit. They were fleshy and incredibly soft, as a result of which they hung down on her chest, rather than stand out. She repeated the process with her other breast, pulling it out too. Her milky white breasts were now bared in front of me for me to ravage, held up by the wired-cup bra, which she had not unhooked yet. She had small pinkish areolas, capped by pinkish nipples that were just waiting to be sucked by me.

As I gazed her gorgeous breasts, she straightened her shoulders, presenting them to me, still sitting on her knees in front of me between my legs. My hands reached out to clasp her soft tits, and I squeezed them to my hearts content. She threw back her head and moaned, as I pinched her already erect nipples with my fingers. She quickly stood up, and then proceeded to kneel in front of me by placing her knees on either side of me on the sofa. Placing her hands on the back of the sofa, she leaned forward once again, dangling those juicy milky breasts in of my face. With a groan I placed my hands on her hips, and began to knead the soft flesh of her ass. “You like auntie’s breasts beta …?” she asked tenderly, as she swayed from side to side in front of me, causing her dangling breasts to swing gently in front of my face. In response, I pushed my face forward, and with a hungry groan, took her left breast in my mouth. I began to flick her nipple with my tongue, even as I grasped her other breast and squeezed it roughly, rolling the nipple between my fingers. She cried out in pleasure, and clutched my head by the hair, feeding me her milky soft breasts. I began to suck on her breasts in earnest, trying to take as much of the soft tit flesh in my mouth, and lashing her nipple with my tongue.

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