I want you Amma
Growingup as a son in India, I was always taught to revere my mother. Infact mothers are even held higher than god! Hence we have a lot of respect and closeness towards our mothers. Mothers also develop a very close relationship with their sons and even after they become men! They even become very protective against their son's wife.

I always thought it is a normal thing for every son to have a highly protective mother. But after reading some psychoanalysis texts, I came to know that Indian mothers have a reversal of Oedipus complex. That is, the mothers are emotionally and sexually attracted to their sons. Indian mothers are even compared with Italian and Japanese mothers who also have very close relationships with their son. In real life though, this may or may not be true as we don’t know the real feelings of our mothers.

But it is a proven fact that mothers take sexual pleasure in breasting feeding their sons. Some mothers even confessed that they had orgasms while their sons were sucking their milk filled breasts. So, to all the sons out there, we all might have already had sex with your mothers and satisfied her even when we were young!

I have to confess, reading psychoanalysis as changed the way I looked at my mother! Suddenly she became a woman to me. Now I respect her more but I also admire her sexually. Since then I generated sexual desires for her. She has become my object of lust even more than the sexy actresses we see on screen. So whenever I saw pictures of naked or scanty clad actresses, I replace them with my mother in my mind.

To tell you the truth, my mother is no way a sexy bitch like the actresses. She is 45, and a housewife. Now I will let you imagine her body. If you know Indian mother-house-wives in their forties, you would have imagined fat, plumpy and droopy, draped in a cotton saree. Thats exactly how my mom is! But she has a great and attractive face though! But if you see her body, she resembles a typical Indian mother; well fucked and used on bed, her belly with plenty of birth marks, and a face that has learnt to suppress her evergrowing lust.

She may not sound sexy to you but she is a knockout for me. I am sure every son will feel the same as me once they make their mother a sexual object to desire for! I am proud to say I have hots for my mother!

Time to get to my story! Needless to say my mother's name is Karpagam and my dad's name is Ramanathan! I am their only son and I am 23 yrs old and I have just finished my degree and joined a company as a trainee. I lusted for my mother's body for more than two years now and I slept every night after masturbating thinking of her. I was constantly looking for an opportunity to seduce her but never had guts to do it. Mostly because of my Dad. I did not wanted to hurt him I suppose!

But I did something which my Dad would never know. Stealing my mother's dirty laundry! Yes! My mother is tidy enough to change her undies every day and I enjoyed her fresh laundry everyday. I made a habit to steal her bra, panties and petticoat whenever I wanted to fuck her. I used to spread her clothing on my bed and masturbate on them. I used to deposit on her fresh used panties and bras and also wipe off my cum with her petticoat. I use to replace them back in the laundry the next morning.

Sometimes, I also used to steal her fresh bra, panties, and petticoat and used them to deposit my cum on them after masturbation. After they were dry enough I used to replace them in her fresh clothing and enjoyed seeing her wear my cum filled undies. I used to satisfy myself that way, that atleast my cum is touching my mother's breasts and her pussy.

My luck turned as I got transferred to Tirunelveli a town in southern TamilNadu and its is verymuch famous for Halwa. My dad and mom decided my mother will accompany me. I never rejected the decision as I was looking forward to get my mother alone. An year ago we moved there in April. It is summer time and was very hot! We rented a single bedroom house. We took two single mattresses with us, which we slept on them in the same room. Needless to say, from the day one, I have been looking for an opportunity to fuck my mother.

The opportunity came when my mother wanted to watch a movie one evening. I could not make it for the 6pm show so we went to 9pm show. It was supposed to be a family movie but suddenly in the middle of the movie they started showing a blue movie. Since we were new to this town, we didn’t know about that theatre that shows adult bits during night shows. It was a story about a cheating wife. They were showing all the sex scenes and me and mother felt a bit uneasy after five minutes. I asked mom if she wants to go but she said if I want to! How can I miss my chance of a blue movie on big screen and also a possible chance of getting my mother lustful? I sat back and we watched. I know she would like to watch sex stuff as I used to see her watching late night movies in the night on tv. After forty-five minutes of hot steamy sex scenes and the cheating wife being fucked by more than five people, they resumed the normal movie.

When the movie finished, my mind was full of sex scenes I saw and I completely forgot what the real movie was. It was then I noticed there were a lot of couples around us and they were all looking at us wierdly as we walked out together. As we came home, me and mother talked only for a minute or so. We came home, changed our clothes and mom fixed our beds all in lost out mode. As I locked the doors and switched off the bedroom light, I could not help but to see mom's naked midriff flesh as she was already on the bed.

The room was dark with only some light coming from the window. As I lay on my bed, I was in a mood to fuck my mother but didnot have the guts to approach her. After ten minutes, I could not sleep and I had to masturbate. I was shamed to do it beside my mother but I could not help it. So my own mother who is sleeping beside me became my dream girl as I masturbated beside her. I slowly dozed off after I am finished.

Suddenly, after sometime, I was woken up by some moans. As I opened my eyes I could clearly hear mom moaning. I was shocked but at the sametime I was turned on too. I could not see if she is finger fucking herself while moaning but I enjoyed her moans as they grew my cock. I heard those for two to three minutes as my dick is throbbing by then and I could not hold myself. Out of impulse I quickly got up, grabbed her right hand with my left hand, and moved on to the top of her and said "Let me take care of you Amma!"

Mom was shocked and screamed as I quickly muffled her by kissing her lips. I quickly moved my right hand to grab some of my mother huge left blouse covered breast and caressed it. Mom struggled but cooled a little as I let go her lips and she said "NO! Ravi! You are my son!"

"Forget I am you son for a while Amma!" I added "You need me and I need you now!"

"No!" she said again "This is wrong!"

"I don't care Amma! I want you!" I interrupted.

Before she could say anything "I know you need me too Amma!"

I quickly moved my right hand to part her saree tangles and started caressing her mound and said "I know I can take care of this Amma! Please give me a chance!"

Mom wanted to say something but kept quite as my fingers touched her clit and gave out a small moan.

It was then I thought I got her by her horns.

I let go her hand and I quickly took off her pallu from her chest with my left hand as my right hand is still caressing her petticoat covered pussy.

Mom is doing nothing except saying it wrong and I am her son! I caressed her breast and pussy for sometime until I thought its safe to undress my mother. As I stopped to remove her blouse hooks, she laid there and did nothing like a hypnotised woman.

I slowly opened her blouse as her naked breasts glistened in the low light as they became more visible. As I opened all the hooks and saw her nipples, I could not wait but to move to suck on them. May be a son's instincts or may be a lover's I felt great as I took my mother's nipple into my mouth. I don’t know how long I played with her tits as I could not get bored playing with them. Mom though closed her eyes and possibly enjoying my deeds.

After few minutes, I realised my cock is stiff for long time now and is paining me as if it wants to get access to my mother's cunt. So I sat up and held on to her tucked-in tangles of her saree to pull them out. As the saree tangles got loose and fell on to the side, I could see her petticoat with one layer of saree still draping her. I wanted to takeoff her petticoat as I was desperate to see mom's nakedness, but my dick is controlling me now. So I had to find an easy way to get to mom's naked cunt quickly. So I started yanking her petticoat up. At school we used to joke that the main advantage of a saree is to get easy access to woman's pussy as both saree and petticoat can be yanked up. If the woman is not wearing any panties (as most mothers don't) you have one plump and juicy cunt to fuck right away.

As I lifted my mother's petticoat and remembered that school talk, I was assured that it is a fact. It was very easy to lift her clothing up to access my mother's nakedness as it was being revealed from her feet first to her hair covered fat plump pussy. I expected mom to say something as I was getting close to seeing her mound but she remained silent with her eyes closed.

I took off my sarong, as I wanted to fuck her first and do everything later as my cock was throbbing to be massaged by a real cunt muscles. As I placed myself between mom's legs, mom widened the legs apart in a bid to give me better access to her cunt. It was then I was assured that mom wanted my dick as bad as I wanted her pussy.

I wasted no time as I took hold of my very frustrated erect dick with my right hand as I moved forward to get my dick inline with her cunt. As I felt her cuntlips with my fingers, I had shivers through my spine as I realised my dream was coming true. As my dick touched her pussy lips mom moaned a bit and I could feel her lips splitting apart to accommodate my dick into her vagina. I wanted to enjoy every bit of inserting my dick into mom's cunt as I slowly pushed it inside her. There is no friction, as I could feel her cunt being very wet, except for her cunt muscles giving way to and engulfing my dick as it reached the inner sanctum of my birthplace. As soon as I inserted my dick into her cunt, I stopped and looked at mom's face. My scrotum is fully pressed against her womanhood. My dick was fully inserted into her vagina. My balls are pressing against her lower cunt lips and my pubic hair has joined with hers.

Mom opened her eyes as I stopped and I could feel the enjoyment in her eyes. She looked radiant in that darkness and I wanted to say something to her. I whispered to her "I am finally fucking you Amma! I have just conquered my mother's vagina!" Mom smiled as if she agreed.

I got full excited seeing her smile as I pulled out completely and thumped back again into her womb. For every thrust of me fucking mom I had a added excitement of violating my mother's cunt. I felt the ecstasy as the thought of me committing incest with mom ran through my head. I thought I had the whole world's pleasure as I enjoyed the forbidden fruit of my mother's chastity.

Every thrust into mom's vagina told me that I am enjoying the sweetness of her plump cunt. Every ram into her hot pussy handed over more of her chastity to me. Those thoughts kept me going as I thrusted more and more until I felt my hot cum was now ready to fill my mother's womb.

And it did! My dick spasmed as it spewed my semen in mom's cunt. It was a great thing to experience as my cum gushed out as I climaxed in mom's hot oven and felt the shower spraying over all her inner sanctum where I took shape. The thrill of using mother's pussy to relieve my sexual desire pushed more of my semen out into her womb. As I felt my balls being emptied, I collapsed on top of her as I gasped for breath and my dick emptied itself into mom.

I laid limp on her for a while until Mom then kissed me on my lips this time all by herself. I finally got mom's response. A few kisses later mom wanted to go to the bathroom so I moved from her. As I moved on to the floor by her mattress, I could see mom sitting on the bed as she rehooked her blouse. It reminded me of scenes in the movies where a woman hooks her blouse while a half naked man is by her bed. It was a scuttle uncensored way to say they just had sex and I was thrilled to find it is my own mother who's portraying the scene with me in my real life. As she got up, she took off the left over saree around her and walked off in blouse and petticoat to the bathroom. As I looked at her, I felt its unbelievable that until certain moments ago that body of my mother was a forbidden fruit for me. Now, that fruit was tasted and I enjoyed every bit of it.

As my mother walked away from me, I could not believe I just had hot sex with her. Her body now carries my sex juices. After mom went to the bathroom, I followed her. I saw the light in the bathroom and the door was open and as I went close to the room, I could hear mom's pissing sound and it was definitely louder than I ever heard. I have heard from someone that a woman's pissing sound reveals whether she has been fucked or not. The better the fuck, the louder the noise! Even hearing my mother's pissing sound became an erotic sound for me. I waited until mom came out to relieve myself. As I came back, I saw mom already on her bed.

Needless to say, Our first fucking experience opened up a whole new world for both of us. Mom though, felt terrible guilt after our first fuck as she got to grips with loosing her chastity and motherhood both at same time. She was unstable and wanted to go back to dad. I had to spend a lot of time trying to get over it. I started being more romantic and behaved as a more loving son than a lover. Finally she cooled down after two days.

We had no sex all those two days. I could have probably lived my entire life with no sex if I did not get the taste of my mother's cunt. But after I had her, I wanted more of her and all the time! Eventhough I felt sorry for mom, it was hard control my lust as I was seeing her hot body all the time. I could not help but gawk at her all the time and stroke my dick when she wasn't watching. But I was determined to get her to accept me as her lover and I didn't wanted to spoil my plans by acting stupid. So I resorted back to my masturbation to relieve myself. On the third day, my luck changed! Mother finally gave into my romantic side and accepted me as her lover. I didn't knew that until that night when mom combined both our beds for the first time! I was happy to see it and best of all, I will never forget the shy look mom had on her face. The look of a bride approaching her groom on the first night! That night was more passionate than our first one as mom's reciprocation took me to new heights of sexual ecstasy! The first night we slept together naked!

Since then, whenever we were alone, our beds were always together. And now I am proud to say I am her permanent lover. We never missed a single chance to union our genetalia.

Mom got so used to our sex that she refused to go back to dad. Infact dad had to come to my place after two months. He arrived at our house unannounced one night and you guessed it! We were in the middle of our mother and son reunion. We took some time to open the door as mom had to dressup as I scrambled to bathroom to rid off my erection. Mom opened the door and was shocked to see dad there but she quickly coveredup the delay saying she was sleeping and thought Ravi would open the door. Dad asked where was I and said I am probably in the toilet.

As I loosened my erection to come and greet dad, I could not help but notice our room smelt of our sex. I felt a bit kinky by the smell as its hard to explain its presence where a mother and son live together. And secondly when the visitor is mom's husband. I don’t know if dad smelt it because he never asked anything about it. Mom kept him busy asking questions as I felt I was a little disoriented with unfinished sex and watching mom trying to coverup our deed. I really wanted to throw dad out and fuck mother then and there! But I controlled.

Since then, needless to say, no mom's cunt for me. I had to resort back to masturbation and that too in bathroom. After three days, I became like a hungry dog missing his mother's sweet cunt. I was getting desperate for mom's cunt and there was never a window of opportunity to get her away from dad! Despite my masturbations, I started getting mad! Desperate situations call for desperate measures! I couldn't help but to get some sleeping pills the next day to get dad some sound sleep. I persuaded mom to add them in his milk he drinks everynight before going to bed. We all slept together by combining both the beds with dad in the middle and we both on either side. But that night, as the sleeping pills took control of him, we moved dad away to one corner and we fucked. Mom was hesitant in the beginning but became a real bitch as she learnt that dad is sound asleep. Probably she even got turned on being fucked beside her husband as he is deep asleep.

Since then, we used the sleeping pills every alternate day on dad just to be safe. After a week mom had her periods so we never got to use pills on dad for those six days. After her periods were over dad wanted to get back to the city and asked mom to go with him. Mom refused saying she couldn’t leave me alone atleast for another month. Dad did not accept it for sometime and me and mom had to act out to make him realise I will be in shambles if mom is not around. Dad finally accepted and left us after two weeks with us.

I also have an anecdote to tell you while he left too. As he was leaving to the city, we went and saw him off at the bus stand. The bus was late by 20 mins and mom was getting restless. Probably because it was more than a week since mom had a good penetration. She could not wait and wanted to leave before dad's bus left. She used the playcard of safety. Dad finally said its ok and but I got mom to wait until his bus left. I wanted to make sure he's gone. As we got home mom did nothing but to strip herself as we had a hot steamy sex. That night we never had enough! We both were in a mood for reckless sex and we fucked five times. We had to stop because our genetalia were completely bruised as we felt a lot of pain. Mom said she never had sex that many times in a single night in her life and itseems she felt like showing her cunt to her husband and tell him thats what his son is does to her in private.

From that day, mom always told me that I can treat her as my wife when dad is not around. She said she will be my mother only when people are around. And I treated her that way too. Mom left to dad after a month after dad left but she always said she prefers to live with me. Since then we all travelled back and forth but the best time we always had was when mom came to visit me all alone or when dad goes away on tours.

It is more than a year now eversince I started my new relation with my mother. I have to say I am more satisfied son now and I love mom even more than I used to. I am not sure if I feel the same when I have a wife but I definitely feel more for mom than in our regular mom-son relationship. Mom's pretty happy too and she no more talks being guilty about our relationship. She says she is more happy than ever and happy to sleep with both men in her life. She says her body has adjusted to give pleasure to both her husband and son and her cunt has learnt to accommodate the dicks of two men.

We prettymuch treat eachother as husband and wife when we are alone and when dad is around too! We molest each other as if we are playing something and do intimate things when dad is in another room or in toilet.

I don’t know if dad had ever figured out that I am fucking mom. There were few obvious moments that he caught us both on but never said a word on them. Neither did he try to stop us being alone together. Either he didnot figured it out or he didnot choose to believe that a mother and son can have a sexual relationship. It can also be that he probably guessed it and chose to overlook it. In any case, its fine by me as long as he doesn't try to come between me and mom.

Mom has risen to the level of saying no to dad and I always respected her decisions. So dad could not stop us even if he wanted to at some times. My sexual escapades were never stopped.

At one instance dad did raise the issue of getting me married. Mom and I rejected though! Mom sometimes asked me if I want to get married and I always said no. Frankly, I don’t think I need a wife! I have my mother! I am happy eventhough I don’t get to fuck her everyday and every time I wanted to. I love her and I love to fuck her! So why do I need another wife? Mom's only 45 and I am 23 now. We both love to be with eachother and have great time together! She is my mom but treats me like her husband when on bed. And I can love her as my dearest mother and can also make love to her. I don't know about her but I plan to have that relationship with her until we both live. Now she is still young and fertile too! So she can bare me children! She can be the mom of my children too!

I know mom has her husband. Dad is 53 now and live in his own world of work and politics. He has little time for mother and probably will not care much even if he knows about our affair. Mom cares for both of us and wants to keep our relationship going. For me, what ever my mom thinks is fine with me. I would not want to see her get hurt. I would not care about dad and I can take care of mom if he does something. I would not mind to share mom with dad. But I don’t know what mom would do if our relationship gets further. Like if she gets pregnant by me. I was not interested in getting her pregnant as mom always carefully avoided having sex with me during her fertile times. I am having sex with her for over an year now and my views on reproduction are changing. Lately, I am more inclined to having a baby with mom! A baby that would carve mine and mom's incestuous relationship forever.

I would like to see my future with mom as my wife and mother of my children. I may not marry her literally. But that might change if she becomes a widow. Then I would definitely marry her. In any case I will get her pregnant. And I want to do it when dad is alive. Dad may overlook it and stay with us or move away. Either way, I will get to keep my mother and will bare my children with her.

What if you have a bastard husband and a horny son in a house? The mother gets raped by her son! This is what happened in my house about 7 months ago! I am that horny son and this is my story!

I am Ganesh, 22 old Engineering Graduate, only son to my parent, working at my dad's company handling the business. My dad's 48 and mom is 44. My dad has an export business and loves wine and woman! He loves older wine and younger woman! He uses his guesthouse for his activities atleast once a week. Dad never allowed me to accompany him. My mom knew this but she overlooks it. I was furious about it for a while but stopped worrying later as I was afraid of Dad! His activities got mom a lot closer to me and slowly I started generating my forbidden feelings for her. I felt guilty about them initially but they kept haunting me and I grew more horny for her!

I know its impossible to get mom to lift her saree for me just like that! But if I did, I knew dad would kill me for it. So my plan was to get dad to shut up and then hit on to mom! I knew getting mom is not that hard. Worst come worst, I decided to rape her if everything else fails! I knew she would not tell anyone as I am her own son, and even if she tells, it will be only to dad! So the main plan is to get dad into my web! Once I get dad, then she will be very easy prey!

My plan is get to some evidence of dad's deeds with minor girls. So I got about 10 expensive security cameras from US through my friend. Then I got them setup in the guesthouse. I saved two for mom and installed them in her bathroom. I then connected all of them to TVs and VCRs in a small room adjacent to mine. All this process took a week but I got all my investment back when mom entered into her bathroom to put a nice show for her son. Mom already stripped her clothes by the time I started watching but it was pleasure to see her naked. I was more interested to get close-ups of her privates but I took sometime to learn to control the zoom and by the time I got the hang of it, it was too late.

But the scenes provided updated scenes of my naked mother in my brain for me to have better dreams of fucking her as my hand became her cunt!

In the following three days I got the hang of controlling the cameras and never missed mom's naked show...upclose and personal! But four days later, I had the jackpot as my father decided he would sleep in the guesthouse for the night. Immediately I started the cameras, when dad and two of his friends arrived and started having drinks and dinner in the lounge. An hour later, a car arrived with a couple and a girl. The girl looked very young. They took the girl in to dad and they left. Dad then talked to her for few minutes and gave her chocolates and juice for her to drink. I was puzzled! I expected whores and sweet sixteens! Instead I was seeing a young girl possible about ten yrs old not above eleven. Her dress was loose and I could not see any distinctive signs of her puberty either!

All the men were happily chatting with the girl while she ate with them and looked to be happy. They finished eating and kept chatting. Dad and that little girl were sitting on one sofa and the guests were sitting in another. As I thought I was getting bored, one of my dad’s friend got up, went and sat beside her. He slowly lifted her and sat her on his lap. He then cupped breast area and started rubbing her chest! He then put his other hand underneath her skirt and started groping her pubic area. The girl appeared to be co-operating! My initial feeling was they were going to rape her but looking at her, I realised she might be a whore. If so, she is the youngest whore I ever saw.

As the guy started to open her clothes, dad and the other guy joined him as they explored her tiny body. Once they got her naked, dad carried her to the bedroom and threw her on the bed. Meanwhile the other guys took off their clothes. Dad then invited them onto the bed and one of them got up on the bed started fucking her straight away. The girl was very tiny compared to the guys. The scene disgusted me initially but seeing her getting fucked got me interested. The fuck fest continued as dad followed the other guys fucking her. I was interested how her tiny hole accommodated three dicks one after another without getting torn. It might have torn but I could not see it through my cameras.

I made sure I recorded all their deed and dozed off there itself. When I woke up in the morning there was only dad sleeping on the bed. I later found out the girl returned around 4am. I always thought dad had this thing for young girls but I never thought thatmuch young! But then I was happy I caught right on the first time! I was just expecting I could blackmail dad with that video of his deeds not just from mom, but with that video, I can even threaten him I can go to the police!

I switched my TV to the camera in mom's bathroom and saw mom having shower! "I got you Amma(mom)!" I said rubbing my raising dick. "Soon your body will be mine!"

It took me a day to work out my plan and to take backups of the video. Next day evening, I took my dad to the guesthouse and showed him the video! Dad was furious initially but calmed down later. He knew I had a purpose and asked me what I want! I told him I would not enter into his world, if he cooperates with my plans. He asked me what is your plan! I told him my plan involves his wife, my mother! He asked me to get to the point. So I told him he should not come for her rescue no matter whatever happens to her!

Dad was confused at first on what I was trying to say! But then he realized and said sarcastically "You have hots for her! Don't you! You have hots for your own mother!"

I could not say anything but to nod my head! Dad laughed and said, "You are more perverted than me! You want to fuck your own mother! You little bastard!"

I smiled. He then said, "Then why didn't you? She is with you all the time!"

"I was afraid of you!" I said.

He said "Ganesh! You are a man now! And you are my son! So obviously you will have my behaviors, you should go and grab what ever you want!"

"But she is your wife!" I stopped there!

"Wife! My arse! She hardly does anything for me! Do you know I seldom get to fuck her! She just sleeps beside me and always yaks..."

"Then you are ok with me..."

"Don't worry my son! I will not come in your way!" he said.

I was surprised how cool he is saying those words!

"You don’t have to bug my world to ask this! I would have overlooked even if I found out you are fucking her!"

"But I admire your planning!" he said.

"Thanks!" I said.

"So...when you going to get your mother to sleep with you?" Dad said.

"Don't know! When I get an opportunity!"

"Do you think she will sleep with you when you ask her?"

"I don't know! She may not! But if she is horny..."

"She is your mother Ganesh! She will never let you fuck her despite how horny she is!"

I kept silent.

Then he continued "Listen to your dad on this one! Women are emotional! If you take control of their emotions, they will leave their morals!"

"How do I take control of her emotions? I already love her and listen to her!" I said.

"You control her emotions by taking control of her! You need to be authoritive over her!"

"I am her son Dad! How can I be..."

"If you want to fuck your mother, don't touch her feet....grab her breast!"


"If you keep saying buts, you will never squeeze your mother's naked butt! Listen Ganesh! If you want her go grab her! Drug her, Hypnotise her or just go and Rape her! You need to make her feel her body is nothing but a naked woman flesh to fulfill your sexual desires! Look at me! If I see a girl that tasty, I will get her for the night! Doesn't matter if they are forbidden! I usually buy the girls but, obviously, you cannot buy your mother! So the only way is to force her!"

I was surprised dad was hinting me to rape mom! I said "I donot know dad...raping mom..."

"Well, if you keep thinking that way you will never fulfill your desire! Sometimes you need to be cruel to be kind!"

I kept quiet. Dad got quiet too. After a while I said "So you don't mind me raping mom?"

He laughed and said "No! I probably would like to watch that bitch getting brutally raped by you!"

I smiled and before I said anything dad interrupted me and said "Infact thats what I should do?"

I was puzzled and asked "what?"

"Tomorrow I got this nice 10 year old girl coming for the night! I fucked her before but I wanted more of her! So I will get her to the house instead of guesthouse and I will fuck her while you rape your mother! That way I can help you and your mother will know I won't rescue her!"

"Well...." I said hesitating. "I don't know dad!... you and the girl being in the house while..."

"Don't worry!" dad said, "the girl is a secret lover too! She would not talk!"

As uncomfortable as I was, I had to agree to dad. But then I asked "why not we do mom today?"

Dad said "All this talking...never thought I would say this but...got me hot for your mother! So leave her to me for tonight!" and smiled.

We both smiled and wrapped up and headed home.

I resorted to my hand while dad had fun with mom that night! The next day I figured from the tapes that mom and dad came to the bathroom twice! "Lucky Bastard!" I thought.

The day passed very slowly as I waited for the evening to turn up. Dad didnot come for the dinner and me and mom had dinner together and kept watching TV. After dinner, I gave leave to all the servants and gave some money each for them to have fun. Since then I secretly feasted on mom's body. She wasn't revealing much but my horny eyes imagined every inch of her flesh underneath her saree. About 8.30pm dad turned up with the girl! He said hi to us and took her to the room upstairs as the girl looked a bit puzzled.

Mom was furious seeing her but kept quiet! After they closed the bedroom door, mom said "She is fit to be her daughter! That bastard!"

My heart is pounding like hell as I thought it’s my turn to make use of the occasion! Mom was telling me something but I was lost in my thoughts to gather my strength. I then realised its now or never! By the time I got back to my senses mom was saying"...he can't take care of his wife properly but wants other woman!"

I then said to her "Probably you should do that too Amma! Forget dad and worry about us!"

"What about us?" she asked.

"Dad came with that girl and vanished into the guest room! But we are still sitting and watching the stupid TV."

"Then what do you want us do do?"

"Probably..." I hesitated. "Probably we should do what they are doing?"

"Shut up Ganesh!" mom screamed.

"I am your mother! Your dad is a bastard! That doesn't mean I am loose too!" Mom stood up with a disgusted look.

I got furious! I quickly caught hold of her right hand, got up from the sofa pulling her towards me and then enveloped my hand around her and said "Then I will make you loose Amma!" looking at her.

She then spat on my face and said, "I thought you were different! You too like your dad!"

I got more intimidated by that! I caught the loose end of her saree with my right hand and said "Then I am fit to be your lover Amma!" and then pushed her to the floor. The force threw her on to the floor disrobing her saree more as she screamed and fell on the floor.

I then pulled her saree so that she rolled on the floor to disrobe until the complete saree came loose. I then bundled up the saree with my hands, took a deep breath of her saree and said, "Smells like a hot woman's saree Amma! Probably dad kept your cunt wet lastnight!"

Mother started crying by now trying to situp desperately covering her blouse area with her hands. I felt great seeing her crying. She made me cry so many times and this one looked like my revenge.

I then walked over her and put my legs on either side of her and then pushed her back to the floor saying "Where do you want to go Amma? I am just starting!" and then sat on her tummy. Mom started crying more! Her hand are still on her chest so I pulled them off with my hands and stretched them upwards and pinned them together with my left hand. She was twitching and turning but could not do much. I then held her blouse at the top of where she hooked it together and pulled it as the hooks gave way. I then pulled and pulled until the end parted and I did the same to takeoff her bra. I loved front open bras and blouses eversince mom started wearing them. They gave better glimpses of her cleavage. I love them better now as the hooks parted by my pull, as if to tell me they are playing a part in preparing my mother for fuck!

As mom's hugh tits lost the support of her bra and spread out sideways of her, her nipples lay on the chest and tempted me. I leant forward to take her right nipple into my mouth while I cupped her left breast and squeezed hard. Mom squealed as if she's in pain. I continued molesting her breast as hard as I could and sucked on them well. After I had fun with my mouth, I then let go her hands and squeezed her boobs with my both hands. She might have been in pain but I enjoyed every bit of it!

By now, my dick was hard and pushing against my trousers as if it wants to enjoy her too! So I stopped everything, got up from her and started taking off my trousers. As I pushed my pant down to take off my legs, mom quickly got up and ran up to the stairs to upstairs. I quickly took off my pants and ran behind her. She ran complaining me to dad and then opened the door and stood there. I followed her and then grabbed her hand saying "Where are you going Amma..." and then stopped because of the scene. Dad was fucking the 10 year old cunt doggie style on the bed and stopped as he saw us staring at them. He then said to us "Would you mind? We are busy!" and resumed fucking her.

Those words assured me he would not stop me. I then quickly grabbed mom's waist and mom started twitching and kept pleading and cursing dad. The girl was facing us and looking at both of us with surprise! I then said to mom "Amma, Appa(Dad) will not come for your rescue! Can't you see he is busy!" I then held her tight to my body with one hand and pulled off her petticoat string! As it came loose, I yanked it off her hips and let it fall on the floor. Mom is still twitching and trying to get out of my embrace! I then held her tight and lifted her a bit and took her out of their bedroom as she screamed!

I then took her to her bedroom and locked the door and pushed her to the floor! I then removed my shirt and underwear as mom was sliding away from me on the floor. I knew she could not go anywhere. But before she got up, I went and grabbed her hair and threw her on the floor as she screamed and cried more!

"Amma, Now you will learn to obey me!" I said and parted her thighs. I then placed myself between them and then lined my dick with her cunt. I then ran my cock along her slit and said "Now that how it feels like when a son's cock touches his mother cunt!"

I then rested my cock's head at her cunt's entrance and then pushed it inside her saying "And this is how it feels like when you son violates your chastity!" Mom cried more!

I inserted my full dick into her, stopped there, and leant forward and laid on top of her body! I then said "See Amma! You should have accepted me as your lover! Then you would have saved yourselves all this trouble! You would have been stripped normally and by now we would have been having orgasms on the bed! Now look at you! You blouse and bra cannot cover your juicy breasts and your cunt hole is plugged shut by my cock! You cried and screamed but what happened? You own husband is next door and he too did not save you! He is enjoying his girl while you were striving hard to keep your chastity!"

Mom is still crying a little. "Now your chastity is gone Amma, despite your cries!" I continued. "And you should be proud that your own son took it! And in return, I am giving you my virginity Amma!" I smiled and thrusted my cock into her.

I then started fucking her. I balanced on my arms lifting from her to have the longest thrust possible! As I pounded her cunt her whole body shook as if she is having quake in her body with her vagina being the epicenter.

I kept fucking her until I felt my balls explode, as my cum jetted out as I grunted and filled her womb. As ecstatic I felt emptying my wad into mom, I had terrible guilt a moment later. As soon as I felt its okay to withdraw, I took my dick off her cunt. There was still some semen coming out so I held my dick with my hand and went to the bathroom to clean it. A big feeling of shame took over me as I wiped our juices from my dick using some tissue paper. I also noticed some blood in the juices. My shame grew even more as I thought I have ruptured her cunt walls.

As I came out after a piss, mom was waiting outside for me to get out as she got in. I could not see her face as I got out, wore my sarong and quickly got out of the room and went to dad's. I knocked on the door and got in. It was dark inside and they were sleeping on the bed. Dad got up and switched on the light as they both were sleeping naked on the bed. Dad asked "what?" and I quickly tried to get out saying "Nothing! Thought you were waiting for me to go to mom's room!"

"Did you have her?" Dad asked as I was getting out. I said "Yes!" but out of more shame than pleasure. "Then go and sleep with her!" Dad ordered. I was puzzled and did not wanted to! I said "But..." Dad interrupted "No buts Ganesh...Go and sleep with her! I will talk to you tomorrow" He then switched off the light and cuddled the little thing he was sleeping with!

I closed the door from outside and did not wanted to go to mom's room again. But I followed dad's words and did not dare to ignore him this time. So I went back to mom's room. As I opened it, there was only a bed light lit and I saw mom sleeping on the bed. She was wearing a nightgown. I slowly went in and slept on the dad's side of the bed. I felt mom move a little as I laid on the bed.

I then turned towards her and then said "Sorry Amma!" There was no response! I knew she was awake! So I said to her again "Sorry Amma! I am very sorry and I will not do it again!" Then suddenly she started crying. I tried to touch her and she threw my hand away. I kept doing until she stopped as I started caressing her back.

"I am really ashamed of what I did Amma!" I said. "I am sorry!"

"Will your sorry bring me back my chastity?" mother spurted out! "You should have this shame before you brutally raped your own mother! I always thought you were different than your father! Now you are even worse than him! He fucks girls but you fucked your own mother! How worse can I feel?" She cried.

After a while she busted again saying "I was raped like an animal in my own house and when my husband is home! Worse still, my raper is my own son! My own blood raped me as if I was a piece of meet from the market! My own husband saw me being brutally groped by my son but he didnot do anything!" She cried more.

"He saw me being carried away naked, my own husband, but never said anything!" she said. "What is this house? A brothel? One of them was raping his mother while the other is happily fucking a minor girl fit to be his daughter!"

Mom turned on to her back. "I did it because I felt sorry for you Amma!" I said. "But I did not think..."

"Sorry for me?" mom said looking at me.

"Yes mom!" I paused. "I could not see you being exploited by dad while he enjoyed others on bed! I felt you were lonely and in need!"

"So to get me out of my misery, you raped me! Is that it?" Mom jeered.

"I wanted to tell you I am there for you!"

"You could have said that with a hug...not this way!"

"But I wanted to say I am...sexually..." I waited for her to get the point.

"You are my son for god sake!" Mother busted. "How can you be there for me sexually?"

"See...thats the reason! Thats the reason I was forceful..."

"You thought if you raped me, I will sleep with you?"


"You dumb son of mine! How did you think that?"

"Because you think sleeping with me is a taboo! I wanted to rid the taboo!"

"I couldn't because I never thought of it!...Because you were born from me and drank my milk from me!"

I was silent.

"How can I think of having sex with my own son? I am not an animal! I accept I was sad because of your bastard dad! But I am not desperate for a fuck!"

"Sorry Amma!" I said.

Mom cooled down. She said "I appreciate your concern but its very wrong what you did! I have been violated! I thought you were the only one I could look to but now I feel insecure even with you! You too made me a suppressed woman of this house! I was raped in my own house infront of my husband but I cannot report it to anyone! Because the raper is my own son!"

"Sorry Amma!" I said apologically "I promise I will not hurt you again!"

"Well, hope your words are true! I will forgive you if your are good to me!"

"I will Amma! With all my heart!" I said.

"Then massage me as my body is aching with all your brute force!" mom said.

"As a son not as a lover!" mom said before I said anything.

I smiled at her started massaging her body.
I slept with mom that night as a son. The following morning, mom had her periods. That explained the blood in our sex juices. By the time me and mom got up, dad and the girl left. Mom got into her normal cleanup while I brushed in the bathroom, when I came out, mom came to the bedroom with her saree and petticoat which she wore lastnight. "I have to hide them before the servants come!" she said.

She then said "Do you want to keep them?"

"Like a trophy?" I said.

Mother got angry, "I wanted to say like a reminder of your brutality against your mother but..."

"Oh...I am sorry Amma!"

"Here is the blouse, bra, petticoat and saree!" mom handed them to me "I have no use for them!"

"I will keep the blouse, bra and petticoat!" I said shyfully.

She handed them to me and said "I never thought I handover my clothes to my raper!"

I took them and started walking out of the room to get to mine.

"You can sniff them infront of me!" Mom said. "I know you would do that when you get to your room" mom smiled.

I returned her smile and walked to my room sniffing them. I had to wank myself looking at the clothes as I sniffed them and rolled in them.

I did make them a trophy of my triumph later! I got a mannequin of mom's size and wore the clothes to it. Mom was really surprised seeing her clothes being exhibited like that.
[Image: 29611.jpg]
My rape of mom also changed dad's attitude. He stopped sleeping with mom and started getting girls everyday and straight to our house...not the guesthouse!

I stopped sleeping with mom too from the next day! Mom said I could but I refused. There was no point sleeping with her anyway as she was menstruating. Mom must have figured that too because, on the fifth day around 9pm, she knock my room door. I was busy masturbating playing mom's bathing video and using mom's petticoat. I had to throw the petticoat under the bed and quickly wrap my sarong and stop the video to open the door.

Mom was in her nightgown and walked in saying "I thought you were sleeping!" and walked in.

I said "No!...I was watching TV...Why?"

Mom looked at my hard-on as I desperately tried to push it down. After a while she then looked away towards the mannequin. I was more embarrassed then as the petticoat was missing from it! She must have noticed her petticoat is missing too! She smiled at me and said "Looks like my petticoat is getting a better use than being an exhibit!"

I was caught!

She then said "Why would you want to hide it from me Ganesh! I am not a stranger to your sexual deeds!"

I felt ashamed and took my hands off my dick. It has half softened by then!

"I came here to ask you why you stopped sleeping with me past few days! I knew you wouldn't want to sleep with me because of my periods! But I was also bit worried now that you enjoyed my body, and now you lost interest in me! But seeing you now this way took that worry away!"

She picked up the petticoat from underneath the bed. She examined it and said "Looks like its been used more times" looking at the stiff part! I have been cumming on it and they dried and became stiff spots.

Mom sat on my bed and put the petticoat aside. She turned a bit serious and said "I'm not stupid Ganesh! You have more lust for me than love! I didnot want to encourage you. But look at your bastard dad! He is getting whores to home and fucking them right in front of me! When I say anything he is accusing me of sleeping with you! Even my own servants ignore me sometimes! The past week has been hell for me!"

She continued "I figured I should do something to make myself happy! So I came to a decision! I do not endorse this completely but I know it will keep you and probably me happy. I am offering my body to you provided you keep me happy!"

I was surprised to hear she is letting me fuck her! I said "Really Amma!"

"Yes!" she said. "As long as you keep me happy!" she asserted.

"I will Amma!" I said "Tell me what to do!"

Then she said "No fucking other whores as long as you fuck me!"

"OK! I promise!" I said.

"No late nights! I want you home by 6pm!"


"You will treat me like a queen!"


"Take me to movies, parks, and enjoy with me"

"No problem!"

"If you do this then I am yours anytime!"

"Anytime? Even when people are around?"

"If you want...yes..When your dad is around, not infront of others."

"What if you don't like?"

"Then rape me! Do what you want!"

I could not believe what I was hearing!

She said "As long as you keep me happy Ganesh, you can do with me as you like! You shouldn’t tell everybody you are fucking your mother!"

I kept smiling at her silently.

"So we have a deal?" she asked.

"Yes I guess so!" I said.

"Thats good!" she said.

"So when does the deal start?" I asked.

"I knew you would ask that!" she smiled "My periods are over! You can start now if you want!"

"Really!" I asked.

"Really!" she smiled "Set your room and come to my bedroom! You can wet the real thing! Not just my petticoats!" she winked at me and left.

I switched off the TV, checked all the windows and then went to her bedroom.

Mom was lying on the bed and as I closed the door and came near her I noticed she is all naked! I quickly took off my sarong and jumped on the bed placing myself between her legs. Mom looked at me and said "Straight to your birth hole!" I said "Yes" and then buried my face in her pubic hair. Mom appeared a bit startled as she might have expected I would insert my dick into her. I then parted her pussylips and tongued her clit. She gave a loud moan and kept moaning as I suck it. After mom orgasmed, I then started licking her pussy inside and out.

Mom loved it as she moaned like a bitch and orgasmed as I tongue fucked her. After few minutes of oral with her cunt I then lined my dick at her cunt entrance and looked at her. She opened her eyes and gave me a feeling she is in heaven! I then slowly pushed it into her as I leant forward and supported on my hands on either side of her. As I inserted my dick into her I leant and kissed her on her lips. After the kiss mom looked me and said "I never expected that! You have just earned a year's supply of your mother's cunt with it!"

I slowly started fucking her and after few strokes I increased the speed! The fuck was shorter than when I raped her but she seemed to have orgasmed again before I emptied my semen into her!

It was then I collapsed on her!

I asked her, “Amma, What if dad wants to sleep with you?

Mom said to me "Fuck your dad! I will sleep with you every night no matter what the world says!"

I was glad I made her happy!

That night we did not sleep until 4am! Mom and me fucked four times that night like mad rabbits! I got up late the next morning and did not go to office. Dad called me at home and I told him about mom and me! He kept saying I love mom's cunt because I didnot tasted a girl's cunt. I kept saying a girl's cunt would never replace a mother's cunt.

I could not keep my hands off mom that day! She was a new woman for me altogether! I loved doing kinky things with her! At one instance when she was in the lounge, I pulled onto me and kissed her. Just then a servantmaid of us came to the room and was shocked. Mom quickly pushed me away but I felt I have become a prisoner. As the maid said sorry and was going away, I told her to call every servant. After few minutes, they all came. Mom wanted to go away but I told her to stay! I then said to them "Listen you all! What I am about to say stays in this house. If you can't do this you are free to go now! Agreed?"

Nobody moved and everybody said "Yes!" "Then listen!" I said. "Mom is not just my mother! She is the boss of the house now, not my father!" I could see some shock in their faces. "And Remember!" I said after a while. "Never take mother for granted and ignore her anytime! Now you can go!"

All of them left but my kinky gesture made me hot. So I took mother to upstairs! Twenty minutes later, we both were lying on the bed huffing and puffing! That started our day sex marathon too! Mom said she did not have sex that many times even in the past three months. I took her to dinner that evening for being a very good mother with ever accessible pussy!

I went to work from the next day but was always home by 6pm. I always bought her flowers, as she loves them a lot. Dad never slept with mom and he moved himself to the guesthouse. Dad asked me to remove the cameras. I removed all of them except two that are hidden, as I was interested in his deeds. I took his place in mom's bed though! There was not a single day mom slept with a dry cunt! Another week passed and mom and me became like a husband and wife. It was just work, sex and sleep. On the weekend we went to another of our guesthouses on a nearby lake and spent it together!

On Wednesday the following week, after we had sex at about 830pm, we kept talking on the bed. I told mom that somebody came to work claiming dad knocked up his thirteen year old daughter! Mom was not that interested on that but was quick to ask me "Do you know you can get me pregnant with your baby making juice?"

I said "I know...but I thought you were on the pill!"

"I was.." mom said "..but stopped almost a year ago.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because your dad was busy fucking other cunts!"

"He did not fuck you for a year now?"

"He did but never on my fertile days!"

"Fertile days?"

"My fertile days are between 11th and 16th days of my first period day!"

"So what day are you in now?"

"11th day!"

"So you can get pregnant today!"

"Maybe..." she smiled.

"You can be on the pill tomorrow if you don't want to..."

"Why? You don't want to make me pregnant?"

"No...I mean...I thought you didn't wanted to..." I didn't know what to say!

"Why Ganesh?" she asked "You don't want to father your own brother or sister in me?"

The words of fathering my own bro or sis took my attention. I said "Amma, I want to become a father! But I thought you didn't wanted to...."

"From when did you started caring my opinion in sex?" mom asked.

I kept silent.

"The son who stripped me naked before my own husband is now concerned about my opinion! Great improvement Ganesh!" she said smiling.

I smiled back at with a caught out face.

"I know you Ganesh! If you want to get me pregnant you will!"

"But I never thought of it till now!" I said to her.

"Thats why I want to bring it up now because its time! In the next few days my egg will be looking for a sperm. And yours is the only sperm inside me now! I know its my son's but my egg wouldn't know that! If your sperm penetrates it like you penetrated my cunt, she would be a victim just like me! So it is up to you to decide if you want to take our incest further and started inbreeding."

Incest and Inbreeding! Two of my favourite words! When they came out of my mother's mouth they were even sexier. I said "It may be too late for my decision! You could already be pregnant!"

"I can still take a morning-after pill if you don't want to!"

"Don't you want to get pregnant?"

"What’s in my opinion Ganesh! Will you make me keep it if you don't want to?"

"If you want to!....Yes."

"I appreciate that! But really it is your call! You are the one who raped me and you are the one who is commiting incest with me!"

She paused and then said "I don’t see my husband coming back to me now that I have become his un-official daughter-in-law. So that means as long as I am in this house, I will be your concubine! It will be you who will be sleeping beside me when I am on bed! When I open my blouse it will be your hand that will be squeezing my naked breast! When my saree lifts and my legs part, it will be you who will be between my legs! When my cunt is busy getting fucked it will be your dick that will be moving in and out! And finally when I sleep with a wet cunt, it will be your semen that will be trickling out of me! It will be you and you for me all the time! Being your mother I can't separate from you! And you will not let me be just your mother! I am a woman and fertile as any mature woman can be! I have another 10 years of fertility inside me! So it is your call! You can knock me up and start inbreeding with me or you can just have sex with me and make me go on my pill!"

I hesitated "I don't know Amma! As exciting it is to make you pregnant, I am worried about child problems!"

"Its great hearing those words from you! The man who raped his own mother to sleep with her is having good thoughts!" She smiled. "But we will be first generation of inbreeding Ganesh!" she said "The chances are same as any other couple!"

"So you are for inbreeding?" I said.

She said "Eversince I was sleeping with you, I have been thinking about it! You are a man! You can bang me whenever you want and have a good sleep! But I am a woman! I have to think about the repercussions! Especially when my lover is not my husband and worse still, my own son! Since I am not on pill, every load you empty into my vagina can potentially make me the mother of my grandchild!"

She continued "As kinky as it sounds of getting knocked up by you, I sought of like the idea of you fathering your own siblings in me! The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to take our sin of incest into higher sin! I like the idea of breeding new 'Ganesh'es and new 'Gayathri's with you! With new genes and genealogy! The genes of a mother and her son. I want them to see their mother is also their father's mother!"

I said "Wow! Great ambition Amma! Telling the children that they are born out of our incest and your adultery!"

Mom said seriously "You wanted to declare you are fucking your mother in front of all our servants the other day! As if that wasn't enough, you molested me infront of a maid! What’s wrong with telling my children who their father is?"

I was ashamed a bit! I said "I was just thinking of its effect on their morals Amma!"

Mom lashed out! "Morals! Ganesh! You talking about morals?"

She paused and then said "If you have morals you wouldn't be sleeping with me naked and I wouldn't be sleeping with you like this with your semen running inside my cunt! Your immorality cost me my chastity and my morals too! Despite my husband's fucking around, I was chaste and faithful because of my morals! You just threw those out when you stripped me like a girl on the street and raped me! You raped your own mother, molested her in front of others like your concubine, sleep with me every single night and now you talk about morals?!"

"Not mine Amma! My children's!" I said smiling.

"Your children will be born to your mother Ganesh! Not to your wife! They will be born out of incest, inbreeding and wedlock! They are a product of immorality!"

"But then they don't have to know! Nobody knows! Dad can be their official father!"

"Why? Chickening out because of the society? Too late now Ganesh! You should have had these thoughts before you uncovered your mother's nakedness! Its too late now! You did whatever you wanted to do to me in this house! You raped me infront of my husband, molested me and fucked me whenever you felt like! I became a victim in this house where my own husband got his whores and fucked them right before me!.....And then you! Atleast your dad treated me like his wife before! Now he treats me like I am my son's whore!"

I was silent!

Mom continued "You got what you wanted Ganesh and so did your Dad! It is time I should get what I want!"

I asked "What do you want Amma?"

Mom said "I want the world to know I am a victim! A victim of her husband and son's lust! I want them to know your are a mother-raper and a real mother-fucker! I want them to know you raped me! But I also want them to know I am happily sleeping with you as a lover! I am so happy I want to share our relationship with this world! I want to give our fruit of love to this world. I want to bear your children! I want them to know their own brother is their father! I want to give birth to your baby and tell the world that you are its father and I am its mother! A mother to two generations!"

"But doing that will also tarnish you Amma!" I said.

"I am already tarnished Ganesh! I degraded myself and started sleeping with my own son and my raper! All my servants somehow knows now that I am my son's concubine! Every morning when they come to my room for cleaning, I always noticed them looking for our sex stains on our blankets! They probably are looking for stains on my petticoat and nighties too! That’s how degraded I am! They probably think I am cheap mother and useless wife by now! So what’s left to tarnish?"

"Shall I have a word with our servants then?" I asked.

"No! Its everybody's zeal to discover the evidence of forbidden love! Even I get excited when I see your semen stains on my petticoats and bed! I will get you involved if they mistreat me. They treat me well and normal now! Probably they find it weird why I am still wearing my mangalasutra and I am sleeping with you!"

I looked at her mangalasutra and said "Yes Amma! Why are you still wearing mangalasutra?"

"Tell me why are you still calling me “Amma”?"

"Because you are!"

"Same answer! Because I am still his wife! But I think you call me mom because you like to fuck me as my son!"

I smiled and winked at her.

"Likewise, I want to sleep with you as your mother and, most of all, as your dad's wife! This mangalasutra reminds me of that!"

"You are more perverted than me Amma!" I said.

"I am your mother Ganesh! My perversion is in you too! Unfortunately that combined with your father's lust in you!"

"Fortunately Amma! Not unfortunately! Otherwise how could I have got to sleep with the most sexiest woman in the world?" I kissed her.

Mom realised I am coming onto her again. She said after the kiss "So you want to make me pregnant?"

I whispered "I do!"

She then said "Then just shutup and fuck me!"

Those were the last words for that night. Since then the only sounds were our bed squeaks, body thrusts and our moans!

Mom became pregnant that week and she discovered it 10days later with a preggy test! While telling me this, mom said dad took 6 months to make her pregnant with me! She said probably god approves inbreeding too because he made her pregnant quicker. I kinda thought she said the right thing too!

Dad was disgusted hearing mom's pregnant with my baby! He straight away denied his involvement and said he would not help in covering it up. Mom said she was not planning to cover it up! But it was difficult for him to publicly state his wife is carrying his son's baby! We had a party at our house three months later and mom obviously was brandishing her pregnant tummy! People joked to dad that he was keeping mom busy at nights and got her pregnant in his middle age.

Dad was embarrassed and said "She is pregnant but don't ask me who the dad is! She and my son live in the house all the time!" Everyone got silent for a while with those remarks but they resumed as normal. Mom looked at him seriously while I enjoyed their embarrassment! The guests thought it was another of dad's sick jokes, as they all knew dad is a sick bastard and fucks minor girls.

If dad would have got more serious, I would have owned mom and would have told everyone that I made mom pregnant! But dad stopped taking it further and people forgot about the dad and started asking mom when the baby is due. Poor dad he doesn't even know what day I got her pregnant!

There were several occasions where dad got struck. A month later, few of his close friends knew I am the father because they remarked about it with me at work. They accused me of using mom behind his back and were glad that their sons are not backstabbing as me. But nobody would report it because they were all involved in illegal stuff, themselves fucking minor girls. I presumed dad also put up with us because of that matter and I hold the evidence.

Mom also wondered why dad didn’t disown us! But one reason she knew was much of the property and business is in mom's name! So dad would not dare to throw us out! Then I also told her other reason....my reason! It was then I showed her my recorded videos of dad's night activities with young girls. Mom was surprised he was fucking girls as young as 10 years old!

It was then also I showed mom's bathroom videos! Mom didn't know they existed until then! She was surprised I was watching her nude body well before I raped her! She was upset that I invaded her privacy! She asked me if I recorded our sex but I said no! I told her I was obsessed with her body and had to stalk her.

Mom said she read and heard people that are so much in love as me but never thought it would be real until she experienced mine! She said I am more obsessed than in love with her. Only thing is, she said, she would be more happier if I wasn't her son. I told her that she should be happy despite our relationship of mother and son! I told her I am born to love her and it is god's decision that I am to be born to the same woman I love the most! I told her our bond grew tighter because we are mother and son!

I knew mom's always feeling guilty about our incest despite her sleeping with me and her pregnancy! I did not know why she was not putting an end to it! May be she felt insecure or may be she was afraid! But she was the one that proposed get pregnant!

But I am happy and I am glad she always thinks we are mother and son! I love to fuck her as my mother and I loved to make my mother pregnant! There is no fun in fucking her as a wife or slut or whore. If she is my wife, I would rather team up with dad and fuck those tiny cunts! (Thats my dad side talking!)

So God! Thanks for making my mother sleep with me!!

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