I witnessed my Wife getting Gang Raped
Hi, i m 29 yrs, i m 6 feet tall, i m fair and handsome, 32″waist, 72 kg…atheletic shaped body stature and 6″ tool and thick…. Possess decent personality traits.. I believe in making good friends.. And loves to explore new horizones of life… As far as my fantasies r concerned.. I love to spend time with like minded people..how loves to get in to a sweet relationship which must me secure and descret.. I would welcome the oppurtunity to meet bm and like minded cpls and females for casual or one off scenes such as 3 sum or 5 sum. I m always respectful mannered and considerate and familiar with what is safe sane and onsensuali m not too aggresive pushy or over bearing. I assure u complete secrecyand expect the same.

Ahmed’s faded jeans dropped to the floor and he kicked them carelessly away. He had the biggest cock i had ever seen in my life. His cock was as long as thick as my forearm. My first thought was that he would hurt sharadha…but i saw the opposite on her face…and could have sworn a glint of pleasure was in her big eyes! Ahmed took his huge cock in his hands and slowly pull on it, smiling, as he turned his attention away from sharadha for a moment. He ordered ‘sundar’ to make me show my stuff. Sundar joined in the laughter as he pointed the gun at my crotch and told me to get my ****ing pants off quick. I did as i was told. I was humiliated… When my medium sized cock about 5″ long was displayed with an erection. They laughed hard at my shame and ahmed grinned, shaking his head as if he were sorry for me. I wished him dead a thousand ways…as he turned back to my sharadha and told the boys to lay her out for him.

Sharadha was suddenly stretched out on the floor. The boys had changed position and two of them held her wide, gripping her ankles, as they stretched her thighs far apart in the classic spread-eagle position. My erection hurt me…and i had to force myself not to reach for it. I gritted my teeth as one of them pulled her shapely arms back behind her head as he gripped both her wrists. Yards of her straight black hair dripped and tangled around her wrists and arms, played peek-a-boo with her taut nipples. Sharadha was maoning making frightened little sounds, and also what sounded suspiciously like her pleasure sounds. Her mouth was open wide and her hot, sharp little tongue licked her lips as she made those maddening sounds! Ahmed, with his immense cock in his hands, knelt between her legs. He was breathing hard as he brushed his tangled mane of hairs from his handsome face. He let his breath slowly…and groaned in and exaggerated way…making the others laugh as he opened sharadha’s cunt lips again…with his big, dirty fingers, while he lovingly stroked his thick, long cock.sharadha was spread wide open, like an invitation to a picnic…that i wasn’t invited to. I was jealous…and filled with all kinds of hatred as i saw the stream of juice that dripped from her black furred cunt. She was wet, dripping for that animal. Worst, he knew it!

A pain in my loins made me shamefully aware of my own meagre hard-on. I was also aware of the cold barrel of the gun touching my temples from time to time. Ahmed’s fingers parted her, moved inside her and turned to me, liftin those big fingers to the light, showing me the dripping of my wifes cunt. He said she was the juiciest…rape victim he had ever seen. Everyone laughed, hysterically as he paid me further compliments about my wife. He said that sharadha was wet enough to be passed around a good five times. When sharadha heard that, she began to cry hard, spluttering, as she begged ahmed not to let the others have her. Ahmed’s fingers turned cruel as he jammed up her hole, biting his words off. As he told her that she was beautiful whore cunt! He said his ‘club’ shared everything! She was just a thing…he added. Ahmed was done playing games. His fingers raked her cunt…and sharadha was crying, calling for help.ahmed’s hand left his cock in order to viciously slap sharadha. I winced from the sound of that blow, it hurt enough to shut sharadha up. She was really afraid then…and i too a certain kind of satisfaction in that!

Ahmed made a growling sound in his throat and aimed his massive cock at sharadha’s dripping hole. I saw the head push hard against her furry black cunt lips before it began to shove its way inside. Without any further playing rituals. It was time for him to get down to business. I looked around quickly and saw the hunger on the other four faces. I was sure…that everyone was going to get their turn! My own burning hard-on was insignificant looking…but i ached all the same as i was forced to look on ahmed’s huge piece of meat forced its way inside of my wife’s cunt, i could see her hole, spread wide as it took the thick pole up further and deeper inside her. His hands spread themselves flush against the bulging mounds of her tits… And her leaned against them with all his hard packed weight. I could see the gleaming ridges of his tendons straining against his skin as he stretched himself over my wife’s body. I couldn’t believe his huge cock could fit inside of sharadha’s tight little hole…but in few second, the entire shaft was deep in her, with one hard shove.

Sharadha gave a muffled scream. I knew it had to be hurting. Ahmed was dripping sweat onto sharadha’s body as he told her she was a tight little slit! I could see sharadha’s body heaving as the two boys maning her ankles pulled her thighs further apart, permitting ahmed an easier entry. He pressed hard against her, grinding his sleek hips into her pelvic bones. Sharadha was crying, trying to move beneath his hard body. At first, i tried to tell myself that she wanted to get away…but changed my mind when ahmed slowly pulled his cock from her, until just the thick, round head balanced on the rim of her cunt hole. She actually cried for more…and i felt my guts rip with pain. I have to admit that my hard-on didn’t deflate. If anything…as my wife begged for more, groaning, under ahmed’s weight and teasing cock, i was more aroused than ever. I had never been so horny in my life. I couldn’t understand it!

Ahmed let her beg for what seemed like eternity, but was but a few seconds. He wanted to be inside her cunt as much she wanted him there! I hated both of them…but i was so hot i could hardly breath. I felt for my prick, no longer caring what anyone thought…and began to pull on it. No one even noticed! All eyes were on the main attraction. When ahmed was satisfied with my wife’s begging…he told her that he would give her all the cock she could handle and more! He did just that, shoving his enormous cock inside her cunt so hard, i could hear their bones crash together…and sharadha screamed as his cock’s thick head hit her cervix…pushing it, i’m sure concave, with brute force. I was almost gratified when ahmed began to **** her with merciless abandon. His body rose and fell, hard and quick. His great cock forced the walls of her hole apart as he shoved all of his huge shaft inside her, up to the hilt.
Sharadha was crying, sobbing and begging all at once. She sounded like a mad woman…and everything took on a shade of craziness. I saw her tightly held, imprisoned body try to move, wanting to meet ahmed’s body as it came crashing down on hers. I couldn’t believe it…she stared in fascination as that massive cock filled her over and over. He had to be hurting her…but sharadha loved it. That was obvious to everyone. I saw her body, glowing with sweat, heard the sounds of her juices as ahmed’s hard cock forced her cunt to open for him, over and over. I saw sharadha’s stomach muscles ripple and heard her long, mewling cry…and knew she was coming. Ahmed ****ed her even harder and meaner as she came. My hands jerked my cock up and down and i was making sounds of greedy pleasure, just like the other men in the room. For that brief moment, we were no longer separated into antagonists and victims…but were one. We were all male animals! With one final jerk of my hands over my cock, i came spurting cum onto the floor. The guy holding the gun had forgotten all about me, bug i knew it was useless to try anything. Ahmed’s body was beating sharadha into the floor and i watched the slippery wet cock slip deep into sharadha as his head bent over her breasts, his mouth opened and closed around sharadha’s stiff nipple and she screamed. I knew he must have bitten her, was still biting her as he growled…and his body lay still, his ass jerking in a long spasm.

I caught my breath and looked at the little puddle of white sperm on the floor. There was come all down the pants leg of the dark haired gun-slinger. I felt sick. Ahmed pulled himself from my wife and slowly stood up. He nodded at me, his eyes looking at the mess i had made on the floor. He yawned and looked at sharadha’s exhausted body. The other men were watching him like faithful dogs…and he laughed, telling them to enjoy themselves. I felt bad for sharadha then, but she deserved it…for enjoying that creep, ahmed. I felt as it i were about to get even with her…and tried to hide my pleasure when ahmed took the gun from the big, dark haired guy who had been watching me. Ahmed crossed his legs as he sat down near me. Even in repose, his cock was huge. The other guys undressed in a hurry, joking among themselves. No one had to hold sharadha because she was exhausted and beaten. There was no fight left in her. I felt kind of detached as they stood her up and the dark haired guy pushed her tangled ropes of hair from her face with his paws. His cock was erect again…and he had just jerked off! I wondered what those guys were made off!

The four guys were all over my wife, their greasy hands sliding over her soft skin as they argued to themselves about who was going to do what. I watched as the dark haired guy someone called sundar bent my wife over, exposing the firm ass i loved so much. It dawned on me…as i watched sundar stick his finger in sharadha’s anus, that i had never taken advantage of her big round ass. I had wanted to many times, but sharadha always told me no. I felt the spark of a nasty smile being, but quickly hid it! I began to get excited as i watched sundar jerk his long, heavy cock, priming it for the pump! He reached into sharadha’s cunt and used hers and ahmed’s body juices to lubricate his cock. Sharadha was kind of limp until sundar held her cheeks apart as the others held her…and stuck the head of his cock hard against her anus.

She realised what was going on and began to cry…her body finally fighting back. It was too late, i thought to myself. She should have fought back when ahmed was ramming into her…but she liked his huge cock too much. I was filled with lust and hate. My own cock was growing firm beneath my hands as sundar shoved a half inch of his cock into her asshole. Sharadha’s ass tried to retract…but one of the other men maneuvered his body in front of her…and held onto her back as he just shoved his cock into her cunt. Sharadha began to scream…and sundar’s long cock managed to navigate the narrow passage of her asshole. My hands were hot and intense on my own cock as my tongue tried to wet my dry mouth. The room was charged with sexual excitement. I remembered ahmed was sitting next to me and saw his cock still limp and as big as my now hard cock. Suddenly i had an urge to hold it and see how big it feels in my hands as i had never held other cock than my own. I went closer ot him and with a sense of fear started fondling his cock. He turned and saw me and gave a wide grin saying my to go ahead and have the taste of the cock which has just ripped apart my wifes cunt. I took it in my hands as a play thing and felt it grow in my hands it was so thick and long that i was filled full of lust of have that cock for myself! Well i couldn’t have it and had to live with my own meagre cock for this whole life! And saw it grow bigger and bigger and bent down to lick around it. Mmmm…. It tasted good with his own cum and my wifes cunt juice dried up. I started sucking it with much frenzy and was not able to take in more than a quarter of it inside my mouth i was jerking his cock as well sucking it at the same time. My other hand went to my own cock and i started pumping it up and down. Ahmed just then commented that both me and sharadha were one hot couple whom they cant get often as rape victims and laughed. I came out of my trance suddenly and our eyes met. He looked meaningly at my mouth and busy hands and nodded his understanding. He was making like we were pals…and i had to control myself. I hated him. She had loved ****ing him and iam now lovingly sucking his cock. It was weird. He was the object of hate…like a rival…and his friends were getting even for me. They were punishing sharadha for me!

I turned back to the excitement and saw sharadha’s mouth open yelling with all her might. The sounds annoyed ahmed as much as me, because he told one of the other men to shut her up. I was privately pleased when the man lifted sharadha’s beautiful face away from the two men ****ing her…and muffled her scream with his cock. Sharadha gagged as the short fat cock was pressed down her throat. I was hot as i watched sundar, holding onto her cheeks as he bent over her, an expression of complete pleasure on his broad face. His cock moved all the way into her asshole and i wished i was ****ing that tight little hole. She would never refuse me the right to **** her there again! I would handle it the way these guys were handling it…if she tried to tell me no! I pulled my own and ahmed’s cock in both hands, one after the other.

Sharadha was filled to capacity and one guy was still waiting. There were no more holes available for him. The guy in front was wasting no time, his hands moved down her back as he jerked her to his sweating chest. His cock moved quickly in and out of her cunt, sliding on a wave of juice and cum. I saw him close his eyes and push hard into sharadha. Her neck was straining upwards. Her mouth bulging with the cock in it. It too, was sliding in and out of her throat as she made strangled sounds. The man had her by a handful of her long hair…and was using her hair to jerk head in the directions he wanted. The guy in her cunt came and the fourth man who had been waiting, literally holding his cock, just pushed him aside and knelt to slide his cock in place of the one who had just left. It was like taking a ticket into a theatre, i thought. Sundar was the only one not in a hurry it seemed. His cock was moving slowly, in and out of my wife’s tight asshole, his big, ugly face glowing with pleasure. His dirty hands stood sharply against the cheeks of her ass. His hairy groin rested against sharadha’s white ass as he moved all the way in her body struggled weakly as they ****ed her from every direction. I felt myself coming, so excited by the action that i couldn’t swallow. I left ahmed cock and held my own cock with both hands and shot cum all over. It felt as it it were bucking in my lap. I just kept coming. Whip pulled my mouth towards his cock and forced his cock into it. I gagged as he was shoving it hard and deep. Almost half of his cock was in my mouth and my eyes bulged out. He held my hairs with both hands and moved my head to and fro from his cock. He had the gun…and there was nothing i could do about him! And moreover it was me who warranted this! Suddenly i felt his hot sperm hitting against my throat and it felt warm and tasty. He pulled out his cock still hard and sprayed some cum over my lips i licked it clean i greedily mouthed his cock again and started licking and sucking for more cum and he was not anymore in mood as he had spent more than he could. But i was still sucking his cock while turning away from him and seeing my wife getting the same treatment. One guy came in sharadha’s mouth and as he pulled out, sprayed another batch of juice onto her lips. The cock in her cunt worked itself into a frenzy as the man held her lips. He came hard into her and ****ed her crazily until he finished. He pulled out without ceremony and wiped his cock on her face as he stood.

Sundar too, gave one long, slow and gripped sharadha with his gargantuan paws…his deep voice grunting loudly as his hard ass shook with the quaking force of ejaculation. I watched, still interested as he pulled out of my wife’s anus. Hot cum slid crazily down her ass as she was shivering, sobbing all at once and fell over the floor looking at my eyes pleading for an apology. I myself was dumbstruck as i dropped ahmed’s now limp cock from my mouth. She felt miserable for me i could sense from her eyes. I felt guilty too!

Ahmed stood up and pocketed the gun. He took a long, slow look at me and smiled. It was as if he was inside my head…and knew what i was feeling. He nodded at me his eyes full of street-wisdom. They all dressed and departed. I listened to the car rev up and leave, listened to them fade away as i watched sharadha weeping on the floor. After a long while i went to her and reluctantly took her in my arms. Our eyes met, warily searching each other for an answer. We both knew that nothing would ever be the same for us. I began to stroke her hair, telling her that it was all over now…they were gone. Sharadha blushed and told me she was sorry. She has enjoyed the man called ahmed. She confessed that being raped had always been a fantasy for her. She began to cry…and told me she had hated the gang rape part, that she hated all those men who had used her. I tried to comfort her and had to tell her how i jerked off and how started sucking ahmed’s large cock filled with jealous and how i hated both him and her when she ****ed ahmed back. She had, i reminded her begged for more!

We had both been guilty! We sat there for a long time coming to terms with each other and ourselves. I moved slowly towards her and inserted my fingers inside her cunt which she always love me to do for her. But now it was very different earlier i can get up only two full fingers inside her now i was able to put in all four fingers inside while my thumb rubbed at her clit. I said with fear that her cunt has become bigger with her getting raped by big cock and now she will never be able to feel my cock. She smiled back at me and said sure it wont be the same for her anymore and she would always lust for a big cock than mine now that she has got her cunt stretched up. I felt bad for letting this happen. She asked me not to worry that we have our mouths to satisfy ourselves and pushed my head towards her cunt and asked me lick her to take the soreness away as always i do. She bent over and came down my cock and started sucking it while i licked her cunt feeling for all those cum of those men and as well as her juices flowing freely now. We both shuddered as i came hard in her mouth at the same instant when she came came too…. We lay there completely exhausted for a long time coming to terms with each other and ourselves. We packed up, knowing we couldn’t stay there. They might come back again. As we drove away, we talked some more. I was feeling real bad then, remembering how i had jerked myself and sucked ahmed’s cock, watching her being gang-raped…even though i had been mad at her. It wasn’t her fault we were invaded by a gang of rogues! We made up slowly…and weeks later, talked about how excited we had both become in different ways, by the even.

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