IPL Betting
The story is about me and my online friend, it happened on 2nd season of IPL, I met her on one of the social network site around 2008, we used to fight on the community forums, that leads to frnd request, den to chat daily, finally call nd her Mobile no, daily we used to chat, talk, SMS a lot. She was 17 by that time, our daily talk started with casual talking, slowly moved on romance den finally on sex. She was not much aware of the sex, once in the night when we chating on SMS, our topic lead to sex, she had so much doubt about sex, and I explained everything in detail, she didn’t like the process, and didn’t show much interest, but I was so much horny and used to masturbate daily, I told her the same, everything was new for her, she was so curious about why guys so much interested on gals and in sex.
I told it’s natural in the teen age, and I used to explain the whole process about sex, masturbation and how much pleasure we get in sex, slowly she got interest on sex, everyday night we used to talk after her parents sleep, daily I used to watch hot movies and read sex stories and get aroused and explain her how I was feeling, that aroused her too.
It was IPL eve, as we both from Bangalore, we support RCB and wanted to win IPL, we used to bet on ourselves on each game of IPL, and initially the bet was just abt the things or gifts, that was routine we both wanted something different and exciting, and the IPL games were so much interesting and our RCB was doing good, we reached the final stage of league, It was Kumble, Manish Pande, Dravid, and all others who made RCB to win the games.
It was against RCB & DD She bet DD & I bet on RCB, the bet was a kiss, tht if I win I will kiss her lips, she agreed, and I won, so that night on phone I kissed, she was excited about the bet and liked
Next match was against RCB vs DC I bet on RCB, and the bet was a hug, she lost and hugged her tightly in the night call, her boobs pressed my chest, and was rubbing dem.
Then first semifinal bt DC Vs DD, my bet on DD , and I won, 2day bet was remove her top and press, Kiss her boobs, she had 30 size that time, as I won she has to give, so I made her to remove her top and bra, and press her boobs, kiss, lick on phone, she started liking the bets, and day by day It was getting horny.
2nd semi final RCB vs CSK She bet on CSK, we both knew RCB was going to win, still she bet on CSK Her interest was on the bet, so her intention is that I had to win and continue to the next stage, so as we thought RCB won, that night we both were so horny, the bet was, removing her bottoms, kiss her pussy and suck, when I told her the bet she was so shy and told will not do, but I made her to give me the bet, she was wearing short & panty, both were waited for the call, and as soon as I called her, she was so excited about the bet, and started talking, and finally made her to remove her short and panty, she was shy to remove, but as a bet she had to, and she was so horny, and she told her pussy is wet, I can’t control myself, and kissed on mobile and told her to put near her pussy, so that she felt I was kissing her pussy, and made her to insert a finger in her pussy, it was the first time for her, she was able to put one finger, and she liked the feel, and made her to cum, mean while I masturbate her in my room.
[FONT='Calibri','sans-serif']Final of IPL, bt RCB & DC, we both wanted RCB to win, 2day she selected RCB, so I didn’t had any other option than DC, and the bet was If I win I will fuck her today, and she too agreed the bet, unfortunately RCB lost, but I won the bet, but we both were upset on RCB losing to DC. As usual I called her at the night, I told will cancel the bet 2day, but she told its ok, u won, and take ur bet, after talking for some time, we forgot about the match and den came the bet, I was so tempted about the bet, she agreed and started to remove one by one, she was wearing 3/4th, T shirt, bra and panty, I was in a short & banian, we both were so much horny made her to remove T shirt, bra, 3/4th, panty one by one, I removed short & banian, she was so much excited, continued sex on call, kissed her lips, she responded and our tongues were in each other’s mouth, kissed passionately, my hands were on boobs, pressing dem hard, it was so soft, she was moaning on phone, while I explaining, kissed her boobs, suck dem as if I won’t get again, bite her nipples, she was like ahhhhhhhhhh,….. nidana kanoo (slowly), I knew she wanted to get fucked very badly, then I moved down to her hip, it was so slim, tickled her, kissed, opened her legs wider, ummmmmmmm there was the hot and yummy pussyy…… slowly I put my hand on her, she was shivered, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……. Opened her pussy lips, it was already so wet, kissed, slowly put my tongue inside, she was in heaven, hey……… eno madta iddiyaa …( hey what are u doing), I didn’t stop, put my tongue inside, sucking her pussy very hard, she was like, manu… eno madtidiya, nange eno agta ide ( what are you doin, something is happening to me), this all I was explaining her on phone, she was feeling so much horny and told, hey baro eega ilge, nange tadkolloke agtilla (come here, I can’t control) even I was not able to control, my dick was fully erected and wanted her pussy very badly. Then I came up on her, kissing her lips, pressing her boobs and told, hegitttu chinna, nan tunne nodu hege ningarkondide, cheepu (how was it, my dick is erected, suck me) she was not in a condition to suck, she was so much arosed, and wanted my dick in her pussy, so I opened her legs wide, told her, hey nan tunne hidkolle, serisko nin tullolge(hold my dick and put in ur pussy), she hold my dick and put on her pussy, I slowly push my dick inside, it was so tight, as it was her frst time, she was ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh………. Noytide, beda tegyoooo ( its paining, remove ), removed and again pushed so hard,…… she was like ahhhhhhhhhhh, abbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. …… beda kanooo… tegyoooo……, I didn’t remove, pushed again, and it was completely in her pussyy, she was in pain, slowly I removed and pushed again, and she was feeling gud, and strted to enjoy, I speed up, fucking her fast, she told.. ahhhhh manu.. hage mado joragi innu… ahhhhhhh en suka idyo…. Ahhhhh (fuck me faster, so much pleasure am getting)…… the whole thing explained her on phone, with all the moanings, and she responded with her moaning and dialogues, and made her to put her fingers inside her pussyy…. She put 3 fingers and she enjoyed and finally cum, she was not satisfied, again I made her to put her fingers inside…. And masturbate thinking about my dick, she was so horny that day, made her come 5 times, and finally I too cum…. And from that day it was daily routine for both of us to have phone sex daily and cum, we both met afterwards and fucked in my room, that I will explain in next story. , Bangalore gals anyone interested, reply me manu.thebadboy@gmail.com

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