Incest with Didi
Two years back, I Raj 21 yrs, in my family mom 46 dad 49 and elder sis 24 yrs. We are very open minded family, all are like friends. We share every thoughts two each other and occasionally we take drink together. I and elder Sis (Tanya) were very good friend. We go everywhere together in movie, party and disco even our friends were very common. She has a boy friend and her friend was my girl friend. We four always go for movie together and even movie we kiss and do body sex in front of each other nothing to hide. Didi was very sexy that’s why she loves very much body contact of her boy friend and always says to me that its natural and life is for enjoy so enjoy baby with ur girl friend. One day we was invitee in our common friend’s birthday party at there we all four was there. We take drink and smoke too much and after party when we are coming back didi and her bf (Asis) was in back seat and me and my gf (Ria) in front, at back seat they were making fun too much, they kissing each other and some times asis pressing boobs of didi(Tanya) and she also enjoying and cooperate to do so. I and my gf watching through looking glass. After reaching home didi just smile and say that’s the life baby enjoy. Then I say also to her openly that what do u think only u enjoy at back seat I also enjoy in driver seat which is u cant see. Then she ask how is it possible u was driving then I smile and say Ria was not driving she hold my gear and rubbing and give me a good pleasure then she smile and say keep it up nice sexy Ria also.After that event we are very open to each other regarding sex topic. many times we go to movie and kiss each other partner openly. on 31st night we 4 go to a pub for celebrating 31st night we enjoying lot of fun at pub by taking smoke, hukka and drink. stepping on beats some sexy steps after that we return to basement garage of that pub to take our car seeing that one cpl enjoying sex in there car and security person take 500/- to do them so. then i have idea lets do full enjoyment minimum 30mins there in our scorpio car. Didi and her BF agreed, we paid that amount, didi go to back seats with her BF and I with Ria in middle seat. we hug each other partner, smooching, kissing deep every thing was going on then Ria show me that my didi was toples and i see her boobs were open and sucked by her BF then we also do the same thing. Ria hold my dick and put it out from zip and start giving me a good blow job seeing it didi said wow what a sex u r Ria, making real fun in open place gr8. then suddenly security came there and we cover ourselves and they force us to leave that place. So we leave and coming back to our house at 3.30 am. Then didi say what a nice party and night we enjoyed then i say but it should 15 mins more require because i was in heaven at that time just blow was required. Didi smile and say o my poor bro i can understand what else u require at that time.saying it she hug me in her arm and whisper in my my ear that u came in my bedroom. after changing my dress go to her room at there she was only in a hot pant and bra. seeing me she hug me and kiss me and say i just help u to come out from that little error which u cant make so dont take it otherwise. i said u can confident on me. i also kiss her deeply and start smooching her boobs. now she hold my dick and start masturbating for me. I was realy in heaven at that time.after 10mins i blow to her hand and kiss her hard and say thanks didi and happy new year.

After that incedence with didi we are very frank to each other but never try that thing again after a long gap just 1month one day night I and didi watching movie on tv at drawing room. Mom and dad were in there room, we can hear some moaning of mom then 1st I watch through key hole and seeing inside I was stunn, mom and dad was nude and dad licking mom pusy and mom pressing dad’s head into it. Then didi cam and ask what going on then I offer her to see and she also see and smile and say slowly what sexy cpl are they. Then again I start to see this time mom sucking dad’s dick. Again didi and I every ulternate minute we seeing there full sex. After seeing I feel hot that’s why I start rubbin and pressing my dick seeing it didi smile and say tu bhi garam ho gaya. I say “yes” cant control now myself so I have to masterbate. Didi smile and say its true that too hot scene we have seen now so reaction should be take place naturaly. Then I ask her then you also feeling hot then she also boldly replied yes. Then I came close to her and start kissing her lips passonatly. She also kiss me lot then I start pressing her boobs then she throw her top and bra and offer me her boob to suck. I suck her boobs so long. After that she open my zip and start masterbating my lund for me and make me cum. After that we go to sleep.
After a long gap we 4 (Me & My GF, Didi & her BF) have gone for boating at Nalban at night 7pm. the day was sunday thats why so much rush there. We not get a 2 seater paddle boat. at last we got one boat but 4 seater. There is no way so we take this and start our boating at 7.30pm. we have gone too far in dark and dense area at there we see all two seater boat with couple who were busy to make love each other. Kissing, smooching was common factor. Seeing it didi start kissing her BF deeply and me with my GF. We 4 now start our deep kissing and smooching..........
after 10 mins i saw didi's BF start pressing Didi's boob and start unbutton of her shirt. Now didi on her bra and he pressing hard and hard and she is enjoying......... now my GF also start seeing there act we enjoying it. they without caring us busy on there job. Now Didi start unzip her BF's pant and took out her dick and start massaging that. He become more hard and he pull out the boobs from bra and start sucking them. Now Didi moaning and saying common honey drink my all milk............. now seeing these I became hot and start pressing my GF's boob and unzip my pant myself and offer her to make me cum now. She start sucking my dick in front of them now didi seeing or act she also start sucking dick of her BF. both the guys come out after 15 mins and we all four smile and say its nice boating lets back.
Now we four back at there places. I and didi taking our dinner start gossiping in our room about today's incidence then didi says i like this type of event. I just smile and say I also enjoying lots to see u. she says u always do that. then i ask her why not u allow him to fuck u ? then she said is that right place to be fucked. when i get right place then i will must enjoy of my fucking session, so dont worry. Then she move to bathroom to change her cloths then come back in a very sexy and surprising dress only in hot pant and bra. seeing those melon like boobs i loose my control and start squeezing her boobs and kissing her lot then she say Bhai what r u doing deer pls let me go. Then I say her didi I cant control myself and i need u now badly and start rubbing my dick on her ass. Now she also hug me tightly and kissing me so deep even licking my tongue also and by one hand she hold my dick and massaging my dick. then i throw out my pant and became nude in front of her and also i throw her bra and start sucking her boobs. She completely free her body and make me do what ever i like to do then i remove her pant and make her nude. Then she guide my face on her pussy and offer me to lick her. i lick her pussy lots with my tongue and then she start sucking my dick and after 10mins she make me cum but not swallow that and then move to bathroom.
After that we are very regular do these sex but not fuck her. After few months she had been married with her BF (Asis) and shifted at Goa because both are working in Hotel Industry. After setteled there they enjoy there sex life very much, some times didi share with me about her experience over phone. Mean while in our home I am now regular viewer of mom-dad sex then masterbate. one night mom & dad back late night from a Party but with another cpl whom they introduce me that they are my dad's friend and they will stay night at our flat. I go back to my room and thinking that tonight I cant see mom-dad's XXX movie. After 1hr I went to our drawing room to take some water and can listen some husky and moaning voice of mom from her room and I was very much surpurise how is it possible 2day then I go back to peep in the room and seeing that I was completly surprise that mom's boob was sucking by that uncle and dad was sucking boobs of that aunty. Then I understand that that they were swaping there partners and njoying life of sex. again I being nude and start to view all the action of inside and masterbating myself slowly. Then mom start sucking uncle's dick . Dad joking by saying different lund chus kar kaisa maza aa raha hai ? Then mom reply in same manner jo tumhe dusri chut chatkar aa raha hai....................
A long session happen between them and I also enjoy seeing them.
After few months dad told me to go to Didi (Goa) and stay there for a month because Jiju has went to Dubai for a month for training. Didi was alone there so I reached to Didi's flat. Seeing after a long gap I was very much surprise that she is now more hotter than before. Boob size now enlarge from 34 to 36 and her dressing sense now more vulgar and sexy due to Jiju like her in that way. I narrate every thing which I saw of Mom and Dad's swapping sex. Then she say now a days its a very common but our parent are so sexy that's why we are also sexy. After 2-3 days I and Didi go for Disco at there we take hukka and drink then we come to floor and dance there like a cpl and she say in my ear that i dont call her didi at there. Some foreigners and cpl were there in pub all dancing in very sexy manner. Didi also dancing with me in very sexy way and I also respond her. After 1 am we had been going back to our flat by bike and ddi was sitting behind me and gripping me from behind so tightly. Her boobs were massaging my back, thats why I also feel some arrousing in my pant.
I said didi "Jiju ne tumhara ball pura football bana diya acha bouncer ka kaam kar raha hai", Listening it she laughing loudly and say "hmm samjhi aur tumhara abhi tak waise hi hai na ki aur kuch lamba hua". Then I replied khud maap le then she touched mt dick from behind and say wow u feeling so hot. koi baat nahi ghar chal kafi din huye tujhe relax karte huye chal aaj tujhe main apne tarike se relax kar dungi. Then we back to our flat and she take me on her arm and kiss me deeply and say chal bahut din ho gaye humne kuch kiya nahi. then I gladly accept her proposal and say sahi me bahut din ho gaye tere boobs ka aaj annand lunga. and then again i hold her tightly and kissing her lots. Then she herself open her top and say le ab ye Football dekh le aur daba ke maza le aur mujhe bhi maza de. I start squeezing her big boobs from top of her bra few minutes and then I throw my shirt, ganji and pant. Now i am in only Brief (Under wear) and open her bra and throw it and then start sucking her boobs and ask ab tu apna jalwa dikha bahut ab experience wali ho gayi hai. Then she smile ans say SURE why not and she herself open her jeans and now she is in only panty and satart pressing my dick and then ask 'CHAL AB LUND NIKAL KE DIKHA, MAPKAR DEKHUN KITNA BADA HUA"? I open my underwear and show her seeing it she said nice enlarging good and say ab tujhe main apna jalwa dikhati hun and start giving me blowjob. wwooowww so nicly she giving me blowjob I was just in heaven. She suck my dick so nicly and liking so sexy manner upto 20mins then she standup and say me AA AB BED PAR AB MAIN APNI CONTROL ME NAHI RAHI TUJHE WO SAB KARNA PAREGA JO TERE JIJU KARTE HAIN ISLIYE CHAL AB BEDROOM ME. i follow her to bedroom and she sleep and show me her cunt and call me near her cunt and ask me "AB CHAAT ISE APNI JIV SE". how sexy she is looking and so sexy manner I just start licking her cunt and she moaning loudly. After 15 mins she stood and bring 1 condom and say me take it and now start fucking ur whore. I also taking condom and start fucking her like a whore and then she moaning and abusing me and ask me AISE HI TU MOM KO CHUDTA HUA DEKHTA HAI AAJ KHUD CHOD RAHA HAI KAISA MAZA AA RAHA HAI ? I replied its gr8 I and I will be always ur sex slave but one day I will must fuck mom also. Listening it she says SALA BAHANCHOD BAN GAYA AB MADARCHOD BANNE KA SOCH RAHA HAI GR8 BHAI. But if u satisfy me in absence of ur Jiju I will try for u to help u to become Madarchod. So Fuck me hard bastard...........fuck me/////////fuck me..................only fuck ur Didi................Common.......... after a long session I cum on condom and then I left the room for that night.

In late morning she says that last night I was so good and today is my holiday so CHAL SEA BEACH ME GOA KA ASLI MAZA DIKHATI HUN....................
we reach at sea beach at 12noon by a bike there are huge crowd mostly foreigners in bikni only there. We take two large beer botle and sit at beach. 1st we take beer little then we open our cloths and seat in only under wear. Didi was in also bikni looking so hot. After a while so many ladies are on sea topless then i show them to didi and then didi say "ye abh khuch bhi nahi hai thoda aur late hone de dekhana ye log pure nanga hokar yanhi sex karenge". I said WOW............. thats the reason GOA is so special beach of india. Then we take our bear after that didi ask me to rub the sun screen lotion to her back. Then i start rubbing on her back the lotion then diidi also do same for me. Then we go to water and start fun on wave. some times I hold didi tightly and some time she holds me. after some times didi say me chal us rock ke piche chalte hain bahut kuch dekhne ko milega. I follow didi then we reach at there lots of foreiners are there naked and doing sex with each other. Seeing that I say didi kya chiz dikhai tune really maza aa gaya. we see about 15mins there and then we again go to wave and do fun there. After 3 o'clock we back to our residence then didi say sea water se nahaya hai isliye normal water se aur ek bar bath karna parega. So she went to bathroom. after few minutes i ask her how much u take time to bath then she not answering but after few minutes she open the door of bathroom and say if u hv hurry to bath then u can join me in bathroom. I just entered and see that she was nude there and rubbing soap to her body and ask me to be nude and start to take shower. I also start to take shower being nude in front of her but I control myself to see her nude and just hold her tightly from behind and start pumping her big boobs and she also enjoying it and hold my dick on her one hand and start jurking. then she say lund tera taiyaar ho gaya will u like to fuck my ass. i say offcourse i love to fuck ur ass and I start fucking her ass. She also co-operating me lot and we enjoying fucking near about 20 minutes then i blow cum on her ass.
After a good fucking session we will take lunch and sleep.
[Image: dddluirtrts_royo_p2_catress_jpg%20%281%29.jpg]
After few days we again went to Sea beach but this time Baga beach. This beach is Rocky and free for anything beach. At beach lots of foreigners in bikny or topless taking drink or ganja. We take our position in a side of a rock. Didi wear her sexy bikni and i only in my brif. Didi ask me to massage her body with sun screen lotion. I start that gently. 1st I massage her legs upto upper thigh then back during that I open her back huk of bra and massage her full back. then she ask me to bring beer and we take it. after that we go to wave and huging each other and giving support to each other at wave we make so much fun. Then we move to other part of beach at there a group of boys and gals were all naked taking ganja there and doing sex in a group. we stand in a corner and start watching them. then didi say ye log ka bhi kya life hai sale jahan marzi aur jisse marzi lagate hain, aur humlogo ko ek bar chudwane me kitna sochna padta ha. I also support didi. I say didi main bhi nanga sea me nahana chahta hun if u have no objection. Then didi say hamen to yahan koi pahchanta nahi aur yanha sabhi nange hai to tu bhi apni iccha mita le. Aur main nanga hokar beach ghumne laga then didi also became topless and we start fun on wave again. seeing didi's naked boob my dick became hard seeing it didi smile, I hug didi and start passionate kiss with her she also cooperte me and i start sucking her boobs in the beach. then didi say me chal jara udhar chalte hai wahan koi nahi hai then i understand that now she like to be fucked here. we go in lonly place and didi start sucking my dick and make me hard and she offer her cunt to lick. i open her panty and lick her cunt arround 15mins then I start fucking her in every position. Then she say tu mera bhai nahi fucking machine haibahut acha chodta hai tu. tu mujhe khush kar diya bol tujhe kya chaiye. Maine kaha jo manguga degi to then she say yes plz tell. then I say i like to fuck our MOM please manage it. then she say its tough but i will manage for u. Lets see............

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