Indian Family ki Hawas
Just as I was reclining on the couch, recollecting the events that had just occurred; the bell rang. Shaking my head in exasperation, I dragged myself out of the couch once again. The bloody bell just didn’t seem to stop ringing today. To my utter surprise, when I opened the door with irritation, ready to snap at whoever was there, Alka bhabhi stood there.

She had pulled the pallu of her saree above her head from behind like a ghunghat of sorts, and tears were streaming down her face. Alarmed, I asked “Kya hua, Alka bhabhi … aap yahaan …” She just stood there, sobbing silently, holding the ghunghat close to her face with one hand. Worried that someone might spot her standing like this at my door crying, I took her by her hand and led her inside.

Closing the door behind us, I turned towards her and was about to ask something, when to my total surprise, she fell on her knees, and flung her arms around my legs. “Arre … kya kar rahe ho aap, bhabhi …” I exclaimed, reaching down immediately to pull her up. But she hung on to my legs with a fierce determination, and buried her face near my knees. “Jignesh bhai … Jignesh bhai …” was all she could muster, between her heaving sobs. I was totally clueless about what to do now, but somehow managed to pull her hands away from my legs, and pull her on her feet. She was almost faint with crying now, and literally fell against me. As my hands instinctively went around her to hold her, I was rewarded by the feel of those swollen milk-filled breasts of hers press against my chest.

She was crying non-stop now, and muttering something incomprehensible even as she rested against me, held on her feet only because I was holding her up. Not knowing what else to do, I just held her head pressed against my chest with my left hand, even as I gently massaged her back with my right. Her ghunghat had fallen off her head now, and I could see the smooth flawless skin of her back above the cut of her blouse from behind. My fingers could also feel the contours of the thick-strapped bra she wore under her blouse. My cock lurched in spite of myself, and I prayed that she wouldn’t note it as my crotch was mashed against her belly. She was a short woman, and looking down I could see the red sindhoor in the parting of her hair.

“Shh … shh …” I shushed her, gently rubbing her back, even as she clung on to me with her hands wrapped around my back, her lush body heaving as the sobs wracked her body. Gradually her sobs subsided, and her body stopped quivering. However, I held her in my arms, continuing to try to soothe her. I was wracking my brains trying to figure out, what was making her cry so much; and more importantly, why she had come back.

Slowly she lifted her face up from where it was buried in my chest, and gazed at the wet spot on my white t-shirt that had formed due to her copious tears. Instinctively, she reached out to touch it and attempted to wipe it with her hand, muttering “Oh … maine to aap ki shirt bigaad di …” “Oh bhabhi … aap bhi na …” I chided her gently, gently lifting up her face by her chin. She clasped my hand to her cheeks where I had touched her, and looking into my eyes through her teary red eyes, said in a tearful voice “Jignesh bhai … main … mujhe … mujhe pataa nahi kya ho gaya thha … maine … maine na jaane aapse kya kya keh diya …”

Pausing, she swallowed, her Adam's apple bobbing, and then continued in a faltering voice “Main … main … aapke paas paise maangne nahi aayi thhi … sach bol rahi hoon main, Jignesh bhai … main aapse paise nahin maangne aayi thhi …” she repeated herself, shaking her head vigorously as if to reaffirm what she was saying. Her big dark eyes on that pretty fair round face nearly melted my heart, and with a sigh of genuine feeling, I cupped her soft face in my palms.

Looking into her eyes, I said earnestly “Bhabhi … please … aap mujhe sharminda mat keejiye … main jaanto hoon ki aap mujhse paise maangne nahi aaye thhe … is liye … is liye to main e aap se keh raha thha ki aap mujhe galat na samjhe …” trying my best to assuage her hurt pride. That’s when I realized that she was still holding the money I had given her, clenched in her fist. Lifting her hands, she opened her palms, and trying to push the money into my hands, said “Main aapse yeh paise nahi le sakti Jignesh bhai … nahi … nahi … nahi …” she kept repeating, tears continuing to roll down her cheeks even though she had stopped sobbing. I was touched well and truly by now.

I was not sure of what to do, because I had never experienced any woman refuse money, not when she really needed it. Afraid that I might hurt her pride, but feeling guilty at the same time that deep inside, I was hoping that she’d become indebted enough to me, to offer herself to me; I took the crumpled notes from her hand. Looking down at the money, I said in a hurt tone “Theek hai bhabhi, agar aapko itna bura laga to main yeh waapas le leta hoon … mera iraada aapko dukh pahunchaane ka nahi thha …” clenching my jaws.

She gazed into my eyes, torn between her hesitation to take the money and the hurt she knew she was causing me. “Jignesh bhai …” she breathed, and then dropped her head and shook her head, unable to continue. I let out a deep sigh, and extracting myself from her embrace, said to her in lighter tone “Chaliye … chhodiye in sab baaton ko … aap thhodi der yahaan par aaram kariye … main aapke liye paani lekar aata hoon …” not knowing what else to do. As I went into the kitchen and was pouring out a glass of cold water into a glass, I heard her footsteps behind me.

Turning around, I saw her standing right behind me. Reaching out to touch me on my arms tentatively, she breathed “Jignesh bhai …” her words failing her once again. Her pink cheeks were flushed red, and her rosy lips were quivering. She was one of those women who looked absolutely beautiful even without an iota of make-up. And the fact that her skin had that unique glow that only pregnant or recently delivered women had, made her look all the more alluring.

Forcing a smile on my face, I said “Bhabhi … pehle to aap mujhe Jignesh ‘bhai’ bulaana band keejiye … main aap se umar mein chhota hoon … aur mujhe agar aap apna dost samajhti hain … to mujhe sirf Jignesh hi bulaaiye …” Hearing these words, she looked into my eyes intently once again, and said softly “Haan … aap … aap mere dost hi nahin … aap to mere …” she stopped herself. Then as if as an afterthought, she added “Haan … main aapko Jignesh bulaaungi …” she said with some emotion, her eyes giving me that strange mystical look.

Lowering her gaze to my feet again, she said softly “Main … main yahaan par aayi thhi kucch aur ke liye … aur … aur main to apni hi roni lekar baith gayi …” in a tone that was genuinely contrite. “Mujhe to Mayuri maasi ne kaha thha … ki aapko … meri …” she said in a low voice, leaving her sentence unfinished. Even though I was a horny unprincipled bastard, this was too much for me to take, and I turned away from her, ashamed of myself to the core. Part of me was wishing she’d just go away, and not make me feel ashamed of myself any more.

With my back to her, I hung my head shamefully, and said “Bhabhi … mujhe maaf kar do … maine aapko galat nazar se dekha … mera iraada woh nahi thha … woh bas … bas ek baar … mere mooh se galti se nikal gaya … Mayuri aunty ke saamne … ki … ki … mujhe …” clenching my jaw again, unable to say the truth. Turning around to face her, I folded my hands in placation, and said “Bhabhi …mujhe maaf kar do … mujhe maaf kar do …” my voice breaking. She just looked at me, a strange expression on her face, her long eyelashes blinking rapidly. “Main bura aadmi nahi hoon, bhabhi … main bura aadmi nahi hoon …” I pleaded, shaking my head in self denial.

Still holding my hands folded in the apologetic gesture, I continued “Aap bas … in paiso ko inkaar mat keejiye … ye to … ye to sirf paise hain … inki aaj mujhse zyaada aapko zaroorat hai … is liye inhe aap please rakh leejiye … please …” my voice beseeching. Seeing no response from her expect for that enigmatic gaze, I asked “Bhabhi … aap meri baat sun rahi hain …” She just nodded her head affirmatively, not saying a word. “Bhabhi …” I continued “… mera iraada … aapko paise dekar … mera koi iraada nahi thha … aapke samman ko thhes pahunchaane ka …”

Once again, there was only that fixed gaze from her, her eyes watery, and her eyelids blinking rapidly. Her lips were moving almost imperceptibly, as if she was talking to herself, but she wasn’t saying a word to me. Reaching out to take her hands in mine, I said to her in a fierce whisper “Bhabhi … aap meri baat samajh rahi hain?” In response, she nodded again, and continued to look into my eyes with that strange incomprehensible expression. I was at my wits end by now. Never had I expected things to reach a stage where I was just not in control of what was happening.

Taking a deep breath to control my emotions, I said in a low but firm voice “Bhabhi … agar … agar aap ye paise nahi lengi … to … to mujhe lagega ki aapne mujhe maaf nahi kiya … is liye … please …” my eyes almost pleading with her to take the money, even as I tried to press the crumpled notes into her hands. To my surprise, she took the money from me silently, and then proceeded to raise the notes to touch her forehead, and then her lips. Opening her old worn black purse, she put the money inside carefully, smoothing the crumpled notes.

As she looked up, I began “Bhabhi … aapne mujhe maaf …” Before I could complete my sentence, she cut me off my reaching up to pull my face towards hers, and press her lips to mine. “Jignesh …” she whispered fiercely, her lips parting and her tongue forcing itself into my mouth. I was taken completely by surprise, and was stunned into immobility.

She literally clamped her lips on my mine, and kissed me with all her pent up passion, pressing her ripe luscious body and those incredibly swollen breasts to me. Recovering from my stunned surprise, I groaned and wrapping my hands around her slender back, pulled her towards me. I opened my mouth and managed to mumble “Oh Alka bhabhi …” my words unintelligible, as her tongue intertwined with mine ferociously.

Relaxing a bit, I kissed her back with all my pent up passion too, pressing her lush body to mine with all my strength. The passion with which she clung on to me and kissed me, it was as if her dam of pent up emotions had finally broken. As she pulled her lips away from mine, and gazed at me with that same curious expression, I finally realized what it was. It was the same look I’d seen in the eyes of the teenage Sejal; a look of pure unadulterated love! I exhaled slowly, as I finally fathomed the meaning of that look.

Seeing me smile, her pink luscious lips broke into a smile too. That’s when I also realized that those limpid pools of her beautiful big eyes were not actuall black, but a light shade of brown. Her hands were caressing my face as if with some agenda of their own, even as she continued to gaze at me with love. Lust, when augmented with love, was a very powerful emotion. There was a faint musky odor emanating from her body which I could not quite place. It was only later that I was to realize that the odor was on account of her lactating breasts. For some reason, I found that strangely arousing.

We held each other in that position, with our hands wrapped around each others back, for what seemed like an eternity. My truculent cock was painfully hard now, and I was making no attempt to prevent it from pressing against her lush fleshy belly. My gaze inadvertently dropped to her chest where the pallu of her saree tied the Gujarati way, with the tip of the pallu tucked into the waistline of the saree, had come dislodged in our frantic kissing. As a result, the pallu hung freely in front of her from her right shoulder, revealing the prodigious swell of her milk-filled left breast encased inside the peach colored blouse to me.

Her blouse had obviously become tight for her chest, and bit into the flesh of her arms. The blouse was conservatively cut, and did not have the deep plunging neckline that was the norm with women those days. In spite of that, her luscious swollen breasts were pressed upwards and bulging out from the neckline almost as if she were wearing a Victorian style corsette, worn by 18th century Engilsh women to accentuate their cleavage. The resultant cleavage was not only enticing, but also extremely arousing; accentuated by the flawless white skin of her bosom.

It was then that I noted the small wet patch at the apex of her blouse, where the faint outline of her nipple protruding through the blouse and bra was visible. My cock gave a lurch in spite of itself; a movement that did not go unnoticed by her. She shifted on her feet subsonsciously, adjusting herself in my arms. The movement caused her fleshy belly to rub against my hard cock through the slacks, and her eyes automatically went down towards where my crotch was pressing against her belly. “Bhabhi … I’m sorry …” I said automatically, embarrassed that my libido was so plainly evident to her.

Looking up at me again, she shook head almost imperceptibly and whispered “Na, Jignesh bhai … na … aisa na bolo …” her eyes deeply understanding. A lump formed in my throat hearing these words of empathy from her, and I couldn’t arrest the drop of tear which rolled down my cheek. “Na …” she whispered urgently, shaking her head vigorously “… please …” Reaching up with her right hand, she gently wiped away the wet streak from my cheek. I was feeling like an idiot now; first at my arousal becoming so plainly evident to her and second at my emotions overwhelming me in front of her. I couldn’t help but think that I was no different from the lecherous landlord who’d asked her for sexual favors in return for deferring the rent payment.

We were still standing in our kitchen, with my back to the platform and she in front of me. With a deep sigh, she let go off me and stepped back. To my surprise and intense arousal, she then pulled aside the pallu of her saree from her torso, baring her swollen blouse-clad breasts to me. Continuing to hold the pallu aside with her left hand, she reached with the other hand and took hold of my hand in hers. Gazing at me with a tender expression, she placed my palm on the swollen mound of her right breast and pressed it to her. A sigh of arousal escaped my lips, and my hand stiffened. I could feel the heat from her body flowing into my palm as I felt the flesh of her swollen 34-D breasts against my palm.

“Haan, Jignesh bhai … haan …” she said ever so softly, as if reading my mind, and her eyes conveying more than words could ever hope to. After all that had transpired in the last half ( ) an hour, my heart was just not into having any sexual liaison with her, even though my treacherous cock thought otherwise. “Bhabhi …” I breathed, shaking my head, and trying to convey to her the conflicting emotions I was experiencing. „Is me kucchh galat nahi hai, Jignesh bhai ... kucchh galat nahi hai ...“she whispered assertively, nodding her head to support her statement, even as she continued to hold my hand pressed to her incredible disproportionately swollen milk-laden breast.

Sensing my reluctance, she let go off my palm which she was holding to her breast, and took my free hand instead. Any other day, with any other woman, I’d need no further invitation to ravage her body; but this was somehow different. Quite frankly, my reaction was something even I’d not anticipated. “Aao Jignesh bhai …” she said softly, taking my limp hand in hers and leading me to the living room. “Baitho …” she said gently, pointing to the couch. As I sat down dumbly, she sat down next to me. This time, she sat so close that I could feel her thighs press against mine. “Jignesh bhai …” she said softly, placing her slender hand on my thigh. “Aap mujhe Jignesh bhai kyun bulaati hain ab bhi …” I said with some emotion; for I was not able to think of anything else to say to her at that moment. “Sorry Jignesh bhai … acchha main aapko abse Jignesh hi bulaaungi … ab khush ho aap …” she said, cocking her head to one side.

I just managed a weak smile, dropping my head to look at her hand which was resting on my thighs. “Meri taraf dekho Jignesh bhai … sorry … Jignesh …” she said gently, prodding my thigh. As I looked towards her, she smiled. Her juicy pink lips were still quivering, and her face was still flushed red. “Maine aapki baat sun li na, Jignesh …” she began in a soft quivering voice “… aapne jo itna badaa upkaar kiya hai mujhpar … maine use sweekaar kar liya na …” her eyes blinking to hold back her tears. I just looked away not knowing how to respond to it. “Bolo na … kiya na maine …” she whispered fiercely, shaking my thighs with her hand. “Haan … bhabhi …” I said hoarsely, my throat full of flegm. Clearing my throat, I looked at her and repeated “Haan bhabhi … kiya aapne …”

She bit her quivering lips and continued “Mujhe … mujhe pata hai maine aapko … aapko bahut dukh pahunchaaya … aapse paise lene se inkaar karke …” “Nahi bhabhi … aisi koi baat nahi hai …” I interrupted her, trying to sound casual. She shook her head again and said “Nahi … aap jhoot bol sakte ho … par aapki aankhen … aur … aur aapke aasoon … jhoot nahi bol sakte …” a precious drop of tear rolling down her cheek again. To my amazement, she slid down the sofa and sat down on the floor beside my knees, supporting herself on her knees and haunches.

Before I could react, she took both my hands in hers and buried her face in my palms; an action tha caused her ripe full breasts also to press against my knees. “Mujhse galti ho gayi Jignesh bhai … mujhse galti ho gayi … aapko samajhne mein … mujhe maaf kar do … mujhe maaf kar do …” she pleaded, rolling her head from side to side in my palms. This little encounter with the luscious Alka bhabhi was becoming more or a tearjerker than Ekta Kapoor’s lousy soap serials, and I could only shake my head in frustration.
“Bhabhi …” I cried hoarsely, forcefully lifting her bleary face from my hands and getting her to look up at me. “Ab bas karo … mujhe aur sharminda mat karo aap … please …” I said with some earnesty in my voice. Wiping the tears from her face, she forced a smile on her face, and said “Maine aapki baat sun li na Jignesh bhai … ab … ab aap meri baat nahi sunenge …” “Zaroor sunoonga, bhabhi … zaroor sunoonga …” I said, wiping away my own tears irritably. I was quite irritated with myself now, since this little emotional melodrama had gone on for far too long now.

All I wanted was to feast on her milk-swollen breasts and fuck her; and here I was, shedding tears along with her. “Ab aap please uthiye …” I said to her with urgency, tugging at her shoulders. She complied immediately and raised herself to sit by my side on the couch once again. Glancing at the clock on the wall, I said to her “Bhabhi … aapko der nahi ho rahi hai … aapki baby …” looking at her questioningly. “Nahi Jignesh … aap chinta mat karo … main usko doodh pilaakar aayi thhi … aur woh agar utth bhi gayi to Mayuri ben usko bottle se doodh pila degi …” she said matter or factly. Heaing her talk so freely about breast-feeding her baby, my cock gave another lurch inside my pants.

Her hands which were lying in my lap, felt the movement of my hardness inside my slacks, and she looked up at me quickly with an expression of understanding in her eyes. “Jignesh bhai …” she said softly, her fingers applying some pressure on the hard lump protruding from my slacks. I just let out a deep sigh and looked at her with an expression that conveyed my helplessness. She was sitting on my left side on the couch. Without a word, she pulled aside the pallu of her saree once again, and taking my hand in hers, pressed it to her swollen right breast again.

This time, my fingers automatically closed around the pliant yet firm flesh of her milk-filled breasts; and even when she let go off my hand, I did not remove my hand from her breast. Gazing into my eyes intently, she whispered softly “Blouse kholoon main, Jignesh bhai … sorry … Jignesh …” correcting herself yet again. “Haan …” I managed to gasp somehow. Responding with alacrity, she tucked the parted pallu of her saree under her chin, and began to open the hooks of her tightly stretched blouse. I noted that she had started to open her blouse with the hook at the bottom, as against starting from top like most other women did. I figured it was on account of the fact that she was used to doing it that way when opening her blouse to breastfeed her baby.

My mouth was dry as I stared in rapt attention as the hooks came undone one by one. As the hooks of her blouse came undone and she opened the flaps of her tight blouse, I was presented with the sight of conservative white bra stretched to the limit by the disproportionately swollen breasts. The wet patch caused by her milk secretion from her lactating breasts that had permeated through to her blouse, was much bigger on her bra, and I could clearly see the outline of her nipple under the cotton fabric of her white nursing bra.

Still holding her chin down to keep the pallu from slipping over her torso, she glanced up at me as if checking my reaction. I met her eyes only for a fraction and inadvertently licked my dry lips. She’d worn her bra loose, ostensibly on the last hook of the strap, which probably made it easier for her to pull up the bra when feeding her baby. Even before my hungry eyes could get their fill of the sight of her bra-covered swollen breasts, she hunched her shoulders and slipping her fingers under the cup of her bra, pulled it up to bare those magnificent breasts to me.

My jaw dropped and my throat went dry at the sight presented to me. This had to be the most erotic pair of breasts I’d seen apart from those of the busty teenage Sejal; and I couldn’t help but compare it to hers. Like Sejal, Alkha bhabhi’s skin was incredibly fair. But that’s where the similarities ended. While Sejal was plump with adolescent baby fat, Alka bhabhi was of a slender built. In spite of the two pregnancies, her waist would not have been more than 27” at the most.

Her belly was not taut and firm, as was to be expcted in a woman who’d delivered a child only 7 months back, but still was not flabby. In the sitting position, there were only two moderate folds on her fleshy belly. But what took the cake were those incredibly erotic breasts. As I’ve said numerous times earlier, they were swollen disproportionately on account of the milk they held. By the sight I could make out that her bra was only a regulation 34-C, but her breasts were swollen to a mouth watering 34-D cup now. They were obviously not naturally round shaped like Sejal’s breasts were, but were still swollen towards the tip.

In other words, what would have been ripe 34-C mango-shaped breasts in her normal state were now swollen 34-D papaya shaped mammaries on account of her post-pregnant status. Inspite of being so heavy with milk, they did not sag but just rested heavily on her slender chest. The base of her breasts was smaller in comparison to the tips of them; which were swollen disproportionately like water filled balloons. The milky white alabaster complexion of the rest of her body was shared by her breasts too, and I could see the lines of blue veins under the skin.

Her bursting breasts were capped by a pair of mouth watering pinkish nipples, the same color as her lips. The rupee coin sized aereolas were only a shade darker than the fair complexion of her breasts. The wetness caused by the milk which had oozed out of her erect nipples made them glisten in the light, causing me to lick my lips as I gazed at them with unadulterated desire. Realizing that I was mesmerized by the sight of her milky white breasts, I pulled my eyes away to look at her face.

She was just looking at me with the same tender expression, continuing to hold the pallu of her saree parted with one hand, while holding the bra up with the other. What more could one ask for, I thought to myself, seeing the way this innocent lovely 27-year old housewife sat in front of me, baring her milky swollen breasts to me. Continuing to look into my eyes with a aroused yet shy expression, she involuntarily hefted her right breast in the palm of her hand and squeezed them gently; an action which caused a small drop of white milky fluid to ooze out of her erect nipple.

I had always fantasized about this moment, and my hand automatically squeezed my hardness through my slacks. Clearing her throat, she said in a low voice “Maine … aane se pehle … meri baby ko … apna … apna doodh nahi pilaaya thha … maine usko bottle se doodh pilaaya thha …” continuing to gaze at me lovingly, even as she held her right tit cupped in her palm. “Main … maine … apna doodh aapke liye bacha ke rakha thha, Jignesh bhai …” she said in almost a whisper. “Aap … aap mera doodh piyenge na, Jignesh bhai …” she asked in a husky whisper, straightening her back and offering me her cupped swollen breasts.
These were the words I’d been dying to hear, and with a groan I reached out and touched her hot milky breasts tenderly. At the touch of my hands, she sighed and lent forward, trying to press her breast into my hand. I ran my shivering hands all over her swollen breasts, feeling the hot flesh singe my palms. Part of me wanted to squeeze her breast-milk filled mammaries roughly, but I held myself back. Instead, I just slid my palm under her ripe breast and hefted them, feeling their heaviness, and ran my thumb around her erect glistening wet nipple.

Reaching out to touch my face with her slender fingers, she whispered with arousal “Aao … Jignesh bhai … meri god mein let jaao …” This was my fantasy coming true, and as she slid back on the couch and lifted her left leg on to the couch to create a comfortable lap for me to lie down in, I swallowed instinctively. With her hand gently supporting my head, I bent forward and lay down in her lap, pulling my legs up on to the couch in the process. She cradled my head in the crook of her arm and I was blessed with the feel of her hot full breasts brush against my cheek.

On a sudden thought, she said “Aap apna t-shirt utaar do, Jignesh bhai … warna …” her eyes conveying the rest. With her help, I somehow pulled the t-shirt off my head, baring my muscular chest and torso to her view. Her eyes looked at my chest with desire, and she inadvertently touched my chest with her soft hands, her fingers tracing lines on my chest. I could feel the heat radiating from her body, and the musky aroma of breastmilk assailed my nostrils, making my cock twitch with anticipation.

Cradling my head in her left arm, she leaned forward, and cupping her left swollen breast, squeezed it gently, her fingers moving in a sliding motion from the base of her breast to the swollen tip. As she did that, a drop of thin white fluid oozed out of her thick erect nipple. Then, to my complete arousal, she wiped the drop of breast milk from her nipple with her finger, and touched the finger to my lips! “Mera doodh, Jignesh bhai …” she said in a hoarse whisper, wetting my dry lips with her breast milk. “Bhabhi …” I groaned, and opened my mouth to suck on her finger.

It was watery, and tasted sweet; nothing likeI had ever tasted before. The taste was not entirely agreeable, but I was too aroused to care. Then to my amazement, she extracted a crumpled handkerchief from her waist, and squeezing her ripe breast repeatedly, made some of her breast milk squirt out of her turgid nipple on to the napkin. When I looked at her questioningly, she just smile shyly and said in a low voice “Thhoda sa nikaal doongi to acchha rahega …” I figured it was the same reason why cattle breeders discarded the first few squirts of milk when they milked a cow.

Discarding the napkin, she cupped her breast again and raising my head towards her swollen breasts, said “Ab pee lo, beta …” The motherly way in which she addressed me as ‘beta’ aroused me to know end. With a groan, I clamped my mouth on her proffered nipple and began to greedily suckle on it. “Shhh …” she whispered, cradling my head and caressing my hair as I began the task of sucking on a young mother’s breast milk for the first time in my life.

The milk was warm, and it was too watery and sweet for my liking, but I was beside myself with lust by now. I felt her arch her back, and let out a soft sigh of contentment, as she felt my mouth suck on her painfully swollen milk-laden breasts. She kept making soft cooing sounds, as if she was feeding her own infant. Unable to hold back any longer, I reached out with my hand and cupped her free right breast. Squeezing them hard, I was rewarded by at first a little dribble, and then a sharp squirt of thin white breast milk land on my chest.

I shivered when the warm liquid landed on my chest, and letting go of her nipple, hissed “Sorry bhabhi …” “Shh … koi baat nahi … karo Jignesh bhai …” taking my hand and pressing it to her free right breast again. When I squeezed again, I saw her wince with pain and close her eyes. Alarmed I pulled my hand away. Opening her eyes, she smiled at me ever so tenderly, and said in a low whisper “Jab bahut zyaada doodh bhar jaata hai … to … thhoda sa dard hota hai … is liye … jab aise dabaakar … ya chooskar … doodh baahar nilaalte hain … to bahut raahat milti hai …” by way of explanation. “Dariye mat, Jignesh bhai … dabaaiye na …” she urged in a low whisper, guiding my hand to her breast again. Then to encourage me further, she herself cupped her right breast and squeezed it again in a pumping motion starting from the base and ending at the tip, causing a fresh squirt of her warm breast milk to spray on to my chest.

Seeing my body shiver at the feel of her milk falling on me, she asked quicky “Aapko ganda lag raha hai, Jignesh bhai …” stopping her squeezing of the breast. “Nahi bhabhi … nahi … please …” I hissed back. Hearing this, she smiled, and once again began to squeeze her milk out of those swollen breasts and spray them on my chest and belly. “Mere moonh par bhi, bhabhi …” I said hoarsely, my eyes staring intently at the way the milk was being squeezed out of her delicious breasts. Sighing, she said softly “Aankh band kar leejiye, Jignesh bhai …” looking into my eyes.

Thinking that she was ashamed of me watching her squirt her milk on me like this, I closed my eyes, a touch disappointed. She seemed to read my mind, and leaning forward to rub her erect wet nipple on my lips, said softly “Agar mera doodh aapki aankho mein gira to aapki aankhe jalengi, Jignesh bhai … isliye kaha maine …” “Oh bhabhi … please … ruko mat …” I groaned, reaching up to roughly fondle her swollen milk glands again. “Ssss …” she hissed, as she cupped both her breasts together, and squeezed them hard, sending squirts of the thin warm milk spraying on to my chest and face. I marveled at her concern for these little details, and opened my mouth to let out a content sigh of “Ahhh …” enjoying the sensation of my milk spraying my face.
My cock was rock hard by now, and as I reached down to squeeze it under my slacks, she caught my hand. When I opened my eyes and looked at her, there was an expression of lust in her eyes. “Bhabhi … mera bhi … ab bahut bhar gaya hai … isliye taqleef ho rahi hai …” I said indicating that my cock was aching for a release now. “Jaanti hoon, Jignesh bhai …” she whispered softly “… aapki yahi taqleef door karne ke liye to aapki bhabhi aapke paas aayi hai …” a very aroused look in her eyes. With these words, she reached down to my crotch, and gently rubbed her palm over the lump in my slacks.

Sliding her fingers under the elastic waist band of my slacks, she began to try to push it down. I helped her by raising my hips off the bed, and lowering my slacks along with the boxers, with both my hands. My rock hard cock, free of the restraining confines, sprang out like an angry cobra and slapped against my belly. The swollen tip was crimson with blood, and it was glistening in the light with the copious amounts of pre-cum that I’d already secreted. “Oh Jignesh bhai …” she breathed, her eyes gazing at my steely hard wet slimy cock with desire and arousal.

Raising my head again to press it against her breasts, she then took hold of my erect phallus in her soft hands, and began to rub it gently. “Bhabhiiiii …” I groaned, almost biting her nipples. “Haan beta …” she responded with passion, tightening her grip on my hard cock, and began to stroke it gently. Gazing down, I watched with raw lust, as her slender white fingers were wrapped around my thick shaft, and pumping it ever so gently; her glass bangles making a tinkling sound. Arching my back, I stretched out my arms, and lifted my hips off the bed, as if urging her to pump me faster.

To my complete arousal, she then began to spread the liberal amount of her breast milk that had fallen on my chest and was trickling down to my belly, all over my torso in a gentle massaging motion. With the same hand wet with her milk, she took hold of my cock and began to rub stroke my cock. “Aannhhh …” I groaned. “Ek minute, beta …” she whispered urgently, pushing my head off her lap. As I lifted my head, she slid herself away from under my head and stood up from the couch. As I lay back on the couch, I watched in rapt attention at the way her swollen breast dangled and swung.

She quickly knelt down on the floor next to my pelvis, and took hold of my cock lovingly. Then without a word, she dangled those mouthwatering milk swollen breasts of hers over my throbbing cock, and cupping them again, began to squirt her warm milk on to my cock! “Ohhh bhabhiii …” I almost cried out, reaching out with my hand to try and grab one of her breasts. She was completely engrossed in the task of pleasing me now, and did not even turn to look at me. Holding my throbbing cock with one hand, she cupped one of her full breasts with the other hand and sprayed squirt after squirt of searing hot breast milk on my cock.

This was beyond my wildest imagination, and I just watched at the scene unfolding in front of my eyes with lust coursing through my veins. She was going from milestone to milestone now, and followed this by taking hold of my cock gently and rubbing it against her dripping breasts. Her milk had oozed out copiously from her lactating 34-D breasts, and as a result were slick to the touch. As she held my cock and slapped it lightly against her breasts, I could only imagine what a lucky bastard her worthless husband was. I was sure he’d have taught her to do all this.

Leaning forward further, she took hold of both her swollen breasts, and trapped my blood gorged cock in between them. The valley of her breasts, as well as my rampant cock, were well lubricated with a mix of my pre-cum and her breast milk, and as a result when she started to move her pendulous breasts up and down along the length of my shaft, they moved easily, lubricated as they were with both our body secretions. Her lips were parted now, and as she turned her head sideways to look at me, I let out a sigh of pleasure and helplessness.

Even as she was pumping my cock in between her breasts, she was continually squeezing both her breasts too, intermittently sending her milk squirting on to my cock and pelvis. This had to be my most erotic experience so far; the sight of this 27-year old young mother, her blouse open and hanging loose, and her bra pulled up above her milk-filled swollen breasts, servicing my cock my stroking them with her mammary glands! Letting go off my cock from in between her breasts, she took hold of it once again and began to rub it all over her face. Her eyes were closed, and there was an immensely sexy expression on her face as she rubbed my wet slimy cock on her face, and her breasts.

I was dying to feel her mouth on my cock, and grabbing her hand, groaned “Bhabhiiii …” Once again, it was as if she read my mind, and reaching out to take both my outstretched hands in hers, took my cock into her mouth! The manner, in which she did this, without the use of her hands, turned me on immensely, and I responded my lifting my hips off the bed, and pushing my cock deeper into her small red lipped mouth. She was herself aroused fully now, and was beginning to moan. She twisted her head from side to side, taking my cock into her mouth at all possible angles, all the while refraining from using her hands.

Her tongue was lashing my shaft, and she was adding to my excitement by suckling on the swollen tip also. The absolutely amazing manner in which she was sucking on my cock made it very evident that this was something she’d have to do for her husband very often. She was bobbing her head vigorously now, my cock touching the back of her slender throat each time she thrust her head down, while her hands were continuously manipulating my swollen balls. Unlike some of the other women, who’d let their saliva drool out while sucking cock, she was swallowing intermittently, making sure her saliva and my secretions never oozed out of her sucking mouth. It was simply incredible!

Lifting my torso off the couch and grabbing hold of the bun of her head, I groaned “Bhabhi … bas … mera …” indicating that if she continued this for any longer, I’d shoot my load into her mouth. Her chest heaving with the effort, she pulled her mouth off my cock, and said in a barely audible “Jignesh bhai … aapne mera doodh piya hai … to … to main kya … aapka nahi pee sakti …” This was by far the most erotic words I’d heard a woman utter, and my cock almost threatened to explode there and then. Stunned, I just watched this incredibly lovely fair 27-year old young mother. Kissing the swollen throbbing tip of my blood gorged cock almost reverently, she said again “Boliye na, Jignesh bhai … nahi peene denge aap …”

Dazed, I managed to gasp “Bhabhi … aap yeh kya keh rahi hain … main … kaise …” Continuing to kiss my cock with her lips, she said in a low voice “Warna mera aur aapka rishta adhoora hi rahega, Jignesh bhai … aap aapki Alka bhabhi ko pyaar nahi karte …” her eyes moist with emotion again. “Haan bhabhi … please …” I mumbled. “Aapke liye ye karna … mera saubhagya hoga, Jignesh bhai …” she said in a low earnest tone. I couldn’t believe my ears. This lovely innocent woman was telling my in the chastest of languages that she wanted to drink my cum!

I reached out to touch her face with my fingers, and dazed at the utter in credulousness of what she was saying, gasped “Haan … bhabhi … haan …” Something like a smile of relief flickered on her face, before she closed her eyes and took my cock into her mouth again, as if she was worshiping it. This was any man’s dream come true; to have a woman like her not only suck on your cock, but also be willing to swallow your semen! Just the thought of what was happening, coupled with the intense feeling of her mouth sucking on my cock, send my cum blasting out of the swollen tip of my mouth. As my ejaculation hit against the back of her throat, she let out a deep throat moan of “Ummmhhhhh ….”

Grabbing my thighs, she began to swallow, as wad after wad of my thick boiling jism splattered the insides of her slender mouth. Her throat constricted, and she gagged once or twice involuntarily, but to her credit, she kept her mouth tightly clamped around my erupting cock, and swallowed every single drop of semen that I’d send spurting into her willing mouth. As my ejaculation subsided, she slowly took my quivering wet cock out of her mouth, and held in in her hand. I was lying outstretched on the couch, my head thrown back, but my hips jerked involuntarily once or twice, causing the last of my semen to dribble out from the slit of my crimson swollen cock head. Without any hesitation, she stuck out her tongue, and proceeded to lick that up too.
I was both emotionally and physically drained and collapsed on the couch in a dead heap. I managed to look at her face since I was curious to see her reaction to my having come in her mouth. Her tightly combed hair was in disarray, many strands having come loose of the bun, and her sindhoor too was smeared. Her lips and chin were wet and slimy with my cum and her saliva, and it was an incredibly erotic experience to see her in this condition. Never had I expected this chaste 27-year old young housewife to give me two firsts of my life; one, giving me a taste of breast milk, and second, swallowing my boiling hot semen!

There was no hint of any displeasure or disgust on her face, and when she saw me looking at her, she smiled shyly, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. She was still holding on to my cock gingerly, which was rapidly losing its hardness. “Oh Alka bhabhi …” I said, still breathing heavily from my intense orgasm, extending my arms to her. With a smile, she got up from where she’d been kneeling next to my crotch, and came to sit near my head. As I lifted my torso off the couch to allow her to sit at the head, my eyes were riveted to the way her ripe papaya shaped milk-filled breasts swung freely.

It was only when I tried to wipe the sweat off my forehead that I realized that my face was sticky. It suddenly came to me that all the breast milk that had sprayed on to my face and chest when I was fondling and sucking on her tits, had caked dry and had made my face and chest sticky to touch. It felt dirty yet arousing at the same time. As she settled down to sit on the couch once again and pulled up her legs to sit cross legged, I rested my head in her lap. She cradled my head in her arms lovingly and held me against her swollen bosoms. Not having the energy to do anything more, I simply enjoyed the feel of her warm swollen breasts, slimy with her milk and my pre-cum.

The strong musky odor of her breastmilk mixed with my pre-cum assailed my nostrils. For some inexplicable reason, I found that odor erotic too. She’d not spoken a word, and was just watching me with genuine affection in her eyes. I lay like that in her lap for a long time, allowing my body to cool down and my breathing to come back to normal. Clearing my throat, I said “Bhabhi … main nahi jaanta ki aapko main … thank you kaise kahun … mai to bas …” “Shhh … Jignesh bhai …” she said interrupting me “… aap kucch kehne ki zaroorat nahi hai …” touching her slender fingers to my lips.

Reaching up, I caressed the swell of her breasts from below, and kissed them softly, whispering “Thank you, bhabhi … thank you …” In response, she just bent down towards my face and kissed me softly on the lips, allowing her tongue to run along my lips. When she pulled her lips away, I asked “Bhabhi … ab aap mujhe phir kab milengi … aap mujhse dubaara milne aayengi na …” the apprehension evident in my voice. “Arre, Jignesh bhai … aap kyun aisi baate kar rahe ho … maine to apna tan aur man aapko saunp diya hai … yeh to mere aur aapke rishte ki shuruaat hai … aap jab bhi mujhe yaad karoge … main aapke liye haazir hoon …” she said seriously, every word uttered in dead earnest.

Had these things been said by any other woman, I’d have taken it with a pinch of salt. But she, like my dear Kalpana aunty, seemed like a genuinely warm person. She seemed to want to say something, but was hesitating for some reason. I waited patiently for her to get her thoughts together. Finally, she said, albeit tentatively “Jignesh bhai … agar aapko itraaz na ho to … main ab jaaoon …” her eyes pleading. “Haan bhabhi … ab aap jaaiye … kucch waqt ke liye main sab kucch bhool gaya thha …” I replied, squeezing her hands gently.

She was still stalling, as if unsure of how to say what she wanted to. Gathering some courage, she began “Aaj to mere aur aapka milan adhoora reh gaya … lekin … agli baar jab hum milenge … to aap ise poora karenge na …” For a moment, I couldn’t comprehend the meaning of what she was saying, spoken as it was in very chaste language. “Aap mujhe iska mauka denge na, Jignesh bhai …” she urged, when she did not get any response from me. Finally it dawned upon me that she was referring to the fact that we’d not had an actual sexual intercourse yet.

It was then that it occurred to me that in spite of all that we’d done, I had not even seen her naked below her waist yet, let alone touch her anywhere else. So mesmerized had I been by the fact that I was actually feeding on her lactating breasts that I’d not even thought of fucking her. Reaching out to caress her swollen milky breasts that were pressed against my head, I looked into her eyes and said “Mauka to mujhe aapse maangna chaahiye, bhabhi …” my eyes conveying that I was not joking. She just managed a shy smile when she heard my words, and replied “Main din mein ghar par akeli hi rehti hoon … aapka jab man kare … aap …” she said, letting her eyes convey the rest.

Content with my accomplishments for the day, I let out a contented sigh. Getting up from her lap, I was suddenly conscious of my nudity. As I was pulling on my boxers, she too suddenly became the state of undress she was in, her saree in disarray, her blouse open, and the bra pulled up above her full lush mammary glands. We exchanged shy glances as both of us began to put our clothes in order. The wonderful woman that she was, she offered to make tea for me before she left, an offer which I gratefully accepted. After the warm glow of my intense orgasm had worn of, there was awkwardness between us. As a result, we were both extremely formal to each other. After finishing the tea, she took leave of me.

As I opened the door for her, she slipped into her worn sandals. At the door, she paused, and turned around to look at me again. With a heartfelt sigh and a shake of her head, she took hold of my hand and came inside again. Closing the door herself, she turned around and flung herself into my arms, burying her face into my chest, her lush ripe breasts quashed against my torso. I just held her in my arms tightly, and not a word was exchanged between us, the embrace conveying our mutual feelings. With some reluctance, she pulled away from the lingering embrace, and giving my hand a parting squeeze, left for her house. Closing the door behind her, I headed to the bathroom for a much needed shower, to wash away the traces of my kinky yet erotic sexual encounter, with the lovely Alka bhabhi.

After a hot shower, I hit the bed. I slept through the rest of the evening and woke up only around 6:30 pm. With all the exercise I had been getting these days, I didn’t feel the need for a workout. So I decided to go for a jog in the evening, something I’d not done for a while. Changing into a pair of shorts and a sweat-shirt, I pulled on my running shoes and headed out for a run. After working up a good sweat running for nearly 30 minutes, I reached home, feeling tired yet fresh. It was nearing 7:30 pm, and as I opened the door, I noticed that a small piece of paper had been slid under the door when I was away. Intrigued, I picked up the piece of paper. It was a note from Mayuri ben, written in her classical school teacher hand writing. It read “Dear Jignesh beta, please call as soon as you see this. Yours, Mayuri aunty” I reckoned she’d come here when I was away on my run, and not finding me at home, had left the note.

Curious, I picked up the phone and dialed her number. After a few rings, Seema didi answered the phone. “Hello didi …” I said cheerfully, aunty had left a note asking me to call. “Oh ... yes Jignesh bhai ...” she answered in a somewhat hesitant voice that I just couldn’t place “… one minute, I’ll ( ) give the phone to mummy …” she said. After a few second, Mayuri ben came on the line. “Thank you for calling, beta …” she said in her heavy voice “I’d tried calling you earlier, but I think you were not at home … so I came to your place also … but the door was locked …” “Oh, sorry to have missed you aunty …” I said politely “… I’d gone for a jog … I just got back …”

She seemed to hesitate for a moment, before she continued “Accha beta … the reason I called is …” pausing for a moment again “… Amisha had been asking me permission to go and spend the night with one of her friends for a long time now … so today I thought I will allow her …” she said in a somewhat uncertain voice. Wondering where this conversation was headed, I waited patiently. “So … today … I and Seema are alone at home … and I was wondering if … if you would like to come here … and … and spend the night with us …” she finished, her tone expectant. “Oh …” I muttered, my brain working furiously. The lusty 48-year old Mayuri ben had sent her younger daughter away, and cleared the scene for me to spend the night at her place.

Needless to say, I was enthralled at the prospects. “Umm … aunty … but do you think Seema didi wouldn’t mind that …” I asked, deciding to play the reluctant boy role to perfection. “Oh no, beta … why would Seema mind … she would love to have you here … don’t you know by now that she loves you as much as I do … may be more …” she replied instantly. Sensing my hesitation, she added in a hushed tone “Beta … Alka came here on the way back from your place … and … she told me how kind you were to her …”

Then as if unsure of what she was able to say next, she continued “And beta … when I asked her … she also told me … that … you did not … I mean … did not do it with her …” It took me a fraction of a second to register what she was trying to convey. I could imagine how the brazen Mayuri ben would’ve quizzed poor Alka bhabhi, and coaxed the gory details from her. “Beta … are you there …” she asked, my silence unsettling her. “Uh … yes, aunty …” I said. “So beta … I thought … umm … I thought that perhaps you will feel better if you come here … and spend the night with me and Seema …” she added, in a tone that was seductive as well as compassionate.

I couldn’t help but marvel at the way this lusty 48-year old woman’s brain worked. She was talking about my sexual needs the way other mature women would talk about my basic needs like food & shelter. It was as if she’d taken it upon herself to feed my sexual hunger. “You’ll come na, beta …” she asked in a seductive tone, trying her level best to convince me. “Umm … ok aunty … if you say so …” “Oh, wonderful …” she exclaimed gleefully, cutting me off. “Then you have dinner with us, ok beta … we’re both waiting for you …” she said in a pleased voice.

Mumbling my assent, I hung up the phone. Kalpana aunty was supposed to bring me my dinner as always, and I was wondering what excuse I’d cook up today for declining her tiffin. I called her up all the same, and explained to her that I’d been invited by one of my friends for dinner at his house, and therefore she need not bring the tiffin. The disappointment in her voice was evident as she said “Oh … ok beta … I was thinking of calling you here for dinner … in fact Jatin bhai was telling me to call you … and Jigna was also looking forward to seeing you …” I sighed under my breath, torn between the choices I had before me for the night. I too was looking forward to seeing the hot Jigna after she’d returned from her picnic.

Taking a decision quickly, I said “Oh aunty … that’s so nice of you … but my friend had been calling me home for so many days now … there was just no way I could refuse today …” trying my best to sound sincere. “But I promise I’ll come there tomorrow, aunty …” I added for good measure. “Oh that will be wonderful, beta …” she replied, seeming sufficiently mollified. “Do say hi to Jigna, aunty …” I said before I hung up the phone. Having taken care of that little issue, I quickly showered to wash off the sweat I had worked up.

My cock had taken a real pounding today, and I was a little apprehensive of how well it’d be able to perform tonight. On a sudden inspiration, I grabbed a can of Red Bull from the fridge and downed it quickly. Red Bulls were something of a rarity those days, and I was lucky to have a little stock of it in my fridge thanks to one of my friend’s dad who’d just returned from an overseas trip. Praying that the ginseng-based drink would live up its claim of improving one’s stamina, I headed for Mayuri ben’s house.
When I reached Mayuri ben’s house and rang the bell, the door was opened by Seema didi. “Oh hello Jignesh bhai …” she exclaimed brightly, a warm smile on her face. “Hi didi …” I said cheerfully, my eyes taking in her decked up beauty. For a change, she was wearing a traditional Gujarati saree today, worn with the pallu on her right shoulder. It was not a style that was usually preferred by unmarried women, but for some reasons it made the buxom Seema didi look incredibly sexy.

A bell shaped golden earring dangled from her ears, and she wore a rather elaborate golden necklace around her thick neck. Two pairs of golden bangles adorned both her fleshy hands. Her plump wheat-complexioned face had just the hint of make-up on it, and she’d applied a very subtle shade of dark lipstick on her thick luscious lips. “Didi … you look beautiful … I’ve never seen you in a saree before … you look wonderful in it …” I said sincerely, a smile on my face. She blushed, and said “Oh thank you, Jignesh bhai … I was …” she managed to mumble, her face flushing with pleasure at my compliment.

Hearing my voice, Mayuri ben came out from the kitchen. “Kem chho beta …” she greeted me warmly with a smile, coming close to me and embracing me “… nice of you to come …” “Hello aunty …” I replied awkwardly, uncomfortable at her embracing me like this in front of her daughter. I glanced awkwardly at Seema didi as Mayuri ben wrapped her hands around my back and hugged me, that heavy mature body of hers with those mammoth breasts of hers pressing against my torso. To my relief, Seema didi looked at me with fondness and just smiled.

Letting go off me, Mayuri ben turned to Seema and said “See … I had told you that Jignesh will like it if you wear a saree …” as if proving a point. Seema just smiled uncomfortably and blushed again. Turning to me, she said “Arre beta … she was so uncomfortable to wear a saree … saying that you will not like it … but I told her that I know my Jignesh beta … and I know what he likes … so it was very reluctantly that she agreed …” Pleased at the effort that was being put in to make me happy, I looked at Seema didi and said with a smile “Of course … she looks beautiful in a saree …” Both mother and daughter beamed upon hearing this.

Seema didi’s saree seemed to be one that she reserved for special occasions like weddings or family functions, and maroon colored chiffon one with plenty of tinsel work on it that shimmered in the artificial light. On the other hand, Mayuri ben wore one of her trademark white sarees, which I’d seen often wear to her school where she taught primary grade kids, and was devoid of any fancy adornments, and was accompanied by a matching white blouse. I could see the thick outlines of her bra under her white blouse at the shoulder. “You came just in time, beta …” she said, bustling into the kitchen.

As Seema didi followed her, I too trailed them. She’d made aam ras and poori, one my favorites and my mouth watered at the smell of the pooris being fried. For the ones who’re not familiar with Gujarat cuisine, aam ras is freshly crushed mango pulp, which is a great accompaniment with hot freshly fried pooris, wheat pancakes deep friend in oil. Both mother and her 23-year old daughter fawned over me, ensuring that while Mayuri ben fried the pooris, Seema kept a steady supply of them coming to my plate. Even as I was eating to my heart’s content, relishing the food, I couldn’t help but admire the way Seema didi looked bustling from the kitchen to the living room in her elaborately adorned saree.

She heavy breasts, concealed under the saree, brushed against my head a couple of times when she came to serve me the pooris. When I glanced at her, she smiled shyly, aware that her little gesture had not gone unnoticed. I felt like some royalty who was being served by these two women, one a mature 48-year old mother of two, and the other, her own 23-year old buxom daughter. The Red Bull seemed to have revived me, and my tired cock, since I felt my cock stiffen even while I was eating, as I contemplated the night ahead of me.

Once, when she was serving me hot poori, I said to her with a smile “Didi … you smell great …” having noted that she was wearing some really good perfume. She beamed upon hearing that, and lowering her head to almost whisper in my ear, said “Thank you Jignesh bhai … that’s because I have used the perfume you gifted me …” a fond expression on her face. This was the second time she was telling me exactly the same thing, and I mentally patted myself for having thought of that.

Once I’d eaten my fill, I excused myself and washed my hands in the small washbasin in their kitchen. Only after I’d finished did they sit down to eat. To their immense surprise and pleasure, I insisted on serving them as they ate; a gesture that won me a few more brownie points with this mother-daughter pair. Once they’d finished, and were clearing the plates, I settled down to watch the daily news on their old barely functional TV. I made a mental note to buy a new TV for this household, as a thank you gesture for what they’d been doing for me.

After finishing washing the vessels, Mayuri ben and Seema didi returned to the living room. Sitting down on the couch next to me, Mayuri ben placed her thick pudgy hand on my thigh and asked “So beta … did you like the food aunty made for you today …” her thick blunt featurd face creasing into a smile. “Oh it was yummy, aunty … I loved it …” I said earnestly, even as I watched her remove her spectacles and clean them on the pallu of her white saree.

Seema was standing there at the door, and when Mayuri ben looked towards her, she asked in a small voice “Um … shall I go inside, mummy …” “Yes, beti … you go inside … and make the bed ready for Jignesh beta …” she said matter of factly. I noticed that some unsaid message had been passed on to Seema didi by her mother, and she just nodded her head in understanding. Giving me a tentative smile, Seema didi vanished into their bedroom. For a while I’d forgotten the primary reason for my being here. Seeing Seema didi go into the bedroom, it came back to me suddenly as to why I was here.

As awkwardness with the whole setup crept into me, I felt Mayuri ben shift and slide closer to me on their sofa. Gazing at me through those gold-rimmed spectacles I’d gifted her, she asked softly “Beta … tum Seema se khush to ho na …” “Uh … yes aunty … why’re you asking a question like that …” I replied, my face reflecting my puzzlement. Continuing to gaze at me, as her hands gently caressed my thighs, she replied “Nothing … I just felt like you were a little tense …” looking at me closely. “Oh nothing like that aunty …” I replied, avoiding her piercing gaze.

Leaning towards me, pressing her humongous mammaries to my arms, she reached out to touch my chin and asked in a low voice “Tell me, beta … what is bothering you … I can see it in your eyes …” her eyes still boring into mine. Dropping my gaze, I let out a sigh and said “Oh aunty … I don’t know … I am still not comfortable with … umm … with doing these things … this way … with Seema didi …” Looking at her, I continued “Are you sure aunty … that … that she is fine with it … I mean I hope she’s not doing something that she doesn’t want to do …” the expression on my face relaying the hesitation I felt.

Mayuri ben shook her head and smiled. Then placing her left arm around my back and leaning towards me so that her massive heavy 42-D breasts were once again pressed to my shoulders, she said in a gentle voice “Oh beta … why do you still have doubts … do you think I don’t know my own daughter …” continuing to look into my eyes. Seeing that I still did not seem to be convinced, she continued “Do you know what she told me after you went to her at the massage parlor …?” a loving expression on her face. “What did she say?” I asked, looking at her. “She said … that after the way you treated her that day … she has in her heart given her body and soul to you …” that same fond expression on her face.

“You are not a customer for her, Jignesh beta … you are so much more for her … you are the first man who has treated her with respect … in spite of knowing what work she does …” she continued, a serious expression on her face. As I looked at Mayuri ben, I couldn’t decide whether I should hate her for what she was getting her daughter to do, or love her for the same. Shaking my head, I sighed “Oh aunty … that’s just because she’s such a wonderful human being … what have I done …” dropping my gaze to my lap. “Aisa tum sochte ho, beta … wo nahi …” she said gently, once again caressing my thigh.

Sensing my discomfort, she said “But if you don’t want her, beta … then I won’t force you …” her voice conveying her disappointment. “Oh aunty … you know that’s not true … you know how I feel …” I said, placing my hand over hers and squeezing her fingers. She beamed on hearing that, and snuggling up closer to me, slid her hand upwards on my thigh till her fingers came to rest on my crotch. I was wearing a pair of comfortable khakis along with a polo-neck t-shirt, and thanks to some extent to the trusty Red Bull, my cock had stiffened considerably inside my pants.
Feeling the lump in my pants with her thick fingers, she smiled at me seductively, a merry twinkle in her bespectacled eyes. Caressing my hardness through the thick fabric of my khakis, she said huskily “I can feel it beta … how you feel …” her fingers gently squeezing my hardness. “Oh aunty …” I whispered, turned on immensely by her gesture. “I can’t help it whenever I am near you, aunty …” I said softly, a helpless expression on my face. “I know, beta … I know …” she said in a low voice, continuing to caress my hardness through my pants

“I know that you are more attracted to me … than Seema …” Continuing to gaze at me with that loving expression, she continued “I take that as a huge compliment, beta … this …” once again squeezing my hardening member through my khakis “… and that’s why I’ve invited you to spend the night with both of us … I know that you need me also … and that … having me also there with you … will help you … umm … perform better …” she added, slightly embarrassed at what she herself was saying. My cock gave an involuntary lurch inside my khakis on hearing how this 48-year old mature woman was inviting me to fuck her and her daughter together!

I had no idea this was what her plan was, since I was under the impression that it was just going to be me spending the night with Seema alone. My heartbeat went up noticeably when I realized that tonight was actually going to be a threesome with Mayuri ben and her 23-year old daughter Seema! “Ohh aunty …” I groaned “… yes, it will mean a great deal to me also … if you’re there … I will need your guidance, aunty … to …” my voice hoarse, even as I placed my hand over hers in my lap and pressed it to my hardness.

“Yes, beta … I know …” she said reassuringly “… and I promise you tonight will be the best night you’ve ever had in your life …” her voice too husky with the arousal she too possibly felt at the thought of having a young stud like me in her bed along with her young daughter. “Come, beta …” she said huskily, getting up from the sofa and pulling me by the hand “… Seema will be waiting for you …” I got up and followed her meekly, pulled along by her hand.

As I followed Mayuri ben, and entered their master bedroom, I saw Seema didi sitting on the bed, with her knees bent and pulled up towards her bosom. Upon seeing us, she got up from the bed and came towards me, her anklets making a soft jingling sound. The bedroom was dimly lit, with only an old night lamp on in once corner. The curtains were drawn, though the ventilators on top of the windows were left open to let the cool outside air come in. On the whole, it was a very romantic ambiance in the room, with the fan rotating at a moderate speed, causing the curtains to billow intermittently.

As Seema didi came towards me, she went down on her knees and touched my feet. “What are you doing, didi …” I exclaimed, bending forward instantly to hold her by her shoulders and pull her up. “Aashirwaad do usse, beta …” Mayuri ben said softly from my side “… ki usko zindagi mein aage chalkar sukh mile … aur ek acchha pati bhi …” Raising her head to look at me as Mayuri ben said these words, Seema didi gazed at me with her big round moist eyes.

This display of devotion and love was too much for me to take, and with a groan I pulled Seema didi to her feet. On an impulse, I pulled her towards me and hugged her tightly; unmindful of the fact that Mayuri ben was also in the room. As her head rested against my shoulder, and I felt her firm heavy breasts under the saree press against my chest, I kissed her gently on her head and said softly “Main kaun hota hoon aapko aashirwaad dene wall, didi … main to … main to bas yeh dua karoonga … ki bhagwaan aapko har wo khushi de … jo aapko milni chaahiye …” my voice hoarse with emotion.

Seema didi just shivered, and wrapped her hands around my back, holding on to me tightly. As I glanced at Mayuri ben, I saw her quickly wipe a tear that had rolled down her cheek. After all, perhaps this woman was not the heartless slut that I’d thought she was, I thought to myself. With a gently smile, she too approached us, and wrapped her thick fleshy arms around both of us. We stood like that for a moment; all three of us lost in our own private thoughts. After a while, I pulled away from both of them awkwardly.

Taking my hand, Mayuri ben led me to the bed, and said softly “Aao beta …” her eyes conveying that she wanted me to get on to the bed. The bed was a full-sized double bed, and they had put a fresh white sheet on the bed. As if in preparation for the night, three old but comfortable pillows were propped up at the head of the bed, encased with matching white pillow covers. As I settled down on the bed, my back resting against the pillow at the head of the bed, Mayuri ben began to take off her plain white saree. As I watched her, my mouth dry with anticipation, she looked at Seema didi and said to her gently “Tu pan saadi kaadhi naakh, beta …” in her native tongue, indicating that she wanted her daughter also to take off her saree. “Haa, mummy …” Seema didi replied in a soft whisper, glancing once at me, before pulling her eyes away.

My stiff cock hardened further when I heard this mature lady tell her daughter to remove her saree, in front of me. My breath quickening, I watched with rapt attention as first Mayuri ben, and then Seema didi proceeded to undrape the saree from their bodies. Mayuri ben’s humungous 42-D mature breasts encased in that old fashioned white blouse came to my view first, as she removed the saree completely and dropped in on the floor near the bed. The matching white petticoat which she wore underneath was tied well below her huge flabby belly, and her deep navel was on display for me between the fleshy folds of her belly.

Seema didi on the other hand, was avoiding looking at me, as she too quickly untied her maroon chiffon saree from her body. As she also dropped her saree, albeit carefully, on a chair next to the bed, I was presented with the sight of her magnificent firm, fleshy and heavy set body clad only in her maroon blouse and matching petticoat. Her firm 34-C breasts seemed to be straining to come out of her rather tight blouse, and her belly although not exactly flat, had just the right amount of flesh on it.

As Mayuri ben got on the bed, and settled down with her back towards the headrest, right next to me, Seema didi stood there tentatively, in only her blouse and petticoat looking incredibly sexy in the dim light, her dangling earrings, the elaborate necklace, and those bangles on her hands, glittering mildly in the dim light. Mayuri ben nodded to her, and she came towards the bed, and slid up on it, to sit next to me. Not knowing what to do next, and my heart thudding in my chest at this incredible set up, I turned to look at Mayuri ben, a helpless expression in my eyes.

“Lie down, beta …” she said to me gently, pushing me down. I slid forward on the bed, and lay down stiffly, my head resting on the comfortable firm cotton pillow. “Ek minute, beta …” she said to me softly, and leaning forward began to pull my t-shirt off my torso. Paralyzed with excitement, I mutely raised my hand and allowed her to peel off my t-shirt from my torso. Dropping it on the floor alongside her discarded saree, Mayuri ben placed her thick pudgy palm on my well-muscled chest, and said softly “Remember, beta … we both love you very much …” her hot breath against mine. “Aai jaa, beta …” she said to Seema didi gently, beckoning to her to come closer to me.

As Seema didi complied and slid towards me on the bed, still sitting sideways, with her feet bent at the knees. In this position, she was sitting on my left side, facing me, with her back towards me feet. Mayuri ben on the other hand, was sitting on my right side, with her back towards the headrest of the bed, and her feet stretched out towards the foot of the bed. A silent nod was exchanged between mother and daughter, as Mayuri ben cradled my head in her thick arms, and bending towards me, kissed me full on my lips. “Oh beta …” she moaned softly, as she caressed my cheeks and thrust her thick wet tongue into my mouth.
“Unnhh …” I moaned under my breath, as I felt Mayuri begin to tongue my mouth passionately, her heavy mammoth breasts in the blouse, resting heavily on my shoulder. Just as I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation of the lusty Mayuri ben kissing me, I felt Seema didi also bend forward, and placing her palm on my taut belly, begin to kiss my chest. “Unnhh …” I moaned again, as I felt Seema didi begin to place soft tender kisses on my chest and belly, and then to my intense arousal, beginning to run her tongue along my chest and nipples.

My arms were pinned down on either side of me by both these women leaning on me, and I had no choice but to lie there and enjoy the sensation. The 48-year old mammoth-breasted mother tonguing my mouth passionately, while the 23-year old firm-breasted daughter was kissing and licking my chest, paying special attention to my tiny erect nipples. Pulling her mouth away from mine, Mayuri ben said softly to Seema didi “Come her, beti …” Seema didi straightened from where she was bent over my chest, and slid forward toward my face, still sitting on the bed on her knees. “Take off your necklace, beti … otherwise it will hurt Jignesh …” she said gently.

I couldn’t help but be amazed at how thoughtful this lusty 48-year old widow was. As Seema didi reached behind her neck to undo the clasp of her elaborate necklace, Mayuri ben looked down at me fondly from where she was half lying by my side, and holding my head propped up in her fleshy arms. Placing the necklace on the chair which was lying next to the bed, Seema didi slid forward towards me again on her knees. She glanced at her mother once, as if asking for some permission, and then getting the signal to go ahead from her mother, she bent forward and gently kissed me on my mouth.

She cupped my face with both her hands, and kissed me gently. The contrast in the way she kissed me couldn’t be more evident. While Mayuri ben had thrust her tongue into my mouth, and kissed me wantonly, Seema didi seemed to gently probe my lips with her tongue, as if seeking permission to open my mouth. With a groan, I opened my mouth and slid my tongue into her mouth. As our tongues intertwined, she moaned softly, and began to kiss me with passion, albeit gently.

Mayuri ben, who was still cradling my head in her arms, was watching us fondly, and then began to gently caress my chest with her thick pudgy hands. As I closed my eyes, and kissed Seema didi, Mayuri ben slid her hand down my torso, till it eventually came to rest on my erection protruding through my khaki pants. Placing her palm on my hardness through my pant, she squeezed it gently, eliciting another moan from me. Feeling my body shudder when Mayuri ben squeezed my cock, Seema pulled her lips away gently and sat up again. Her thick lips were parted, and some of the subtle lipstick she’d applied had come off, deposited on my lips instead.

She was breathing a little faster now, and I could see how sexy she looked with a few strands of her tightly tied hair in disarray and her firm bosom encased so tightly inside her blouse, heaving gently. “Didi …” I said huskily, extracting my left hand from where it was trapped between her legs and my hips, and reaching out to touch her breasts. Sensing what I needed, she leant forward again, and taking my hand in hers, pressed it against the firm flesh of her round 34-C breasts inside the blouse & bra.

Seeing this, Mayuri ben extracted her arm from under my head, where she’d been cradling my head, and sat up on the bed. Turning to her daughter, she said “Have blouse kaadhi naakh, dikra …” in her native tongue, indicating that she wanted her daughter to take off her blouse now. The way Mayuri ben was instructing her daughter on what to do and when, was turning me on immensely, and I turned to look at her with an expression of lust. She looked at me and smiled that same fond smile of her. Continuing to smile, she began to unbutton the hooks of her own blouse too, even as Seema too started to do the same.

Lying on the bed like this, in between these two voluptuous women, a mother and her own daughter, watching them as they opened the hooks of their blouse, a little shiver went through my spine. Mayuri ben was the first to take off her blouse, and as she pulled it down her sleeves and dropped it on the floor, I was presented with the sight of her incredibly large 42-D breasts struggling to remain confined inside that matronly old-fashioned white bra of hers. In contrast, Seema didi, who had also managed to take off her blouse now, was clad in a black bra, her 34-C rounded breasts, firm and heavy in her lacy black bra.

I licked my lips inadvertently, as I watched these two contrasting pair of bra-clad breasts. “Bra pan kaadhi naakhoon, mummy …” Seema didi asked her mother in almost a whisper, her eyes darting shyly to mine. Feeling Mayuri ben’s gaze on mine, I turned to look at her. There was a questioning smile on her face, as if she was seeking my opinion on the matter. I just nodded my head. Smiling, she looked at her daughter and said gently “Haa beta … kaadhi naakh …” The manner in which Mayuri ben was in control of her daughter amazed me, and it showed the kind of control she had over her 23-year old daughter.

As Seema didi reached behind her back to open the hooks of her bra, I was surprised to see Mayuri ben also do the same. Pulling off her bra from her shoulders, Mayuri ben bared those huge flabby mountainous breasts of hers to my view again. I saw Seema didi also glance at her mother’s breasts with a hint of envy, as Mayuri ben hefted one of her heavy volleyball sized mature sagging breasts in her hand, and fed it to me. With a groan, I took hold of the heavy hanging flesh of her tits, and opening my mouth clamped my mouth around the proferred pencil thick erect nipple.

At the same time, as my face by buried in the mammary flesh of Mayuri ben, and I was starting to suck ardently on them, I felt Seema didi take my left hand in hers, and press it to her bared breasts also. Pulling my face away from Mayuri ben’s breasts, I looked at Seema didi. She was gazing at me intently, as she pressed my palm to the firm flesh of her heavy rounded 34-C breasts. The contrast of the feel of their breasts couldn’t be any starker; Mayuri ben’s 42-D mammaries feeling soft and saggy, while Seema didi’s 34-C ones feeling firm and hard.

Having both these women’s tits to play with, I was in seventh heaven. Spoilt for choice, I decided to shift my attention to Seema didi, since she seemed to be beseeching me to pay attention to her tits, the way she was holding my hands pressed to them. I nodded to her imperceptibly, and she immediately leant forward, dangling her firm heavy breasts in front of my face for me to suck on.

With a moan, I slid my tongue out, and began to lick on Seema didi’s breasts. I did not start to suck on her nipples immediately, instead focused on caressing her right breast with my hand, while I ran my tongue all over the rounded flesh of her left breast, licking the underside. “Oh Jignesh bhai …” she cried softly, as she felt me making love to her breasts with my tongue, and her hands clutched my hair. Not to be left out, Mayuri ben too breathed “Yes, dikra …” and leaning forward clutched one of her heavy dangling mammaries and began to rub them on my face.

Maddened with lust, I clutched one each of their fantastic breasts in my hand, and began to alternately lick and suck on them, moaning with lust continuously. Closing my eyes, as I went berserk on their breasts, I tried to picturize the scene. Me lying on the bed, with a 48-year old mature woman and her 23-year old daughter on either side of me, stripped of their blouse and bra, and feeding me their magnificent, though contrasting breasts! I felt Seema didi clutch my hair harder, as I feasted on her breasts, while Mayuri ben kept uttering gurgling noises from her throat. Her hand slid down my body again, and I felt her fingers starting to unhook the buckle of my trousers.
Sliding her fingers inside my trousers after pulling down the zip of my fly, she felt my rigid shaft through the underwear, as if testing if it was hard enough. Seemingly satisfied, she pulled her hand away and gently patted Seema didi on her bare back, as she was sitting on her knees bent forward, feeding me her breasts, her eyes closed in rapture. Feeling Mayuri ben’s touch on her back, Seema opened her eyes and straightened. As I looked at Mayuri ben questioningly, she asked me gently “Are you ready now, beta …” Not fully comprehending the meaning of her question, I still mumbed a “Yes, aunty …”

With a smile, she turned to Seema and said to her softly “Have aamnu pant kaadhi naakh, beta …” indicating that she wanted Seema to take off my pants. Hearing this, Seema glanced at me, a searching look in her eyes. When I nodded my assent, she too nodded back and quickly slid down on the bed towards my feet. Still on her knees, she reached forward to hook her fingers at the waist of my khaki trousers, and gently pulled it off. Seeing the bulge caused by my erect shaft inside my white underwear, she glanced at me first with a look of desire, and then turned to look at Mayuri ben. Anticipating her question, Mayuri ben said with a smile “Haa, beta … e pann …” indicating that she wanted Seema didi to remove my underwear also.

Almost reverently, Seema didi hooked her fingers under the elastic of my underwear, and gently slid it down my thighs. I helped her by lifting my hips off the bed, and my hard cock sprang out like an angry cobra, slapping against my belly. Even before Seema didi had managed to extract my underwear from my ankles, Mayuri ben reached out and took hold of my hard cock in her thick pudgy hands. She was also sitting on her knees now by my side facing me, and as her thick fingers closed around the girth of my ramrod like cock, she cooed “Jo to Seema … ketlo mast chhe ne Jignesh beta no laudo …” which meant she was telling how good my hard cock looked.

“Haa, mummy …” Seema said in almost a whisper, her eyes riveted to my throbbing hard cock. My swollen cock head had slipped out of the foreskin, largely due to the liberal amount of pre-cum I had already secreted, and the helmet shaped purple tip was wet and shiny. Even before I could react, Mayuri ben bent forward suddenly, and with a throaty moan, took the swollen blood-gorged tip of my cock into her mouth. “Auntieeee …” I groaned as I felt her wet mouth close around the tip of my cock, and her thick tongue began to lash against the sensitive tip of my cock.

Seema didi watched with an inflamed look in her eyes, as her lusty mother sucked on the tip of my cock ardently. I thought I saw a tinge of envy in her eyes. Feeling my eyes, on her she turned to look at me. “Didi …” I whispered to her, reaching out for her with my left hand. With a sigh, she took hold of my hand in hers, and once again pressed it to her heavy firm breasts, and whispered “Yes Jignesh bhai, I will …” her eyes telling me that she was just waiting for her turn. Mayuri ben was going berserk on my cock now, and by now she had taken in almost the entire length of my hard cock in her mouth.

As she bobbed her head up and down furiously, making the tip of my cock touch against her larynx each time she took it in, she kept emitting low throaty grunts of “Ummmhh …. Ummmhh …” Maddened with lust, I reached out with my right hand and grabbed hold of her hair which was tied in a bun. Grabbing the bun, I began to roughly push her head down on my cock, making her to take my cock deeper and deeper. ( ) I knew she liked it rough, and when I pushed her head down on my swollen cock, she just opened her mouth wider and actually took it into her cavernous throat, her nose buried in the thatch of my crinkly pubic hair. Her hands were fondling my swollen balls at the same time, and she seemed intent on sucking me off there and then.

Afraid that I might come in her mouth, I grabbed her hair by the bun again, and pulled her head up, saying “Please … aunty … I won’t be able to …” Hearing my pleading tone, she slid her mouth off my cock, and sat up. Her mammoth chest heaving, she looked at me through those gold-rimmed glasses of hers and smiled. “You are so sweet, beta …” she sighed, taking my hand in hers and pressing it to the pendulous flesh of her hanging mammaries. I wondered what is it that she’d found ‘sweet’ about someone who’d just grabbed her head and thrust it down his cock only a few moments back.

Turning to Seema who’d been silently watching all this, she said huskily “Chaal dikra … have taaro waar chhe …” indicating that it was now Seema didi’s turn to suck on my cock. As Seema didi slid forward on her knees towards my cock, Mayuri ben reached out and cupping one of her huge pendulous breasts, squeezed it roughly. That was an indication how turned on she was. She watched with concentration on her face, as Seema didi bent forward almost reverently and took hold of my cock gently. Holding my throbbing cock which was wet and slimy with my pre-cum and Mayuri ben’s saliva, she looked at me.

“Yes, didi …” I said to her hoarsely, nodding my head. With a soft sigh, she bent forward and began to lick the tip of my cock. Unlike Mayuri ben, who’d simply taken my cock into her mouth and began to suck on it wantonly, Seema didi went about it almost leisurely, as if savoring the taste and feel of my cock. Sticking out her thick pink tongue, she ran it along the shaft many times, paying special attention to the underside of my cock. Then looking at it intently, she ran her tongue along the swollen tip, as if tasting it. Unable to bear this teasing treatment she was giving my cock, I shivered, and reaching out, grabbed one of Mayuri ben’s mammoth sagging breasts and squeezed it roughly.

She seemed to like it, and responded by moaning “Yes, beta …” leaning forward to dangle her breasts closer to me. Seema didi glanced at me once, and then with a sigh opened her mouth to take my swollen cock head into her mouth. Taking just the tip of my cock into her mouth, she began to suck on it like a lollipop, running her tongue on it inside her mouth. “Yes didi … yes …” I hissed, as Mayuri ben too watched in rapt attention the loving treatment Seema was giving my cock. “Haa beta, choos …” she urged her daughter in a throaty voice, reaching out with her hand to stroke Seema didi’s head.

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