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I am Muhammed Kadar From Trichy. Trichy is the center place of Tamil nadu. I am 19 years old and studying in a reputed engineering college in the first year. I am reading ISS for the past 6 years. But, I don’t have Courage to write my experience. By reading all of your experiences now I am writing my own. I belong to a Middle class Muslim Family. In our family we are consisting of five members. My farther, my mother, my elder and younger sister and me. My elder sister was 6 years older than me. So, she was married to software professional. And my younger sister was studying in a school and she is 5 years younger than me. I studied in a boy’s school. So, I don’t have Girl Friends. In our hometown husshan and me was childhood friends. We would never join with other boys for anything. We are in 2 men Group. Everyone in our area feels jealous about our 17 years friendship. We don’t have any intentions about sex. Well, before going in to our main story I have to tell something about my small age. When I was studying 4th standard my family will go to the nearby area where my uncle’s (my mom’s brothers) are living. That area is named Palakkarai. Both of the Uncle’s are married and so the younger aunt was damn sexy. As I was too young I don’t have the feelings of sex. One day when I went to those houses with my family we had lunch together. My younger aunt’s home was two streets distance from my Elder aunt’s. My family members are chit chatting with them. After some time my younger aunt felt so tired and wanted to take bath. She told my other aunt about that. But, my uncle doesn’t want her to send her alone. As I was young she asked me to go with her. But I don’t have interest to go. Because of their scolding I finally accepted to go with her with a condition. The condition is I will be back within 30 minuets if she takes much time to bathe. After 10 minutes of walking we reached her home. She unlocked the home and went inside. I followed her. She locked the main door, which was backside of me. She ordered me to sit in the hall and then went to bathroom to take bath. My uncle has owned a bookshop. So, her home consists lot of books. As I like comics very much, I picked a book and started reading. I found her clothes are lying in the bathroom door. After 15 min I called her to go. But she wanted me to wait for a while.
After 5 minutes I shouted a lot and wanted her to come out. Suddenly she opened the door and came out with her skirt and bra. She doesn’t wear jacket and saree. Seeing her stunned me. She asked the reason for shouting but I didn’t take of my eyes from her body. I was speechless. I wore small shorts without innerwear. I have my first hard on. She asked me much about my shout. But, I stood like a statue. She saw my shorts and asked me about the bulge. I was small, so I don’t have knowledge about that. Suddenly she came near me and removed my shorts. I asked her about happening. She told me that she is going to teach some important lessons to me. She ordered me not to tell anyone about that. But I refused. Finally she gave me a five star chocolate and I agreed with her. She wanted me to lye on her bed. But I didn’t. She opened the chocolate cover and inserts that into my mouth. I was happy. Suddenly she asked me that she wants some chocolate. But I ate the full chocolate. She told that she would eat that directly from my mouth. I don’t understand. She made me on bed and eats my chocolate mouth. Later I knew that was named kiss. She first kissed my lips and then inserted her tongue into mine. She ate whole chocolate with my saliva. Then she ordered me how I was feeling. I nodded with a bit hesitation “fine”. She asked me that I wants more chocolate. I said, “Yes” happily. She gave me a Chocolate named “Diary Milk”. I stopped me when I go to eats that. I asked her “why?”She told me that she would give you more lessons about chocolates. I was in over-whelming state so I agreed with her. She lied near me in the bed with her bra and skirt. She kissed me passionately. Suddenly she bitted my lips I started to cry. She consoled me that I was growing into man so not to cry like a small boy. But I didn’t hear her word. Suddenly she got up and went near my penis and licked the tip with her tongue. But I cried loudly. She had bitten my penis with her tooth. Suddenly I god up and sat motionless in the bed. She gave me a wicked smile and started sucking my penis. I was in 7th heaven. For the first time in my life my pre-cum started to flow. She sucked it for almost 15 minutes. Then she got up and came near my face and said that you are growing. But I asked her to make me eat the chocolate. She told me that your body only growing but your mind is like a small boy. She smiled like an angel. She said, “I have one condition to make you to eat the chocolate,” I told, “ok” to her. She lied near me and asked me to open her bra. I unbuttoned her bra. She was looking at me continuously while I unbuttoning her bra. I saw her face with a fear. She gave me a naughty smile. Finally I opened her bra and stunned to see her nice boobs. As she was only age of 23 it was nice. I asked her what they are. She replied that she will tell all after an hour. I said ok. She told me to squeeze hers. I obeyed her. I felt something abnormal. I squeezed her vigorously. It was so soft. Then she put my head near her nipples and wanted me to suck. I sucked like a hungry baby. She told me to lick her naval with my tongue. I licked it. She ordered me to remove her skirt. I removed that I had seen a black panty there. I removed that too. She asked me that I wanted that chocolate or not?

I said “yes”. Then she opened the chocolate cover and inserted that chocolate in her shaved pussy. Now she asked me to eat that. I eat that like a country dog. After five minutes I ate the whole chocolate. But some chocolate got stuck in her holy hole. She told me to lick that with my tongue. After some time some juices started to flow. She asked me that I need juice? I said yes she asked me to drink the whole juice from her cunt. I sucked her vagina for almost 10 minutes. I got something white in my mouth. I took off my face with a bit hesitation. Yes, it was her fluid. She moaned in a loud voice and asked me to come near her face. Suddenly she pulled me towards her face and licked her cum with her tongue. After 30 minutes she offered me some chapattis and gave me 100-rupee note. She told me not to tell this about anyone. I agreed. She offered me more chocolate with a kiss. We got dressed and back to uncle house. She behaved like nothing happened. This was my first experience. Now I have grown and I wanted to have sex with someone but I don’t. I hope that god will make chance to suck someone’s pussy and boobs. Let us pray the god to have a good phone sex or real sex.

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