I wanted to touch his penis
My school friend Graham and I were very close and had been friends most of our eighteen years. We played football together and spent a lot of time playing sports and chatting with mates. There were very few girls of any age where we lived and most lads had younger brothers or sisters at least two school years below.

We had just come back from Camp, where the other lads had spent their nights talking and fiddling in their sleeping bags. They would each brag about how many times they could masturbate and cum in an evening. I had played with my penis, but not gone all the way, possibly through fear of the unknown and never having seen a penis ejeculate.

I was sat on a rainy day in Grahams lounge watching television, which were getting very boring. Grahams parents were both at work, so we had the house to ourselves, because his sister Sue, who was a few years younger at 16 was at a friends house.

I had been wanting to chat with Graham for a few weeks and being my best friend felt he would not feel too embarrassed if I discussed sexual matters. I switched off the television and Graham asked what else we could do. I wanted to talk about our camp and particularly find out if he had tried the wanking and made himself cum.

Graham was a good-looking lad who was under-confident, much like myself. We had both had a very strict religous upbringing.

"You ever tried wanking like the other guys at camp" I asked. He smiled and admitted he wanked a number of times a day now, since one of the guys showed him at camp.

"Do you just rub your cock until u cum" I asked. Graham again smiled and said as we were both bored, he would show me.

I was a bit shocked by this and he could see from my face, I was not comfortable. He suggested we both did it together, like he had been shown at camp. I was feeling a little excited by this suggestion, previously only having shown girls my penis for a touch of their tits.

I followed him to the bathroom and he suggested we both have a pee together to break the ice. He got his cock out first, undoing his belt and pulling down both his shorts and pants. I noticed he was probably a bit more hairy around his balls than me and had a larger cock. He started peeing, looking across at me to join him. I lowered my shorts and pants and started to pee, but could not take my eyes off his cock. I suddenly wondered his I was gay or bi-curious, but I put his down in the end to just being curious.

We went into his bedroom and both sat on the bed he gripped his cock and started to moved his hand slowly up and down, soon getting a good size erection. I watched closely, almost wishing it was my had around his cock to feel his pumping veins.

"You start too he said and just relax" Graham suggested. We both pumped away, my erection, not as impressive as his, but I was getting hot and could see in the mirror opposite my red face.

Graham started to breath heavier and suggested I watch as he was just about to cum. I was feeling light headed myself and not sure what to expect next, so I stopped pumping to watch. Graham closed his eyes and let out a groan as his penis burst into life, spurting a yellow liquid onto his stomach and bed cover. He kept pumping his cock until a smile came on his face.

"Does it hurt" I asked. "Does it look like it" he said smiling. "What about the first time" I added. "Just unusual and the spunk is a bit more like water" he advised.

I still felt very aroused, watching Graham. I started to wank my penis again, Graham telling me to pull the fore skin down more. I felt hot again, started to groan as my breath started to get more rapid. Suddenly I felt faint and my penis was throbbing. The penis started spurting, throbbing, my vision became blurred and I felt weak. The whole experience was quickly over and had been lovely, leaving me wanting more.

"You cant stop smiling" Graham laughed. "Fancy trying again and having a race to see who can cum first" he added.

"Not sure if I will get it up again" I said. "Trust me , you will", Graham confirmed still laughing.

We started to pump away on our cocks, Graham having a good size erection very quickly. I still felt light headed and got the throbbing in my cock even at half its previous size. I started spurting again, not feeling quite so hot this time. Graham was a few minutes behind me and seemed his usual moody self if he lost any game.

While we were clearing up the mess and talking, still with our pants down, his bedroom door open, his sister declaring she was home. We both went white and just stared at her.

"What are you both doing" she shouted. I had not seen Sue for some months, just thinking of her as Grahams sister. Last time I saw her in school she was, just an annoying little girl in uniform. She had obviously grown in the Summer school holiday, now 16, looking quite tanned in her sort skirt and tee-shirt. She looked even older than her school years today and as I stared I could see some large nipples through her tee-shirt.

"Before we could say anything in our shocked silence, she added "Are you two gay"

"Graham shouted back, we were just having a wanking game, and it was none of her business"

She asked who had won, seeming quite interested. Graham told her he had lost to a "new lucky boy"

"Can I watch you have another go and be the judge " she said, "this seems like fun"

Graham told her to go away, as this was private and she was his sister.

""well I wonder what mum will say when I mention what I saw today" she smiled

Looking at Sue again, I suggested he let her stay, as I would definately needed help in getting erect again. He looked at me annoyed, but agreed she could watch, provided there was no touching! I looked at her again, with her long tanned legs standing astride, and short tight tee-shirt showing her stomach and felt myself quite turned on.

Graham and I both sat on the bed and sheepishly took out hands away from our groins, revealing small shrivelled cocks. We started work on getting then erect, being the third wank in an hour.

Sue laughed at our faces both concentrated, but little movement in our cocks. " I have seen bigger cocks on guys my age" she mocked.

"What if Sue lifts her skirt for us and pulled up her shirt to show us her bra" I suggest. "That would be fun", she said. Graham was dead against this, but reluctantly ageed as this was the only way he could tie the score.

Sue lifted her skirt to reveal small white pants. She said she was hot and took her tee-shirt off to reveal a little bra. She said her bra was getting tight so slipped out of it to reveal two lovely breasts with large pert nipples.We both started to become erect at this point, but wanked for ages without any joy. After about ten minutes, it was obvious that some extra excitement was required.

Sue was jigging about, so it was no surprise when she said she needed a pee break. I asked if we could watch as that would be lovely. She looked a little surprised, looking a Graham, who probably knew he needed something like that to eject.

"Im not sure about that" she said, "but if that is what you two perverts both need to see". We told her to stand above the toilet pan and wee. She slipped her white pants slowly down her long legs, revealing a shaved vagina. I noticed that her nipples had grown bigger watching us and they made her breasts grow fuller.

As she started to pee we both pumped away side by side. The sight of her vagina opening and spraying into the toilet was incredible. Graham just got his penis ejecting before me, but only moments. We all went for the tissues to wipe our respective organs.

Sue as satisfied and surprised her little body has made us orgasm and cum. She had looked worried as our breathing quickened and her eyes grew wider as she saw small amounts of cum slip down the shafts.

Graham was satisfied he was level with me and asked his sister to not tell his parents. We had not touched her, but she was a lovely sight. We all dressed and went down stairs. Sue became closer to us over the next few years and we enjoyed some fun together.

Anyone had similar experience.

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