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Indian Aunty
Hie friends this is my first story with my Aunty Sujata she is so hot and sexy married
my name is prince from Karnataka
Sujata Aunty is my relative from my father's side we meet in of our relative's marriage and we exchange our contact number's but one small incident happened Wen we r going to marriage from hotel we all sit in our innova car and the car was full of members and Aunty has no space to sit and I said Aunty don't worry come and sit on my legs and gave a smile and said oh k but I'm very heavy I said its ok come she came and sit on my legs she is so weight and she came backwards and sit on my cock oh my god his ass is so soft my cock get straight and it go in it pressing Aunty's ass she suddenly said oh ah I slowly said sry Aunty she said its ok its all natural I smiled and I touched her navel we reached massage hall den we finished marriage den she went to her city and me to my city after one week she called me to my phone we start talking we become best friend's and she said come to my home for holidays I said ok da after one month I want she come to pick me in railways station and we take bus to reach her home but the bus is full of rush we both standing I'm too close to her and my cock is touching her ass my Aunty age is 32 married and no child because her husband is in dubai from 3 years she always wear sexy Saree and low cut blouse we reached home we chatted for one hour I said Aunty where I keep my luggage she said keep in my bedroom I want to bedroom I saw it was double bed me removed my dress me only on underwear I want to bathroom I fresh and came out Aunty was sitting on bed she saw me and she shocked she said oh very good body do u go to gum I said ya Aunty I dressed up we had dinner we come to bed we were start chatting she said her husband is very waste

Please continue :)

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