I was raped by a dog
Iam mallika, iam 5’7″ tall very fair and sexy with 36B-28-36. I have a boyfriend. His name is khan. I slept with him so many times. But one day he told me that he has a surprise for me. As his parents where out of station, he asked me to come to his house for that very special surprise. I dressed up in sexy red bra and matching panty of victoria’s secret and blue skirt and white top. I have done some makeup with red lipstick and maskara. I used a sexy body spray and went to his home. It was 10′O clock in the morning. I rang the bell and he opened the door and invited me. As i entered he closed the door. I reached him and tried to kiss on his lips, as he couldn’t get time to a have sex in this week. Usually we have sex for 2-3 days. And he will fuck my all the 3 holes without condom. I use preventive measures like pills. But he stopped me to kiss him and said that today he is not going to fuck me, but as he told that there is a surprise, there is some other who is going to fuck my all 3 holes. I asked him who is that bastard.

He took me to his bedroom. I know it very well because he fucked me many times in his bedroom. As i entered i saw no one except a street dog. I asked why it is here and where is the bastard who is going to fuck me today. He told that the street dog itself it that bastard who will fuck me. I was shocked and said r u kidding. He told me seriously that he is not kidding. 2 days back he saw this street dog fucking other street dog beside his house. Then he thought that how it would be if i was in the place of that female dog. So he wanted to see me getting fucked by that male dog. He bought that dog to his home last night after his parents left. He kept the dog in his home and feed it. Now he want to see me getting fucked with that bastard.

I did not agree for that, and said how can i get fucked by a dog. Then he played a CD where a sexy blonde was getting fucked by a dog and other blonde was fucked by a horse. I was shocked to see them getting fucked by animals. I dont know that human’s will have sex with animals. As i saw that blonde sucking the dick of the dog and later fucked by that dog, i got horny and asked him “do you really want me to get fucked by that dog ?”. He firmly said “yes”. But i placed a doudt where there is any chance of getting AIDS. He said “no”. AIDS is found only in chimpanjees, monkeys and human beings, but not in dogs. Finally i agreed. But he kept a condition that i should not use condom. I said OK. Then the actual scene started. I remembered what i saw in the movie and decided to do the same act.

I went to that dog, slowly i took his( from now onwards if i use the word “him”, it refers to the dog but not KHAN.) Lovely dick into my hands and shaked it well and smell it’s dick. It smelled bad. I said to KHAN that his dick is very bad, so i can’t take his dick without condom. But khan refused and asked me to take it. Finally i decided to go. I kissed his dick, it was really disgusting, but no other choice so i took his dick into my mouth and started sucking it, he responded well to my licking. Slowly i increased my speed. Now it was really very tasty. I continued this for 5 more minutes. Mean while khan told me to drink his cum without wasting a single drop as it is very precious for me. I shaked my head in response to him as i dont want to take his dick out of my mouth. After 5 minutes he was out and filled my mouth with his cum. I drank it completely and it was really very tasty. Now khan asked me to take off my clothes and take doggy position, so that his dog can ride on me.

I removed my top and dropped my skirt. Khan came to me and unhooked my bra and took it off. And removed my panty and became nude and took doggy position. Khan fucked me many times in that position, but today is special as iam going to get fucked in a doggy position by a real dog. I was so excited and eagerly waiting for him to fuck my sweet little pussy. He reached me, and kept his front legs on my back and bought his dick near my pussy. He rubbed his dick on my pussy and slowly inserted his tip of the dick into my pussy. I moaned in pleasure. And slowly he inserted half of his dick with a jerk. And took it out a little bit and with a big jerk he inserted his complete dick into me. I got overexcited and moaned ahh… Ohhh…aahhh….. And started to shout, “FUCK ME YOU LITTLE BASTARD”. He increased his speed and in pleasure i said “fuck me, tear my pussy”. He fucked me by varying his speed for 10 minutes and dropped all his cum in my pussy and left me. I slept on the floor and closed my eyes in pleasure.

I took 10 minutes break. Mean while i got doubt whether a woman can get pregnent if a dog fucks her. I asked khan about it. Khan said “no”. A woman can’t get pregnent by a dog. For 10 more minutes, khan asked to suck dog’s dick again and make it horny so that it will fuck my asshole. I got excited on listening this and went to the dog to get my asshole fucked . Khan fucked me many times but never fucked my asshole, because i didn’t allowed him to do this as i was afraid. But today i decided to get my asshole fucked by dog. I took his dick and started licking it and made it horny. Now it was ready to fuck me. But i thought that it would again try to fuck my pussy, so i decided to guide it to my asshole.

I took doggy position and invited him to fuck me. He kept his legs on me and tried to enter his dick into my pussy. I turned my face towardss it and took his dick into my hands and placed it near my asshole and rubbbed his dick on it and guided him to fuck it. He entered his tip od his dick into my asshole. It hurt me a lot as this is first time for me. I shouted in pain. Khan switched on TV so that no one can listen me shouting in pain. He(dog) pushed his dick into me with a jerk, but he couldn’t enter more than quarter of his length. It was like hell for me and in pain i was shouting like a bitch dog. But he didn’t spare me and entered half of his dick with another jerk. Tears started flowing from my eyes , khan was really enjoing it seeing me shouting in pain. Khan encourage him to fuck me really hard. He started to move his dick in and out in my assshole. He is enjoying fucking my asshole as it is very tight when compared to my pussy which was fucked by khan for many times. He increased his speed and entered his complete dick into my asshole. And started fucking me like a mad dog. I was still shouting but slowly pain was decreasing as my pleasure was increasing. I was mouning in pleasure with a little pain. But i didn’t gave importance for that.

I was mouning ahhhhh…….ohhhhhh……..ahhhhhhh……ohhhhhh…..

“come on fuck me and tear my asshole. From today i will be your randy.”

He fucked me for 20 minutes and filled my asshole with his cum and even i overflowed from it. I took it with my hands and drank it. It was veryyyy tasty. I think this is tastiest drink that i ever had in my life. I slept on the floor itself for 3 hours.

Khan woke me up at 2’0 clock. And we had lunch.

After lunch dog fucked my all three holes again.

Finally when i was about to leave in the evening, khan gave a CD and told me to see it after going home. I thought that it was the CD in whick women are fucked by animals like dog and horse. I asked khan to arrange a horse as i wanted to get fucked by horse also as i saw it in the CD. He said “sure” i will. I thanked him for this wonderful fucking session with a dog. He told me to call after watching the CD.

I went home and played the CD in the night. And i was shocked to see the fucking session in the CD where a dog is fucking a beautiful woman. And that woman is my self. Khan might have arranged a camera in his room before i went to his house. I called him and asked why he recorded that fucking session. He told me that today we saw a CD where woman was fucked by a dog, and tommorrow someone has to see my ficking video so that they will try it. And he was so proud that his girlfriend was fucked by bloddy street dog and going to get fucked by horse and few more animals. And the animals in the list are going to be a male buffalo, monkey and chimapnjee…… And he kept his words by arranging super fucking sessions by male buffalo, monkey and chimpannjee in a zoo. And for arranging those i got fucked by the zoo emploees. They are 4 guys who fucked me one after the other and later all at a time. Khan also shot the fucking sessions of me with horse, male buffalo, monkey and chimapanjee. And many who are reading this maight have those CD’s…. I will explain those fucking sessions in my next mails….

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